A/N: This is what happens when I get TVD ~feels that are not being addressed by the show. Where's the backlash to the end of 3x15? Where's the witch mythology? They're supposed to be badass and whatnot - hell, a witch CREATED the damn vampires, how're vampires more important/powerful than witches? This is me, sorting that out, by redo-ing the end of 3x15. There will be a lot of BAMF Bonnie in this, so if you're not a Bonnie fan, or not a fan of Bonnie being anything other than awesome? The back button's right there in the corner. I can tell you right now that the only endgame pairings I know for certain are Matt/Caroline and possibly Stefan/Elena. But Stefan/Elena've got a LONG way to go considering the events that will take place.

This is solely focusing on plot and less on ships. There will be some aspect of romance, but it is not, and never will be, the main purpose. I tend to focus more on other relationships so expect a lot of Bonnie/Caroline(/Elena) scenes, and Bonnie/Abby and the Originals being all family-like.

Disclaimer: If I owned the show, the friendship between the girls would be a lot stronger and a lot more in focus, and the familial relationships would take precedence over ~ships. Also, none of the men would ever be wearing shirts.

A warning to the people,
The good and the evil,
This is war.

To the soldier, the civilian,
The martyr, the victim.
This is war.

It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie,
And the moment to live and the moment to die,
And the moment to fight, the moment to fight,
To fight, to fight, to fight.

To the right, to the left,
We will fight to the death,
To the edge of the world,
It's a brave new world from the last to the first.

- This Is War; 30 Seconds To Mars


At the dawn of time, before the existence of vampires, before there were wolves, there was Nature and her servants. They were men and woman who were intricately connected with their surroundings, people blessed with the ability to be in tune with Nature and her will.

These people were the healers and protectors of their families. They believed in a simple purpose – everything they did was for the safety of others. Their people respected and revered them.

There were detractors as the years went by, people who began to think the power Nature's servants held was unfair and unnecessary. Altercations began between families and the witches and warlocks, as they were so named.

In one such altercation, one of Nature's servants lost his temper and abused his power. He cursed the families of the detractors, turning them into uncontrollable animals. And while the other servants of Nature did all they could to reverse the curse, the damage was done.

The balance of Nature, the balance these very men and women devoted their lives to keeping, had been thrown off.

A group of witches and warlocks found a way to bring about a new balance, and they contained the curse. Instead of the cursed families remaining animals, they were bound to the moon. Every month, on the night before, on and after the full moon, those members of the cursed families who had taken a human life would turn into a wolf, body and mind that of the animal.

Yet the mistrust and unease remained amongst some. Over the decades and centuries, some of Nature's servants fell off the path, but Nature righted the balance whenever there was a shift.

Until there was a shift so big that it changed the course of history forever. In her misplaced desire to protect her family from the wolves, one servant of Nature cast a spell that condemned her children for eternity.

This story is known to most - the creation of vampires, proof that a mother's love can be a very powerful thing.

Nature railed against the creation of beings that were stronger and faster than people. Soon, these vampires found they could not walk in the sun and that certain plants would harm them. They craved human blood, they did not age, they could not have children. Nature fought back.

Her servants were gifted to protect them against the wolves and the vampires. Nature knew the dangers one of her servants could pose if they were ever under the control of the abominations and so her servants were naturally disinclined to trust a wolf or a vampire. The awareness the witches and warlocks possessed grew, and an innate ability to resist a vampire's mind control took root in their psyche.

Balance was fought for, and those who served Nature maintained a special knack for preserving it to the best of their ability. The breaking of the curse on the Original Hybrid meant that Nature granted one young Bennett witch with the power she would need to fight the upcoming battles.

From her place in the after life, the mother of the vampires fought to stop her creations. But her actions had far greater consequences than she could imagine, for in attempting to undo the damage she had once caused, she would throw the balance of Nature so far off course that it would take the unthinkable for it to be righted again.

There is a reason no witch or warlock has ever been both a servant of Nature and an abomination. If a wolf or vampire were to possess the powers of Nature and an abomination, they would be nearly unstoppable. No witch or warlock retained their magic once turned. This was a fact of life as old as the existence of the abominations.

The magic the Original Witch invoked on the night of the eclipse, bound to the family line of the blessed young Bennett, had unforeseen consequences on everyone.

Nature had to make things right. Everything would change.

Balance would now rest in the hands of a young and powerful woman.

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