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Faith drove while Buffy kept her child safe in her arms. "I'm telling you B, that is just messed up. I have no words to describe how much I wanted him to know who the heck we are."

"I know what you mean. I had to spend the whole day with him and his colleagues breathing down my neck. It's creepy. To know so much and have to pretend I don't know him at all."

"You think he has any idea?" Faith wondered murmuring more to herself than her sister slayer. While she kept driving turning left and right whenever needed, occasionally checking the GPS. She entered the parking lot of the hotel and easily found their spot. While gathering their things and the older slayer picking up Connor, the conversation keep going smoothly, Buffy's voice was quiet and almost cold, emotionally drained.

"Go figure Fai. I'm so emotionally tired, I can't even wonder if he does. I mean, so what? He's gonna leave his perfect little life and come to us again? Suffer? Why, really? So he can have Connor and his friends back? So we can try and be together? That's all wishful thinking sis, and we both know it. It kills me…" She stopped to gather her feelings and keep her tears at bay. "But maybe it was better this way."

For that moment Faith let her be, but how she could think that? Give up like this? She is the slayer, gosh damn it! She's Buffy. She can't just give up. If she does, how is Faith gonna keep going? If it wasn't for her, Faith knew she wouldn't be here today. They climb the entrance stairs and got into the elevator, minutes later Faith opened the large room, it was almost as a small apartment, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, more than enough for them. Buffy went to put Connor on bed before finding Faith on the kitchen again while she grabbed some water, the other finish washing the dishes, it was a comfortable and yet uncomfortable silence between them.

Faith turned drying her hands on the plate cloth and flinging it on the table and cornered her sister, looking deeply in her eyes she said bringing back the earlier conversation "Don't ever think like that B. Don't you dare think you do not deserve happiness; that it can't get better than what we have now. It can. It has to. Gosh damn it, I want my brother back, and sue me, but I wouldn't be opposed to being a bridesmaid at you and Angel's wedding."

"I'm glad that between you and me, you've become the optimistic one." Buffy smiled kissing Faith's forehead "I'm gonna get a shower and try to get a decent sleep. You should try too." The blonde one left the kitchen, leaving Faith alone with her thoughts. She might not want to admit it, but Faith also longed for a life like that for herself, someone that would love her just as much Angel loved Buffy, throughout time and space. The rogue slayer kissed her nephew's cheek and recovered him before heading herself for the other room getting her supplies and stepping out for a shower and later some shut eye.

Angel felt lost for a moment. Why wasn't he with Buffy and Connor? Or with Faith for that matter? He did see them. Where was him? He breathed and looked around, the room was dark and the bed comfy. Like that really mattered when the people he loved weren't there. Suddenly he remembered the deal. "There's always a catch, warrior." Shouldn't surprise him, when did the Oracles ever vote for him and the slayer? The current words would be nada, niente, never – but if he had a chance he would go for it. He had to. He was giving himself clues such as notes and letters, the letters were always for Buffy, he had to keep the memories close to his heart, to his soul, to them.

Hi my love,

This seems to be the fifteenth letter I written to you. I have no particular idea of how this works; it's my body, I'm pretty much sure of that. But the memories, they are all fresh, new, like when you told me about Dawnie and the monks, how they had 'created' memories for you, your mother and the gang that also included me, Cordy and Wes. I feel like my life as Angel ceased to exist and that perhaps I have lost all that is dear to me, my spider sense - as you ever so often used to say it – tells me I have to keep trying, to search more and more for you, for them. How? How can I find you, my beloved?

I'm so lost right now. I know a life without Connor or you is no life at all. You were in arms' reach! Why couldn't I reach for you three? What stopped me? This child that shouldn't exist? I honestly don't like the name they chose for him… Parker. He's not half bad I'm sure, but no doubt at all Connor is better. Heard him speaking, he knows nothing about the world, and I can say the same about 'myself' – Seeley Booth – can you believe on that name darling? Because I can't. Sounds like I'm calling myself 'silly' half of the time.

