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Madoka stared at her brother and his I.S with caution as Ichika lifelessly glanced at Shirayuki Setsura. Setsura, the left hand made out of pure fold-out armor disappeared and was replaced by a color white, crystallized left arm with silver veins coursing through it.

Ichika, with his cold lilac eyes glanced at his new weapon like he was fixated by it before closing his hand into a fist.

"Madoka-chan," Ichika called emotionlessly. His voice was quiet, barely above a whisper, and the only reason Madoka heard him was because of Silent Zephyrs' Hyper Sensor. "Forgive me, I can't hold back." He told her with an apologetic tone before rocketing towards her, the thrusters of Byakushiki bursting into life, giving Ichika unparallel acceleration and propulsion.

Madoka snapped herself out of her shock and started unloading her attacks, the tip of the barrel of her rifle glowed bright crimson as she fired consecutive shots at Ichika. According to Silent Zephyrs, Byakushiki's shields is down to zero, which means that one hit on the head would kill him.

Ichika, regardless if he was flying at a speed that broke the sound barrier, elegantly dodge all the attacks Madoka was firing at him. Ichika spun while weaving through Madoka's attacks; this is impressive considering that Double Ignition Boost can only accelerate an I.S in a linear direction and maneuvering while using Double Ignition Boost is considered impossible.

Madoka was about to deploy her offensive bits when Ichika, with one powerful burst of Byakushiki's thruster, close the distance and hovered in front of her. She was about to fire her rifle when Ichika's right hand suddenly bolted and grabbed her by the throat, stunning her. Ichika then raise Shirayuki Setsura, the crystallize arm, and shoved it on Madoka's chest, just above her breasts. Her eyes widen as two things happened.

One, the attack did not hurt nor did it reduced her shield energy. The crystallized arm merely glowed together with her I.S as strips of silver light spiraled around them.

Two, Ichika was kissing her, KISSING HER. The feeling that she felt in that single second dwarf every feeling she had ever felt in her entire life. His lips ignited a fire so bright, so hot in her chest that she had forgotten about everything and everyone in the world.

Her toes curled and her hands closed into a fist, she even let go of the rifle of her I.S. She was unmoving from where she floated as her brother, whether she would admit it or not, made her feel special for the first time in her life.

The kiss, in reality lasted for only five seconds but for Madoka, it lasted for eternity. When he pulled back, her cheeks were as red as a rose. She was so stunned that she did not even attack as her brother slowly backed away from her, she didn't even react when his right arm gently and lovingly caress her cheeks.

If Madoka wasn't too stun, she would have notice that silvery-white diamond in Ichika's left arm before it shattered, causing Byakushiki's left arm to glow.

"That was my first kiss." Madoka whispered as she used her hands, clad in armor, to trace her lips, the stingy sensation that was caused by the kiss made her heart beat wildly. She relishes the aftertaste of the kiss as she closed her eyes to compose herself.

"YOU PERVERT!" Madoka roared as she redeployed her rifle and deployed the offensive as well as the defensive bits of her I.S. She did not want to risk her brother getting near her for her fear that if he kissed her again, their clothes and their I.S will be scattered on the ground and she may do things to her brother that would make porn stars blush.

As the offensive bits of Silent Zephyrs surrounded Ichika, Madoka could not help but looked annoyed when her brother did not react at the upcoming danger and merely looked at the weapon that covered his left arm with intrigued eyes.

Madoka took aimed and started firing in all direction. Ichika on the other hand merely swung his left arm. "Madoka!" He suddenly shouted. His left arm glowed bright white as streaks of silver light surrounded his entire body and I.S. When the silver light died down, ten metal swords, ten katanas appeared around him. The swords were white with silver highlights, similar to his left hand. The swords were as large as Yukihira in its energy sword mode. The hand guard of the swords has flower-like edges.

The sword spun rapidly around him, projecting a spinning energy dome that deflected all the attacks that Madoka fired, much to her shock. She stopped her attacks and recalled the bits of Silent Zephyrs, knowing that it's pointless to attack until the shield disappears.

When the bits returned to Madoka, the swords that protected Ichika stop spinning. The swords surrounded Ichika protectively, each sword glowing faintly. Ichika raised both of his arms and two swords flew towards his hands, which he grasped before going into a stance, a stance that he did not learn from kendo or from his sister.

"Setsura, Wing Thrusters, off, Transfer energy to torso." Ichika commanded calmly. The four wing thrusters of Byakushiki folded on its back but before Ichika could plummet to the ground, one of the ten swords flew towards his feet, the sword glowed bright silver as it created a platform for Ichika to stand on. Ichika stood on the narrow platform elegantly, the swords in his hands in an x-position.

Madoka didn't notice a trail of sweat falling down her forehead. Things could not get any worse for her. She could kill her opponent with one direct hit but the problem is, hitting someone under the influence of the Seed Syndrome is easier said than done, it's almost impossible.

