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The Near Future –

A cold wind howled in the dark night as rain poured down like teardrops from the sky. A meteor shower appeared in the skies above, but was noticed by no one, for everyone were either in hiding or were dead. Not a single sound of life could be detected in the nearly deserted city of Sector 1 of Azarath except for a lone white stallion racing through the streets towards the castle. Riding the stallion was Captain Lieutenant Raphael, a man whose face was mixed with rain and sweat and whose eyes were fixated with determination. Though he was not an old man yet, the years have not been kind on him, as he sports several gray hairs in his hair and beard along with many wrinkles on his face. His physical strength however, refined from many long, hard years as a farmer, were unrelenting, as shown as he manages to control and steer the stallion with only one hand. His other hand carried something far too valuable to risk losing.

Both horse and man panted with weariness. But they could not stop now. Raphael gracefully navigated through the capital, gliding across streets and racing past deserted buildings and houses. His entire body ached and was weak, but he rustled up all his remaining energy and kept going.

At long last, he reached the castle and barged in through the huge doors. Entering the cold room dimly lit only by a few candles, Raphael nearly fell off the horse, shook off the rain, and ran past the destroyed statues and up the stairs as fast as he could. Though every step made him wearier and wearier, he knew he could not let himself collapse now. Too much was at stake. Finally, he had reached the Master's Room, and ran inside to find four men and two women standing inside.

"The scroll!" Raphael exclaimed through his gasps for breath. "The scroll's here! It's here!"

As one of the women came over to help him sit down on a nearby chair, one of the men walked over and was handed the scroll. "Thank you, Raphael. I was worried you were not going to make it back."

"Thank you, Auntie," Raphael said to the woman. "No need to thank me, Father Sanae. It was not easy, but you know I would have done it no matter what the circumstances. Now open it. Do you think what we want to do is possible?"

"It must be," the Father said as he carefully placed the scroll in the center of a pentacle drawn in the center of the chamber with such precision and with so many details it made Raphael dizzy just looking at it. "Remember what Father Don Quixote said in his dying words? 'You must find the Forbidden Scroll and unlock the Seven Ancient Spells. Only with them shall you be able to find the key to unlock the world.'"

Raphael nodded and whispered under his breath, "Raven."

"Our world is dying," another Father remarked. "As well as all other worlds in due time. This is the only choice we have left to save all existence from complete, utter erasure."

"Indeed," the Father Sanae replied. "Ready yourselves." With these words, the four Fathers and the Lady—the woman that did not help Raphael—walked into their positions on the pentacle and began the spell to unlock the Forbidden Scroll.

"Ad rectum et innumeras iniurias diebus nostris," one Father said. "To right the countless wrongs of our day."

"Haec lux vera redemptio fulgemus," another Father followed. "We shine this light of true redemption."

"Sicut paradisus sit locus iste," came another Father. "That this place may become as paradise."

"Quid mirum si mundum ut," said the Lady. "What a wonderful world such would be."

Father Sanae took a deep breath and finished the spell, "Mundus terminum Apud te."

As his words echoed through the room, it was quickly overtaken by the sound of rushing wind and roaring waves. The pentacle began to illuminate with a golden light as the scribbles and ancient hieroglyphics that were drawn inside the pentacle came to life. The Forbidden Scroll seemed to vibrate as it slowly floated up off the ground. As it flew up slowly, the scroll eventually stopped at the center of the room and abruptly erupted in a massive explosion of light. Raphael gasped in shock as he shielded his eyes from the blinding light. The light then faded, and as he looked back, the color was flushed from his face as Raphael saw golden words seemingly made of light float gently in the air.

"The Seven Ancient Spells," Seraphina whispered in awe next to Raphael. "The most powerful spells ever created by the most powerful sorcerers."

"Capable of bringing endless peace—or destruction," he remarked in reply.

After searching through the seven spells, Father Sanae grabbed one set of words and gently laid them on his fingers. "This is the one we need," he whispered. "The Time Travel Spell."

