Merry Christmas! Well, a day late but it's the thought that counts! Been redicuously busy these last few months, trying to get my marks up. The stupidest part is that I had up to the first break and a half done back in July! I wrote it while stuck in summer school actually. So, I made this one the longest so far, just to hopefully make up for it. This does line up with the episode Iceman and will have lots of dialogue from the beginning of theepisode, although I did add some and the thoughts. Thank you for all the reviews! I loved reading them all, even if majority are for me to hurry up. Either way, the massive update is now coming up after this one :) This fic is now over 100,000 words! My first one! I'm very proud of that. Now, on with the story!

When Gibbs came in, the house was eerily quiet. Harry would sometimes have the T.V going, or playing something from one of the old CDs that Gibbs had nearly forgotten about while doing homework. Placing Aiden down, Gibbs went upstairs where Harry's door was shut. Turning the handle, he was surprised that the door even opened as Harry's gotten into the habit of locking the door since Saturday.

Looking inside, he could see that the curtains were shut and Harry was facing the wall. Frowning slightly (unless he's changed, Harry's always had problems going to sleep before eleven and it's only four thirty), he looked on the desk and saw a pill. Slightly alarmed, Gibbs took the pill and saw 'Advil' in black lettering on the yellow pill. He sighed at the sight.

Kelly was the one that would get headaches, especially in the heat where she's running around and laughing hard. A couple Tylenol and she was fine. When Harry got them, they needed the strong stuff and a cool, dark room. Harry usually got migraines, but it wasn't often. Gibbs and Shannon could never figure out what triggered them. With Kelly, it was usually a 'give her water and next to no sugar that day. Harry? No idea.

Taking the pill, he put it in his pocket when he heard Harry moan. Harry shifted in his sleep and was facing Gibbs, who could see that Harry still had his glasses on. Taking them off the boy's face and placing them on the desk, Gibbs could see the sweater that Harry was wearing and knew that he didn't change. Perfect. Not wanting to disturb Harry's sleep (Shannon accidentally did the one time when Harry was six and it took two hours for him to stop howling from the pain and to go back to sleep), Gibbs gently shut the door and went back downstairs where Aiden somehow got on the couch and was lying on his stomach, staring at the floor in interest. Trying not to laugh, Gibbs made some soup for him and the toddler, knowing that if Harry wanted any, he'll come down and get it.


When Harry woke up, there was...nothing. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that he couldn't feel anything in his head, which is a good thing if not feeling a bit weird. He forgot that when there's no pounding in his skull, the day actually looks half decent. Grinning, he threw off the covers and looked down. He groaned. He has got to stop doing this!

Taking off the clothes he wore yesterday and grabbing fresh ones, Harry grabbed his glasses off the desk and looked over. He froze. The Advil was gone. Did Aiden get in here somehow and take it thinking it was candy? On the verge of panicking, Harry went straight to Aiden's room and saw the toddler sleeping peacefully. Harry let out a sigh of relief at that. Making his way back to his room, he flopped on his bed and closed his eyes for a minute before they snapped open and looked at his watch. It was only six, making Harry sag down on his bed in relief. He thought that he slept in and it was only Tuesday. It was worse then Mondays because with Monday, you feel energized from the weekend but by Tuesday, you just start to crash.

Deciding to get ready, Harry went down to the kitchen for a banana and went back upstairs to get changed for school. He was just thankful that he didn't need a uniform or something like that. Harry decided just to lay on his bed and just stared up at the ceiling, waiting for his watch to go off at 7:30 so he could go out and catch the bus. 'This is going to be a long day.' He thought.


While Harry was getting up for the day, Ducky was making his way down to the autopsy lab where a young marine needed an autopsy. The morning was much colder with the snow that fell during the night. The first snowfall of the year. Everyone knew that winter was now coming and was probably going to be very cold this year. He grabbed the file on his desk after taking off his winter clothing and put the kettle on for some tea.

"Corporal Liam Michael O'Neil. Nice Irish name. I'm from Scotland, I just hope you won't hold that against me," Ducky said with a slight chuckle.

"Only 24." Ducky looked sadly at the file in is hand.

"You young men are dying too young now these days." He went back to reading to file.

"United States Marine Corps. Found face down in a snow bank in Montrose Park." Ducky paused and looked at the body bag.

