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All there was in the situation she was in was tension. Beads of sweat slides down to her neck.

Only that single word that could make someone feel so uncomfortable and anxious, a single emotion that could be used in many times in the everyday life.

Including the situation she was currently handling. And almost obviously and hopelessly failing.

A huge explosion occured, right in front of her.



Right in FREAKING front of her.

It wasn't any surprise because Sting was shouting crap like 'white dragon slayer's roar' with several idiotic somersaults and Natsu was all 'Fire dragon slayer's fist' and all that and roaring here and there then Gray was freezing anything and everything he saw while Rogue is sitting in the corner reading a book while using his Shadow Dragon slayer's roar to protect himself.

And it was too late for her to take cover. Since she was already flying off to somewhere over the rainbow. And suddenly.

Someone caught her. Someone FREAKING caught her. And when her life was assured to be safe, and was about to thank whoever had caught her.

She definitely jinxed her own words. 'Cause the person, who happens to be the oh-so-mighty-Sting FREAKING Eucliffe decided to do the worst thing he could ever do.

"Sorry Fairy-san, gotta battle Natsu-san! Better take cover!" The blonde smirked, FREAKING smirked, AS IF he was not endangering her life.

And Dear Father in Heaven, please bless all her nakama who is standing, FREAKING standing right in front of her watching her being passed back to Rogue from the roof of the the duo dragon slayer's house which was considered to be QUITE a FREAKING tall building. And not seeming to even be worried at the slightest.

Oh, and she meant THREW her to Rogue, AS IF it was alright if she even fell.

Dear Father in Heaven, please note my sarcasm. Thank you. Amen.

And she closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

Then with much force, Sting oh-so-delicately threw her to the mighty Rogue who caught her with oh-so-much-ease-and-gentleness.

How charming of a teamwork the duo dragon slayers had.

"STING! I challenge you to a fight!" The other oh-so-mighty FREAKING PINK-headed dragon slayer shouted, with flames coming out from his mouth in the process of roaring, and seeming that he had forgotten the reason for him coming to this wonderful, magical, heaven, wonderland.

Erza, never mind. Please hurry up and wake up.

Lucy sighed, and did a face-palm.

"My please Natsu-san," The white-dragon slayer replied almost immediately, grinning, like a FREAKING IDIOT.

Then the oh-so-mighty FREAKING STRIPPER of an ice mage just shouted the most, possible, IDIOTIC, thing ever.

"Oi, baka! Stop spouting flames you ash-head!"



The lovely, beloved, ice mage's wonderful, creative, nicknames for the lovely, beloved, pink-headed fire dragonslayer which would never cause them to ever fight.


"What did you say snow-cone?!" Natsu roared.



ROARED in Natsu's way is spouting flames while shouting in a very loud, monstrous voice.

That caused her skirt to burn.


"HOT! IT'S SO HOT!" Lucy shrieked, jumping around the place in search for any water source ever available anywhere in the location she was currently in.

"Oh crap! Lucy!" Her saviour, her wonderful, charming, beloved, lovely, honey-bear, saviour which happened to be the NOT so wonderful, charming, beloved, lovely, honey-bear, Gray shouted.

And said another stupid sentence.

And did another stupid thing.

"Freeze!" He shouted.

And froze her skirt.

And because of the sudden weight, she fell.

But the oh-so-mighty Rogue Cheney saved her yet once again! How wonderful! But because of his idiocy, he sadly failed to catch her! Because the ice made his hands slips and cause her to finally meet her destined fate!



To fall!

The ice shattered as Lucy fell.

Causing her to fall again.


Then our beloved ice mage decided to make A FREAKING NOTHER stupid comment.

"Seems like you gained weight Lucy, you destroyed my ice with your weight," The raven-haired FREAKING IDIOTIC guy smirked, roaring with laughter.

And the supposed-to-be-silent Rogue burst out snickering.

And Natsu joins them roaring with laughter.

And Sting, the last member of their laughing choir finally snickers, causing a harmony between the snickerings and roar of laughters.

What a wonderful sound.


That's it.

She snapped.

Lucy went fuming red in anger and embarassment, and Erza finally decided to wake up in such perfect timing.

"Huh?" Erza blinked in confusion, looking at the laughing idiots, "What happened?"

Teardrops spilled from her eyes and slid down her cheek, she made her eyes go wide and innocent-looking, and with such a wonderful and perfect act, she sadly made a puppy-face to Erza and pointed to the four still-laughing idiots.

"Erza, they're being mean to me!" She wailed, "Natsu burned my skirt and Gray froze my skirt and Sting and Rogue played toss using me!"

