Stefan Salvatore. The most wanted boy in Virginia High School. The most gorgeous, rich, popular yet down-to-earth person in Mystic Falls. Every girl wanted him. Everyone knew him. People just couldn't deny his charm. His smile always made people melted. His green eyes always made people over-acted. He's too perfect for words. Except, for the new girl in the school.

"Yo, Stefan. Do you want to play football?" Matt, the captain of team football slapped Stefan's shoulder and walked beside him to the parking lot.

"No. I'm not in the mood, Matty."

"Why? You've never said no to me." He asked with his curious eyes.

"I'm not feeling well." He answered and kept walking.

"Well, that's a… Wait, who is she?" Matt suddenly stopped. His eyes were focus on the cheerleaders.

Stefan also stopped and followed Matt's eyes. There was an attractive girl who practiced team's new moves. She was so beautiful. She had brown eyes, brown-light hair in a ponytail, good shape of her body, olive skin and sweet smile on her face. No, she didn't smile because she looked at Matt or Stefan. She even didn't notice them at all. She was too focused on practicing the new moves.

"She must be a new student here. I've never seen her face before." Stefan answered.

"I think so. She's so beautiful." Stefan looked at Matt and suddenly he laughed. He couldn't believe how easy Matt fell for a girl just because of her face. He wrapped his arm around Matt's shoulder and pulled him away. But Matt's eyes never left her until he couldn't see her again from the parking lot.

"I feel something." Matt told Stefan. His face was different.

"Feel what?" asked Stefan as he opened the car door and put his bag in.

"I don't know. Maybe I'm falling in love. Hell. I'm seriously falling in love, Stefan."

"You what? Oh please stop this, Matt."

"No, I'm serious. I'm falling in love."

"With the new cheerleader?"

"Yeah. Didn't you see that she's so beautiful? She's so attractive." His eyes were looking at something far. He definitely was imagining her face.

Stefan looked at him disbelief. No. He was confused. Did love really come so fast? He's one of the rational persons. He never fell in love with a girl in all of sudden. But he didn't say anything to Matt. He just popped in his car and turned the machine on. When he's ready to leave, he opened the door window and shouted, "Good bye, Mr. Easy Falling In Love. I love you!" Matt suddenly realized that Stefan teased him and tried to stop the car. But Stefan drove his car faster and left Matt behind.

"Falling in love? Matt was falling in love with the new cheerleader? Ok, she's not bad. She's truly beautiful. Energetic. Attractive. But…"

Stefan couldn't stop thinking about Matt's confession. An 'I'm falling in love' confession.

"And why even do I have to think about him and his feeling? Whatever." He said to himself. After he reached his home, he walked in and met his brother, Damon. He's busy on his wedding plan with Bonnie, his college friend.

"Afternoon, Brother." Damon greeted Stefan.

"What are you doing?"

"Doing things for my wedding. Wanna help me out?"

"Sure. What do you need?"

"Come here."

Stefan sat on the couch next to him. Damon handed the paper that full of list. Names of people for the invitations.

"What do you want me to do with this?"

"Check the invitations and mark the names."


Stefan helped Damon whole day and finished at 8 o'clock. If it wasn't because he would go to school tomorrow, he wanted to help his brother all night long. And he was hungry though. So he ordered pizza for both of them.

"Thank you, Stefan for helping me out. It was really nice of you." Damon said after they finished their dinner.

"No problem, D. Let me know if you need anything else."

"Sure. But for now, you have to go to bed. School tomorrow."

Stefan chuckled and nodded. "Yeah. And you, don't stay up too long. You have to keep your energy. Good night."

"I'm a Superman, dude. I'm strong. Good night." He laughed and collected his papers. Stefan went upstairs slowly. He was tired. But suddenly he remembered the new girl. The new cheerleader that Matt was falling in love with at the first sight. Her eyes and smile came into his mind. God. He couldn't resist her charm. Her beautiful face. "What am I going to do with her then?" he asked himself. Suddenly his phone vibrated. He checked it and saw Matt's name.

"Knew the girl's name yet?"

"How did you know?"


"Her name is Elena, Stef. Elena Gilbert."

"Elena Gilbert?"

"Yup. Her name is beautiful as her face."