"Well how did you end up there at six in the morning? I hope you weren't stumbling home after a party. That would be a very tragic waste of a young man's life." He put the file down and went to get his gloves while still talking to the dead marine.

"This is the place," He continued while putting his gloves on, "where death rejoices by teaching the living."

Ducky started repositioning the light over the table and couldn't help but think that this was a death that should never happened. Most deaths that come through his autopsy room should never happen, but that's human nature.

"Liam, what can you teach us?" Ducky started unzipping the bag halfway and saw the young corporal and started examining his head as his kettle started whistling. He felt a small rise at the back of Liam's head.

"Hmm…a wee bump. Perhaps I spoke too soon in saying you were the architect of your own destruction." Ducky was dreading this. He heard his kettle go off and ignored it for the time being. When he looked down, the blue eyes were open, making Ducky jumped back, nearly having a heart attack.

Liam took in a gasp of air as his head lifted off the table to get the precious oxygen. Ducky was fully backed up to the door and saw a phone hanging there and quickly dialed the hospital, knowing that this man must get treatment, or else he will end up back on the table. Ducky ended up holding the Corporal down before he did anymore damage to himself while waiting for the paramedics to come.


Down in Mexico, Sirius and Remus watched as Mike Franks packed to go to Washington, not saying why.

"You two can come with me, but you'll have to buy your own tickets." Remus and Sirius just looked at each other in that. Remus knew that Sirius wasn't going to stay behind when Mike was going to be in the same area as Harry.

"I'll stay here and watch the house." Sirius volunteered. Mike snorted.

"You expect me to fall for that shit?" He asked. Sirius just shrugged.

"Look," Mike said, looking at Sirius.

"Probe told me why you can't come into the country for now, but we'll find a way to get you in." Sirius just gave a small grin.

"No, it's fine. It's just…"

"You want to see your boy." Mike said. Even though Harry wasn't Sirius' biological son, he was as good as. Mike had the story on why Sirius was on the run (leaving out the magic bit), and did (slightly reluctantly at first), let him come with a friend. The two haven't really intruded on his life, even though it was a basic non existent one at that.

"I'll be catching the morning flight to Washington." Remus looked at his watch and saw that it was an hour til eight. Knowing he won't be able to get a ticket, Remus just said lightly, "I'll catch the next flight and call you when I land." It was nearly a five hour flight so Mike will be landing at around two in the States since they're an hour ahead there.

"Fine by me." With that, Mike shut his suitcase and walked out the door to his old truck and drove off to the airport. Sirius just looked at Remus.

"What are you planning?"

"How do you feel about being Padfoot for a while?"


Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly as he got off the bus at school. He's feeling much more tired then he should, but he reckons it's just the leftover meds from last night that were still in his system. Yawning, Harry made his way to the second floor to his locker and wrinkled his nose when he saw a couple making out. On his locker. He cleared his throat, but they ignored him. Harry crossed his arms and huffed on the wall while glaring holes into the back of their skulls. They didn't move, so Harry just pushed his way through, getting nasty looks from the two of them, to which Harry really didn't care at all. His mood didn't really improve when he saw his friends either. Richard and Michelle took one look on his stormy face and didn't say anything Sabrina was more concerned though.

"Harry?" Harry just shook his head, not wanting to deal with this right now. Especially with the Advil still in his system and the two at his locker, he was starting to fray slightly and the day hasn't even started.


Tony was just flipping through the file as McGee was just on his computer after Tony took the file from him.

"At least the Corporal woke up before Ducky got his tools ready." McGee said after a few minutes of silence. Gibbs still wasn't in yet and Ziva was usually here by now, but still hasn't shown up yet. Tony didn't respond and just kept going through the file. When Tony got finished looking through it, he couldn't help but comment, "there's nothing lucky about waking up on your own autopsy Probee."

"At least you know you aren't dead." McGee said, looking up at Tony. Neither could really believe the absurdity of this. Tony just gave him a look.

"Ducky's the one who's lucky."

"Why is Ducky lucky?" Ziva asked as she put her bag under her desk. Tony turned to her.

"And look who finally decided to show up!" Ziva just raised an eyebrow at him for that. He seems to like forgetting how easily she can kill him. She just shook her head at that and decided to ignore Tony…again.

