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Chapter 2

"Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction"

Bonnie had not said anything or moved since Caroline's proclamation. A range of emotions crossed her face before she masked them expertly. A part of Caroline wanted Bonnie to react in some way, to rage or cry or even just move, but for the most part, the blonde just let her friend be. Caroline knew Bonnie. She was internalizing everything to try and comprehend it. Bonnie rarely wore her emotions on her sleeve when it came to herself, less so since she had learnt her heritage.

"This makes no sense," Abby and Caroline both started. Neither had expected Bonnie to say anything, least of all that.

"What?" The other two women exchanged confused glances. Bonnie did not even glance their way. She looked straight ahead, out the door. The blonde was not sure what Bonnie was looking at, but she was pretty sure it was not anything in the house. "What doesn't make any sense, Bon?"

Bonnie let out a breath. Her head dropped and she raised her hand to her midsection, parallel to the bed. This movement was a welcome change from how still the young woman had been before, but it did nothing to quell her mother and friend's confusion.

Abby let out a startled gasp, and Caroline turned from looking at Bonnie's concentration to the older woman's shock. She followed Abby's gaze to Bonnie's hand, and underneath it, her floating stuffed rabbit.

"Oh. My. God."

Caroline lifted her blue eyes to Bonnie's green ones. Her turmoil was reflected there, her desperate need for answers and her fight against what she could become, against the choice she had barely 48 hours to make. "This should not be possible."

Her mother reached out and grasped her hand. "But it is, Bonnie," she let her magic wash against the younger witch's. "Somehow, you've kept your magic."

"Magic is about balance," the younger woman shook her head. "Stefan started the process of turning me into a vampire," her voice shook slightly, and it was the first crack in the mask either Abby or Caroline had seen. "This is so far off-balance. It should not be possible."

Bonnie's hand was still grasped in Abby's. Caroline could see the tightness in Bonnie's fingers where they curled around her mother's. Whatever was happening had broken the walls between the two, but the blonde knew that there was still a way to go. Her friend had not made a decision, and she would not until she understood why she had retained her magic. A thought crossed her mind and her lips. "The old witch house!"

Both Bennett women turned to look at her. Her sudden outburst had stunned them, and the grin that had spread across her face at her eureka moment definitely had them confused.

"We ask the spirits how this is possible," she explained, thrilled at having thought of something to help. "I mean, they gave Abby back her magic so she could bring you here, they cast the vampires who hurt you out of the house," she tugged at Bonnie's hair playfully, feeling considerably lighter now than she was before. "They definitely have a plan."

Abby nodded in agreement. "They'll have answers, sweetheart."

Bonnie bit her lip, considering. Both her mother and her friend looked so hopeful. They wanted answers as well, for her, so she could make a decision. She knew that she never wanted to be a vampire. She was a witch, a servant of nature. A vampire was an abomination of everything she served and believed in. There was a reason why when a witch turned, they lost their magic. Yet, here she was, in transition, with her magic still thrumming through her veins, strong as ever. Stronger, even. The spirits owed her this much.

"Bekah, would you stop pacing?" Klaus snapped at his younger sister. "You're giving me a headache."

The vampire in question shot the hybrid a glare but mulishly dropped into an armchair. "Excuse me for worrying," she shot back. "The witches' spirits only attacked all four of you last night and relocated you. And it's not like we've got Mother to worry about as well either."

"Your sarcasm is not appreciated," he took a sip from his half-filled glass. It had been a long night. The four brothers had made their way to the mansion easily enough after the Salvatore brothers had taken off but the injuries inflicted on them had not healed easily. The magic that had hurt them still caused Kol to flinch slightly when he rested his back on the couch, and Klaus himself had to flex his injured hand a few times every minute. They had explained the events of the previous night to Rebekah who still shot suspicious glances to Finn as they spoke. Finn, for the most part, pretended not to see them, and it was only the slight downturn of his lips that told Klaus that his older brother was as upset with everything as the rest of his siblings.

Rebekah huffed and leaned back into the armchair. "Why on Earth would the spirits attack you four if it were the Salvatores'," she spit their name out with all the venom she could muster, "who betrayed the little Bennett bitch?"

Elijah raised an eyebrow at the blonde. "Rebekah," he warned in a low voice.

His sister rolled her eyes. "Little Bennett witch," she amended. "This just means they no longer have a pet witch to help them. Not that I think she would have if they'd killed her mother instead."

"Is she pretty, this witch?" Kol asked. The others looked at him in askance. He smirked slightly. "What? If she decides to turn, we could have ourselves an ally who knows how the Salvatores' tick, and who would hate them for putting her in that situation in the first place."

"That's only if," Klaus took another sip. "And a very big 'if', she turns. She's a witch after all, and one that hates vampires."

