Chapter 41

With her hearing on the out, Elena didn't hear anyone else enter the kitchen, but felt Stefan's body tense, still holding her, but standing in front of her now.


Stefan is always a perfect gentleman, but to those who know him, they can hear the underlying threat of his tone. Peeking out around Stefan to see who has this effect on him, she almost expected Klaus. But her eyes locked with jon-pauls, who upon seeing Elena, focused on Stefan.

"are you ok Elena?"

Jon-pauls hand reaches out towards her, and Stefan goes even stiffer! Stefan's reaction must have altered jon-paul because he retracts his hand and instead gestures to the blood splatter.

I need to diffuse this situation, and i need to talk to jon-paul. Stepping around Stefan and turning towards him, with her back to jon-paul, she places her hand on his arm to draw his attention back to her.

"Stefan thank you, i feel a lot better. I must have gorged or something, i was actually in the kitchen because i asked jon paul to come and meet me, can't sleep. Am sorry i disturbed you."

Stefan's forest green eyes bear down into me, he can see straight through me, please take the hint, i don't know how long i can keep pretending. The whole time my hand never left his arm, giving it a small squeeze and a stroke, i could feel him relax. Looking back up at jon-paul the irritation once again passes through his eyes, but he then gives a slight nod. Looking back at me so fast i almost forget to breath he says, "your still young maybe? Who knows? But perhaps you should lay off the feeding for a day or so? So as long as your sure your fine, i need to be heading out, by Elena."

It takes a lot of restraint to ask where he's going, not to beg him to stay. To stop myself from clinging to his arm. I watch his back has he turns from the room. Aware that jon-paul is counting the seconds and machining sure he can't hear, before spinning back to me, "what the Elena? What's going on? Is this...from you?"

"what do you mean? What's going on, i don't know jon-paul you're the one in cahoots with..."

Jon-paul places his hand over her mouth, with a finger on his lips, he then points to his ears and upstairs.

"lets clean this up and go for a walk."

Less than 5 minutes later there leaving the grounds by the main gate and walking into the surrounding woods.

"right jon-paul i want to know exactly what you've done to me, you said she would put a spell on me to weaken me, but this i feel like a dying human!"

"shh calm down honestly Elena, i don't know, she never said anything about these kind of side effects. I will speak to her and sort it."

"you best do because right now, i am weak and unable to defend myself, which kind of leaves the question of, is this what you all planned from the start, are you really our allies?"

Caroline's room

Caroline is really sleeping, just in between, the tapping on her door becomes more pressing, and the short hisses of Caroline gradually awaken her properly.

Stefan hears fumbling around, and a faint coming, the door opens to reveal Caroline in her teddy pyjamas.

Raising his eyes brows, she sighs dramatically,

"Whatever Stefan don't give me that look, don't tell me you've never worn teddy pyjamas."

"no..."he steps into the room closing the door ."mine were Elmo"

Caroline just looks at him blankly, then bursts out laughing.

"Seriously? oh god Stefan am so glad your back"

"yeah am sorry care, but i need to talk about something i need your help to. I know Elena isn't compelled, the plan for bonnie to desiccate Klaus, and your role, but Elena is sick something isn't right. Caroline i don't know if they can be trusted, i want Klaus put down for so many reasons, but not at Elena's life."

"ok she's suppose to look weaker so Klaus believes that missy's spell is working. I haven't seen Elena so much i'v being avoiding Klaus, and trying to stop myself from running after Tyler, but i need Klaus gone for him to be free. So i need to see this out."

"she doesn't look care, she is, throwing up blood. Cant hear, cant move fast, weaker than a human."

"i don't understand?"

"me either, so i need you to try and find out, i need something else too"


"your going to have to cosy up to Klaus again."

"no! please why?"

"because i need you to find out where Rebecca is, or convince him to bring her here."

"Stefan, don't be rash, if you hurt her before Klaus is gone he'll kill you, plus you can't hurt her, remember no white oak stakes left."

