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The sun was set, the stars were out, and there were tears in the Doctor's eyes as he followed River out of the TARDIS. A gentle humming of a thousand voices filled their ears, the air was thick with it. He quickly wiped away a tear that threatened to fall as River took his hand and led him to the top of the hill, that wonderful, wide, nose-crinkling grin on her face. Her eyes sparkled so much he thought it might kill him. When they reached the top of the hill, River folded her hands together, closed her eyes, and listened. The sound filling her ears was more beautiful than any she'd ever heard, her face was filled with pure joy and the Doctor couldn't bring himself to look. He only silently cried with stooped shoulders as he listened to her funeral song. They were at Darillium. This was their last night together. He'd better make it good.

River was so painfully unaware of that fact as she stood there in front of him. She looked at him with that wonderful River smile on her face, taking her hand in his and nipping shyly at his lips. She had meant it to be quick. He didn't want it to end. It might be his last. His arms wrapped around hers, never to let go, deepening the kiss in his frantic passion. His fingers interlaced with her hair, her wonderful, mad hair that he loved so much. Stroking her cheek, all the while never allowing her to pop up for air, he kept her lips captive as the towers sang in grief.

To River, it was a song of their passion. She was too elated and having far too much fun to hear anything else. She thought she should take a breath if she were to live to see another day, but he was so intent on not letting her mouth go that she couldn't bring herself to break the kiss. She felt his hands in her hair, those wonderful, beautiful hands that could be everywhere at once and then suddenly be so gentle and comforting. She wrapped her arms around his waist, drawing him closer still, hinting at what she wanted. But then she felt a warm splash on her cheek. She broke the kiss, curious and worried. Staring up into those soft brown eyes, her heart stopped. The Doctor, her doctor, was crying. His eyes were misty and his face was etched with grief, and she had no idea why. One hand found his, and the other cupped his cheek as she searched his features, lessening the passion but only deepening the intimacy. His hand nearly squeezed hers off.

"Doctor, why are you crying, what's wrong?"

"River I-I…" He tensed with frustration and anger, the sadness deepening in his voice, "I love you, please just… just never forget that."

She squeezed his hand back, "'course I won't, Love."

He looked down, a sad laugh escaping from his lips. His eyes closed and a lone sob escaped him. Of course she wouldn't… but he would. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, his chin resting in her shoulder, his face buried in that wonderful nest of hair. He held her so close he could hear their hearts and the sound of her breathing. He could smell her hair, she'd used that vanilla and rose shampoo again, the one that always drove him crazy. He put his forehead to hers, breathing her in, ingraining that scent in his mind.



"Make love to me."

And they did, oh, they did. They made love like it was their last time, River because she knew someday she'd meet him and he'd have no idea who she was. The Doctor, because he knew that time had come. She whispered his name, his proper name, and he could only hold back tears in response. When the passion had faded and they were lying together on the grass, he planted sweet kisses on her forehead, his fingers tracing her body, committing every inch of her to memory. Once again, tears began to fall from his eyes, and River reached up with her thumb and wiped one away, not understanding the reason behind his sadness.

"Why would I ever think that you don't love me?" She asked him softly after a few seconds.

The Doctor smiled sadly, kissing her cheek gently. "Spoilers."

She huffed slightly, "I hate that word."

"You love that word."

"Shut up."

"Make me."

They both laughed a little, and River nestled deep into his arms. She looked up into his eyes, breaking out into a smile, "I love you."

Even as he smiled and whispered those words back, he was afraid she would hear his hearts break. "I love you too, River Song." River Song opened her mind to him there, safely locked in his arms. Her head leaned on his shoulder, and he kissed her hair, murmuring sweet nothings while the towers sang and he cried.

As the moon began its downward descent, River got up, redressed, and then helped the Doctor do the same. She sighed in the brisk night air, closing her eyes, taking in the song of the towers one last time. The Doctor let his eyes rest on her face, remembering every wrinkle, freckle, and eyelash. He took her chin so she would open her eyes… just so he could see them properly one last time. She smiled up at him in that unforgettable, heartbreakingly foxy way of hers, and he attempted to smile back.

Planting a quick peck on the cheek, she slipped on her time traveling device, and gave it a soft whack for good measure. It began to glow, and she grinned in satisfaction. The excitement in her face as she looked back up to him nearly killed him. "I'm going on a very, very important mission for a friend today, Doctor. We're going to see a library, one that's been silent for a hundred years. Exciting isn't it, Love?" She gave him one last kiss, and he longed so deeply to never let her go. She broke it and held out her wrist, her face bright and eager. "Sonic me?"

He could have said no, but that would have been ridiculous. Still, there was nothing he wanted to do less when he forced her a smile and turned on his screwdriver. When he was done, he said, "River, hold out your hand."

River obeyed, curious as to what he was meaning to do. In her open palm, he placed his sonic screwdriver. River looked up at him in surprise and wonder. He'd never let her so much as hold it, let alone give it to her! "Doctor… I-I can't!"

He put his hand on hers, closing her fingers around the screwdriver. "I want you to have it, just for now."

She broke out into a smile, placing the screwdriver in her coat pocket. "Thanks." She said very seriously, "I'll see you when I get back… I think. Honestly, someday this opposite time-stream business will be the death of me!"

As the Doctor watched her disappear before his eyes, he finally let himself cry freely. Little did River know how soon that someday would be. He turned back towards the TARDIS, never feeling more helpless and alone.


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