SUMMARY: Set in a futuristic Tokyo, Japan, the Uchiha family has ruled the country for three generations. Unlike today's system, there is no prime minister - the emperor makes all decisions, and rules similarly to that of a medieval king. Shortly after his brother dies, Sasuke's parents are killed in an attempt to free the country from their cruel rulings. While he is not wholly evil, his parents before him ruled harshly, and were feared by their subjects. Sasuke simply wants order, though his laws are seen as strange and unfair. In secret, he kills the people who were responsible for the death of his parents, hoping to end the last of the resistance. After this act, Sasuke focuses on his brother's dream - a new technology that will give blind people sight.

Naruto is born blind, and his parents sheltered him from many of the world's workings. In fact, he was never informed that the world he lives in, is ruled by a single ruler. His parents finally gave him more freedom when he was thirteen, purchasing a guide dog - and shortly after, meeting said dog's breeder and purchasing his brother, as Naruto's mother fell in love with the dog. Just three short years after he's given this small ounce of freedom, his parents are killed in a fire. The dogs that his parents purchased lead him from the fire, and Naruto soon realizes that his parents are dead. Fearing that the foster system would separate him and the last remaining family he has - his dogs - he flees. After days upon days of walking aimlessly, Naruto finds himself in a busy, bustling, confusing city. Here, he runs into Japan's ruler, and realizes that his parents were not entirely honest with him. The strange new man tells him that he can give him his sight back.

The two live together - platonically - for years, until they begin uncovering the secrets that each of their families hid from them.

The power of love is put to the test, lives are risked, and vengeance begins to take hold. Is love truly enough to overcome evil? Or will revenge ultimately rule the lives of the last two remaining men from two powerful families?

Author's Notes: Yes! Years after I first published this fic, I am finally getting to re-writing it! I hope that my writing has gotten better, and I hope you guys enjoy the changes that have been made to this fic! It will be fluffy and dark intermittently. Dramatic, loving, nerve-wrecking. My goal is to make you feel many different things for all of the characters in this story!

This story IS SasuNaru/NaruSasu! However, because it begins with Naruto being 16 and Sasuke being 19, no nummies will be happening for several years(don't worry, I will not be writing every single year that these two spend together). In fact, I'm not 100% certain that any gaysmex will be going on, because of how I plan for things to progress. There will be lots of cuteness, lots of funnies, a little bit of lovies, and DOGS! :D The Akita Inu is, personally, my very favorite breed ever! And Naruto will have two of them. Because they are awesome-sauce.

Please enjoy, friends!

DISCLAIMER: NO characters are mine. All characters in this story belong to Masashi Kishimoto unless stated otherwise.

"Remember that you have only one soul; that you have only one death to die; that you have only one life... If you do this, there will many things about which you care nothing."
- Anonymous

This was never supposed to happen.

Naruto's eyes strained to read the odd letters in front of him, his eyes still sensitive to the bright, artificial light of the computer screen. His fingers ran over the braille in his book, trying to decipher some of the words he still couldn't quite read.

Who the hell were his parents? Who the hell was he? Why had he never heard about the significance of his family? Why had they never told him how powerful they were.

He slowly read the words from the screen aloud, his fingertips finding the translated words and letters in his book, each word causing his heart to sink lower and lower.

"Minato... Namikaze... and Kushina... Uzumaki, of the... once great Uzumaki Clan... are reported to have... killed... Fugaku and... Mikoto... Uchiha..."

What? Killed? My... My parents were responsible for Sasuke's parents' deaths? That's impossible!

Just who were these people that he had trusted for so long?

"Naruto? What are you doing?"

Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin, rushing to close everything from the touch-screen, see-through computer screen. "Oh, just practicing my reading!" His words came out forcefully cheery as he hurriedly shut down the computer. "How was work?" He swiveled the chair around to face the dark-haired man. Sasuke was looking at him with an unreadable expression that made him fidget. Of course, expressions were still difficult for him to read accurately.

Sasuke was unconvinced, watching the frantic actions of the boy- no, Naruto was a man now, he reminded himself, though it was still a hard concept for him to wrap his mind around. "It was work," he responded flatly, his words guarded. His dark eyes glanced to the translucent screen. Naruto still had yet to realize that computers came with an "erase history" option, so he would simply have to wait until the younger man was asleep before he went through the history to figure out what was being hidden from him. He was not easily trusting, though trusting Naruto had always seemed to come easy. With the blond's current behavior, however, Sasuke was put on edge and suspicious.

What could Naruto have to hide from him?