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"Why can't you just accept the facts?" said Raven, slightly louder than before. "Just face it, Beast Boy; she's gone."

"No!" shouted Beast Boy, whose face was burning with fury. "Terra's one of my best friends! She's one of our best friends! And I know I saw her. So why do you keep trying to force her out of our lives?"

"Because you didn't see her. You were probably hallucinating." Raven sighed, trying to speak a little more calmly, but still couldn't help but sound slightly cynical. "Look, I know her body disappeared, and maybe you did see her, but if she doesn't want to remember you, then let her. And stop obsessing over her!"

Beast Boy took a step back, slightly stunned. He had almost never heard Raven shout before, never like that. To hear those words come out of her mouth with such force and emotion was almost frightful.

"She's getting in our way, Beast Boy," Raven continued. "Last mission, you kept thinking about her and you let Slade get away!" She paused, suddenly realizing what she had just let slip.

Beast Boy said, confusingly, "How… How do you know what I was thinking? You—you were sick last mission!"

"I—I wasn't sick," the witch admitted. "I only said I was because…I needed to spy on you." She seemed almost apologetic. "You were slacking, Beast Boy. I could tell something was on your mind. So I stayed in the tower and I entered your mind during the fight. And…all you could ever think about was Terra!" She was back to a shouting voice, though not as loud as before.

Anger filled Beast Boy to the brim. "You—you were spying on me? How dare you! My mind is for no one but me. I can't believe you! And so what if I was thinking about Terra? What do you care?"

Raven's voice was the loudest it had ever been now. "Because you need to stop thinking about her—" Her sentence was stopped short as she suddenly began to pant—then gasp—then wheeze. She grabbed onto the side of her door. Beast Boy, thoroughly confused at what was happening but to angry to care, resisted any attempts to ask her what the matter was. He heard her start to mumble, but ignored it. "Please, Beast Boy, please stop talking. I need…to be alone," she whispered.

"What? No, I won't just shut up. Look, Raven, I don't know what your problem is, but you got to start caring about other people!" Beast Boy shouted.

"Please," the girl pleaded. "I need to be alone." Silently, she closed the door to her room, separating her from her friend.

Beast Boy was infuriated now. How dare she provoke him about his lost friend, and then tell him to shut up and shut the door in his face? How dare she? Not even thinking about what he was saying, the boy shouted with the top of his lungs, "Fine! Shut the door! Ignore the world! Ignore everybody else! You can never think about anyone else, can you? You only think about yourself!" He stormed out of the hall.

He nearly ran towards his room. Slamming the door behind him, Beast Boy leapt onto his bed and punched his pillows. He and Raven have been fighting for quite a while, for some reason unknown to him. They've always fought with each other ever since they met, but never as seriously or as much as now. Still, how could she say that to him, about Terra, who was so close to him? Sure, Terra had betrayed the Teen Titans, but she helped save the city later on, at the cost of her own life. And now, a month before, Beast Boy had seen her in the city. Only, she didn't recognize him. Or, as Slade had said, she didn't want to recognize him. None of the Titans, especially Raven, had believed him. Sometimes he wasn't sure he believed it himself.

But Raven knows how much Terra means to him. How could she just say that to him? That was unforgivable. He…he loved her. And now she's gone forever. Now…she doesn't want him.

"That's not true," said a familiar voice.

"Wha?" exclaimed Beast Boy has he turned around. And there she was standing there in his room: Terra, her lost love.

"Beast Boy. I never said I didn't want you anymore," said the girl. "I'm sorry, but I didn't want the life that I had," she admitted. "I betrayed you, and I could never forgive myself for that. But that doesn't mean I don't want you. It means you don't need me." She stepped closer to him. "Please move on, Beast Boy. It's what I want. I don't want you to keep on moping about me. Open up to others again. You can find another girl, one even better than me." With these words, she lifted her head to his and lightly kissed his cheek.

Beast Boy stared at the ground. "But…I don't want to lose what we had."

