Hey! Apparently I was able to type this up fast. It's a tad shorter but it covers Harry's flight so I skipped a lot of time simply because there's not much you can do on a plane. This should tie you guys over for a little while. Say...three weeks? Now that both worlds are together, this needs more planning and we might stop back in England in the future. Not sure yet. So, with out further adue, here's the Chapter 5 that you guys have been waiting for :)

Chapter Five

Harry woke up to Hedwig's badgering of "Get up, GET UP!"

"'Jeez Hedwig! What did I do?"

"Harry, what time is it?"

"'10:34…I SLEPT IN!"

"Harry, calm down, I gave you the extra two hours. Although, you turned it into three and a half."

"Sorry Hedwig."

"'Apology accepted. Now, When does the plane leave?"

"'At around 3 and everyone says to arrive an hour early to board and an extra two hours to get through security and customs."

"So you should be leaving in an hour and a half."

"Right, I'm gonna get ready." Harry pushed back the covers and pulled out his backpack and stuffed his pajamas in there while running to the bathroom where he was going to have a quick shower. Going to, was the key words. He let the water run over himself until his hands started shriveling a bit. He stepped out and quickly brushed his teeth and dried his hair with a towel. Not bothering to brush it, Harry put everything back in his bag and got dressed with the clothes he picked out last night.

Grabbing his passport ad ticket, he looked at the clock that read 12:00. Grinning, he zipped his bag up and started heading out of the room to check out when he remembered Gibbs' rule #40 'If someone's out to get you, they are'.

"Hedwig, can you see if there's anyone outside waiting for me?"

"Alright Harry. There's no one out here. Must've thought you were already gone."

"Perfect. Thanks Hedwig. Go to America and wait til I get there. I should be there in a few hours." Hedwig bobbed her head and disappeared in a ball of flame. Harry went downstairs to check out and went outside to catch a taxi.

"Gatwick airport please." The driver nodded and Harry leaned back in his seat while watching the traffic go past him. He watched some buildings while the driver went into the Gatwick's parking lot.

"Here you are kid. That'll be 20 pounds." Harry shrugged and paid the taxi driver while staring at the huge building in front of him. It almost looks as big as Hogwarts if you take off the towers. He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked inside. It was almost chaos in his opinion. People were running around, screaming and yelling at the ticket people, Harry couldn't wrap his head around it. Walking up to the nearest person, Harry asked where he could get his ticket scanned in. The person pointed to the left.

"It's about halfway down the hall lad."

"Thanks." Harry did a small jog and looked at the clock. It was now 1:30. He really hoped that security won't take long. Noticing the signs, Harry stood in line to get his ticket confirmed.

"Hello. Can I see your ticket please?"

"Here," Harry handed it over. He scanned it and showed Harry where his seat was. 'Cool, I get a window seat.' Harry thought. Since he was in first class, he would automatically get on first. Harry thanked him and walked down the hall ways while following the signs. 'Washington, Washington…here we go. Section 5. Alright, a bit of a walk.'

Harry would occasionally look up to see if he was following the signs right. He passed different customs for other flights to Canada, Australia, Italy, Morocco and South America. Finding the door he wanted, Harry pushed it open while trying not to get trampled by everyone else pushing their way through. 'Jeez, are we in a rush or something?' Harry thought with irritation. Looking at the line, Harry guessed he'd be here a while. He brought out his notebook, flipped it to the back and started doodling from boredom.

After what felt like hours, Harry finally made it to the security guard. He placed his bag in the bucket and slid off his broken watch. It was just a habit he got into and never really took it off. Walking through the metal detectors, the machine said he was clean. 'Awesome, it didn't get my knife.' Harry placed a notice-me-not charm to last a few minutes to get through security. Grinning madly, Harry took his bag and made his way to the waiting area. Looking at the clock, he had about 45 minutes to do whatever he wanted. 'I think I'll get a late lunch,' he thought. He was getting pretty hungry. Finding a food place with a short line, he ordered some fries, a burger and a coke. Eating slowly, he heard the first boarding call for his flight. Quickly finishing the rest of his food, Harry made his way to the ticket counter. He saw a second class sign and a first class sign. 'I guess first gets a ten minute early boarding time.' He thought. Handing the lady his ticket, she pointed out his seat number. Thanking her he made his way to the plane through a small hallway that connected to the plane. Looking around, Harry saw a small sign pointing to first class. He made his way there and found it…empty. 'Well, this will be a tad boring then,' Harry thought sourly. Second class wasn't allowed to come up to first. He heard the boarding call for families with small children. Harry looked for his seat and saw it closest to the curtain dividing the two classes. Shrugging, Harry dumped his bag and brought out "The Return of the King," hoping it would last the plane ride.

