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By the time Halt and Crowley made it back to the Gathering Grounds it was noon and most of the Rangers were tired of the dried jerky and water Halt had been giving them. Halt pointed for Crowley to enter the command tent and was just about to follow when a movement caught his eye. It was coming from where Gilan and Will were tied to the tree, it seemed that they were talking and Halt decided he would deal with them later. He entered the tent and gave Crowley a wolfish smile; instinctively Crowley inched closer to the exit flap.

"So Crowley, how's Growley doing these days?" Halt asked mildly. The commandant didn't even try to hide the shock that sprang onto his face. "I take it he's doing well then? I have one more little thing planned for you, he can help you with it," Halt said with slight anticipation in his voice. Crowley stared at him in shock still; he had thought that Growley was his secret then realized that nothing was a secret with Halt. "I think that it's about time the Corps. learned about the commandant's helper. He is after all one of your most trusted advisors." Halt was laughing himself to death on the inside at the look on Crowley's face. He had known about Growley for some time but the previous Gathering he had heard Crowley talking to the dog and decided to hide that he knew the information until it was needed.

"N…no Halt, you wouldn't," Crowley said quickly as what Halt was saying sunk in. Halt nodded slowly the pointed towards the flap that led out. Crowley hung his head, nothing he said or did would convince Halt not to make him do this. Crowley walked out of the tent and looked at the assembled Rangers; they were all talking to each other. "Attention!" Crowley called in his loud voice but it held a hint of anger. The Rangers all turned to look at him and Halt walked out of the tent to stand behind him.

Crowley took a deep breath then twisted his head to send a plea to Halt but before he could speak Halt tossed him something and he was surprised to see that it was Growley. Crowley groaned inwardly and turned back to the Rangers.

"We have a new Ranger helper," Crowley announced in a quiet voice for his standards. Most Rangers looked confused but some others started to smile when they saw what he was holding in his hands. "His name is Growley," Crowley said miserably while holding the stuffed dog up for all to see. By now the Rangers where holding back their laughter, trying to see what their commandant was going to say next. "He's one of my most trusted advisors so I expect you all to be nice to him," Crowley said strongly, trying to keep some of his dignity intact.

The Rangers couldn't hold it in any longer, most fell to the ground laughing so hard that their faces were turning red while others supported each other. The only one that wasn't laughing was Halt who was smiling wolfishly again and Crowley knew that that was his equivalent of laughter. Then and there he decided that he would never play hide and seek ever again.

There, it's finally finished:) I give full credit of Growley to Mychele O'Carrik of Clonmel(who by the way, you should check out because she is an amazing author) Tell me if you liked it, hated it, or just thought it was plain stupid