Seed Syndrome, a special genetic trait exclusive to the Orimura family, is a trait which causes the body of those carrying it to activate 30 times more neural transmitters than the average person, which makes the function of his central nervous system, namely the cerebrum, cerebellum, and spinal cord, accelerate dramatically. A person who bares the Seed Syndrome enters into a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability. While in this state, the person demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing. In this state, everything from a person's mental capabilities to the person physical capabilities exponentially rises, by at least a hundred folds.

And this poses a problem for her. She will begrudgingly admit that, although her brother's skills as a pilot are barely above average, his fighting skills are very high. Under the influence of the Seed Syndrome, his above average piloting skills will rise exponentially as well as his fighting skills.

'If my assumption is correct, he may be as good as Kana.' And that was a scary thought for Madoka, so much so that she decided to create more distance to try her luck in sniping him in a distance.

The moment she backed down, Ichika made his move. The seven swords that were hovering around Ichika move in a speed that far surpasses Byakushiki's Double Ignition Boost. Each sword has a thruster build in them located in the hilt and build into the back side of the blade, making them faster than Silent Zephyrs' bits.

Ichika leaped to the nearest sword, the sword instantly creating a platform when Byakushiki's feet touch the surface of the sword. Ichika only stayed there for a second before leaping to the sword nearest to the sword that he was standing on.

Madoka was dumbfounded by Ichika's movement as she tried to get a clear shot on his brother vital body parts, head or chest, but to no avail. Ichika is moving in such a way that she could not aim her rifle or her bits properly. Ichika is leaping from sword to sword, from platform to platform in a speed that made her head spin. It seems by shutting down the thrusters and pushing the energy on his I.S's lower body, Byakushiki's leaping abilities increase. Most of the swords that Ichika summoned were not use as weapons but as platforms that act as stepping stones. Ichika was constantly changing his positions making it hard to get a hit on him.

Madoka groaned in frustration as she let lose a beam towards Ichika, which he dodge by jumping to the next sword, to the next platform. Madoka use one of her bits to fire a beam to the back of Ichika's head only for the attack to be deflected when one of the swords flew and intercepted the attack, the sword projecting a hexagonal, color silver beam shield that deflected the attack.

Ichika jumped to the sword to his right to avoid another attack that Madoka fired at him before swinging the sword on his left hand to deflect a beam that was fired by the bit on his right. Ichika then leaned forward before throwing the sword on his right towards Madoka, the thruster on the said sword bursting into life, causing it to accelerate towards Madoka.

"Fast," Madoka whispered as she brought one of her defensive bits to block the sword. The sword bounced harmlessly off the umbrella shape energy shield but Madoka's eyes widen when Ichika appeared in front of him, the sword on his left hand glowing with a golden aura. With a swift swing, one of her defensive bits was cut in half before exploding between them.

The aftershock of the explosion was not enough to push them back but it was enough to blind the two of them temporarily. Madoka used this to her advantage and flew backwards, creating some distance between her and Ichika but a sword suddenly flew towards her, aimed to her skull. Her eyes widen as the sword move closer to impale her on the head only to stop when it was merely two inches from her and it only stop because Ichika used the sword to help him flip over her.

Madoka turned around only to see Ichika extending his right hand. A sword flew towards his hand and when it landed, he swung it horizontally. Madoka tried to lean back to avoid the blow but the sword on her back graze the armor on her left shoulder, stopping her for just a second, enough time for Ichika to slice off the visor that was covering her face.

Madoka panicked as she tried to create some distance, wildly firing her rifle and her four offensive bits at Ichika to preoccupy him but it was to no avail as the swords that he was around him revolved rapidly to deflect the attacks that she was throwing at him.

Ichika then kick one of the swords in front of him, which rocketed towards Madoka. The move was not meant as an attack as Ichika used the sword as a makeshift skateboard to weave through some of Madoka's attack. When he was close enough, he kicked the sword again, this time using the sword as a projectile.

Madoka deflected the projectile by the use of a well aim shot from her rifle but, by her attention merely focus on the sword that was in front of her, she did not saw Ichika jumping behind her until she was hit on the shoulder.

Right shoulder armor hit. Damage: 30. Shield Energy remaining: 563. Actual damage: Low.

Madoka tried to stab Ichika with the use of the bayonet attach on her I.S's rifle but Ichika merely called one of his swords to block the blow and another sword to hover above the rifle. He use the sword that was hovering above the rifle as a stepping stone to get over Madoka and used another sword as a platform to stand upside down above her. Brown eyes meet lilac eyes as Ichika thrust one of his swords on her left shoulder armor before jumping behind her, grabbing the sword that he used as a platform before calling forth another sword. He threw a slash on her back before using the sword that he called to glide away from her.

Left shoulder armor hit. Damage: 45. Shield Energy remaining: 533. Actual damage: Medium.

Lower back armor hit. Damage: 50. Shield Energy remaining: 487. Actual damage: Medium.

