Er this isn't very good, I wrote it randomly and out of the blue one day.

This idea isn't original, by the way, it's from an anon on 4chan, but s/he gave permission for others to use the idea, and nothing concrete came out yet, so...there it is? Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Miku was perplexed.

This, in and of itself, was nothing new. She was someone who was perplexed very often. However, today, she was on a different level of perplexed - the sort of level that was merging rapidly on freaked out. She stared at her cell phone, hands trembling as the numbers displayed there burned themselves in her mind.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "Is this actually...her cell phone number?"

A summary: Miku, Hatsune Miku, was a student at Crypton High. She was friends with Rin and Len, the twins who lived across the street. She was a second-year student who had just obtained a new cellphone, and she was horribly in love with the school idol, Megurine Luka.

Megurine Luka was a third year, and in Miku's eyes, she was perfect at everything. Not only was she beautiful, with light blue eyes and flowing locks of long hair, she was also intelligent, mature, well-mannered, elegant, and really, Miku could go on and on listing her good qualities, much to the frustration of her friends.

"If you like her so much," said Len one lunch, his face clearly bored from yet another one of Miku's long gushes over Luka, "why don't you confess to her?"

"There's no way that'll happen," Rin said as she picked at her food, her face similarly resigned. "Miku just doesn't have the guts."

"I...I do so have guts!" Miku said through her mouthful of rice. She pointed her chopsticks at Rin and Len. "Anyways, I can't confess to her!" - putting them back down - "She's always busy after school with student council, and plus, she doesn't even know me. It's impossible. Totally impossible."

"I don't see how it's impossible," said Len. "You can leave a letter in her locker. You could even try to talk to her, at least."

The mere thought of talking to Luka was daunting. Miku shivered. She could just imagine it - walking up to Luka with a nervous, skittery smile on her face, one hand half-raised, Luka staring at her blankly.

"H-hey Luka," Miku would squeak with the debonair charm of a dying squirrel.

Seconds that seemed like hours would pass, nothing but Luka staring at Miku and Miku staring at Luka. Then, Luka would clear her throat.

"Your tie isn't knotted properly," said Luka, and then she would leave Miku standing there alone in the cold, uncaring wastes of the hallways of Crypton High...

Yes. Miku was sure that that was what was going to happen.

"I can't talk to her," said Miku.

Len sighed and ran his hand through his blonde hair. "Miku...we're your friends. We want to help you. All you have to do to Luka."

"If you're too scared to talk to her in person," said Rin, "can't you get her number? Or are you too scared to do that too?" Rin leaned back in her chair, smirking a little. Miku glared at her.

"I'm not scared," she said. "I'm just..."

"...scared," Rin finished.

Miku slumped back in her seat. "I don't have her cell phone number...I don't even know how to get it!"

"Can't you just ask her friends?" Len asked. "Like Gumi and Meiko?"

"...there's no way a second-year like me can approach them."

"Miku," said Rin.


"Don't be a pussy."


Len's advice had not, in fact, helped Miku much at all. After she finished eating, Miku bravely set off in search of Luka's friends, only to turn right back around and walk away in the other direction once she saw them coming down the hall. It wasn't that she didn't want to talk to Luka, or that she didn't want Luka's cell phone number. It was simply the fact that Miku was...basically...

"A pussy," said Rin with disgust as she walked home with Miku and Len. "You couldn't even talk to her friends?"

"You try being in love with someone," Miku muttered. "It's hard."

Len exhaled. "Still, you've really been dragging this on. It's not that hard..."

"For someone like Miku, she'll probably only get Luka's number by finding it on some scrap of paper somewhere," Rin snickered. "Like that has a chance of happening!"

Miku said nothing. She looked up at the sky, a deep orange, as she walked on. Why hadn't she asked Luka's friends for her phone number? Stupid. She should've. What did she have to lose?...well, other than maybe Luka's friends telling Luka about this creepy underclassman who asked for her cell phone number, but still. Even Miku knew it couldn't go on like this. She either had to master her fear, or give up on Luka. Considering how Miku had been in love with her at first sight, the latter was completely repellent. The former, however...Miku clenched her fists.

She had to get that phone number.


The next morning, after breakfast, Miku dashed out of her house, panting slightly as she checked her watch. It was 7:50. She had ten minutes to make it to school. Right then. Miku sped up her pace - her high school was a bit of a walk - and at a crossing light, waited impatiently for it to turn green.

"Late for school?" asked an old woman next to her, her face wrinkled and friendly.

Miku shook her head. "No...I'm just in a rush."

The old woman shook her head in response. "People these days are always in a rush. What happened to taking things slowly?"

Miku blinked at the old woman, unsure of what to say.

"Nowadays, high schoolers only care about things like playing video games or watching anime," she continued. "Back in my day, people cared more about each other. Now all you hear about is people bullying others..."

"Most people aren't like that," Miku said. The light, she observed, was taking an awfully long time to turn green. Everything around her was utterly silent.


"Of course! It's just because the media is everywhere, so you think things are really bad, but they actually aren't," said Miku.