He didn't know how much time past only that the boarding signs were now off so he guessed that he was the only first class passenger. Placing a bookmark in the book, Harry tuned out the emergency safety procedures and waited for the seat belt notice to come on. After what seemed an eternity, the light went on and Harry smiled. This was it, he was leaving England. Clicking on his seat belt, he waited for the plane to start up. Harry was almost bouncing in his seat when he felt the plane starting to move.

Looking out his window, Harry could see that the plane was starting to move backwards. The plane turned slowly and could see the different turns the plane had to make until they came to the runway. Harry grinned like a mad man. The plane started to speed up. Getting pushed back in his seat, he reminded him self to not move his neck. Harry felt his world tilt and felt the plane getting faster and turning in mid air. Harry thought it was almost as good as a broom. Faster, but he didn't get the wind in his face feeling that he'll miss in America because he didn't think that Gibbs would've seen him and Kelly floating a ball and changing its colours that one day they hid in her room.


"Come on Harry! Lets go to my room and play!" Kelly said. They were five and Harry just hid the flashlight in the dishwasher.

"Coming Kell!" Harry ran after her, following her streaming red hair that whipped around a corner into her room. Kelly grabbed a ball and tossed it to Harry.

"Can you show me that trick you promised?"

"Alright," Harry grinned. He only just found out he could float objects and make them move. Harry stared at the ball, trying to make it float. He pictured a ball floating in his head. When he heard Kelly yell, he knew he did it.

"Come on Kelly, lets see if you can turn it different colours!"

"Are you sure I can do it?"

"Yes! Just believe and it can happen."

"Alright." Kelly tried picturing the red ball turning bright blue. Harry watched as the ball slowly turned colours.

"You did it Kell!"

"I did?" Kelly asked. She opened her eyes and saw a blue ball floating in front of her.

"Lets play a game. Do you have another ball?"

"Here," Kelly dug through her toy chest and pulled out another red ball.

"Here, you can have the blue and I can have the red." Harry let the floating blue ball drop. Unknown to either of them, Gibbs was watching them play their new game from the living room.

"Ok, we both have to turn it different colours and try to make our ball the coolest one here, we can even try putting animal pictures on there!"

"Won't that be hard?"

"Not if you believe,"

"Peter Pan said that,"

"He could fly because he believed,"

"He also had pixie dust,"

"Well, we can't fly, but we can float out balls. Come on Kell, lets try it." The two five year old kids sat on Kelly's bed for an hour, floating their balls and making it change colours. Harry's ball was turning colours that made it look like a jungle while Kelly's had random colours everywhere. They both put animals on there and accidentally made it so they could move.

"Harry, Harry. Come on sweetie, where'd you hide the flashlight this time?" Shannon called. Kelly and Harry opened their eyes and were shocked when they saw the balls. Harry's had a jungle on it with jaguars, snakes, birds, frogs, crocodiles and a parrot. Kelly's had random colours and unicorns with leprechauns jumping in cauldrons full of gold, care bears sliding on rainbows and red rabbits hopping everywhere. "Cool," They both said. Grinning at each other Harry asked "Kell, can you keep my ball with yours?"

"Sure Harry. Let me hide it and we can give clues to where the flashlight is."

"It's called a torch."

"I'm American and I say flashlight."

"Fine. I say torch, you say flashlight. Deal?"

"Deal." They shook hands on that.

"HARRY! KELLY! Where's the flashlight!"

"It's in the kitchen," Harry called.

"Come on. Lets go play outside," Kelly declared, dragging Harry behind her.

End of Flash back

Harry smiled at the memory. He has no idea what happened to the balls. Kelly took them back to America so he wasn't sure if Gibbs still had the little chest. Kelly hid her diary in there. She said 'It's to hold all out adventures together. When we grow up, we'll be detectives solving mysteries.'

Harry took out his journal. It held the adventures and some drawings he did at her house, along with the birthday pictures in there as well. Kelly loved the colour blue. Almost all her pictures had blue somewhere so as a going away gift, Harry got her blue markers, blue crayons, blue pencil crayons and a blue flower. Shannon and Gibbs laughed when Kelly started squealing at all the blue. He decided to take a nap and hope that it knocked off some time to get there.