Madoka groaned at three consecutive attacks before aiming her rifle at Ichika's back. Before she could fire a shot though, a sword that came from above impaled her rifle, effectively destroying it. Madoka instantly threw her rifle to the side to avoid being caught in the small explosion caused by the destruction of her I.S's secondary weapon.

Madoka growled at this as she tried to hit Ichika with the use of her offensive bits but to no avail as the swords move faster than her bits could fire. Before she could attack, the swords were already positioned to neutralize her attack.

"Damn you," Madoka sneered at Ichika as she deployed six offensive bit of her I.S. Like Blue Tears, Silent Zephyrs also featured hip mounted weaponry, the only difference is, Madoka's I.S has a pair of rail cannons instead of missile launchers.

"DAMN YOU!" Madoka shouted as she recalled her bits. She notices that none of her defensive bits came back to her. She glared at Ichika when she saw the defensive bits of Silent Zephyrs being impaled by two swords each, rendering them useless. Madoka growled loudly once again as she deployed her offensive bits and fired a full burst attack. Six beams, two beams of yellow electricity from her hips, and four beams that came from her side flew towards Ichika in an incredible speed.

"Slow," Ichika muttered as he released the sword that he was holding. The ten swords then revolved around him, deflecting all the attacks before they disappeared in a flash of silver light. The wing thrusters of Byakushiki activated again but it was merely temporarily as Ichika used his left arm and put it over his chest. Byakushiki glowed brightly as silver-strips of light surrounded the frame.

Madoka, seeing that, fired a barrage of beam towards Ichika, not wanting to risk another weird weapon appearing.

"Slow," Ichika muttered again as he effortlessly move his body to avoid the attacks. During the attack, another silvery-white diamond appeared in the palm of his hand before shattering.

"Shirokishi (White Knight)!"

Ichika shouted as the left arm of Byakushiki was once again covered in light, the silver strips of light was slowly forming a shape of a sword. Ichika swung his left arm and the sword took shape. The sword was made out of white crystal with silver highlights, similar to the ten swords that he had summoned earlier and to Shirayuki Setsura. That is the only similarity between the single sword that he summoned now and the ten swords that he summoned earlier.

The sword that is in Ichika's hand looks like an oversized elegant cleaver. The blade has a black hilt with gray-wrappings and a short length of chain at its base. The blade itself is curving inwards at the backside of the tip similar to a trench knife. It should also be noted that the sword is as tall as the I.S itself.

Modoka stared at the massive weapon for a second before sending her offensive bits to surround Ichika. She was assuming that the sword that he was holding was only meant for attacking and not for defending.

She was proven wrong when she unleash her initial attacks. Ichika swung the sword and multiple disks of energy appeared and surrounded him. A disk shattered when a beam makes contact with it but, no matter how much energy Madoka put on her attacks, they were cancelled whenever they hit those glowing disks that surrounded her brother.

She growled again as the thrusters of Byakushiki folded to its side.

"Don't tell me those things could act as stepping stones?" Madoka growled, not wanting to face that kind of fighting style again.

Unfortunately for her, those disks, like what those swords Ichika summoned earlier, could be used as stepping stones, only in a much greater degree. Ichika stepped on one of the disks and it instantly shattered but it gave him propulsion so strong that it tripled Byakushiki's speed. He leaped towards the nearest bit, and with a swing, cleaves the optical drone in half before Madoka could move it.

Madoka's eyes widen, she didn't even see her brother move.

Ichika summoned another disk below his feet and when it shattered, he leaped towards the next bit. Madoka was prepared and move the bit away from Ichika's way but it was useless as he raised his sword above his head. The base of the sword suddenly emitted strips of silver energy which enveloped the entire sword, doubling its size as well as augmenting the sharpness of the sword. With the blades new height, it was easily able to reach the runaway bit and cleave it to dust.

Ichika then turned around and the silver beam that covered his massive weapon suddenly started to spiral around his left arm and the sword itself. The sword absorbed the beam that surrounded it and the sword glowed white as the blade of the sword emitted a massive silver beam, with white highlights, that took the shape of the crescent moon. With a wide swing, Ichika released a highly condensed energy beam at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack and then flies forward. This slash takes the form of a crescent moon and it four times the size of Byakushiki.

Madoka's eyes widen as the attack came flying towards her in a speed that she could not hope to dodge. Her eyes widen when the attack flew just above her head, missing her by an inch. At that moment, she knew that she was not the target of that massive attack, her brother's target was her two remaining offensive bit.

The massive attack obliterated the two bits before hitting the hill behind her. She shivered in dread when she heard an explosion behind her and cannot help but looked at the destruction that the attack left. Her eyes widen in fear when she saw the summit of the hill completely blown off.

Madoka cannot help but feel afraid. That attack would have reduced her shield to zero if it hit her.