Erza snapped, and death-glared the idiots in such a terriffying aura that the guys finally stopped laughing by sensing it and turned around.

And had wide eyes.

"Be prepared," Erza grinned evily, already re-equipping into her Heaven's Wheel Armor.

They gulped in sync.

"Such idiots they all are! Making Lucy cry!" Erza sighed disaprovingly at the four, beaten-up guys who were muttering silent curses.

"Thanks Erza," Lucy giggled, satisfied with their punishment.

"So you're going to leave Fairy-san?" Frosch pouted in disappointment, "We haven't even played yet!"

"I don't really care," Lector said and crossed his arms, though he was slightly and visibly disappointed as well.

"Ehehe~ Sorry you two, I need to go back to Fairy Tail~ I can't just laze around~ I need money for my rent," Lucy grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm pretty sure someone would be glad to take a job for your rent Lucy~" Happy snickered, visibly flickering his eyes back and forth from Rogue and Sting to Lucy.

Rogue raised an eyebrow while Sting scoffed in disagreement.

"But we take jobs for Lucy as well Happy, what's the diff?" Natsu shrugged in nonchalance, not getting anything.

"Baka," Gray muttered.

"WHAT DID YOU S-" Natsu abruptly paused sensing the deathglare of the Titania before doing the friendly pose with Gray, "I mean, we're such good friends aren't we Gray?"

"Aye! Such good friends we are!"


Lucy face-palmed herself while Sting and Rogue just animatedly sweatdropped. Erza simply smiled and nodded approvingly.

"Well I guess see you~" Lucy waved to the two dragon slayers and the two exceeds, smiling brightly.

"Bye Fairy-san! Let's meet again someday!" Frosch grinned. Lector simply nodded, and waved back.

"Bye," Rogue said, deadpan, before swiftly standing next to her and whispered playfully, "Lucy~"

Lucy blushed at this, and nodded in return, while Rogue oh-so-charmingly-and-sneakily smirked, the corner of his eyes focusing to Sting, probably challenging him.

"Bye," Sting said with not much emotion.

Rogue raised an eyebrow disappointedly, expecting for another reaction.

With much swiftness comparatively to Rogue, he appeared beside her, and kissed her cheek softly, before leaning towards her ear, "Better keep your words, fairy-san~"

Lucy blushed even redder and brighter, and everyone, including Rogue gaped at the scene.

Sting, with an almost noticeable tint of pink smirked in victory, while Rogue smirked back at his actions. Both eyes clashed.

You'll see.

Both thought stimultaneously.

After they bid farewell for the second time (including Natsu who was forced by Erza), the four were left.

"Huh, very much expected of your competitiveness Sting," Rogue smirked slightly.

"Not bad to you too," Sting grinned widely, "Seems like I have another rival when it comes to this."

"Eh?" Rogue raised an eyebrow.

"What? You like her right?" Sting sighed, "I don't want any hard feelings so may the best man win."

Rogue blinked, before finally replying, "Well Sting."

"What?" Sting retorted back with much impatience.

Showing off his sharp fangs, he grinned widely, "Who even said that I liked her?"

Sting blinked.



Then blushed with such brightness and vibrant colors that the three couldn't help but snicker.


"So which do you like?" Erza snickered, nudging her blonde friend.

"Eh?" Lucy blinked, before blushing, "None of course!" Replying immediately in a rush.

"Are you sureeee~?" Happy rolled his tongue and chirped, "I think she's dating both of them!"

"You're dating both of them?!" Gray shouted, "I didn't know you-"

"But wait! With Gray and Natsu, that means she's dating four guys!" Erza gasped dramatically.

"Lucy's wha-?" Natsu blinked.

"SHUSH! " Lucy desperately shouted, before clearing her throat, "I AM NOT-"


"NO I'M NO-"




Lucy took a deep breath, cleared her throat, relaxed her tense body, and shouted in the top of her lungs:


"Rogue," Frosch called out. It was late at night and Sting was already asleep seeming her was already very tired. Lector had been dozing off and had fell asleep on the couch while he was in the middle of watching the television.

"Hn?" Rogue replied, reading his book while sipping on his drink.

"Admit it Rogue. Fro knows that you like Lucy too," Frosch grinned cheekily.

Rogue spits out his drink, before looking at his exceed with wide eyes, "No I do no-"

"Rogue~?" Frosch smiled even wider.

Rogue sighs, closed his eyes, massaged his temples, before his ruby eyes flared:

"Fine, I like her, but DO NOT EVER tell a single soul. Deal?"

Frosch grinned along.














All love is sweet – given or returned. -unknown






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