"Like you've never been late before," Ziva snarked as she tossed her bag under her desk.

"Left earlier, gone mysteriously missing-"

"My point exactly." Tony said. Ziva just gave him a look.

"Tardiness is my middle name, it's expected of me. You, on the other hand, are the poster girl for punctuality." Tony took a paused as Ziva took off her hat.

"Late night?"

"Early morning," came the reply.

"Decided to run a new route, took longer then expected. Will run faster tomorrow." She said. Even though she's been living in D.C. for over a year, Ziva still hasn't figured out all the trails around the city and her run unexpectedly took longer then she first expected. She just couldn't get the thought out of her head that something's going to happen soon which helped her lose track of time.

"Now, why is Ducky lucky?" Ziva wanted to know.

"We have a dead man walking." Tony said in a slightly toned down voice. Ziva just stared at him at that, remembering the case from a month ago. Her hat was a reminder of the whole incident of the radiation poisoning.

"I've had enough of dead men walking." She said with a small sigh.

"Haven't we all?" McGee asked. It was much too close with Gibbs and the whole BZ gas incident, especially now that Harry was in the picture. They still haven't gotten the whole story out of him and Ziva had a sneaking suspicion that it's be like prying teeth to get what happened this summer and school year.

"But this one was really dead," McGee continued.

"Ducky was about to start the autopsy, then he came back to life." Ziva just furrowed her eyebrows at that, not really understanding where McGee was going.

"Like Lasserus."

"No, like Liam," Tony said, clicking his small remote to the big screen.

"Liam O'Neil," he said as the picture downloaded onto the screen, "Corporal, was a communications specialist attached to marine supply division combat support hospital in Baghdad." McGee said taking over.

"He had a fifteen day leave from his unit in Iraq. Third tour." He said, gesturing to the screen. Ziva just nodded as she took this all in and was slightly impressed.

"Hard core marine."

"He was due to fly back to Baghdad the day after tomorrow." Ziva couldn't figure something out though.

"How does a man who is not dead, end up on Ducky's table?" The three just looked at each other at that question.

Gibbs came out of the elevator and saw his team already looking at the case and smiled. Tony was the first to notice him.

"Hey boss, made some notes for you." He handed Gibbs a small notepad that had the essential information that he had from the case file. Gibbs just nodded and made his way down to Ducky.

"How do you think Harry is?" McGee asked. The other two just looked at each other, not being really sure. They haven't seen him since the BZ gas episode.

"Maybe we could go over one of these nights?" Ziva suggested. The other two just shrugged.


"Hey Duck, who was it that gave you the not so dead man?" Gibbs asked as he stepped into the lab.

"It was the Metro police. They reported a dead man, not an unconscious one." Ducky said as his tea kettle went off for the second time that morning. Gibbs got the call not two seconds after Harry left the house so he dropped Aiden off at the day care center and made his way to Ducky's autopsy room after the stop up top.

"There's an old paramedic saying," Ducky continue, "a man is not dead until he is warm and dead." Gibbs was playing with the light used for extra light over the tables so he could read the note.

"Can't really blame them though, seeing that the man was found face down in a snow drift, core temperature 20 degrees below normal, and no distinguished heartbeat either." He finished pouring the water into his teapot.

"He could've been there for hours so it was a reasonable conclusion considering the circumstances." Ducky brought over his tray of tea to the clean autopsy table.

"CPR?" Gibbs asked.

"By their estimation he was long dead before then." Gibbs wanted to groan in frustration at that.

"CPR is for the recent dead. It never crossed their minds. You know, the physiology is very interesting." Ducky started pouring the milk into the cups, "faced with intimate death, the brain begins to switch off the lights to preserve the last flicker of light and hope." Ducky stuck the milk container back in the fridge.

"Prognosis?" That's what Gibbs was really after, whether or not this was foul play. Ducky paused for a minute while closing the door.

"Well, children have been known to make a full recovery after being pulled from freezing rivers a whole two hours after they apparently drowned." Gibbs did not want to think about that, picturing Aiden and Harry in that situation, which didn't help matters. Ducky seemed to have sensed that and stopped talking about that particular strain of thought.