Madoka closed her eyes as tears fell from her eyes as she resigned herself to her fate. She turned around to stare at Ichika, the expression of utter defeat all over her face. "Why?" She asked in a teary tone. "Why can't I be you?" Madoka asked desperately as she aimed her hip mounted rail cannons at Ichika. It was pointless but if she's going down, she's going down swinging.

She started firing countless shots, using all the energy Silent Zephyrs with each shot. Ichika, lifelessly gave Madoka a respectful nod before grabbing the chain on the base of the sword. With the use of the small chain, Ichika spun the sword around him. The projected a large energy disc that blocked the attacks that Madoka was firing at him. Each electric beam bounces of the energy disc harmlessly as it glowed brightly.

When Madoka's bombardment of attack seize, Ichika grabbed the sword with his two hands, the disc still shining brightly in front of him. The sword glowed bright white as the visage of a crescent moon appeared on the blade of the sword. Ichika raised his sword and glance at Madoka, his cold lilac eyes finally showing an emotion.

"I love you, Imōto." Ichika mouthed before swinging the gigantic sword at the energy disc. The crescent shape beam that obliterated the summit sailed towards the energy disc and when it hit the beam disc, an amazing thing happened. The disc absorbed the attack causing the beam to shimmer in a silver light before it fired a rain of arrow shaped beams at Madoka. The attack fired a total of 240 arrow shape beams, each headed at Madoka's general direction.

At the sight of the attack, Madoka smiled as she extended her arms to her side, awaiting for the attack to hit her. There was one statement that came out of her mouth.

"Thank you, onii-chan."

Half of the 240 arrow shape beams hit her. She lost consciousness and at the same time, Silent Zephyrs dematerialize.

Ichika caught her before she could plummeted to the earth. And because of that, he did not notice a beam flying towards him until he was hit by it. The beam merely grazed that back of his neck but it was enough to knock him unconscious.

"You have so much to learn." Was the last thing Ichika heard before losing consciousness.

(Scene Change)

For the first time in fourteen years, the leader of Phantom Task was happy, so happy in fact that she seems to resemble a genuine human being. Human is not a word that is ever associated to her because of her supernatural abilities and her sins that were so gruesome that the devil himself will be disgusted of her.

Still, seeing her cradle her son's head on her breasts made her look like an ordinary mother worried about her son, it made her look human, disgustingly human. Her arms were wrapped tenderly around Ichika's unconscious frame and for once, she did not care if blood was staining her robes, which is strange considering that she would kill anyone who would dirty her clothes.

The leader of Phantom Task had a smile on her face as she hummed a melody like a lullaby. She had wanted to lull her little boy to sleep since her failure had taken him away from her. Her dreams were now being fulfilled as she held her son tightly to her chest.

"Don't worry, my son, nobody will take you away from me ever again." She said to Ichika solemnly as she caresses his hair caringly. "I will be the one to take care of you now. I will take care of you, nourish you, train you to be the strongest, I will find you a good wife that will bare you beautiful children, and then I will give you the world. Don't worry son, just let your mommy handle things, I will repair your broken potential." She whispered to her son's ear as she held him even closer.

This heartwarming scene between her and her son made her happy but that atmosphere suddenly change when there was a knock on her door.

"I don't care if it's important, leave if you value your life." She hissed in irritation.

"Aunt Isane, its Kana."

The leader of Phantom Task now is now known as Isane, smiled brightly as the atmosphere lightened a bit. "What is my favorite niece doing in Japan, you hate Japan?"

"First of all, I am your only niece, you made sure of that, secondly I hate fish and their cuisines, not the country itself." A drawled voiced replied coolly. "I heard you acquired him and that he possesses the gift."

Isane laughed hysterically at this before kissing her son's forehead. "You may enter Kana; I want you to see your cousin and your future boss."

"He has been raise by Chifuyu, right, if so, then I do not want to see him just yet." Kana said with a serious tone. "Knowing who she is, she had probably sabotage him."

"You are correct in your assumption, my dear." Isane said before letting out a chuckle. "Would you help me train him? With you around, he may progress faster and he can succeed me in three years time."

"Just as long as I get what I want, I don't mind sparing him some of my free time." Kana accepted with an impassive tone.

"And what do you want, my dear?" Isane asked, already knowing the answer.

"The hand of the one I love and the head of the woman who had took him away from me." Kana replied casually before letting out a primal growl. "Your daughter raise my husband poorly, I intend to correct her mistake, to mold him to my ideal husband and then, I want to remove that woman's head from her shoulders." Kana muttered to herself but Isane heard her.

"I almost forgot that my failure was not the only one who had fallen in love with him at first sight." Isane whispered, remembering the first time Chifuyu and Kana laid eyes on Ichika.


A nine year old Chifuyu and a nine year old Kana were kneeling in front of a large curtain. The curtain is thin and it only showed a visage of a woman holding a baby in her arms.

"Chifuyu, Kana, do you know why I called you two here?" Isane said with an intimidating tone.

"It is not my fault that cousin cannot hold her ground against me." Kana muttered as she sneered at Chifuyu.