"got that covered, going to dagger her with one of Klaus fancy daggers, just before his unbeating heart stops. That's what he'll see. Put her in a coffin, chain it up and dump it in the sea."

"crazy, this is a Damon plan i can tell."

"Actually nope, he provided the daggers, he's going after the other original."

Caroline stares at him blankly


Jon-paul, missy.

Wwhat are you doing? Are you crazy at this rate you'll kill her."

Jon paul stomps into the room where missy is staying, she wouldn't stay at the mansion, so seen as though this a public place...anyone can enter.

"perhaps wouldn't that be easier? She's the key always is."

"but killing her wouldn't stop Klaus, he'd come after you, after all your promises. Elena is good and pure and you know it. Your the one who's tainted. Cant you see exactly how good Elena is? I mean all these people wanting to help must warrant something? Her best friend a bennet. I hear she's come along way. Would you want ,me to tell her that you thought you'd take upon yourself to make a decision that effects all. As a witch killing shouldn't come so easy but you don't seem to have any qualms over it. Stop the spell. Elena will pretend, keep up your part or I'll tell Elijah, or is that it? You love a man who didn't love you, but here is the woman who shares the face of the woman he loved. And has a fondness for her. That must rankle seen as though you've spent a long time running when you helped him, for him not to return your feelings."

"you don't know what you talking about"

"yes i do them feelings, only lead to bad choices, and mistakes. And they can consume you, overwhelm you, get under your skin so you cant shake them. Till you think that there was nothing there before, but its all about the choices we make. Make the right one."

Two weeks later

The last few weeks have being hell for Caroline, spending so much time with a monster, whilst having to give him every sign your interested in him. Although she'd managed to speak to Elena, who really did look awful, she's looking better though, but she says jon-paul wont say what had happened with the spell, just tried to pass it off as a bad reaction to the spell. WTF? After everything Stefan's filled her in on, it is so hard to understand who's the enemy, and who is the foe?

She's tried coaxing information out of Klaus, without seeming to pushy, but he's like a wall. What she has managed to do is suitably drop Rebecca's name into conversation. And she's learnt that after Rebecca had stopped by the hospital, she had rung Klaus, no mention of her visit to Elena, told Klaus she didn't feel safe in mystic falls without him, so went to new York, since then she has being in England, and now is in Florence.

The question is how to get her back here? Would Klaus believe that she was wanted to try with his sister to please him? What does Rebecca know about the set up here? Only one way to find out. Caroline makes her way down to Klaus's studio, he's not there, nor is he in his study. When leaving the office one of Klaus minions wonders out in to the hall way, "er excuse me, but do you know where Klaus is? is he out?"

To Caroline's dismay the dirty hybrid gives her a mucky luck up and down, must be a sire thing to be so devoted to one person in this sick obsessive way.

"he's out by the pool"

Before Caroline an answer the hybrid whizzes past her, really Klaus by the pool? He doesn't normally go down there.

She actually feels apprehensive as she approaches the pool, it feels weird to see Klaus in this setting. And as much as she hates the monster, she'd be made of stone not to appreciate the man sprawled out on the lounger now.

He must have just got out of the pool as his body glistens, droplets running down his firm toned stomach muscles. dirty blond hair pushed back and slightly drying into a wave.

"its rude to stare" Caroline is bought back down to earth with his sarcastic drawl.

"I'm not, am just stunned that's all, usually you do your upmost to stay away from this area, you almost act like a true vampire staying out of the sun like its going to burn you."

She's just answered with a chuckle." Strip down love, i know you love it out here, just close your eyes and pretend am not here."

"umh easier said than done." After deliberating for a few seconds she takes off her sundress and lays on the lounger opposite him. "Seriously, what are you doing acting like a normal being? And just relaxing?"

"you know, you talk alot, my house is full at the moment, and everyone is kinda avoiding each other. This area was free. Plus I've just had Rebecca on the phone, bending my ear, she thinks I've lost the plot."

This gets my attention.


