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I just don't care

~There is no greater sorrow than remembering happiness in times of misery. ~

(Itachi POV)

Konan's lost gaze sometimes amazed me more than I would like to admit. Her light hazel eyes always had a hypnotic power, but now even more so. It's been one week since I returned without Pein and 6 days since I had a talk with her, alone. She's stopped crying. She's stopped smiling. She's stopped talking to everybody, aside from me. Her kohl lined eyes look distant every time she looks at something. But it's better that way, although Sasori told me to do something about her.

Sasuke stopped asking me things about the mission. I don't know what to think about it, so I simply don't think about it. Why dwell over something we can't understand? If I really want to know, I'll ask him. But for now, it's also better for me if he stays silent and ponders over the situation he now shares. I wish we'd have our life back, at least for his sake, but…

But the plan is on, so there's no turning back now. If we make one mistake, people could die. Even as we are right now, people can die. Naruto's bullet wound was nothing compared to what could've happened if he got captured or… even worse. We have no way of knowing what's going to happen next. Yakuza… it's easy to know how they think once you share their ethnicity and ideas. After all, we're two Japanese guys in Akatsuki: Sasori and me. Even if I wouldn't know everything from Father, Sasori has practically never ripped himself from Japan. He knows everything directly from the source, and his first language is Japanese.

And if Sasori doesn't know, then we have Naruto, who's been in Japan for the past six months, at Kobe. It must've been hard on him, but he did an admirable job, considering his age. Too bad this doesn't exclude him from further missions. It's a real pity. And if I were a caring individual like Sasuke never admits to being, I'd probably allow the poor guy to run and hide under his soft bed in Germany while eating one ton of ramen per year. That would be a sight to behold… I admit, my humor was always too dry, and that's why only Sasuke inevitably knows this side of me.

One hour ago I talked to Konan. I told her to stop gazing out the window and looking mindlessly at the cracks in the ceiling. She told me I'm being insensitive and I agreed. She simply needs to get out of her mourning state. I don't even understand why she is like that, after we've talked 6 days ago. Unless she wants to be the next sacrifice, she needs to man up and stop moping in a corner. I actually am being insensitive. But this will save her life, for now.

Sasori didn't approve of my forceful method. Sasuke also showed me a scowl when Sasori told him of what I said to Konan, hoping that his obvious disagreement of my methods would actually make me reconsider. Wrong. As much as I take Sasuke's feelings in consideration, they have absolutely no word to say when we're talking about how I conduct this mission. It's not his domain.

Snap. That felt like a numb pain at the back of my head, and if I judge it correctly, it should be a…

"Newspaper, brother. It's a newspaper. Still trying to play detective and figure out things you can't see?" He smirks at me half-heartedly, knowing that I'll probably decide to ignore him. I am, after all, on the roof. I didn't come here to talk, I came here to think. And yes, it's been 6 hours since I came, and outside it's peacefully snowing. In the six hours since I've been here…

-One text message from Sasori, "haven't you frozen up there?"

-Another one from Deidara, "Come down or this asshole will keep worrying over you instead of fucking ME"

-A very loud shout from Hidan that was of course an invitation to sex on the roof, which of course has been declined with silence.

-Kakuzu telling me not to get sick because we don't have money for any medicine…

And finally Sasuke, trying to see if my skin's not numb yet, by smacking me with the newspaper. These people should learn to respect the silence I ask for, in the rare occasions I do. Just because by being loud we actually distract the spies around the house from seeing how I make maps and shove messages under Sasori's door, that's not an excuse to be loud when I'm on the roof, where I can obviously be spotted by the lamest spy there is. Also, they're being more immature than usual. Being as good as they are with their jobs, I guess they are allowed to be… unusual. All geniuses have their quirks and oddities. But they're pushing the limit more than I would've expected. It's the first time I have to share my life with practically ALL of them.

And Tobi left somewhere. He's still not back, and there's no sign of him… This is getting out of hand.

He said he was out studying the black market, but that's obviously a lie. He should've been back already if it were true. Something's fishy about this guy, and it's not the first time I get this feeling. Could he be more dangerous than I assessed?

"Ice Princess, listen to me for a second. You should come down already, people are getting-"

"Itachi, I've got what you asked for." Kakuzu's voice came from behind me. When I turned my head, I could also see Sasuke's eyes looking at me questioningly, but not getting any answer.

"Leave it where I asked and about the money, you know from where to take it, right?"

Kakuzu nodded and left the roof through the small window. It was all a matter of seconds, yet Sasuke was looking at me as if I just discussed the plan for Word War III in front of him. I guess not knowing anything of what's going on around you can do that. My throat started hurting from all the time spent breathing cold air. Maybe I should go inside and sleep. If I can, that is.

(Sasori POV)

"Did Itachi or Sasuke return from the roof? I heard the window close."

"Both of them." Okay, Kakuzu wasn't in a conversational mood. If I think about it for a second, he is never in a conversational mood, except for the time when he is arguing with Hidan or asking for money from either Itachi or… Leader? Can we really call him that anymore? Is he just 'Pein' now that he doesn't have his title anymore? Now that he's not alive anymore? The least we could do is keep his status as being the leader; those were Itachi's words when he announced that he'd be taking command of Akatsuki. Ha-ha. As if it wasn't him the leader in shadows this whole time.

I saw Kakuzu go to the kitchen and put something in the drawer that had a lock. Considering he went to talk to Itachi right before doing this, it can only mean that either he informed Itachi about this, or Itachi himself commanded it. Why am I even looking so much into detail, it's not we have to be so attentive of our OWN movements. But even so, you can never be too cautious.

"Sasori, don't you think it's time you went for another information raid?" Surprisingly, the voice that said this was Konan's. She rarely ever said something in these past days. I didn't question anything, I just went to the room I shared with Deidara and took my senbon from where I hid them, and then climbed out the window. I already knew that in the part of the garden where the window was facing there were only 2 spies. So it was 2 or nothing, if we didn't want the others to find out. It was bothersome, because it was dark outside, and spies aren't called spies if you can clearly see them. You can only guess. And my instincts are telling me that…

"Oh, fuck it. I CAN SEE YOU, ASSHOLES!" So what if the others find out? It's not like we could let those poor idiots go back after we took whatever information we needed from them. Of course, nothing could be seen moving even after I shouted. But it's enough that it's cold outside and a shout like mine can make their breath hitch- we all 'smoked' when it was winter, right?

The sound of the senbon piercing the air was inaudible to untrained ears. Only I could hear it, and also the targets. But they would only be able to hear it when it would become impossible to dodge. Trust Japs to have silent, lethal weapons. Two not-so-silent sounds that announced me that they tasted the dirt on the ground and that was it. Short, concise, no questions and no answers. This is the world we live in. I got closer to the place where they collapsed and immediately regretted having used a much too strong poison for the senbon- those idiots won't live for long. Itachi will be disappointed. But I frankly don't care. I don't know why, but I feel like no matter what information we're seeking, Itachi either knows it already or it would make no difference at all. All I want to do now is sleep and enjoy the last moments before actually getting ready to die. Of course, we are all supposedly ready to die, but it's just that faint feeling that… it can't happen to YOU. This time, it will be a miracle if it doesn't happen to you.

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