Forgive me; I had to vent that out. I miss the gang. I miss Connor. And impressively I miss that horrible coffee Cordy used to make, it tasted like a monkey peed in battery acid. I have to admit the Oracles are pretty crazy you know? You can take the vampire of a brooding guy, but not take the brooding from the man; it's quite hilarious if you wanna really know. I feel the need to speak about the squints, as I usually refer to them. Angela sounds a lot like Cordy, she says what she has in mind and rarely keeps anything up; Jack is pretty much like Oz a quiet guy with a lot on his mind. Camille (and I call her like that because apparently Seeley had a go with her) is smart, fun and very protective of the ones she loves (makes me think of Fred). I have a particular linking for Sweets, he's insightful, as Lorne; Temperance, my partner is a writer and an amazing forensic anthropologist but unfortunately she's very closed off about her feelings, for what I've learned it's because of her parents, well I can't blame her on that, now can we, love? I know I mentioned Parker before, he's a good boy, beautiful and has a great heart, also he worships me – though I think it's because I'm his hero. I have a brother too, but I prefer not to get in that, he's nice though I would describe him as Gunn – great heart but trouble finds him.

Enough of that. I wanna know what to do. Will my other version read this and contact you? Will he be scared of the things I wrote? Or he will feel the push, the energy of you and me?

I don't know Buffy. I think this is what the Oracles told me. 'There is a catch', though I never thought what that catch would be. Perhaps I have to find a way, just like Dorothy. In this case I'm not searching for a yellow brick road, but I'm yearning a line to get to you.

I promise I'll find it.

With love, A.

Parker entered the room rubbing his eyes and yawning a bit "Daddy, whatcha doing?"

Angel was startled by him and doing his best impersonation of Booth he said "I came to get some water and got distracted thinking about a case." He smiled picking the boy up, he hugged him, Parker lazily rested his face on his shoulder, blowing his warm breathe on his neck. He smiles, knowing that for a fraction of time, that boy was his son, and feeling sad all of the sudden, what would happen to this boy if he got a hold of his 'real' life again? Where would Parker go? He might not like the idea at first, but right now having him so close it made him wonder. Connor is safe with Buffy that he knew, so Parker would be safe with his mother, right? He was getting a headache just thinking about it. Angel laid Parker down on his bed, covered him up, kissing his forehead. "Sweet dreams, kiddo".

"Night, dad. Love ya."

Angel turned the night light on and left the room whispering "I love you too, Parker." He dragged his body to bed.

In the morning Booth is surprise to find the finished letter on his headboard. God damn it! It started again! He passed his eyes quickly over it, finding Buffy and Faith's names. He sat in his bed too awestruck to handle all the possibilities running through his mind.

It was Saturday, fortunately, so he could easily leave Parker with Rebecca's mother and visit the Summers. He needed answers and who better to give them than the two woman involved? He picked the box with the other letters and his boy backpack letting himself and the boy out.

"Dad, you were funny yesterday night." Parker spoke smiling.

"Yesterday night? You mean last night? What about?" Booth asked.

"When you went to get water and got distracted or whatever, you put me in bed later…" He elaborated "You had a weird accent as well."

Booth arched his eyebrow seeing his son through the car mirror. "Really?" He smirked saying "I was just playing with you, kid." The fuck I was! How come my accent was different and when did I put him to bed again? I sure as hell hope that those slayers have answers to me. They have to. I can't keep this craziness any longer. Any moment now I'll be calling one of the squints by the dreams names. What is that is happening?

Booth parked his car, watching Parker bounce out smiling happily, sure the kid's has nothing on his mind to worry about,his son closed the car door and waved at him as he climbed the stairs to his grandparents' house. 'Kay, where was the address Faith had gave me? Which Hotel? Geez… I'm so freaking lost!