Chifuyu glared at her venomously. "You were the one who was rushed in the infirmary, not me. By the way, how's your arm, I hope the doctors attached it properly." The two stood their ground as they draw their weapons. Chifuyu drew her katana while Kana readied her scythe.

"Aunt Isane, you'll need a new daughter."

"And you'll need a new head."

The two snarled at each other and they were ready to kill each other but they were stopped when their respective weapons flew off their hands.

"Do not fight in front of my son." Isane hissed, her killing intent radiating in the room. Chifuyu was not fazed by her mother's killing intent and merely ripped the curtain that separated them from her. When the curtain fell, Chifuyu's eyes narrowed at the sight of the cute baby in her mother's arms. Her mother was holding the baby tenderly which is very much unlike her.

This is the first time she had ever seen her mother look like a human being.

"Chifuyu," Isane said coldly. "This is your brother, Ichika, I expect you to treat him accordingly." Chifuyu did not bother to look at her mother as her gazed was fixed on the baby that she was holding. The baby was sleeping peacefully in her mother's arms and that disturbed Chifuyu greatly. Most of the members of Phantom Task can't even breath properly when they are in her mother's presence, not even a vicious animal would go near her, but here lays a baby in her arms, sleeping peacefully, not aware that a monster in human flesh was holding him.

Out of curiosity, Chifuyu tried to touch her brother's head but was stopped when the baby suddenly opened his eyes. Chifuyu was taken aback by the babies eyes, his right eye was brown similar to hers and his left eye is lilac, similar to their mother's when she is in Seed Mode. The only difference is that the baby's eyes radiate innocence and pureness, something that she and her mother do not possess. The baby looked at her curiously for a second before letting out a soft giggle, his little and soft hands suddenly moved and grabbed Chifuyu's index finger. He began to giggle again as he shook it gently before kissing it.

There was a moment of silence as Chifuyu stared at her baby brother. After a second, she swiped her brother from her mother's arm and cooed at him with a small blush adorning her face. "Hello brother, I'm your sister." Chifuyu greeted and baby Ichika giggled softly as he held onto her sister, burying his head on the crook of her neck. Chifuyu smiled at this as she held her brother lovingly, similar to how her mother held onto him.

Chifuyu turned her back on her mother and proceeded to walk to the exit.

"Who gave you permission to take him?" Isane asked in a cold tone, so cold that it sends shiver downs Chifuyu's and Kana's spine.

Chifuyu, naturally, was afraid of her mother but when her brother's hold tighten, her fears banished as she picked up her katana and threw it to her mother.

Isane caught the blade with the use of her index finger and thumb and proceeded to glare at her daughter.

Chifuyu glared back as she held her brother protectively. "He will be sleeping in my room tonight." Chifuyu stated fiercely. "Recover your strength first; you can't protect yourself and him at your current condition." Chifuyu sneered at her before turning around and rushing out of the room.

Isane glared at her daughter with hate before glancing at Kana, whom was looking at where Chifuyu use to stand.

After a moment of silence, she spoke. "Aunt Isane, your son, can I have him when he comes of age?" Kana asked politely, an emotion present in her usual passive tone.

Isane was taken aback by this. "You want my son, dear. Why?" Isane asked curiously.

"Three reasons, one, Chifuyu wants him and whatever she wants, I will have. Two, those eyes filled with innocence and pureness, I want to corrupt it. Third, I think I am in love with him." Kana answered with an emotionless expression yet there was a blush on her cheeks. "Now if you pardon me, Aunt Isane, I must take him from your daughter before she does anything foolish with him." And with that, Kana left the room, leaving the leader of Phantom Task alone in her glee.

(End of Flashback)

Isane glanced at her son and held her tightly after remembering that faithful day. "Yes, Ichika, Kana would be the first candidate to be your wife. I assure you my dear; she is as dangerous as she is beautiful and I am sure that you and she will have wonderful children together."

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

I was in the middle of a pitch black room. I couldn't see anything in this room but a mirror that shined some sort of silver light. I stared at that mirror oddly, mesmerize by the beautiful silver light that reflected my appearance.

I could see myself adorned in my I.S Academy uniform. That alone is not strange, what is strange and what caught my attention is the fact that the silver mirror was showing me something, something akin to a memory.

"MOTHER, MOTHER, WHERE IS NEE-SAMA! WHERE IS MY NEE-SAMA!" A man in his early twenties who looks like me asked hysterically. I could not help but stare at the man. He looks just like me only older and with longer hair, his hair reaching to his waist which made him look like a girl (I made a mental note to never let my hair grow that long) and he has a scar running across his right eye. His body is more muscular compare to mine and that is noticeable even with the clothes that he was wearing.

"Calm down Ichigo," A woman who looks to be in her early forties reprimanded him gently as she grabbed the man, who is named Ichigo, and was forcibly restraining him from entering the room. My eyes widen when at the face of the old woman. The woman resembled Chifuyu-nee a bit.