Finn shook his head, thoughts clouding his eyes. He had been thinking over the actions of everyone the previous night, and while he could agree that the young witch he had met held no love for vampires, she did not hate them as her brother presumed. "I do not think it's vampires she hates, but what they represent, what they've done."

Rebekah scoffed slightly. "What does that even mean?"

"She found out about her heritage after the Salvatores' arrived in the town," Elijah nodded. "And everything started from there. The loss of her grandmother, the deaths in the town, having to learn about magic on her own," there was some wonder in his voice for he had never given much thought to the witch beyond the power she held in her petite form. "A lesser person would have given up long ago, turned on the Salvatores' if she truly hated vampires. But she kept doing what she thought was right to protect this town. It is the destructive quality of the vampires she has come across that she, rightfully so, hates, I believe."

"Rightfully so, Elijah?" Kol cocked his head to the side. "We're vampires, we're meant to be destructive."

"What do we gain from being destructive?" Finn asked softly. "A father who condemned us to this fate and then began to hunt us? A mother returned from the dead, trying to kill us all? Turning on one another?" He looked at his siblings in turn. "And you wonder why I hate what we are?"

Even Kol's eyes dropped at that. Finn had always been the one who would do anything for his siblings, since they were children. He had always been the one to settle disputes and be there for each of his siblings in turn. Heinrich's death had been a blow Finn had suffered quietly; instead he was a quiet pillar of strength for his family. After the spell had been cast, his emotions had quickly spiraled out of control and none of his siblings had fully understood his reaction to their turning. Until now. Put in terms as plain as he had now, it was easy to see why Finn would side with their mother.

"Finn," Rebekah trailed off. She looked away from her brother. The vampire had no idea what to say to her brother.

"It is forgotten, sister, if you would forget my mistake as well."

"Where would Mother go now?" Klaus asked, finally setting his glass down and knocking Kol's feet off the table irritably at the same time.

"I do not know," Finn responded. "But she would need to find another witch, or a warlock, to help her, wherever she goes. She was drawing power from the Bennetts but they will never forgive what her actions caused. Ayanna never agreed with Mother's spell to turn us in the first place, yet she let Mother use her power. I feel Ayanna knew it would lead to this, and she wanted to ensure the safety of her family."

Kol grinned. "Sounds like Ayanna. Always thinking ahead, plotting our downfall."

"No," Finn said instantly. "Not our downfall. She was simply ensuring that nature would right itself. The creation of vampires was against everything a servant of nature stood for, yet Mother cast that spell. Ayanna's magic is infused in it now, and her line will continue to be instrumental in keeping the balance."

Rebekah looked at Elijah and Klaus, the two brothers she had spent centuries with, and then Finn and Kol. "What does this mean for us?"

Kol picked up Klaus' glass and downed the contents before Klaus could. "Let's find out, shall we?"

By the time the three women reached the edge of the perimeter of the old witch house, Caroline was having second thoughts about the entire thing. The spirits may not have attacked her the few times she had come to the decrepit building but with the events of the previous night, they would surely not allow the presence of any vampire. She paused when Bonnie did, taking in her friend's tense form and the slight fidgeting of the hands she only caught because she knew Bonnie for so long. The blonde straightened, pushing her own fears to the side. At this moment, her friend needed her and she would follow Bonnie into hell if she had to.

"Ok," Bonnie breathed softly, nodding to herself. "Let's get some answers."

The young witch put one foot after another, and if Abby caught the slight faltering of her daughter's steps as they neared the house, she said nothing for which Caroline was grateful. Bonnie was grasping at all her strength to do this and not break down, the last thing she needed was anyone pointing out the chinks in her armour.

They made their way to the room where Caroline had stood guard as Bonnie and her Grams had attempted to destroy Ester's necklace without the spirits interfering. Still none of them let their guards down. The two witches shuddered slightly as they felt the spirits. They could hear the voices and feel their presence, but nothing made any sense. Bonnie was ready to shout when a sudden flurry of wind had the candles flickering on and off. The spirits began to converge, and even Caroline could feel their presence.

The candles flickered one last time before they flared so brightly that the women had to turn away. When they brought their attention back to the center of the room, a woman stood in the previously empty space.

"Bonnie Bennett," she spoke, many more voices echoing in her words. It was an odd sound, and it made Caroline think of an unseen chorus, speaking in unison. "You come seeking answers."

The girl nodded jerkily once, before she collected herself and said clearly, "Yes."

"And you will get them," the woman stepped forward, her dress sweeping the floor, but the dust did not stir. Caroline fought down a shiver. She may be a vampire but ghosts still freaked her out. She turned her attention back to the dark-skinned woman when she spoke again. "The vampire should not be here."

The echoes behind her voice were stern and loud, but the blonde stared back defiantly at the ghost witch. She was crazy if she thought that Caroline would leave Bonnie unless her friend asked her to. And considering the fact that Bonnie was glaring at the other woman equally as fierce, and reaching out behind her for Caroline's hand, the blonde would go no where.