The old woman nodded, staring at Miku thoughtfully. "Well," she said, "you certainly have a naive worldview. What is the thing you want most right now?"

Many things flashed through Miku's mind, but only one stood out. "I want a phone number," said Miku, plainly.

The woman's eyebrows rose in faint surprise. " number?"

"Y-yeah," Miku said, nodding. "There's this...person I like. I...I'm not brave enough to confess to them in person, but know, if I had their number, I could talk to them easier...that's what I think, at least," Miku ended hurriedly, suddenly embarrassed by her desire. It sounded so immature and childish once it's been said, and she looked away, embarrassed.

The old woman smiled. "You want to connect with someone then, that's it?"

"Yeah," said Miku. "I just want to, um, be with that person."

"If you hold onto that desire, I'm sure you'll have it some day," said the old woman, and the light turned green.

Miku blinked. For a moment, while she was talking with the old woman, it had been pretty silent, the only things she heard the whistling of the wind and the sound of the old woman's voice. Now, however, the beeps of cars honking, the sound of people walking to work, to school, to other destinations, the twittering of birds, the sound of life being lived, all of that rose around her. Baffled, disoriented, Miku stood still for a moment. What had happened? Miku had been sure it was quiet a few moments earlier...

She shook her head. Nothing had happened, she told herself. She had just gotten caught up in the conversation, that's all. Whenever she started talking about Luka, she zoned out anyways. Nothing special happened at all. That in mind, Miku set off to school, glancing around for the old woman, but she seemed to have been swept up in the crowd.


"Wow, just like you to have weird conversations with old ladies at crossways," Rin laughed. "She sounded loopy. What was with all that 'naive worldview' and 'thing you desire most' stuff?"

"I don't know," said Miku, glancing about anxiously for Gumi or Meiko. The two of them were waiting in the hall during lunch break, waiting to ambush either of Luka's friends. It had, naturally, all been Rin's idea. "C-can we go now?"

"Miku, you have no guts at all," said Rin. "Seriously, this is Luka we're talking about. You have to have some courage if you're going after the most popular girl in school!" she slapped Miku on the back and Miku groaned, eyes closed. All of that bravery she thought she had when walking back home from school yesterday was draining out of her quicker than anything. All she wanted now was to turn around and walk back to her own classroom like nothing happened. Miku's legs twitched, but Miku forced them to stay still. Think of Luka, she told herself, and the girl's face appeared in her mind. You're doing this for Luka. It's just her phone number. No big deal, right?

"Ah, I think that's Gumi," said Rin, and Miku froze up.

"Wh-wha-" before she had the time to protest, Rin had shoved her directly into the path of Gumi. When Miku looked up, she saw herself staring right into Gumi's eyes. "O-Oh! I'm sorry!" Miku backed up quickly and looked around, but Rin was nowhere to be seen.

"It's okay! What is it?" asked Gumi, taking the sudden run-in with Miku rather well.

Miku's face flushed red. "E-er," she looked about the hall. It almost felt as though everyone was looking at her, even though they weren't. "I you have Luka's phone number?"

" you want her phone number?" said Gumi.

Miku could almost die of relief, hearing those words. "Yes! Yes I do! Thank you so much! I-"

"I can't give it to you," said Gumi, and she put her hands on her hips and sighed. "Man, Luka's number is what everyone stops me for nowadays. If I give it to you, I'll have to give it to everyone, and you know how popular she is...she'll be getting calls every minute! I'm sorry, but I just can't give it to you."

Miku opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Maybe you can try talking to her?" said Gumi, in an attempt to be helpful.

Her throat felt closed up.

"Or leave a letter-oh, but she gets a lot of those nowadays. Hmmm."

"I...I can't..." Miku forced out. "You can't give me...?"

"Nope. Sorry. I think you should talk to her though!" Gumi nodded, emphasizing those words. "She's really not that hard to talk to. Anyways, I have to go. See you later," she raised a hand and left, leaving Miku standing there, eyes wide, staring after her.

"Wow," said Rin, popping up from behind the water fountain. "As expected from an upperclassman...I guess it can't be he-"

"Please don't finish that sentence," said Miku.


The world seemed drained of color. Miku sat with her head on her desk. She had failed in getting Luka's phone number. Len's suggestion had been stopped before it could even begin, and Gumi had implied that sending a letter would be just as useless, since Luka got so many of them.

"What do I do..." Miku groaned. Her cell phone beeped and dully Miku dug in her pocket and took it out. She stared at the display. It was a reminder to call Luka - Miku had set it the day before, back when she actually had hopes of getting Luka's number.

"What's the point of that? I don't even have her number!" Miku said to the cell phone, but the cell phone said nothing back. Sighing, Miku deleted the reminder and scrolled down her contacts list, eyes dully counting down who she had. Rin, Len, Neru (not that Miku talked to her much, but Neru had everyone's number), Luka, Haku...

Wait. What?

Miku quickly scrolled up and stared, breath caught in her throat. Luka's number. There it was, an entry, neat and normal and everything. Megurine Luka.

And here, we find ourselves back at the beginning - Miku staring at Luka's phone number, trembling.

