Sweet Soul Sister

Chapter 1: Like This, Like That

Author's Note: Well, aside from the e's on this document not looking bold to me, this is my first actually published fan fiction. I have started countless others but usually I refused to post them until they're finished. This time is different though, I'm determined to finish no matter what! So yay for you if you actually want to read this through! Comments and reviews are appreciated, like most others though, flames are not.

My name is Elisabeth but only my father calls me that, everyone else calls me Tek. My guess for that is because I always have my tiny radio, iPod and laptop on me at all times, usually in a little backpack. You know, those athletic ones with the rope strings, mine are usually matching my outfit. It's a wonder I don't get jumped more often, a lone Rudie is a vulnerable Rudie but I aim to solve that problem by the end of today. I'm heading over to the GG's garage, or at least I'm trying. No one outside of the GG's really knows the exact location for a good reason.

Who even knows if they'll take me in? I wouldn't blame them. I'm only five feet and two inches, weighing in at about 95 pounds. A pipsqueak according to the other Rudies I've come across. Luckily I can fight back rather well if I can't outskate them.

I doubt they'd want me though; my father works for Rokkaku Gouji. He knows I've got soul though, he knows what I am, a Rudie. What can I say though? He supports me anyways. He gets the police to stay away and uses his money to supply me; I only use the dough for technology, not skates. I only take skates I don't pay for myself as gifts, like the ones I'm wearing now but I always remove the middle wheel myself.

Father says he'd support my Rudie friends too and I've listened to Jet Set Radio for nearly five years now, started when I was 11, I know the GG's deserve any monetary support most. That's why I chose to go to them. They don't have to accept my money and I'm not going to say it straight out. I won't hide it but I won't blurt it out.

I'm already almost there but I remember this place, Chuo Street. I remember the dinosaur most of all. I was jumped right by that stairwell when I first skated. I don't like to talk about it but I'll tell you. I know I can trust you to keep quiet.

I was 11 and no; this isn't the day I found out about Jet Set Radio. My mom had just died about a month ago and my dad had decided it was time to go back to work. He apologized to me over and over when he left me with my grandpa, his dad. It only took the fucker 30 minutes to strike.

He started to try to touch me but he couldn't quite get it up. When he left to get his Viagra, I ran. I found my dad's old roller-skates and slipped them on. I came across my first Rudie in Shibuya, after running from my grandpa's place on Dogenzaka Hill.

She was beautiful, with her flowing, corn colored hair and in a yellow-green tracksuit. She grinded right past me and stopped at the end of the rail. "Yo," she shouted, "you look like shit. What happened, yo?"

"My grandpa," I wasn't afraid to tell this beautiful angel, "just touched me and I ran away…yo."

"Ya don't say? Tough shit yo. My gang could help hide you. You look like you got some soul in ya, yo."

"Soul?" I scratched my head and crossed my arms.

"Yeah, soul yo. Here," she handed me a spray paint can, "tag that wall. Whatever you want yo."

I grabbed the can and breathed deeply. The paint can spoke to me and I felt the soul course through my veins. After five minutes I had created a large tag with a broken doll and the word "broken" in English. The angel whistled.

"Damn yo," she patted me on the back, "you've got lots of soul. You've gotta come meet my gang yo."

She linked with me and we skated straight for Chuo. She grinded perfectly down the stair rail and begged me to try. I did and I failed. When I rose up from my wipeout some other male Rudie knocked me down again, "Nex, why do you always gotta con noobs? We're trying to take down skilled Rudies."

Nex, her name was Nex. My angel had the blackest wings. She shrugged, "A jump's a jump, yo." I got beaten and very fucked up. My dad found me there after his squad raided their little home. The fences by the half pipe was put up was where their alley. I look at them and smile now, Nex showed me my first taste of Rudie life and I interrogated my dad for countless months.

I never told him what grandpa did, only ever Nex and now you. Dad knew though, because I asked him if grandpa touched him. He never left me with grandpa again. I haven't seen grandpa since. Dad got me a little MP3 play with a radio built in for me the day after I was jumped. I searched ever channel until my soul sparked with Professor K's smooth voice.

I listened for six months before I set out again, after my dad bought me jacked up skates for my 12th birthday. He let me practice in the Fortified Residential Zone, both skating and tagging as long as I wore a helmet. I did so for a long time, nearly four years. Only when my dad tested my skills did I take off my helmet, to shoot him defiant looks the whole time.

He laughed and patted my back when I passed with flying colors. He hugged me and whispered, "Yo, your soul is so fly, you got wings."

I looked at him incredulously, "The fuck you just say to me yo?"

He handed me a bag he had been hiding behind his back, "It's time you got your Rudie name…Tek."

I peered inside to see a state-of-the-art laptop covered in underground music artists' stickers. There was also the newest generation of an iPod touch with wireless ear buds. I glanced back and forth between him and the bag several times.

"The laptop even has access to the police databases." He put it on me, my mouth agape. "We'll get your outfit soon enough."

"No," I whispered, "I know what I wanna wear. I know when I'm wanna go. I'm ready and ready by myself. I got this father, don't worry."

"I never have." We left and I haven't seen that place since. Now that doesn't matter, none of it does, at least not now because I've made it. I'm finally at the GG's garage and Gum just said, "Hey, how the fuck you get here yo?"