Uh oh…Drabbling again. I really need to stop these plot bunnies from taking hold. Blame this on the episode of 'American Dad' I watched last night.

Do not read this if you are at all offended by the following ideas:

The Rapture

The Anti-Christ

Jesus as a chick

A complete disregard for Christian beliefs

I'm going beta-less with this one…so errors are all me. I'm thinking a chapter a day…

I'm going straight to hell (Well…if I believed in that sort of thing)


I sat back on the lounge chair and watched as the flames licked up the waves as they crested on the scorching hot beach.

The sky was dark gray, the kind of gray that made you think of smog and death.

"I have your drink, sir."

I turned my head and looked down at the vile creature that held a bright orange concoction balanced safely on its tray.

The thing was only three feet tall, but the razor sharp teeth that filled its mouth and the vicious barbs that covered its long tail showed that just because you were small, didn't mean you weren't deadly.

"Thanks," I sighed, taking the glass from him with a nod.

"Your father has asked that you join him for dinner."

"And you can tell him that I respectfully decline…again."

"I tried to tell him you'd say that," he mumbled, before he turned around and slithered off.

Fuck my father.

I didn't ask to be born to him.

Just because he has plans for my life, doesn't mean I'm just going to bend to his will.

So what if he is the Devil.

See you tomorrow…