"Can it be done?" one of the Fathers asked in anticipation. "Are we powerful enough to cast such a spell?"

"We can," Raphael said. "Because we have to."

"Yes, indeed," Seraphina added.

"It won't be easy, even if we can cast it," the Lady remarked. "We must cast the spell with utmost precision. The tiniest bit of deviation from the exact moment in time that we need will result in failure. Are you ready, Raphael?"

"Yes, I am, Lady Arella."

"Our goal is ultimately Raven. We will send you back in time to the exact moment that caused Raven's death many years ago: the time when she was in the Void after Paen was destroyed. Raphael, you must enter the Void back in her time and think of her with all your heart and mind. Only then can she be saved."

"I understand."

"However, I cannot guarantee that you will make it out alive, for there will be no one to think of you. You, yourself, would disappear in Raven's stead. That is a sacrifice we do not wish to make, but we must."

"Father, I would gladly die in Raven's place," Raphael said without faltering. "She is a sister to me. You know as well as I do that I would die for Raven without hesitation."

"You are… truly noble, Raphael," Lady Arella said. "Thank you for saving my daughter."

Raphael bowed his head and slowly entered the pentacle. As the Fathers and Ladies began the incantation, Raphael felt his heart beat furiously and his hand tingle. He tried to calm himself but he knew otherwise. He was going to die now. Within a few moments, he would be transported back in time to the Void. He would be able to save Raven, but no one could save him. But it was alright. It was for the fate of the world—no, the fate of his sister. As his vision began to dim and the voices of the Fathers and Ladies began to echo and die, as he traveled back in time to save Raven, Raphael knew he had no regrets.

– Present, The Void –

Opening his eyes, he was met with pure darkness. Raphael examined his surroundings and saw that he was floating in a dark, empty realm. "The Void," he said silently. Scanning the horizon, Raphael searched for Raven. In time, he found her and flew over towards her. As he got close to her, she gently floated onto him. Holding her in his arms, Raphael shed a small tear and thought of her with all his might. He thought of their times and memories together. He thought of when they met and when they played. He thought of when she left Azarath.

"Raven! Raven!" he heard a voice cry. Looking away from her, Raphael saw the distant figure of Beast Boy approaching them. Looking back towards Raven, Raphael gave her a small kiss goodbye and gently pushed her away. As the unconscious body of Raven slowly floated through the air towards Beast Boy, as she flew away from him, as he took his last glimpse of her, his sister, Raphael looked on and smiled.

"It's a far greater rest that I go to now than I ever have known," Raphael whispered. "Dying in place of Raven. That's good enough. After all, the world needs her now."

Raphael glanced onto the palm of his right hand, which showed a burning timer with scarlet red numbers on it, ticking down. "We don't have much time left," he said. And he let his breath escape him.

Raven was silent.

Utter silence.

Peaceful silence.

…I'm still…alive?

Raven's eyes opened ever so slightly and she saw Beast Boy holding her.

…Beast Boy.

He's… here.

Raven smiled. Beast Boy came to me… He came for me…

Then Raven realized that if Beast Boy was here, then he was thinking about her.

Just as she thought of him as she thought she was dying, Beast Boy must have been thinking of her. That's why she was still alive. They helped each other exist. And now, that the Void can't swallow them into nothingness, they would be transported out. They would escape!

I know now, Raven thought.

No matter how difficult it would be, no matter what stands in the way, there will always be a way.

There will be dangers, but she will always take the risk.

As long as she had Beast Boy…

She and Beast Boy had survived all this, somehow.

Paen was gone.

Paen no longer controlled her.

She was free now, because of Beast Boy.

Now they were going home.

As Raven and Beast Boy flew back to Earth in the burst of light, she couldn't help but smile.

In the end, everything was good.

No matter what the dangers, there is always a way.

In the end…

All was good.

But what Raven didn't know was that it was not the end. It was far from it. As the burning timer on Raphael's hand showed, the End had not yet come but was dangerously close.

~Memories in my Heart~