My room is at the opposite end of the house to Elena's. But from my window i can see across to her balcony. Am not sure she knows this has she doesn't know where my room is. For the last few weeks i get the pleasure of torturing myself watching her. Seeing Caroline come and that jon-paul. At least they don't touch just sit and talk. And she looks better. Since that night we've probably spoken all of 5 words. Time is dragging. Damon is frustrated. Everything just seems so stalled. And then Caroline's voice from the garden alters me. Moving against the wall close to the wall i stand and listen.

"Rebecca? isn't she in Italy?"

"she is, she asked if i was going back to mystic falls, i told her no why doesn't she come here?"

"and is she?"

Klaus laughs at Caroline's quick response. Cool it care don't give yourself away.

"well she was, and then i told her about Elena and the whole vampire thing, and them being here, and well you know Rebecca can be a little stroppy"

Stroppy?murdering bitch.

"so she doesn't want to be around them?"

"nope she's like a dog with a bone wont let go, hates Elena!

"but haven't you explained that Elena cant remember?"

"yep that pacified her, but then she had 100 and 1 questions about Stefan, honestly i thought she'd got over that."

"well i don't think Stefan really cares about Rebecca, do you he's only here for Elena"

"yes i know, anyway i told her i missed her, and she relented."

What?does that mean...

Caroline's voice is low i almost don't catch it, "so Rebecca's coming here?"

But i catch his answer. "yes does that bother you?"

"no," then i bit brighter. "i told you i came to find you for a different life i'd being leading, if Rebecca can be nice, so can i"

"great she'll be here Friday"

And there it is our opening. I need to speak to Damon.


She's infectious. Love is for the weak. But its hard to say when i've felt these feelings before, its also hard to know how she feels. That's why Rebecca wanted to come, she doesn't trust Caroline. That was until she found out about Elena and Stefan. I feel like am missing something there. I went to pool this morning because that's Caroline's favourite haunt, i don't get it though i was board and she took forever to come. My phone starts to vibrate on the table, Elijah.


"Nicklaus? Am in Rome, i spoke to Rebecca earlier, she said she was coming home to you."

"maybe, maybe not why?"

"would you like another house quest?"

"am still looking after the last one you left"

"umh, i didn't realize he's stay so long, quite taken with miss Gilbert then?"

"i don't think he's choosy."

There's a quite knock at the door, and missy pops her head round the door, he motions for her to enter.

"actually two house quests you left behind, unfortunately for missy this isn't the 1st time you've done it to her. To be fair i don't mind her, she useful, the other is annoying, so you come back and sack him off."

"now now Nicklaus, why the mood, somebody not doing what you want."

"if you're not back by the weekend i'll kill him."

I hang up, Elijah thinks am desperate for family, i'd say given his attachment to jon-paul so was he. If i didn't know him so well I'd say he was gay the way he's acting. Turning to look at missy, she fingering the spines of the books on my self, pointing to a chair ."sit"

"my we are tetchy today."

"you want something?"

"its you who wants updates."

"umh yes tell me, few weeks ago Elena looked like she was about to drop dead, now not so much."

"well, the spell is to weaken her, it just got too strong, she's only a baby. It would have killed her, no use then is she? So am only casting the spell every other day, don't worry she still weak."

Walking over to the chair placing both hands o the arms, so she cant move i lean in very close, letting my eyes flash.

"i hope missy for your daughters sake more than yours that your not lying, go"

She's lying about something, even Elijah's need to be so close worries me. And given missy's alliance to Elijah all them years ago, i need to be cautious. Debating on what to do i hear a voice outside the door.

"really? well why don't i ask him eh? I wouldn't you think cos your a hybrid that i wont take you? Wrong."

I do love Stefan on human blood. Not pleased that he's learnt abit of self control. But he's still a masterpiece. He doesn't knock just walks in. He nods at me then to the door.

"its ok macie, i could do with some entertainment."

"i think she takes the sire bond thing to extreme. Anyway i came to say i was going to go away for a few days."

"oh yeah whys that?"

"really? You need to ask? Well i guess since you've never being in love, and had your soul mates memory stripped away so they cant remember you or what you were, whilst getting to watch her cosy up to someone else, it kinda grates on you after a while."