"No way," I muttered as I touch the mirror. I could not help but notice that the room that they were in a room that resembled Japanese room with a hint of Roman Design.

"GET OFF ME, MOTHER, GET OFF ME!" Ichigo struggled as he tried to throw his mother of him but to no avail. Man, the woman is strong. "NEE-SAMA, NEE-SAMA, I'M COMING!"

"Calm down, you stupid fool!" The woman snarled angrily. That woman reminded me off Chifuyu-nee for some reason.

"NEE-SAMA! NEE-SAMA!" Ichigo ignored his mother's words and was still struggling to barge into the room. "NEE-SAMA NEEDS ME, SHE NEEDS ME, BY THE GODS SHE NEEDS ME!" He roared desperately as he threw his own mother over his shoulder.

The woman, regardless of her age, gracefully landed on her feet and proceeded to glare at her son. "She is strong, stronger than you, stronger than me. A person bearing the Seed will not die by simple child birth." The woman scolded him with a fierce look. I could tell that Ichigo-san's mother was physically restraining herself from attacking her own son.

"I DON'T CARE; MY NEE-CHAN NEEDS ME, MY CHILD, MY NEE-CHAN!" He shouted as he pushed his mother to the ground but was quickly countered when she grabbed his hand and proceeded to twist it in an odd angle. Ichigo-san let out a loud scream as he collapsed to the ground.

"Calm down, brat." His mother snarled at him before hitting him on the head with a metal fan. Again, that technique of knocking resembled Chifuyu-nee's technique. It was odd, this woman resembled Chifuyu-nee in many aspect, attitude, technique, temper, and even in looks.

The woman may be in her early forties but she looks to be in her late twenties or early thirties. The only reason I knew she was in her early forties is because I am used to dealing with woman with indescribable beauty.

"MOTHER, LET ME GO, LET ME GO!" Ichigo-san requested desperately and his request was answered by his mother applying more pressure on his arm, making him scream in pain. I head think I heard a bone crack

"Orimura Ichigo, calm down, I, Orimura Karin, does not have a son that is such a faithless coward." Wait a minute, WHAT?

Orimura Ichigo! Orimura Karin! What the hell? Why do THEY have the same last name as me?

My knees buckled a bit as an unlikely thought suddenly hit me like a train.

"No way, there is no way." I muttered to myself in disbelief.

Ichigo-san was about to speak when the door opened, revealing a woman wearing a doctor's coat. This doctor is a woman in her early thirties and she was looking at the two with a disapproving look. "I don't care if your family owns this place, no screaming inside my hospital." The woman told the two coldly.

Ichigo-san was able to push his mother off him and proceeded to pin the doctor on the wall. The doctor was not surprised by this act but she looks irritated regardless. "My nee-sama, how is my nee-sama?" This guy is just like me. If Chifuyu-nee will go to labor, I would probably be this frantic.

I would probably beat the living hell out of the man who impregnated first though.

"Relax, Ichigo-sama, she is fine, your twin sister is fine." Ichigo-san visibly relaxes after knowing that. He let go of the doctor as he tried to composed himself. "Is the child, my child, what is the status of my child?" I was taken aback by this question. He doesn't mean…no way…no way…he has got to be kidding me… you mean to tell me…

I could not move my eyes from the mirror as the doctor gave him a bright smile. If that question means what I think it mean then….. "Congratulations, you and your sister have a healthy baby boy."

My eyes would have fallen off from my head if it could. I now understand why Ichigo-san is frantic. The woman inside the room is not just his sister but also his wife.

I'm not disturbed by this type of relationship; after all, love is love. Love can be disgusting to other, it could be disturbing, it could be a sin, but that doesn't change the fact that love is love.

Chifuyu-nee once told me that love is a sin. There's no color in sin. There's only darkness. That's why, any kind of light in that darkness looks really beautiful.

Love is darkness and that two that shares the feeling of love is the light, and that made the light beautiful through that darkness.

I smiled a bit as I watch Ichigo-san entered the room. The woman that I assume to be his sister and wife was behind a black curtain but I could see the outline of a woman cradling a child.

Ichigo-san smiled as he slowly moved the curtain.

When I saw the woman, I almost collapsed. She looks like Chifuyu-nee; she looks to be the carbon copy of Chifuyu-nee. The only difference between them was the expression on their face, Chifuyu-nee always has a stern expression while this woman had a gentle expression on her, an expression that I have seen on Chifuyu-nee's face a handful of times.



The greeted each other before their lips met. They kiss passionately and I cannot help but feel angry.

I'm not angry at the fact that their siblings, incestuous relationship is okay as long as the two love each other. No, I am angry because I am seeing what I want right in front of me.

I have always wanted to kiss my sister like that.

Their kiss lasted for a minute before Ichigo-san pulled back. Isane-san smiled at her brother and husband before listing the bundle in her arms. The bundle contained a baby boy and baby was smiling at Ichigo-san.

