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"More than kisses, letters mingle souls."
― John Donne

Some of his letters were old. From a time we still believed in a future together, some weren't. Perhaps this box of letters, notes and some of my notebooks were all I had made sure I wouldn't lose in the battle with the First. They were too close to home, and when things got this hard, this was where I would go, and lose myself in the memories of us.

Dearest beloved,

Today, I woke up wishing you were here to kiss my wounded lips. I wish I had never left, that we could be together. That I could see you in the daylight, your beautiful green eyes, your body being glamorously held by the sun rays. We had a particularly hard week, not that every day with Cordelia was a bliss, but we lost Doyle today. Do you remember him, my love? He was a hybrid. Half demon half human and one of my best friends. Now it's just the two of us, me and the Queen C.

Cordy says I over brood, though, I find that quite impossible. But, I suppose you would agree with her. Doyle - bless his heart - gave his visions to her and I'm actually surprised by how good she was taking it all.

How is Sunnydale? Any other crazy Indians? Perhaps a new guy? I sure wouldn't be surprised, you were way too easy to love.

Sometimes, I dream of you. See, it's a funny dream. All there is, is you lying down in bed with me, caressing my face, playing with my fangs and kissing me. I can hear you whisper my name before you fall asleep. I treasure these dreams.

I miss you. I wished it was easier. A cure or whatever; but there isn't, so I keep the memories.

With all my love,


The reason I had opened this box again?

Faith, my sister slayer. Come on, you can say it, did I go nuts?

The last time I had seen Angel, it had been amazing and also extremely painful. He had been possessed by a demon, or higher being - I honestly don't care - and had become Twilight. But, it wouldn't be so awful, if he hadn't killed my watcher and father figure, Rupert Giles.

So, when Faith, after three years without much contact, showed up on my doorstep in San Francisco with tears in her eyes and a look of despair I knew that one of my biggest nightmares had just came true.

Angel was definitely dead.

For days and nights all I did was hold her and listen to her cries or yells. Sometimes she would ask me to finish it all, the pain was too great. In response, I would fight and shout with her. Angel was gone, I couldn't lose her too. She had always been strong, I wasn't gonna let her fall this time.

For weeks she remained quiet or catatonic. There were days she would simply disappear. So, I made one of the hardest decisions ever. I told her we were moving back to Giles place.

And we did. She was, as she likes to put, "five by five". I was more into "going through the motions". We ended up healing each other, bonding, as only sisters could.

Angel's gang - and I mean all of his gang - showed up in England two weeks after her arrival. One moment I was dealing with Faith, the other I was helping Fred, Gunn, Cordelia, Wesley, Lorne, Spike and a five year old Connor through their own fucked up life. I got attached to the child and soon he was calling me mom. He would ask about his dad ever so often and I would eventually tell him about Angel and how great he was. We all had been doing it, it was a team effort to make sure Connor was as loved as humanly possible.

My cell phone rang, disturbing my thoughts. That was weird to say the least. After Angel's death the balance of the world was restored and the magic was back. We didn't have a bunch of girls, but the Council – in other words Scooby gang plus Fang gang – was on; And we were wherever people needed us.

"Hello!" I answered puzzled by the number. "Hi. This is Agent Booth. I'm calling to speak with someone named…" I heard as he question someone, "Bones, what is the girl's name again?"

"Summers, and give me that phone. You have absolutely no clue as how to speak with women in some level of authority." Bones said and Angel - I mean a guy with the same voice as my dead ex-boyfriend - replied, "You gotta be kidding me Temp. You know I can talk to anyone-"

I kept listening to the bragging until she cut him off with, "You gonna give me the damn phone or what?" And in response I heard, "Talk with her, but I assure you that this ridiculous thing of demons and vampires is just a myth."

Booth, or whoever he was, surely was entirely wrong.