"umh point taken"

"but i don't think i can be away from Elena for so long, but Caroline has just told me your sister has decided to bless us with her presence. That she gets in Friday? I could leave today, spend tomorrow on my own, pick her up and come back Friday. Tell her am coming though, wouldn't want her to stake me."

"or you stake her?"

"and stake Elena? Seriously Klaus you won were here, i wont leave until Elena does. I wont do anything to jeopardous her. Always got your back up haven't you, so like damon. Think the whole worlds out to get you."

I don't like being compared to that idiot.

"you miss your brother?"

I don't think he's going to answer.

"we've gone long periods before without seeing each other."

"am surprised he hasn't come up with some master plan"

"probably has, but he probably doesn't realize to look somewhere so close or obvious."

Obviously Stefan doesn't doubt his brother like i do mine.

"fine i'll tell Rebecca you'll pick her up. I warn you though, she'll be cranky."


I walk slowly to my room, pack up a few things, i wont tell Elena, its for the best, because who know what the outcome will be. I'll barrow ones of Klaus many cars.

Once am out of the gates and on the road i ring Damon,


"its done. I'll get Rebecca Friday, did you leave the blood bags where we agreed?"

"yep all sorted."

"ok so you need to get bonnie to get jon-paul to get Elena out of that house Friday"

"i should come with you, two of us to take down Blondie"

"i need to do this Damon, and...


"we don't want to many men taking down. We all need to be where we should be to get rid of Klaus."

" safe i'll see you soon."


Elena bends over the kitchen counter for support, clutching her head, she doesn't hear Caroline and Klaus enter the kitchen, just Caroline's sharp intake of breath, standing up to quickly her head begins to swim. Shutting her eyes to stop the dizziness, she feels Caroline clutch her arm.

"Elena are you ok?"

"yeah head rush"


"perhaps you haven't fed enough Elena?"

Caroline scowls over her shoulder at Klaus. Elena forces her eyes open and she smiles at Klaus,

"perhaps, or maybe you need a a new turn over of staff."

Klaus laughs loudly, and comes over to hug Elena. Elena can feel Caroline's eyes burning at her. De tangling herself from Klaus she asks the questions, she's being plucking up the courage to do.

"er what are you two doing today?"

"enjoying the peace whilst we can"

He laughs again at Elena's confused expression, but doesn't say anything else.

"umh me too, jon-paul's gone into the city, er i was wondering i haven't seen Stefan around. Has he...i mean is he on a job for you? is he coming back?"

Elena see's the smirk cross Klaus face, and senses carolines unease.

"you could say he's on a job, he's gone to pick up my sister, she's soming to stay."

Oh god no. Rebecca? calm down don't show to much.

"oh great have i meet her? Am sorry i..."

"no sweetheart, but soon although don't go by 1st impressions she's abit of a diva. Are you ready Caroline?"

Caroline shoots a look at Elena, "are you sure you feel alot better?"

Elena just needs to get out of this room. Plastering a fake smile on her face, she strides past them taking all her strength, "am gunna go lay down, am taking it we'll do something fun tonight?"

Once back in her room, she quickly texts jon-paul "what's happening?"

Oh no, Stefan is suppose to be here, he'll kill Rebecca. I should have spoke to him, oh god. Her phone bleeps, i'll be back in a couple of hours, we have a problem am trying to sort it, hopefully.

Ok, so what am i suppose to do now?

Bonnie and Damon

"i think you need to speak to your witchy mate."

Huffing bonnie does ring missy and asks her to come over. Looking at her watch its 14.40, Rebecca's flight gets in at 15.10, they should be out by 16. will take an hour to get Rebecca to the warehouse. A hour for the vervain poisoned blood bags to work on Rebecca, the worst thing is they don't know how long they'll keep Rebecca sedated.

"Damon stop pacing your making me nervous."

Damon plants a kiss on her head, but doesn't say anything just grabs his whiskey bottle, before she can say anything though, there's a knock and Jeremy enters.

"hey guys, how's things coming?"