"Adults on the other hand, aren't so lucky. He'll be on a ventilator at the hospital and they'll be constantly checking his condition." Gibbs stopped looking at the note.

"So you've got nothing for us here Duck?"

"On the contrary!" he said while going over to his small moving table.

"He had a lump on his left temporal area and bruising on the back of his neck." Ducky gave the clipboard to Gibbs that had pictures of the corporal's head and neck. Ducky started to walk away.

"He didn't fall into that snow drift. He was struck on the side of the head." Ducky walked over to the table that had the kettle on it.

"He was pushed into the snow," as he demonstrated with his fingers slightly curled.

"Violently held by his neck and the back of the head." Gibbs just watched him do his re-enactment.

"Probably until he stopped thrashing." Ducky started pouring the finished tea into a cup.

"How's that for starters?" Gibbs just nodded and left for upstairs where everyone heard the familiar, "grab your gear."

The three looked at each other and decided not to question it, figuring that they were going to the crime scene.


As they made their way to the crime scene, Ziva was taking note of the area. She glanced over at her colleagues and saw that McGee was doing the same thing as well, probably noting that there's no houses anywhere near this area. So why was the corporal way out here this early in the morning?

Getting out, McGee started taking pictures and was commenting on the area when Tony got another phone call. Ziva and McGee started to watch Tony as he was talking and was growing slightly more interested in what he was talking about.

"She sure calls him a lot." McGee noted.

"More often then him." Ziva replied as they walked around the crime scene.


"Commitment issues. She is committed while he's not." McGee just took some more pictures while thinking about what Ziva said. She's taking it a lot more personal then she should, considering it's Tony. Tony just hung up when Ziva found a cell phone.

"Glad you could join us." She said. Tony just gave her a look.

"Well there's not much to see, considering we've been here for an hour."

"Corporal O'Neil was wearing only a shirt and no jacket, what does that tell you McGee?" Gibbs asked as he came over.

"Jacket was stolen?" Tony piped up.

"Or he left it close by." Ziva suggested. McGee just lifted his hand slightly before letting it fall, making a small slap. It was his question and Tony just had to say something before he had a chance to.

"Or left behind." Gibbs muttered.

"There's no houses nearby but the service roads close." McGee said when there was a small silence.

"Car!" Tony realized as he was jumping up and down slightly from the cold. Gibbs just slipped on his gloves. McGee took out his notepad.

"Silver '97 Mustang with a license plate Delta, Zulu, 1, 5, Lema, 3, 7." Gibbs just smiled at him, knowing that the police found a car with those matching plates.

"Come on then." McGee just grinned at that and followed Gibbs to where the abandoned car is now. When they got there, McGee started snapping pictures while Tony and Ziva searched the car.

"Bingo on the jacket." Tony just had a slightly smug look on his face as Ziva grabbed it from the car and noticed something.

"The heat's on high and the keys are in the ignition. Must've sat here with the heater running." McGee grabbed the wallet.

"The motive wasn't robbery. There's still $500.00 in here, all newly minted."

"Guess he must've left in a hurry." Tony said after a minute.

"Well he didn't leave fast enough." Gibbs said.

"Have the car towed back to the garage and let's head back."


Harry was just starting to shake off the Advil's affect on him by the time lunch came. He still hadn't told Gibbs about asking Sabrina over tomorrow night, so he decided to tell him tonight sometime, which'll be nice as there won't really be any screaming Aiden for a couple hours. He smiled when he saw most of his friends already at a table with lunches and were chatting away. Nick was the one who spotted him first.

"-you agree don't you Harry?" Harry just blinked.

"What?" Was the intelligent answer he gave. Nick just shook his head at that. Shrugging it off, Harry sat down and started eating his lunch.


Gibbs made his way down to Abby's lab.

"Good afternoon Gibbs!"

"Good afternoon Abbs. How'd you know it was me?" he was curious to know. It could've been McGee with how often he came down. Abby put down her magnifying glass.

"Because, I found something. And whenever I find something, you always know, then you come see me." She justified. Gibbs just gave her a look.

"I do?"

"Well…yeah because if I didn't then you wouldn't be here. Haven't you been listening?" Gibbs just gave a small chuckle at that. Abby reminded him of Kelly a bit with her endless amount of babbling and always justifying herself with the most outrageous reasons.