"She stays," Bonnie shot back. "We all stay."

The woman inclined her head slightly. "Your loyalty is commendable. Be careful who you give it to," there was recrimination in the voices. Bonnie simply raised her chin. The ghost witch took that as a sign to continue.

"I am Ayanna, first named of my line," she paused as Bonnie gasped slightly. Her dark eyes bore into Bonnie's. "First named of your line." Bonnie grasped Abby's hand in her free one.

"Yes, I am the Ayanna Ester spoke of," she acknowledged. "I was once friends with Ester, and that friendship resulted in yesterday's events. For my part in your pain, I apologise." The spirits' echoed their apologies in her voice. "When Ester first cast the spell on her children, all those years ago, she channeled my magic into it. I never told her, but I infused enough magic into the spell to prevent her from undoing it without the help of one of my blood. It was risky, but Ester's magic had never been strong on its own. Since she has returned, it has been weaker still."

"Why wouldn't you want her to break the spell? Wouldn't that bring back the balance of Nature?" Abby broke in, her confusion reflected by her daughter and the young vampire.

"Ester's spell upset the balance of Nature, that is true, but every action has a consequence and a reaction." Newton's Law, Caroline mused to herself. Who would have thought school would be useful. "Nature reacted to the creation of vampires by restricting them to nights, and infusing her servants with the power to bring them down. In all the years since Ester condemned her children, Nature had restored itself almost completely. To undo the spell, Ester would upset Nature once again."

Bonnie shook her head in disbelief. "So we can't kill Klaus? After all the destruction they have caused, we let them live?" She was incredulous. Everything they had been through, all the pain and suffering, had been for nothing then.

"The Hybrid is not the enemy any longer," the ancient witch responded. She ignored Caroline's spluttered, "Are you kidding me?" in favour of reaching out and cupping Bonnie's cheek with her hand."

"There are many battles ahead of you, my young witch," she whispered, but her voice carried throughout the room as though she had shouted it. "Ester will try again, and it will not be only her children she will come after. A new enemy, a far more dangerous enemy, will return to walk the Earth."

The other spirits chattered slightly, and Ayanna's form wavered. "Nature has chosen you as her champion. You must keep the balance, whatever the cost. It is why you have retained your magic."

"I'm only one person," Bonnie pulled back from the older witch, yanking her hands out of her mother's and best friend's to wrap herself in a hug. "I barely understand my magic, how can I do anything? Why me?"

She looked down, letting her hair cover her face. "Why me?" she repeated brokenly.

"You're the strongest person I know, Bon," Caroline spoke up before anyone else could. "And I may not be a witch, but you have me." She curled her lips upwards into a small hopeful smile when Bonnie looked up at her. "You always have me."

"And me," Abby said. "I know I haven't been here, and I don't deserve this chance, but if you will be willing to forgive me, I'm here too."

Bonnie's eyes shone with tears as she gazed at her mother. "And us," the spirits spoke through Ayanna, their voices overlapping and reverberating around the room. The candles flickered again.

"If another of Nature's servants so wishes," the ghost witch caught Bonnie's full attention once again, "your blood will allow them to turn into a hybrid such as yourself. But," she emphasized, "only with their permission and desire would they turn."

Bonnie exhaled. This was a lot to take in. The responsibility her ancestor was putting on her was overwhelming, and she wished desperately for one moment that she could speak to her Grams or simply be able to hug her. "What if I don't complete the transition? What then?"

Ayanna's expression turned grave. "Then the balance will forever be upset."

"That is a lot of responsibility," Caroline laughed uneasily. She took one of Bonnie's hands into both of hers. "Bonnie, if you don't want to turn, don't. Whatever you choose, I'll be with you every step of the way."

The look in Bonnie's green eyes told Caroline her friend's answer, and she squeezed Bonnie's hand softly and sighed. "Whatever your choice, Bon, I love you."

The caramel-skinned girl smiled in response. "I love you too, Care." She turned to her mother and extended her other hand to her. "You'll be here?"

Abby smiled tremulously. "All the way, sweetie."

The witch spirits tittered, Ayanna's form breaking up and reforming once again. "You must be ready. Your enemies are not who you think they are."

She broke up again as the candles flickered, the spirits splitting up. "Evil is coming," echoed around the room. "He is coming."

The quiet that descended into the room was eerie, the witch spirits having disappeared now that their message had been delivered. The silence was broken by Caroline.

"Now that wasn't creepy at all," she commented drily, evoking semi-hysterical giggles from her friend. Exchanging a glance with Abby, they began to guide Bonnie out. "Let's get you home."

"Care?" Bonnie said as they walked away.


She was uncertain and almost shy as she asked. "You'll help me right? With – everything?" She still could not bring herself to admit out loud that she would soon be a vampire.

"Always," Caroline stopped and turned to Bonnie, gathering her into a hug. "Always."

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