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She's Got Questions

A girl no older than the age of five tugged on Renee's hand.
"Ma ma, can you tell me Uncle Vic is coming out of mom's room?"

Montoya's eyes unconsciously flickered to the room in question seeing a very satisfied Helena, who winked at her. She involunary blushed before turning to the child. "I think that's something you'll have to ask your Uncle Vic," she said as a thought crossed her mind. "In fact, why don't you go ask him right now?" The child nodded and went to go find her Uncle Vic.

Helena crossed the room, "What exactly are you grinning about?"
"She asked the question," Renee replied.
Catching on Helena's smile morphed into a predatory smirk and she tugged Renee into thier bedroom, "That mean's she'll be gone for a while."
"Work, work, work. It never stops," muttered Renee teasingly.
"Would you shut up and kiss me?"
For Renee, that was the question she had been waiting for.