A Happy Ending?

Mikan Sakura's eyes widened. She first contemplated. She looked at me and then at her left hand. She did that for about five minutes.

And during those five minutes… He pulled us out of the party and dragged us to the parking lot.

"Aoi! Are you listening to me?" Ruka-san sighed.

"Hai, Ruka-san! Nii-san would kill you if he found out I'm asking Sakura-san to be my nee-chan." I summarized his speech (more like rant) as I looked at him with a smile.

"So? Tell Mikan to stop thinking of that proposition of yours!" Ruka-san pointed at Sakura…

"I accept you offer, Aoi-chan~!"

"Mikan!" Ruka-san stomped his feet. Sakura-nee-chan just laughed at Ruka-san's expression.

"Then please come by my house every weekend, Sakura-nee-chan!" I patted Ruka-san's back with an apologetic smile.

"Aoi! I'll be bullied by your brother!" Ruka-san desperately pleaded.

"Ruka-pyon, you have Hotaru at your back! No need to worry!" Sakura-nee-chan said in a monotonous tone.

"Must be nice to have Hotaru as a girlfriend…" She added. "Maybe I should snatch her away from you, Ruka-pyon."

Ruka-san fainted at that moment. He mumbled in his sleep, "Mikan…Hotaru… No! Hotaru!"

… He must be a really possessive boyfriend.

"Let's go, Aoi-chan! Hotaru might kill me!" My soon-to-be-sister grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the fainted blonde.

"But Ruka-san…"

"Hotaru probably has security cameras and a mini tracking device on Ruka." Sakura-sa—nee-chan shrugged as she bypassed Hotaru Imai. We stopped for a minute.



"We run… Now."

And so we did. I could feel myself turning slim! (Well, no. Not really. Note the sarcasm? Not? Okay, whatever.)


Sakura-nee-chan… I'm still not used to it… and I sat in her car. She promised to bring me home tonight, since it was her (more likely ours) fault that Ruka-san passed out (in fear of being bullied by Nii-san).

After running away from Hotaru Imai, I told Sakura-nee-chan to every reason to why I needed her to be Nii-san's. She took pity on me the instant I finished. (Of course, the promise I told her was still in place.)

"I'll bother Natsume until you finish highschool, and get Youichi-chan's heart!" Sakura-nee-chan pulled me to hug. "I won't let Natsume bother you!"

Well, I hope Mikan Sakura was the right choice. But, just in case, I'll talk to Nii-san too…


Nii-san stood outside the house. When he saw Sakura-nee-chan waving as I went out of the car, his left eye twitched.

"Nii-san! Court Sakura-nee-chan for me!" I said in a rather enthusiastic tone as I ran up to him after Sakura-nee-chan left.

"N-nee-chan? Court? Aoi! Are you drunk?" Nii-san tried to hide his shock through patting my head, causing me to look down.

"No, I'm not. Nii-san, Sakura-nee-chan has a strong alliance with the Shouda Corporation, the corporation Kaa-san has been—! Nii-san! Don't be angry! I really love Sakura-nee-chan!" I gave a determined smile and dashed inside the house.

I didn't know what Nii-san's expression was, but I'm sure he would do something about my wish.


"Sakura-nee-chan, you said you'd accompany Nii-san!"

"Natsume ran off, Aoi-chan. And besides, if you want to be realistic, Natsume has to see that we're really friends." Sakura-nee-chan said in a cheerful voice.

"Alright." It's for my sake anyway.

For three months, Sakura-nee-chan and I were together. (Of course, she went out with her friends as well!) At first I thought that Sakura-nee-chan just acts cute, or cheerful, but that's just really her personality. Nii-san probably calls Sakura-nee-chan "stupid" because she's simply slow.

She's a girl who really cares for everyone.

And I've grown to love her as a sister! I really want her to be related to me!

(If anyone thinks I'm a lesbian, Nii-san will personally take care of you.)


The next two months, Nii-san and Sakura-nee-chan also became close. It's impossible for Nii-san to fall in love instantly, I suppose. And he probably wouldn't marry Sakura-nee-chan, even if I pleaded.

Many things happened, the Imai Corporation suddenly did something that almost caused our company to bankruptcy. (Of course, we rose back up with Nii-san's connections.) Of course, Sakura-nee-chan helped Imai-san in the process. But she meant no harm.

Nii-san was really mad. He didn't talk to anyone but Ruka-san. He trusts Ruka-san even though Ruka-san is Imai-san's boyfriend.

Another month passed, Nii-san and Sakura-nee-chan are talking to each other again, except this time there was distance. Since I had been a bystander (and still is one), I don't know the exact details to what happened.

But I can clearly see that Sakura-nee-chan has fallen for Nii-san, and Nii-san has the same feelings for Sakura-nee-chan.

"Nii-san! Make a move on Sakura-nee-chan already!" I sighed.

"We're still—!"

"Nii-san! Sakura-nee-chan is falling for another guy!" A white lie. Tears! Tears! Come out now! Oh please, don't fail me, Acting Skills! "You… You love Sakura-nee-chan, but because the Imai Corporation is our rival company, and she's best friends with head… You don't want to make her choose between you and Imai-san. But! You love each other so much! Sh-she's drinking right now with the guy… I don't know who, but…"

Before I could finish my sentence, Nii-san already ran out of the room.

"He's just be an imaginary person I made up, Nii-san~" I smirked at the opened door.


Drama happened, of course. But I wouldn't dwell on those things. (A small heads up: Nii-san embarrassed himself by saying cheesy lines to Sakura-nee-chan, who in return said embarrassing words as well.)

Nii-san and Sakura-nee-chan got married a year later.

Did I also say that Nii-san stopped being too protective? Haha, guess I didn't. Since many things happened in those five months, Nii-san's attention was clearly divided. I was able to things I really wanted to do. For example… Make Youichi confess. (Don't think I did the whole girly crap, by confessing first.)

Well, I got Nii-san a girl. I got the boy of my dreams…

I guess this is what we call…

A Happy Ending!


"Aoi, don't think I didn't know why you befriended Mikan." Nii-san taunted. "And…Youichi's dead if he does something to you before both of you gets married."

I really love you, Nii-san.

"You won't be able to kill Youichi-kun, Nii-san~" I smiled at him before he sighed and went out of the house… together with the last of his things.



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