"So you found what Abbs?" Gibbs asked, wanting to get back to the main topic. Abby went around him and picked up a small bag of powder.

"I found it in his left trouser pocket. It's organic."

"Is it illegal?"

"We can smoke it and find out." At Gibbs' look, she added, "kidding. I'll let the mass spectrometer do the smoking. But I also found this." She made her way to the other side of the table and held a receipt.

"It's a receipt from a restaurant in Baghdad." Gibbs took it while putting on his glasses.

"Corporal's on his third tour Abbs." Gibbs said because it wasn't suspicious, especially this being the third tour.

"It's from three days ago and he's been on leave for three weeks so what was he doing there three days ago? See the date?"

"Good catch Abby." Gibbs said as he took off his glasses and walked out.

"Do you think it's ESP? I mean, when you always know when I find something? Because if it is ESP then are you reading my mind or am I sending you some sort of weird brain thoughts out of my head and into yours?" When she saw the lab empty, she closed her eyes and started saying, "come back Gibbs, come back."


Gibbs and Ziva made their way to the hospital after Ziva got a call about someone being with the corporal at the hospital when they were questioning a manager of the plane company that the corporal used to go to and from Baghdad. When they turned the corner, Gibbs and Ziva couldn't believe who they were seeing.

"Hey there Probe."

"Hello Mike." Gibbs said. Mike just looked back at the corporal.

"You know this marine?"Mike was quiet for a minute.

"He's my son."

"I'll go get some coffee." Ziva muttered as she walked out, knowing the two might want some time alone.

"How's your boy doing?"

"Boys. I have two now because of the plane bombing a few weeks back. Harry and a toddler named Aiden." Mike just nodded and the two didn't say anything else until Ziva came back with the coffee and left again.

"You never told me you had a son." Mike grunted.

"I didn't either until a few years ago when he called me after tracking me down. We met, had a few beers…he was just about to deploy. Didn't hear from him until a couple of days ago. Said he was in trouble." He said while looking at the monitor.

"What kind of trouble?"

"Didn't say," Mike said as he got up.

"You wouldn't know it now, but he's got his mothers hair. It used to always blow into her face and I'd laugh. She'd get so pissed…" Mike gave a small laugh as he remembered and looked down at his son. The smile slowly died off his face.

"She died a few years ago. We were only together six months. I didn't even know she was pregnant when she left."

"What did the doctors say?"

"What doctors always say," Mike scoffed.

"Not much that makes any sense, doing tests, brain waves and reflexes, all that neurological stuff." Mike looked at Gibbs.

"Do you know who did this Probe?"

"Not yet." Gibbs admitted. It was much too early in the investigation to know.

"Guess you wouldn't tell me anyway."

"No." Gibbs said. He knew how rash Mike would get about it and doesn't have the backing of being an NCIS agent to cover up what he did.

"You need a place to stay tonight Mike?"

"No, I'll stay here with my boy." Gibbs nodded at that and turned to leave.

"And Probe, Remus is coming up as well. I'll let you know when he comes." Gibbs nodded and left the room.

"Is there any hope?"

The nurse went on to explain that there's still more testing to be done, but at this point it would be wrong of he to give them any hope and that they'll know by tomorrow.

"He knows?" Ziva asks. Gibbs looked in the room.

"He knows."


Harry was at home by the time Gibbs pulled up. Harry could hear Aiden's babbling before the footsteps and Harry swore that toddler could talk anyone's ear off.

Gibbs got a call earlier from Mike saying that Remus was in the country and was staying at a hotel for the night and gave him the cell number. Gibbs didn't bother calling Remus just yet, mostly because of the case and partly because he wants Remus to be slightly settled before coming over to the house. Gibbs immediately put Aiden down on the carpet by the T.V. that had a couple toys in the corner that Aiden crawled over to get.

"Harry!" Harry's head snapped towards the door when he heard his name called. Pushing his homework away, Harry left his room and trotted downstairs towards the kitchen.

"Yes?" Harry asked. Gibbs didn't even turn his head.

"I need you to look after Aiden tomorrow night." Harry frowned.

"Okay…" he trailed off.

"How long?"

"Until eleven. I should be back home by then." Harry knew that it had nothing to do with the case, it was personal and it probably had something to do with the blond woman. He tried not to scowl at that.