Terra replied, "Then, do you want to lose what you could've had with someone else?"

"What?" questioned Beast Boy, as he looked up. Except she wasn't there. Nobody was there. No one was ever there.

Beast Boy sighed. He knew it was time to move on. To let go of the past. Letting go wasn't going to be easy. He laid on his bed for what seemed to be hours. Terra's, or rather, the Terra in Beast Boy's daydream, words echoed in his mind, "Do you want to lose what you could've had with someone else?"

Gradually, he climbed out of bed and slowly walked out of his room in down the hallway. It was somewhat late. Most of the Titans were probably in their rooms. Slowly, he trudged down the hallway and toward Raven's room. As he reached it, he raised his reluctant fist up towards the door and knocked three careful times. He then opened the door.

"Starfire, I told you to—" started Raven, who stopped once she realized who her visitor was. "Oh… it's you." Beast Boy could tell she had been meditating, for she was levitating in the air above her bed. He watched as she expertly landed on the floor and walked towards the door. He sensed that she was waiting for him to talk first, so he slowly said, "Umm… Look, Raven. I'm sorry."

"Oh no, I'm sorry," she interrupted. "It was my fault; I should've been more—"

"No, let me finish." Beast Boy continued, "I'm sorry I haven't been focusing on more important things. You're right. I do have to stop thinking about Terra so much. I miss her, but I know it's time to move on. I'm sorry I yelled at you. Raven, you're one of my closest friends, and this isn't how friends treat each other. Can you please forgive me? Please?"

Raven seemed slightly distracted, but quickly she focused back in on the conversation and replied, "Yes, yes of course. But now it's my turn. Look, I am sorry that I was so cynical. Beast Boy you are one of my closest friends, too, and I—"

Raven continued, but Beast Boy wasn't paying much attention. He smiled; Raven's hood was down. He had always liked it when her hood was down. It made her seem more open, more caring. He stared at her indigo-violet hair. It never occurred to him how soft it looked, how much he wanted to feel it. It looked like purple velvet, just the look of it. As Raven kept on talking, he couldn't help but shift his focus toward her eyes. Then, he lost himself. Were her eyes always like that? Always so deep? So violet? As if her entire life was compressed into those two diamonds. As if he could stare into their vast endlessness and see everything she had seen, felt everything she had ever felt. As if he could dive into those two pools and fall deeper and deeper, and never stop diving. As if…

Beast Boy stopped abruptly. What was going on? He had never thought about anyone like this before. Not even with Terra had he thought thoughts such as these. Was he—no it wasn't possible. He couldn't possibly be attracted to Raven. The very idea was preposterous! True, he had thought Raven was very beautiful from the moment he first laid eyes on her, but he also thought Starfire was very pretty, and he had never thought anything about her like he just did with Raven. Besides, he and Raven were complete opposites. While Raven had opened up considerably after she fought her father, and Beast Boy had become much more mature after his last encounter with Terra, they were still opposite sides of a spectrum. No—he and Raven were just very good friends. So what if he had stared at her eyes for just one second? He and Raven were best friends, and nothing will change that fact.

"Yeah, of course," he said, after seeing that Raven was done talking. "So… you know. Good night," he stammered, smiling at his best friend. "Yeah, thanks," replied his best friend, smiling timidly back at him. Then Raven's door separated the two best friends.

Beast Boy sighed, probably because he was so tired. He started down the hallway, but couldn't shake off the feeling that he was slightly disappointed, like he wanted to say something to Raven, maybe to apologize one more time. He shrugged off the feeling and kept walking. He heard the sound of a voice calling his name, "Beast Boy?" Beast Boy turned around abruptly, feeling his heart jump slightly. "Yes?" he answered. Raven, standing at her door, seemed to stammer a little, but then gave him one final "Good night," and a small smile. Then she walked inside her room and gently closed the door. Beast Boy felt like smiling, but he didn't know why. "Good night," he whispered, and headed down to his room.

~Secrets in my Heart~