"That is our son, right?" Ichigo-san whispered gleefully as he glanced at the baby in his sister's arms.

"Yes, do you want to hold?" Isane-san asked weakly.

"Yes," Ichigo-san replied with a tender tone as he took the boy from her arms to his. He smiled lovingly at his son as the baby boy smile at his father. "Hello little one, I'm your father." Ichigo-san said and the boy giggled before looking at his father with his eyes. Ichigo-san was taken aback for a moment but he smile regardless.

"He looks like you."

"He has your eyes."

"I know," Isane-san answered sadly. "What would be his name?" Isane-san asked her brother with a meek tone.

Ichigo-san looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking. "Ichika, Orimura Ichika, how does that name sound?"

The mirror suddenly reflected my reflection and as I heard my name. I could not help but collapsed as that scene replayed in my mind.

What did I just watch?

"You witness your birth." An eerie voice answered my unasked question. Before I could react, I was forced up to my feet and I found myself staring at a woman wearing a pure white dress with her face hidden by a white umbrella.

"…get away from him, my dear." The eerie voice ordered and the woman in white robes did as she was told as she backed away from me. "So you finally awaken me, took you long enough." The voice commented with an annoyed tone.

"Who are you? Show yourself." I demanded as a chill run up my spine. For some reason, I feel scared.

"You're asking me who I am; I can't believe you would ask such an absurd question." The voice let out a sigh before the dark room lit up. My eyes landed on the woman clad in a white dress standing beside…My eyes widen significantly at the sight of the person besides the woman…

It was me…It was me only with lilac eyes.

On a side note, we were in some kind of castle with gothic design.

"To answer your question, I'm you but you are not me, not yet anyway." He answered casually before taking the woman besides him in his arms. He then raised his left arm and plunged it to her chest. I stared in wonderment as stripes of silver light spiraled around them while his hands went through her chest. The woman let out a loud moan as he pulled out his arm. His arm was now enveloped by a thick and enormous crystal shard which he raised above his head.

The crystal shattered and an enormous sword appeared in his hands.

I stared dumbfounded as the woman collapsed to her knees while my look alike stared at the sword. "Thank you, my wonderful…" There was no sound that came out of his lips when he said her name.

My look alike glared at me as he pointed the massive sword at me. "You make me sick," He snarled at me as the sword suddenly emitted threads of silver light that spiraled around the sword. "You don't even know the name of the Goddess that has been giving you strength, disgusting filt."

Before I could reply, I suddenly found the giant sword being swung to my head.

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

I bolted up as I felt sweat pouring down my forehead.


"Nice reflexes," A cold and impassive voice commented as I finally took note the room that I was in. It was a spacious room, similar to the room that I have in I.S Academy. The room only has four things in it, a large bed, a 24 inch flat screen TV, a computer terminal, and a couch. I glanced at the bed only to see a scythe hacking the bed in half. My eyes turned to the person who was holding the weapon and my eyes widen even more at the sight of the woman holding the weapon.

If there was a word to describe this woman, vampire would be it. Pale whiter skin, hazel colored and narrowed eyes, tall yet slender build, long, luscious black hair that touches the ground and was tied in a braid, eyes and lips as red as blood. She was mesmerizing.

Yet, I knew that this woman before me is strong. Something tells me that she is as strong as Chifuyu-nee, not as skilled but more ruthless.

"Not bad, not bad, ordinary people would not have dodged that." She muttered before effortlessly lifting the massive scythe and placing it over her shoulders. Her crimson eyes gazed at me and I automatically stiffened. "Orimura Ichika, right?"

I nodded dumbly, not wanting to anger this powerhouse. "The last time I've seen you was when you were two years old." She said to me before giving me a curt bow. "My name is Orimura Kana, I am your cousin and the First Division Commander of Phantom Task." She introduced herself politely and I cannot help but gawked at her introduction.

Okay, let's do this slowly. She's my cousin, that itself is shocking. She's a commander of Phantom Task, okay, now that, that is unbelievably shocking.

I don't know why but a cold chill suddenly run up my spine as I move my head to the side…Just in time to prevent my head from being cut off when a bladed weapon sailed past my head. I didn't know how but Kana was suddenly standing in front of me, a small, beautiful smile plastered on her beautiful, vampire like face.

"Dear cousin, I'm not just a commander, I'm the First Division Commander, which means that I am the second in command of the entire organization. I am second only to your mother, please remember that, my văr (Romanian for cousin), my soţul (Romanian for husband)." I didn't know why but I blush a bit when she called me soţul. The voice that she used was cold yet I could feel tenderness in her tone.

Even though I was under the dangerous gaze of this woman, I am composed enough to understand her last stement and one word rang in my mind. "Mother, I have a mother?" I voiced my disbeleief causing her to smirked.

"Everybody, my dear soţul,has a mother, even if they do not acknowledge them, it will not change the fact that we all have a mother." Kana stated camly and coldly before letting out a sigh. "That woman truly is a failure, no wonder Aunt disonwed that damn woman from the family." She commented with a venomous tone.