Bonnie feels that tightening sensation in her chest, god please let me be strong enough to bring him back.

"Stefan's about to pick up Rebecca, and missy's on her way over, jer are you sure about this?"

Jeremy looks put out, but Damon answers, "bon he wants to, besides he's pretty much the only human one. You can do this."

Jer just smiles at her,"i know still am just worried about missy's part, we still don't know where she's at?"

"well if she's playing for the other side, i'll kill her!"


"sorry honey, do you want to do it?"

Yes, Christ he's a bad influence on her. Damon nods to the door, and sure enough there's a knock.

"come in"

To be fair she looks pretty pissed.

And just looks straight at Damon. "is this your doing?"

"don't know what your talking about."

"your brother kidnapping Rebecca, Elijah is on his way back and he's very angry, you was to leave her to him."

"well missssy, Elijah cannot always be believed, having Rebecca there is more incentive for Klaus to come."

"think your cleaver don't you?"

"i think we know more than what you think. Lie you trying to weaken Elena?"

Bonnie's eyes flash to missy, missy has the grace to look ashamed.

"i had to cast a spell, for Klaus to believe that her blood is being weakened for the spell to use her blood for his hybrids."

Bonnies had enough, "right here what's happening, you need to get jon-paul to get Elena out. Before the call comes that jon-paul has nabbed Elena, you're going to tell Klaus that Elena is ready for the ritual."

"yes but Stefan is now there instead of being here, he's the one whose suppose to reach for the heart, because he's connected with Klaus, well Klaus isn't going to be all that connected with him if he's vervained his sister."

Bonnie shots Damon n impatient glance, he just shrugs. "my bad"

Jeremy leans forward in his chair not sure if he should interrupt the 3 sparring supernatural's.

"er perhaps the solution would be, that jon paul has all 3 of them? i mean has anyone actually thought of why jon-paul would be kidnapping Elena anyway?"

All 3 of them stare at him Blankley. Umh perhaps he should have stayed quite.

But then Damon's tilting his head back n forth,

"yes remember he had a daughter? what about if he said Klaus killed her, i mean Klaus isn't going to remember all his victims is he? He didn't realize Elijah's connection to Klaus for along time, and is too close to him, so he's taking the others Klaus feels close to?"

"plausible "missy grinds out.

"anyway there won't really be much time for words when it all goes down. So now you miss missy have a job to do."

Jeremy watches missy leave before they begin to talk.

"Where are the daggers?" Jeremy asks.

"i have one, Stefan the other. Jer did you mange to soak all them sheets?"

"yep so as soon has she's in the chair me and bonnie can tie her down."

"yeah she'll need gagging too, wouldn't want her saying Stefan took her. I'll stay close to Elijah so if he steps out of line, he can be daggered 1st"

"i think i need to practise my spell."

Damon pulls her in close to him, your strong enough bonnie bennet, there's no one else who could do it."


Entering Elena's room silently, he instantly shusshs her. Pointing to his ears. Flipping her dairy open to a clean page he begins to write.

i know Stefan knows your not compelled. Rebecca was coming, and now he's kidnapped her, i don't know what he's planning on doing. But i have to take you tonight, to the warehouse where he is. Make out like i took all 3 of you to lure Klaus there. At this very moment missy is telling Klaus that you are ready for the ritual. It helps that there's a full moon tonight, it makes no difference, but she can just use to effect.

Lets get out of here and we'll go over the details in the car.

He looks at his watch 16.45, Klaus would be expecting Rebecca soon.

Damn Stefan throwing a spanner in the works.

He leads Elena to the window an scoops her up, jumping to the ground, from this side of the house its not far to the garage. They don't speak just run along close to the wall. Elena goes to enter the garage, but he grabs her pointing to the tall bushes that mark the boundaries. She follows him and jumps over, running through the tress, they pass the main gates and run another 400 yards, where he parked his car. So no one would hear them leave.

At the warehouse

Damon comes over to the car, peering in, he lets out a little laugh, "well i'll be damned"

Stefan opens the car door and stops the now semi comatose Rebecca from falling out. Damon comes round and helps by taking hold of Rebecca's legs, who lets out a little moan.