"This is...actually her phone number...?" The area code looked a little unfamiliar, but Miku wouldn't be surprised if Luka lived in a different area. Her hands were shaking. Was she dreaming? How could she have gotten Luka's number? How? There was no way. She had never even really talked to Luka before either, so...

Maybe it really was a dream. To check, Miku pressed the call button and quickly put it to her ear, her heart thumping. It rang, one, two, three times, before getting picked up.


"Is this Megurine Luka?" Miku asked.

A brief, confused pause. "Yes, this is Luka speaking."

"U-um," Miku stammered, suddenly nervous after the clear confirmation. Her heart was beating quicker than she thought possible, her face hot. "I...I'm Miku. Hatsune Miku! E-er, I just wanted to ask-"

A short intake of breath. "You''re Hatsune Miku!"

Miku blinked. Why was Luka so surprised? Dread stirred in her gut. "Yeah, I'm Miku."

"You have my number? I never thought you would...actually call..."

"Huh?" Had Luka been purposefully avoiding her? Miku's stomach sank. "Oh...I'm sorry-"

"Don't apologize!" Luka said quickly. "I'm happy you called. I just, well, how did you get my number?"

"I have no was just there."



A silence stretched, and the pressure to say something more built in Miku more and more until it burst and she opened her mouth, but Luka was faster.

"I know this might seem a bit strange, all of a sudden," said Luka, "but...maybe, tomorrow, after school, do you want to hang out?"

"Eh?" Miku said. She couldn't quite believe what Luka had just asked her.

"O-of course, if you don't want to that's fine, but I-"

"It's fine! Of course it's fine!" Miku practically shouted into the phone. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Luka would be the one to ask Miku out. Her heart was thumping hard, and Miku could hardly control the smile she had on her face. Luka asked her out. Luka asked her out. Miku could hardly believe it. "Where do you want to go?" Miku almost spilled her trash can as she leapt out of her chair, sending pens scattering on her desk as she grabbed a red marker and ran over to her calendar to commemorate the day officially.

"Anywhere you want," said Luka.

"I don't care," Miku excitedly circled the date - April 23rd. Tomorrow. It was a little pointless, circling the day right after today, but Miku did it anyway. "Anywhere is fine." Anywhere at all, it didn't matter as long as she was with Luka. All Miku wanted was to be with her. The happiness rising in her heart was too great to suppress. How was it possible that in the span of a few minutes her mood had changed from depression to complete happiness? Miku thanked whatever gods were out there for this chance. "Anywhere great."

Luka laughed. It was a pleasant sound and Miku realized with a start that she had never heard Luka laugh before, not really. Miku decided at that moment that it was the most beautiful sound she ever heard.

"Well, we can meet up at school and talk about where to go then, after we had a night of thinking," said Luka.

"Y-yeah," said Miku, dazedly. Anything would've been fine with her. She could hardly wait for tomorrow. "That sounds good to me."


The next day was a bright, sunny morning that seemed to perfectly match Miku's mood. She dashed down the stairs, ate her breakfast, kissed her mother and father on their cheeks (to their vast bewilderment), and burst out the door. She left a little earlier today, because Luka told her that she usually left for school early, and judging from her address, Luka should be arriving at school right around...

Miku's feet stopped at the entrance to Crypton High. Now. Luka was walking down from the other side of the road, the sun casting what looked like a halo around her. Her pink hair shimmered in the light and her blue eyes were focused on the book she was reading.

"Luka!" Miku cried excitedly, waving her arms. Luka looked up.

Miku expected happy recognition in that gaze, expected a similar smile breaking out on Luka's face, but instead, what she got was a confused expression. Luka sped up her pace so that she was next to Miku.

"Excuse me," said Luka, her voice polite, "who are you?"

" We talked last night..." Miku said. Was Luka playing some kind of joke? "I'm Hatsune Miku, remember?" She smiled at her.

Luka was looking at Miku as though Miku had grown two heads. "I didn't talk with you last night."

Something jammed in Miku's brain. No way. That couldn't have been a dream. Miku was sure, absolutely certain, that she had talked to Luka last night. She even checked her call history this morning to make sure. There was no way she did not talk to Luka. Was Luka kidding? Miku tried again. "You...don't remember?"

Luka slowly shook her head. "I...I need to go now. I have an early meeting today."

At that moment, Miku's phone started to ring, the melody loud in the silence of the morning. Irritated, Miku fumbled for it. If it was Rin calling her about something stupid like forgetting her math homework, Miku would be so-

Megurine Luka calling

Miku stared at the phone. Her heart seemed to have stopped.

Megurine Luka calling

That was what the display said, no matter how many times she read it. The phone rang loudly in her hand. She stared at Luka, who had apparently excused herself while Miku was distracted. She was still reading.

Heart beating quicker, Miku swallowed as she stared at the display.

Megurine Luka calling

But Luka, the Luka here, wasn't calling her at all. Miku flipped open the phone and put it to her ear.

"We...we need to talk," said Luka over the phone, her voice shaken.

Miku glanced over at the Luka here, still reading as she entered the school.

"Yeah," said Miku, "we definitely do."