"Who are you referring to?" I asked but deep within me, I could feel great anger towards her.

"I'm talking about your worthless older sister, of course." She said and all my restrains vanish. I suddenly stood up and grabbed her by the throat before viciously slamming her to the bed that she had split in half. I pinned her harshly to the bed as I grabbed her enormous scythe and press the blade of the weapon to her neck.

"Never insult her!" I snarled at her and I was surprised by my voice. It sounded demonic. It suddenly hit me that I was holding a gigantic weapon effortlessly and I know that the weapon was heavy but, for me, the weapon seem to weigh like a feather.

A cold chuckle rang in the room and I gazed at the woman before me. I was startled when she smiled at me. That beautiful smile sends shivers down my spine as I felt my blood being drained from me. Yet, for some reason, her chuckle made me attracted to her for it sounded beautiful, very beautiful.

The fact that her beauty, like Chifuyu-nee and Madoka, is mezmorizing and she possesses a body, I cannot even believe that I am saying, that is much more curvyer than my own sister is also very appealing. She seems to notice this as she lowered her robed a bit just to show me her smooth shoulders and some part of her cleavage.

"Do you like what you see, soţul?" She asked me with a seductive tone and I now know why she resembled a vampire. She possessed the beauty of the creature as well as its fangs. "I could show you more if you so desire, just as long as you have those lilac eyes."

I looked at her strangely before using the blade of the scythe as a mirror. I could not help but be surprised as the color of my eyes change from brown to lilac.

"Those eyes are the eyes of the emperor." She told me with a gleeful tone. "Your mother has those eyes as well, but you do not possess her strength or abilities." As she said those words, she threw me off her and grabbed me by the throat before pushing me to a wall forcefully. The air was knocked out of my lungs as she choked me with one of her hands before lifting me a couple of inches from the ground. "Even with the Seed Syndrome, you are still too weak to fight me, disappointingly weak but I'll change that." She told me as she caresses my cheeks with her slender fingers, her finger nails cutting my cheeks, drawing blood.

"Kana," A gentle yet powerful tone echoed in the room. "Let go of my son if you still want your head to remain on your shoulders." The voice threatened and it was enough for Kana to release her hold onto me.

I slumped to the ground and I watch her turn her back on me and kneel before a woman.

I stared at the woman with an expression of shock and disbelief. This woman, who looks to be in her early twenties, looks exactly like Chifuyu-nee only with shorter hair and lilac eyes. Unlike Chifuyu-nee that has black hair that reaches her waist and brown eyes that emittied strictness and power, this woman has shoulder length hair with lilac eyes that emitted gentleness and danger.

"Kana, I know you are excited in seeing my son after all this years but you shouldn't be so rough on him. After all, knowing the person who raised him for the past fourteen years, he will not be use to our rough treatment." The look alike of Chifuyu-nee reprimanded Kana and she merely bowed her head even lower.

"My apologies, Aunt Isane." Kana said respectfully.

The woman patted Kana on her head before gazing at me with her lilac eyes.

I stiffened when those lilac eyes landed on me. I felt a sword stabbing me on the chest. I felt death embracing me from behind as I felt undesirable dread overwhelming my very being. My heart began beating wildly as it threatened to explode inside my chest. My hands flew to my neck as I tried to calm my breathing. I could barely breathe as this woman's aura hovered over me like, choking the life out of me.

I felt like I was being held in the fist of a deity, a powerful deity that could crush me if she so wills it.

My survival instincts screamed at me that I should be running right now, that this demon in human's skin was dangerous and I should be running VERY far VERY fast in the other direction.

But for some reason, I could not move, I couldn't even blink. My senses were robed from me as the woman slowly approached.

But for some reason, a small part of me tells me that this woman will not kill me, not yet anyway.

The woman, Isane is her name I think, knelt before me and caress my wounded cheek. "You may not know this, my son, but I am your mother, I am Orimura Isane, the matriarch of the Orimura family and the leader of Phantom Task." She introduced herself as she caresses my hair lovingly.

I took a deep breath as I tried to smile at her presences. "G-G-G-Good Morning, mother," I greeted weakly.

I am not afraid of her, I am not even terrified of her but I knew, if I anger this woman, I know that she would not kill me but she would butcher every single person I cared about.

She smiled at me as she helped me up my feet. "Come on now, my beloved son, we have a lot of things to talk about." She told me as she led me out of the room.

I first thought that Chifuyu-nee is the strongest in the world. That belief of mine was shattered by this woman who claims…no… she is our mother. I am sure of it.

Our mother, I am pretty sure if she and Chifuyu-nee fought, our mother would not just win but she would, most probably, slaughter Chifuyu-nee. She, our mother, is very dangerous, so dangerous in fact that I doubt if Chifuyu-nee is even a match for her.

There is one thing I know for certain though...

I now know where Chifuyu-nee and Madoka got their good looks from.

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