"the effects are wearing off fast, Damon are bonnie and Jeremy ready?"

"yeah up through that door, must say little brother, i am inspired. Who would have thought if digesting vervain it would have an effect on a original. This is a proud moment."

"yeah, lets just hope we have enough vervaine soaked chains and ropes to keep her down."

"ah well you see i had a little idea of my own."

"oh no"

"shh, i am always the one with the master plan, turn right."

This room is vast with another door leading off it, which is where bonnie appears from, pointing by the window, a make shaft bed is positioned. This is when Stefan notices the bed sheets at least four of them, all laid out on the floor.

"be careful brother, there soaked full of vervain. Cleaver eh? were going to wrap her up tight."

Treading carefully over the sheets they lay Rebecca on the bed. Stefan turns to find bonnie right behind him. Her arms wrapping round him.

"oh god Stefan, am so sorry, we couldn't find you we..."

"shh, its ok, it will be ok soon we'll have Elena back, and Klaus out of our lives. And don't think for a minute i didn't think you wasn't trying. Thanks for keeping my brother sane though."

A snort erupts from damons' back has he positions Rebecca.

Bonnie just smiles, stepping around Stefan to help Damon. Its then stefan notices Jeremy, in all of this he barley thought of him, but he is one of the closet people to Elena, god he felt so small in this moment.

"we're gunna get my sister back tonight."

Such a simple statement, boldly said because its what he believes, its what they've being fighting for.

"yes, we are."

"she'll be so happy to see you."

Stefan is confused by this statement, does he not know that he knows about Elena not being compelled, or does he mean something more.

"how is she? hope she's better than the last time i saw...

Jeremy brakes off, from the look on Stefan's face, he's said to much.

"since you and her were taken, i never"

This breaks the tension as they share a small chuckle.

"hey sorry to break up the blossoming bromance, but Gilbert kinda need you over here"

Damon and Stefan snap on gloves and stand at either end, whilst bonnie and Jeremy set about wrapping Rebecca in the sheets, followed by the chains, when Damon's cell starts to ring.

"Elijah, was wondering where you'd gone trasping off to".

"um hi am here trying to calm my brother, because Rebecca was suppose to be her an hour and a half ago. My sister who was suppose to be picked up by your brother, also a text off jon-paul saying he's took Elena, the plan happens tonight have missy ready. so tell me Salvatore what the hell is going on."

"it seems to me has though you already know everything, and the part about our siblings, well i haven't seen mine for so many months have i? And whys that oh yes, because of your sibling, get your witch we're ending Klaus tonight."

On ending the phone call Damon gives Stefan one of his pleased has punch smiles.

"umh he sounds pissed."

To witch Damon gives his full on killer smile. "i know, love it don't ya ?can't wait to put that dagger in him!"


Has i sit in this car, i think back on my life the events of the last couple of years, reflecting on how we got here. Everyone i've lost, the people i care about losing people they love. All because of who i am, something i have no control over. A few weeks ago i thought the witch was going to kill me, but would not have that being better? Or would it have made things worse.

Now this plan, to put Klaus in his coffin, am going on everyone's word, when the only persons word i trust is Stefan's. Yet for this plan to work he has to willingly give his life for mine. It's the only way for the spell to work, finally breaking me from my cursed petrova doppelganger blood. And putting Klaus down. I asked the witches to promise me that they'd bring Stefan back, but there answer was weak, and they make the rules to suit themselves.

The car stops jon-paul puts his hand on my leg, i think to steady nerves, am not sure who's.

"right, you and Stefan don't have to pretend that your compelled. Let me do the talking though Elena. Stefan still can't know all the parts, he has to want to put himself in your place. And i know that's not you want, but Klaus...Elena this isn't just about you and Stefan, its for everyone. So you know what to do? Ok? Elena do you understand?"

I nod weakly at him, yes i know what to do, i know what needs to be done. I squeeze my eyes tight. I love you Stefan, hold on to that.