Chapter 19

Two years had gone by since Emily and David had gone to Japan, the Timber Wolves were still the most prominent team in Gaston County, North Carolina taking home two more overall wins in the tournament of counties in those two years. The pair was heading to Japan with their nearly two year old daughter named Akari sitting between them.

When they arrived at the airport Takumi and Natsuki were waiting for them outside Narita Airport, and Takumi had a one and a half year old boy in his arms.

"So this little cutie must be Akari," Natsuki said after all the hugs, handshakes and such were done.

Akari was very shy, and she didn't speak any language but English so this made things interesting when going out of country.

"Akari say hello sweetie," Emily encouraged as the small blonde girl stood quietly between her and her father.

"Hello," the girl said quietly before slipping in behind her father's leg.

"So this must be little Suko," David said taking hold of the small child, and carrying him to the car seat in the GC8 that still belonged to Bunta Fujiwara, "Have you two not gotten a new car yet?"

"He's still looking," Natsuki said with a grin.

"It's not easy finding a car that would replace the car you grew up as a driver in," Emily said coming to Takumi's aid, "I wouldn't let you replace my S15."

David went off to find the car his former boss had once again left for him to use, when he found the 1970 grabber orange Mustang Boss 429 it was resting peacefully between two full size SUVs. Like a professional David maneuvered the large machine out of its space and began driving towards the spaces where Emily and the others were waiting. He didn't even take notice of the note on the dash board until he got to his wife and friends.

Come see me this time, I have important news for you about this car.

Mrs. Yokama.

'Wonder why she wrote the note,' David thought as he climbed out of the car holding the note.

"Takumi, I need to go over to Maebashi for a while, can we meet you out at Akagi?" David asked knowing he would just do it anyway.

"Sure, I'll tell Ryosuke to go ahead and work the rest of the day instead of getting off early," the black haired man said without questioning why.

Emily and Akari climbed into the well maintained vehicle as the blue Impreza drove out of the area. David headed straight to his Japanese boss' home. When they arrived Mrs. Yokama met them at the garage door, she had been crying.

"He wanted you to have that car, he knew you would take fantastic care of it just as he did," she said between staggered breaths as she handed him the Japanese title for the mustang signed and ready to be transferred to a new owner's name.

They spent several hours consoling the older woman as she explained what had happened to David's favorite boss. The man had suffered a severe heart attack on his way home, it was no one's fault and no one could have stopped it. Apparently it was one of those one in a million things that had just happened to hit Mr. Yokama this time.

When David and Emily finally arrived at Akagi's mountain pass it was nearly dark, and the Mustang was already legally theirs in Japan and arrangements to have it taken back to America had been made. They spotted Akari's blue FD, and Ryosuke's white FC, the blue GC8 and a car David assumed was Kyoko and Keisuke's family mover since Keisuke's yellow FD was parked next to the sedan.

"Keisuke, who is this pretty young lady?" David asked offering a hand to the small brown haired girl holding the still spiky haired bleach blonde's pant leg.

"Go and say hello Tsugumi," Kyoko said as the small version of herself tried to hide behind her father.

"Just like our little Akari, shy to the last second," Emily chuckled since the very young blonde was hanging onto her father's pant leg.

Once all the children were introduced the adults of the group began talking about the situation with the Mustang and who all was supposedly going to be at this little get together of theirs.

"So all of Project D is here, where are Itsuki, Iketani and Kenji, they were supposed to be here weren't they?" David asked as he watched Fumihiro, Matsumoto and Tomiguchi pull into the parking area.

"Itsuki and Iketani got stuck working, and Kenji had a date or something," Takumi said with his usual blank tone.

The members of Project D and the Akagi Timber Wolves and their children just hung around the parking area and talked about, what were rapidly becoming the good ole days. David and Ryosuke raced one last time and again came up a draw at the line.

"So why can't you beat him Ryosuke?" Fumihiro asked as the two men arrived back at the top.

"We wouldn't tell you if either of us won anyway so why does that matter?" David asked before he and Ryosuke began laughing together.