Harry woke up to a baby crying. He looked at the screen. There was still four hours more of flying. Trying to get comfortable, Harry couldn't block out the crying baby. Putting his journal back in his bag, Harry looked around to see where the stewardess was. They were all up front.

Harry slid behind the curtain and looked around. The seats were crowded together and a young mother trying to get the baby to calm down. She must of felt something and looked at him.

"I'm so sorry mister, but Aiden wouldn't calm down."

"It's alright madam. It could be the noise." It was noisy with six year olds squealing and some older people snore loudly as they sleep.


"I could look after him for a few hours." Harry offered. He didn't think that she would give the baby to a complete stranger. She bit her lip.

"Well, I don't know. I mean, do you know how to look after kids?"

"I've had lots of practice from my neighborhood." The baby wailed louder.

"Alright. Do you think you can keep him up front with you until the ride ends? I need a bit of sleep."

"Of course. I can wait in the tunnel for you."

"Thank you. What's your name?"

"Harry Potter."

"Well Harry, the young boy here is Aiden and just turned 15 months 4 days ago. My name is Emily."

"Nice to meet you. Are you visiting family?"

"No," she said sadly. "My family and my husband and his family are all dead. We're both only children and all our Aunts and Uncles died years ago in that fiasco."

"What fiasco?"

"Oh, you're too young to remember. It was for about 20 years when people were disappearing and dying for some odd reason. Our house caught fire when I was at a friend's house. My mother survived but died last year."

"I'm sorry to hear that" Harry could guess at what the fiasco was. "My parent died years ago so I never knew them. I grew up with my Aunt."

Harry didn't know why he was opening up so much to a stranger. Maybe because she reminds him of Shannon a little.

"That's sad. At least I knew my parents."

"It's alright. I came to terms with it a while ago." Aiden was starting to cry louder so Emily just passed him to Harry who then stopped wailing. Emily looked at Harry in awe.

"He's never done that for me yet." Harry shrugged at that.

"I'll see you in a few hours Emily."

"Take care of him!" She called. Harry smiled at her while cooing at Aiden a bit.

"Come on Aiden, lets go and get a comfy seat and some peace and quiet. How bout that?" He got a smile from the baby. Harry chuckled at that and went to sit down with Aiden in his arms. He shifted him so his one hand was free. Harry brought down a little tray and his journal with a pen and started writing.

"These have been an intense few days. First, I finally got in touch with Gibbs after six years. He must've wondered why I never called. Stupid Dursley's. I wanted to call but I didn't have a death wish! Chaintooth found out that people have been leaching off my accounts and they didn't think I'd find out? These people must've lost common sense or were so high and mighty that 'stupid little inferior goblins would never find out.' Honestly, it's amazing what wizards do to their own kind. I finally have some clothes that fit now, and a guitar. It was on a whim that I got it. I wanted a connection to England that wasn't tainted with magic. Some of the music was from the Beatles and some English folk. I don't know what else is there though. I just picked up random folders from that section. Aiden! Stop moving my pen! I'm looking after a young 15 month old baby from second class. The mother's name is Emily and has no other family except for Aiden. That's almost like me and Sirius in a way. I only have him to trust and is pretty much my father in all but blood. It's weird, I only met him in June and I felt a sort of, connection to him like I can trust him. Not like Dudley and Vernon but Kelly and Gibbs. Kelly. I miss her so much. It sometimes hurts thinking about her. Looking over our 'adventure' with the ball, now I think that she was a witch. I'm not sure if Gibbs knows or not but I'm not sure if e should. Would he react like the Dursley's? No, he wouldn't. I hate all the doubt that the Dursley's gave me. Trying to get over it takes a while. It's better then first year though. That was a nightmare in itself. The plane is getting ready to land in a half hour so I better put this away now. I think Aiden is sleeping now. He's adorable. I wonder what it would be like to have a sibling. I guess I'm getting a little taste with Aiden right now. He is adorable. Brown hair with honey colour eyes with a toothy grin. Alright Aiden! I'll play with you! Then we got to get you back to Emily."

Harry put his journal and pen away and shifted Aiden so he was sitting upwards on his knee. Aiden gave a smile and giggled while waving at him. Harry laughed and started to make his leg bounce up and down while being careful with his neck. Aiden clapped and was laughing at Harry. Aiden then leaned in and gave Harry a sloppy kiss on the cheek. "Aiden!" Harry wiped his cheek and saw the seat belt sign light up.