"Shut up, Matt. Don't be so mushy."

"Oh really? You'll see when I get her. I'll laugh and kick your ass."

"OK. And I can't wait until the day comes."

"You shut up, Stefan."

Stefan laughed and ended the phone call. "So her name is Elena? Not bad." he said to himself. Then he took a quick shower and slept in less an hour.

Next afternoon…

Matt wasn't be able to stop talking about Elena all day. Elena this, Elena that. But Stefan kept quiet. Actually he did think about her either. He wanted to know about her. He wanted to introduce himself to her. He wanted to be friends with her. And he kept telling himself to do that.

"Where are you going?" Matt asked his closest friend.


"What? You're not gonna practice again?"

"Shit!" Suddenly he turned around. He seriously forgot that he had to practice today. "I forgot."

"You forgot about it, Stefan?"

"It's a human thing, Matty. We forget about things sometimes. Come on, let's go practice." Stefan went to Matt and pulled him to the field.

Of course the cheerleaders were practicing. And of course Elena was there too. This time, Stefan looked at Elena. She was beautiful just like he saw yesterday. Her smile didn't change. The smile that made him sure that she was a fun girl. Matt realized that Stefan looked at Elena. And he felt jealous. He didn't know why. When he looked at the girl, she was looking at Stefan and smiled even wider. And he gave her his best smile. "This can't be happening." Matt told himself. "This rich boy wouldn't get the girl. She's mine."

Later after they had practiced, Matt went to Stefan and asked something really important.

"So, are you finally interested with Elena?" His voice was clearly defensive. Stefan realized that. He didn't say anything but glared at him. He shook his head and began walk left him behind. Matt accepted that as a yes. He started to worry. He knew that if Stefan was interested with someone, he'd never give up on her. He'd take risks for everything. And it made him confused, should he give up and let Stefan with the new girl? "No. I won't give up. I saw her first. Then I'll get her first." He said to himself as he stared at Stefan who was walking to the parking lot.

At the cheerleaders' place…

"OK girls. It's finish. We have to go home. Thank you for coming." Caroline, the chief of cheerleaders clapped her hands and began to prepare her stuffs. She's one of the famous people in the school. Everyone knew her. She was stunning with her blonde hair and beautiful smile. And she never had enemies. Who wouldn't hate her?

And Caroline was the one who asked Elena to join the team. She knew that Elena was interested become a cheerleader since she guided Elena to walked around school on her first day.

"Where do you come from, Elena?"

"Indonesia. My parents got a job there. But I was born in here."

"So you're back with your parents?"

"No. My parents died 4 years ago. I came here by myself."

"Oh my God. I'm so sorry, Elena."

"Nah, it was fine." She reassured her with her best smile. And Caroline smiled with her apologetic eyes.

"You live by yourself?"

"No, I live with my aunt."

"Any siblings?"

"One brother. But he stayed in Indonesia." They stopped at the cafeteria door. They had explored all of school places and Caroline got something to do.

"This is the last station. I have to go. My team is waiting for me."

"What team?"


"You're a cheerleader?"

"I am the boss." Caroline winked at Elena and smiled proudly. "Why?"

"I'm just asking. I was a cheerleader in Indonesia. And maybe I could continue."

"Well you could join us."


"Yup. Just come to our place tomorrow after school and show me your moves."

"OK. Thank you, Caroline."

"No need to say thanks, Elena. See you tomorrow." Caroline said as she hugged her and began walk left Elena alone.


"Yeah, Elena?"

"Thank you for accepting me into this team. It's really nice of you."

"Hey. Your moves are great. And you're an energetic girl, Elena. That's what a cheerleader should be."

Elena just smiled at Caroline. She felt lucky to know her. She was a good friend. Not in a long time, they left school.

Matt was waiting for Elena near the school cage. He knew that Elena came to school by bus. He wanted to start his way. He didn't want Stefan to take the chance first. When he saw Elena with Caroline, he smirked. Caroline, his ex-girlfriend, was walking with his girlfriend-to-be. Matt thought that was ironic.

"Hi. You're Elena, right?" he walked toward the girls and began to talk. Caroline glared at him. She knew that words. She knew that he was trying to get closer to Elena. She knew that he's trying to get Elena. And it hurt her.