"Anything else?" he asked, with sarcasm laid in there. There goes a night with Sabrina. Gibbs shook his head, never once looking up from his work. Aiden was watching Tree House. What he was watching, Harry didn't have a clue and frankly, he didn't want to know.

He made a face to Gibbs' back before going back to his room, trying very hard not to stomp all the way. He somehow managed not to slam his door but still had an angry look on his face. If Sirius were there, he would've told you to run, as it was the same face that Lily would have before her temper got the better of her. Harry always needed a way to manage his anger, as the Dursley's would've probably been brutal if he took his temper out on the house or Dudley, Merlin forbid. He wasn't even asked what his plans are! If he even had plans to begin with! He growled as he sat at his desk and fumed for a minute.

Harry just threw himself on his bed and growled as he punched the pillow, too frustrated to do anything else. He just laid there and stared at the ceiling as his thoughts were in turmoil. It was a good thing no one came up, or else Harry would've snapped at them. He just did nothing for the rest of the night, not even going back to his art project that was due at the end of Christmas break. Rolling onto his side, Harry jut stared at the wall and did nothing, but traced invisible patterns with his finger and couldn't help but feel lonely right now.

"I wish you were here Kelly," he whispered, "now more then ever."


Harry felt tired. More tired the he has in a while and knew why. His mood can affect his physical health, which his magic's helps negate, but lately, this has been different, he just couldn't explain it. It felt heavy. Harry groaned as he got off the bed for school.

He rubbed his eyes as he went to put his coat and bag away when Sabrina came bouncing up behind him.

"Hi Harry! What wrong?" She frowned when she saw him rubbing his eyes in tiredness.

"Nothing, just tired. Oh, and I have to watch Aiden tonight. Maybe we can hang out some other time." Sabrina frowned deeper at that.

"No, I can come over and hang out at your place then. I don't mind." Harry just gave her a tired smile before yawning.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Harry said in a slightly snappish way. He rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry. I just don't know what's wrong with me."

"Maybe you're coming down with something." Sabrina suggested. Harry shrugged.


"Well, come on, lets get a table before they're all taken." Sabrina grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him over to one of the last available tables before Harry put his head in his arms and nearly went to sleep. Sabrina watched him in concern. Harry was fine yesterday. A bit tired, yes, but he perked up pretty quickly after that. Maybe he is coming down with something.

"Hey Sab and zombie dude." Richard said. Sabrina glared at Richard.

"Don't call me Sab." She growled. Richard held up his hands.

"Fine! Just don't kill me." He ended pathetically. Michelle and Nick just gave him a sad look and Nick patted his shoulder in condolences.

"I was glad to know you." He said. Harry snorted between his arms at that.

"Earth to Harry, are you there?"

"Possibly." He said with slightly glazed eyes looking over at his friends.

"Jesus Harry! How strong of meds did you take?"

"Apparently enough to knock him out for hours and still be tired." Michelle muttered.

"What? It's like me with the Benadril. If I take it any later then six then I'd have a hell of a time getting up."

"Joy." Harry said sarcastically.

"But I took that two days ago. I shouldn't be this-" hr yawned, "tired." Everyone shrugged, not really sure on what to say.

"Maybe it's the teen thing." Nick suggested. Everyone gave him a weird look.

"I kinda remember mom telling my older brother when he was a teen that he'll be tired a lot after finding out he couldn't get up like he use to and that there's going to be a few growth spurts coming."

"Lovely," Harry said dryly.

"That just made my day." He dug an apple out that he swiped from the kitchen and bit into it while listening to everyone else. Everyone continued talking while Harry munched on his apple until the bell went, making everyone go to class.

Harry merely listened in class and was zoning out a lot as well. Richard just grabbed his elbow and took him along.

"You do know that there's a test on Friday, right?" Richard asked.

"Hm?" Harry said.

"You were completely zoned out the whole class weren't you."

"Probably." Harry said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Richard gave a small sigh at that.

"There's gonna be a test on the first half of the play, considering the second half will be done by Christmas break."

"Lucky us," Harry said dryly.

"And what's the novel again?"

"Moonfleet." Harry merely nodded at that and wasn't looking forward to studying for the play. Sure, it was fun acting it out, but picking it apart…that'll suck.