He buckled his seat belt while holding Aiden with a death grip hold. "Ladies and gentlemen, we're beginning our final decent." The plane tipped forward and Harry closed his eyes waiting for the final touch down. 'This part I won't miss,' he thought as they jerked when the planes wheels touched the pavement.

Harry unbuckled himself while slinging his bag on his shoulder and propped Aiden on his hip. "Lets go and find mommy why don't we?" Aiden laughed while saying "Ma, ma, ma!"

"Emily?" Harry called out.

"I'm near the back. Find me in the tunnel!"

"Sure." Harry stepped towards the entrance of the tunnel when bright lights and bangs went off. Then came the screaming.


Gibbs was waiting at the airport. He hated that 'all cell phones are turned off' rule. He was waiting near the exit area and was staring out the window where the plane was coming in. Workers were coming in and started hooking up the tunnel for the plane while others were working on various parts of the plane. 'Come on Harry.' Gibbs thought.

It was now 5 so he should be getting off the plane by now. Turning away, he walked back to the waiting area when all the glass blew in. Gibbs dropped to the floor with his gun in hand. He held out his badge to security who was running to him. People were screaming and pointing towards the now broken window. Gibbs saw in horror, the plane was blasted apart and was on fire. Gibbs was tempted to jump but it was too high for him.

Running to the nearest security person, Gibbs yelled. "Someone get me down there!"

"Who are you?"

"Special agent Gibbs, NCIS. Now get me down there so I can help!" The security person ran with Gibbs in hot pursuit. They ran to the exit area and climbed down the ladder where some of the workers were about to hook up the tunnel.

Gibbs looked up and saw the plane engulfed in flames with part of it blown apart. "HARRY!"


Harry couldn't think straight. There were flames everywhere. Clutching Aiden, he made his way to the edge of the plane when it exploded. Harry flew with part of the plane and lost all sense of direction. He couldn't think at all except with one thought 'Protect Aiden, protect Aiden,' he chanted in his head over and over again when they hit the pavement. Harry flipped Aiden on his side when he took the brute of the impact. His magic softened part of the blow so it wouldn't kill him, but it was still hard enough to break his arm and he felt two ribs break and many cracks. His ankle bent the wrong way when he felt his leg snap against some bent metal. Harry cried out in pain when Aiden started crying. He was getting dizzy and couldn't move. He felt blood running down his arms and some blood trailing down his face.

He could hear screaming and a second explosion. Then there was nothing. He couldn't hear anything but pops and engines. Harry tried moving but could feel his vision fading. He heard someone call his name. 'That sounds like Gibbs.' With that, he blacked out.


Gibbs yelled Harry's name when he heard crying. A baby crying. He turned his head until he could hear it better. It sounded like it was coming from near the tip of the plane by a large pile of rubble. He ran over to the rubble where the crying got more pronounced.

"Someone get over here and help me!" Gibbs yelled. A young fire fighter came over and followed Gibbs to where there was a large pile of rubble. They started removing some of the bigger pieces where the fire fighter could make out a bag.

"Here!" He pulled out the bag and Gibbs started moving some more pieces when he saw the back of a baby. Gibbs swore under his breath.

"Here, hold these up while I get the baby out." The fire fighter nodded and yelled for back up and an ambulance. Medics came running with a police officer coming over while helping out lifting the door off the baby. Gibbs got the baby out (who was covered in bruises and small scraps), when he saw someone he thought he wouldn't see again before the phone call; Harry.

"Help me get him out! He could still be alive." Gibbs hoped and prayed (something he hasn't done since Shannon and Kelly died), that Harry would somehow pull through.

"Sir, the only survivor is the one you're holding that's not in a coma."

"Well lets make it two." Gibbs snapped. The police officer and fire fighter flipped the door over and started shifting through some more rubble while being careful trying not to move Harry. A paramedic came forward.

"Ok, we can take it from here,"

"Where are you taking them?"

"The Children's National Medical Center. We should be there in twenty minutes, maybe less."

"Alright. Here's my number. Call me when either of them gets out first."

"Alright. Who'd I be calling?"

"Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS."

"Alright sir. Lets go!" The medic called out while carrying a fussing Aiden and an unconscious Harry. Gibbs noticed the bag and grabbed it.

He turned on his cell phone. There were some missed calls. He called Tony who picked up on the first ring.


"Hey Tony, how's the case?"

"We got the guy but he wasn't the murderer although he knew about the mall explosions and the plane explosion. We got the information too late."

"Alright. Can you get everyone down here? I think our case is just about to get messy."

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