Sweet Soul Sister

Chapter 2: I'm Not a Model

Author's Note: Well I finished typing Chapter 1 at this point in time…which would be fairly normal and accurate. Sorry for wasting your time with that filler sentence…and this one. Anyways, at the point in time of typing this I'm about halfway through with writing Chapter 5 so at least you have something to look forward to. Now how about those lollipops? They're good right?

This is it…I thought to myself, make it or break it time. All I have to do is show my soul, I know I got it. I know I've got what it takes. One big deep breath and an awkward silence while I built up my confidence later, I finally spoke. "I'd like to join the GG's."

Six words, six tiny, simple words, that's all they were. They hung, hung in the air for what felt like centuries but took only moments. "Yeah? Okay," Gum nodded, "I'll get the leader, Corn yo."

She skated away to grind up a rail to land on a platform where there was a red couch. He was laying there, hat over his face, taking a nap I bet. "Yo," she nudged him vigorously, "wake up! We've got a Rudie that wants to join."

Groaning, he got up and rubbed his face with the back of his hand. "Fuck yo, can't a guy get any sleep?"

"No, get your ass up and be the goddamn leader you fucking are."

"Okay, okay. Goddamn yo."

I glanced around the garage; it was dimly lit tonight, they must go to bed early. I wonder where their rooms are. I thought I saw a door but I couldn't have been sure in this lighting. Corn boost dashed towards me, "Yo! The fuck you want?"

"I wanna be a GG yo. The fuck else would I be here?"

"I dunno, you tell me."

"I wouldn't otherwise. Now either test me and whether I can be a GG or let me get the fuck out."

"Shit, a little pushy much?"

"Sorry, I'm just a little pent up."

"Don't worry none yo. Just let your soul flow and tag that turf," he pointes at a blank brick wall, "as fast as you can."

I curly nodded and skated over. In about five minutes flat I has tagged my new signature extra large tag of a zombie eating a unicorn with the 3-d kanji of the word "ridiculous". I whistled for Corn to come check it out. He had gone back to the couch for another nap. I skated to the rail Gum used earlier and grinded up, landing in front of the couch.

I whistled loudly into his ear and he awoke with a start. "You already finished homes?"

I nodded again, rather lost for words around my could-be leader. "You're quiet," he pointed out, giving me a rather incredulous glance.

I shrugged and let my voice loose, "Just when I'm nervous. They call me Tek by the way."

"Why's that?"

"Got lots of tech on me. All the time."

"You rich?"

"Does it matter?"

"I don't wanna take chances yo."

"Then don't be a Rudie," and thus had let forth the sassy mouth I was trying to hide, "That's what it's all about right? Taking a chance to be true right? At least that's what I was taught."

"You got a point there girl. You a real GG, through and through. I'd be a Gouji troll to not let you in."

"Thanks bro."

"Bro? What am I, your brother now?"

"Brother in arms since I'm a GG now."

"You speak some mad truth girl. A'ight, I'll let you call me bro but only chu. I got a feeling 'bout chu girl. Somethin' different bout cha...'Kay since you a GG now, I'll show ya your room."

I smiled and followed his lead, taking in the dim lights. The miniskirt that was a part of my get up ruffled in the small breeze. I still don't know how there was a breeze but it was the only time I've felt one in the garage. He led me to the door I saw earlier, the one that's below the bridge that connects the first platform to the exits to Dogenzaka Hill and Shibuya Terminal.

It opened to a hallway with rows of doors on either side. All the taken rooms' doors were covered with stickers and decals according to the owners' styles. My room was the only undecorated door aside from the bathroom and kitchen doors, though they had signs.

"The last GG," Corn spoke softly, I scarcely heard him.

"Huh," I queried, "What are you talking about yo?"

"We ain't got no more rooms now. Unless we move, you da last GG. Feel special bout it kid, once you're in, you never out." With that I made the last move to solidify my new role. As the door opened I grinned, I was finally a GG and I felt complete. That was a year ago, man things have changed since that night.