Harry and Richard made their way to Geography class when they realized that the bell was about to go off again.


"So, what are we doing tonight?" Sabrina asked at lunch. Harry just shrugged.

"Not sure now that I got dumped with babysitting Aiden."

"At least I'll finally meet him." Sabrina said with a smile.

"Does Gibbs know I'm coming?"

"Nope." Harry smiled.

"I did try telling him, but I don't think it went through." 'Hopefully I won't get in trouble,' he thought. Harry just mentally shrugged at that. He could have friends over, right?

"So, we can make supper, watch movies, do homework, make sure Aiden doesn't destroy the house…"

"That sounds like a date." Michelle said, coming up behind them. Harry went beet red at that.

"It's not a date." He mumbled. Michelle just snorted.

"Keep telling yourself that Harry," She said.


Gibbs drove up to Mike when he saw the fence dividing them. Getting out, he walked up to the fence where Mike was already waiting.

"Found your prints in his car Mike."

"I figured you would, it was only a matter of time." Mike replied as he lit up a cigarette.

"You should've told me that you've seen him."

"Didn't want you asking too many questions." Mike said.


"What my son was involved in."

"Are you going to tell me?" Mike was silent for a few moments.

"I saw him a couple of days ago, needed some money. Nearly cleaned me out, but I got it, all $25,000 of it. He took $500.00 of it and told me to hang onto the rest of it. Told me it was safer this way and he'd call me for the rest of it. He never called."

"What's this about?" Gibbs wanted to know.

"He wouldn't tell me."

"He wouldn't tell you or you just won't tell me?" The two stared at each other.

"We're getting more alike, you and me Probe. Even feeling the same pain. I don't know how you didn't go crazy when you lost you're little girl. You probably did for a while. Maybe you still are. I just know that I gotta do what's right for my boy. I owe him that."

"Let me handle it." Gibbs said, wanting to help, just like when Mike helped him find Kelly and Shannon's killer. Mike just took in another drag.

"You gotta be somewhere?" Gibbs asked, seeing how jumpy Mike was getting.

"I want the body sent down to my place in Mexico when Ducky's done. Can you arrange it for me?" Gibbs stepped closer.

"I don't wanna come after you Mike."

"Then don't." Mike started walking away.

"Mike," Gibbs called back. Mike turned slightly.

"I did go crazy for a while. The only thing that was holding me together by any means was Harry, knowing that the little boy will be needing me to be strong." With that, Mike drove away.


Gibbs couldn't wait until he could go and see Mann. He needed to talk to someone who wasn't attached to the case, especially now that Liam was officially dead. Picking up Aiden, he pulled up to the house and saw the T.V. on through the curtains. Opening the door, Gibbs could hear two teenage voices coming through the house.

"Harry!" He waited a minute before Harry came down.


"You brought company over?"

"Well, yeah," Harry said, slightly defensively.

"She'll be good company and we have homework to do and we're helping each other in science class and she babysits!"

"Calm down. I wasn't accusing you of anything." Harry just slightly frowned at that. Gibbs just shook his head and let Aiden down who immediately latched to Harry's leg.

"'Ry, up!" He demanded, stretching his arms up. Harry cocked an eyebrow but complied.

"So you'll be home around eleven?" Harry wanted to know. Gibbs nodded.

"You better be in bed by then," he warned, even though they both knew that Harry won't be asleep by then unless he was really tired. Harry just nodded.

"You can order out if you want." Gibbs said. Harry shook his head.

"I can find something here, it's not a problem." Gibbs looked at Harry before nodding and left. Sabrina came sauntering down and saw Aiden in Harry's arms.

"So, this is Aiden, he's adorable."

"Yep." Harry said, trying to put Aiden down, who merely latched onto Harry harder.


"Oh good god." Harry moaned.

"He sounds just like Dudley."

"Who's Dudley?" Sabrina asked.

"My spoiled cousin." Harry said flatly.

"You wanna watch some cartoons?" He asked Aiden who just stared blankly at him. Sabrina went over to the T.V and found the Tree House channel and let Aiden watch 'Arthur.'

"So, what are we doing tonight?"

"Well, supper sounds good." Harry smiled. Maybe tonight wasn't going to be such a nightmare after all…

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