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Chapter 1: Problems

Months have passed since the capture of the ESP. The ESP's control over the students is over. He's under the custody of the school and is locked up in a house in the Northern Forest protected by the MSP's barrier.

Someone is lurking in the darkness. No one is guarding the prisoner. Said person detected the barrier, found the house and created a hole to enter.

Kuonji was lying on the bed in his room when the door opened. A woman with long red hair and red eyes appeared.

"Good evening Kuonji-sama. I'm here to take you to headquarters." said the woman.

Kuonji smiled evilly. "Lead the way."

The next morning in the High School Principal's office

"WHAT? What do you mean he escaped? That's impossible!" Yukihira Kazumi, the High School Principal, said.

"He must have had an alice that repelled the barrier alice," Masachika Shiki, the Middle School Representative, said.

"It looks like someone betrayed us…." Himemiya or Hii-sama, the Middle School Principal, said calmly.

"The students should not know this. They'll panic if they find out that Kuonji escaped," Jinno said.

"Very well," the HSP said, "Not a word about this will go out of this room. We will have a meeting with the other teachers about this tomorrow." The others nodded. "By the way, please do not say anything to Mikan. I don't want her to worry." And with that, he left.

The HSP went to Mikan's room to have tea with her and to help her with her studies. He put on a stoic expression so that Mikan won't see that he's stressed because of this Kuonji thing. He knocked on Mikan's door and waited until she opened it.

"Uncle Kazumi! Come in!" Mikan cheerfully let her uncle in her room. Inside her room were books, notebooks, pencils and paper scattered everywhere while Mr Bear is in a corner holding a book.

"Sorry about the mess. I've been studying since we have two weeks left before the exams and I don't really want to fail," Mikan sighed. "The lessons are just too hard for me to understand. Please help me!"

Kazumi let a small smile show on his face, "I'll be happy to help you. Bear, please prepare tea for us."

Bear nodded his head indicating that he understood. The HSP looked at Mikan's lessons. His eye twitched. "These lessons are quite easy to understand. She really did inherit her father's brains."

Bear served the tea while Mikan and the HSP put her things aside. They drank the tea in silence but Mikan can't help but wonder if her uncle was having problems.

"He's unusually quiet today. I wonder what's wrong?" Mikan thought while watching her uncle who was staring at his tea.

"Uncle? Is there something wrong?"

"Why do you say that Mikan?"

"It's just that you're spacing out while we were having tea."

"No, there's nothing wrong."

"Huh? But-"

"Mikan, let's start studying."


The Next Day

Mikan came to class with Natsume. Since they're a couple Natsume would walk Mikan to the classroom. This way, Mikan won't be late for class.

"Ohayou minna-san!" Mikan greeted her classmates.

"Ohayou!" everyone chorused.

"Hotaru!" Mikan said while running to hug her best friend. She didn't reach her target since Hotaru stepped aside. As a result, she hit the floor instead.

"Don't come near me you baka. The exams are coming and I don't want to catch your stupidity." Hotaru said while Ruka, Iinchou, Natsume and the rest of their classmates laughed.

"Mou, Hotaru you're so mean." Mikan replied although she knew that Hotaru didn't mean what she said.

"Ohayou Iinchou!" she greeted her friend and classmate who helped her stand-up.

"Ohayou Mikan-chan!" Iinchou replied back.

"Ne, Mikan-chan, want to join us in the library after class? We're going to study for the exams." Anna said.

"Sure! I could really use your help. I don't want to fail!" Mikan cried.

"Don't worry we're going to help you Mikan-chan!" Nonoko said.

"Sensei's coming!" one of the students said.

Everyone went to their seats.

"Ohayou my wonderful students!" Narumi-sensei cheerfully said went he came in.

"Ohayou Narumi-sensei," his students weren't as happy to see him.

"Since we have two weeks left for the exams I'm going to answer your questions so that you will understand the lessons more. I really want you guys to graduate." While he was saying this, his eyes were on Mikan who grinned.

The students then asked their sensei about the lessons. After 20 minutes, the intercom turned on. "All teachers please go to the High School Principals office immediately for an emergency meeting. I repeat all teachers please go to the High School Principals office immediately for an emergency meeting. No classes for the rest of the day. Thank you."

"Hmm, it looks like we have a meeting. I'll leave you guys to study on your own. Ja ne!" Narumi-sensei said and he left.

"Oh well. I guess we can use this opportunity to study." Iinchou said.

"I guess you're right." Ruka said.

"Ne ne Natsume-kun, Ruka-kun, let's study together!" Sumire, the president of the Natsume-Ruka fan club said. The rest of the class sweat-dropped.

While this whole exchange was happening Mikan's mind went into overdrive. "An emergency meeting? So there is a problem. That's why uncle was so out of it didn't he tell me? I need to know what it's about. Maybe I can help. But how?" Just then, her eyes landed on the mind-reader. She suddenly stood up ignoring the stares of her classmates and went straight to Koko who was also looking at her.

"Koko-kun come with me, I need you." Mikan said.

Everyone's jaw dropped. Natsume's eyes narrowed. The temperature in the classroom suddenly became hot. Everyone knew that Natsume was getting jealous. Natsume glared at Koko while Koko just had his usual smile on his face.

"Huh?" Koko asked dumbly.

"Just come with me. Hurry."

Mikan grabbed Koko's wrist and went straight to the door but before that could happen, Natsume suddenly asked, "Where do you think you're going?"

Koko was getting nervous even though he still has a smile. He's still scared that Natsume might burn him alive. Mikan said, "I just have to check something. Let's go Koko." With that Mikan and Koko teleported.

Everyone at the place where they were standing. Everyone had the same thought "What the hell just happened?"

Mikan and Koko appeared outside the door of the HSP's office. Koko raised an eyebrow and asked, "What are we doing here Mikan-chan?"

"There's a meeting." Mikan answered as if it was obvious.

"Yeah, I know. A meeting for TEACHERS." Koko replied putting an emphasis on the last word.

"It's just that yesterday uncle was so quiet. I just want to know what's wrong."

"Then why am I here?" Koko asked his smile getting smaller.

"I need you to read their minds so that we can find out what's going on. Please Koko I really have to know."

Koko sighed. "Fine."

After a few seconds Koko said, "There's a barrier. I can't get through."

"Shiki-san must have put it. How about now?" Mikan asked after she nullified Shiki's barrier.

Koko read their minds. His eyes widened at the thoughts of the people in the office.

"Koko? Can you read their minds?" Mikan impatiently asked.

Koko gulped, "Mikan-chan, I think we have a problem."

Mikan asked nervously, "What do you mean?"

"Principal Kuonji escaped."

End of chapter