"Hi. Yeah, my name is Elena." She answered and smiled. She gave her hand and Matt accepted that eagerly. "Who are you?"

"Oh forgive me. I'm Matt, the captain of team football." He smiled widely. It made him proud.

"Oh nice to meet you, Matt. But sorry I'm in hurry. Maybe we could talk later?"

"Yeah, sure. Be careful, Elena." Caroline could see how much disappointed Matt was. She wanted to laugh. But she also wanted to yell at him that she was still loved him and his moves to get closer to Elena hurt her so much.

"Good bye, Caroline, Matt." Elena started to walk faster and waved her hand. Matt looked at her until he couldn't see her again. Caroline stared at him with her broken-hearted eyes. "Good bye, Caroline." And he left her. She just nodded and walked to her home.

In the boarding house…

"Going somewhere?" Stefan asked Damon when he saw his brother in a suit and put his car key.

Damon turned around. "Ah yes. I have a dinner with Bonnie's family. Take care of this house Stefan." He winked and out of the house.

Stefan was alone. Honestly, he was lonely. Damon would be Bonnie's husband in a month. Sure he would leave him alone here. Suddenly he missed his parents. He wished that they wouldn't have died. He wished that they wouldn't have gone to the Hawaii 7 years ago which made them dead. He was still 10 years old when it happened.

Damon and Stefan were watching their favorite cartoon network in the living room. The house was very quiet. Their parents had left to Hawaii since the very first thing in the morning. When the cartoon had breaks, Damon changed the channel and stopped at The Breaking News.

"A plane was crashed in Hawaii today at 9.18 AM. All of the pilots, stewardesses and passengers are dead. The police are still trying to evacuate them all."

"Damon. Was that Dad's plane?" Stefan asked when the reported mentioned the plane's code. He was nearly cried and held his brother's hand. "Damon, tell me that Dad and Mom are safe. They'll have fun at the beach. They'll come home on Wednesday. Damon, tell me that's not Dad's plane." He begged and cried loudly. Damon couldn't fight his tears because he knew exactly that was their parents' plane. His Dad called before took off and told him what their plane was and its code. But he didn't answer Stefan. He thought about the news. Their parents' plane was crashed and they're all dead. Left him with the younger brother. His tears fell onto his cheeks as he stared at the TV without expressions.

Stefan was still holding onto Damon's hands. Both brothers couldn't do anything. They felt weak. And they were crying until the next day when the cops brought them to the hospital to meet their parents for the last time.

Buzz. Buzz.

Stefan's phone vibrated and took him back to the reality. He unlocked it and saw he received 1 new message.

We already talked, Stefan. She already knew my name. Game on.


"What game is he talking about?" he asked himself. But then he realized that he was talking about Elena. He replied,

Like I care, Matty. Enjoy your own game.

Stefan threw his phone beside him and turned on the TV. Though he didn't really watch the shows, he just needed sounds around him. Because he was lonely? He didn't know. But he tried to enjoy it.

Later, Stefan felt cold. He opened his eyes slowly and didn't recognize where he was. He was lying in a snowy garden. Alone. He blinked a few times and stood up. He looked around but didn't find anything. No people, no Damon. Just trees and snows. "This isn't a garden, this is woods. An empty woods." Stefan told himself as he examined everything around him. Suddenly he saw a small silhouette. Didn't know why but he thought that he knew whose silhouette that was. He walked toward it and he could see another silhouette.

He was getting closer and surprised. "Elena? What is she doing here? And who is that guy?" Stefan tried to look at them clearly and heard Elena screamed. He was panic and run to her. "Elena!"

"Elena!" Stefan screamed and sat up on the couch.

"Whoa easy man, easy." Damon grabbed Stefan's shoulder. "Sorry, I woke you up. But you have to move to your room now."

Stefan breathed slowly and asked, "What time is it?"

"2 AM. Move Stefan or I won't warn you again. I'm going upstairs now."

"Yeah. Thank you, Damon." He rubbed his eyes and forehead. He was curious why did he dream about Elena? What did she do with that guy? And why did she scream? This curiousness was killing him. He had to know what was going on with Elena, that guy and of course, himself. "I really have to know her. I have to."