Next Full Moon

Just a little thing that popped into my head, loosely set early/mid season 3 (Any point after Godric's death will do). Only warnings are for gay, male vampire sex and shamelessly terrible use of google translate.

Chapter 1

The full moon shone brightly in the sky, illuminating the woodland in silver light. The forest was silent in anticipation of the night when werewolves and shifters came out to hunt and fight. Each creature hid in fear of becoming prey to the merciless predators. The unnatural silence was broken by a deafening howl, echoed by dozens of other voices that filled the night sky.

Eric smiled at the chilling sound, feeling it wash through him as he let himself disappear, all of his worries and troubles dissolving. He needed this, needed a release from the modern world or he knew he would go crazy, he hadn't been born to survive this world. This night hadn't been chosen at random, Eric could feel the ancient magic stir around him as it forced shifters to become the wild creatures they truly were. It grounded him, allowed him to release the part of himself that was more monster than person.

A feral growl escaped the vampire's lips as a herd of deer thundered past, just meters away as they fled the pack that chased them. Fangs snapped into place as the vampire raced forward, set on stealing the prey from the wolves.

He stopped at the edge of a small clearing, watching as a doe was herded into a trap. Just as one of the wolves was about to attack it's prey a ferocious snarl filled the air, silencing the barks and growls of the werewolves, even the deer was stunned into silence.

Eric watched in awe as the majestic creature stalked into the clearing, non-existent breath caught in his throat at it's beauty. The creature only wore jeans, folded up at the hem as they hung off his narrow hips, threatening to fall down any second.

"Those that do not wish to die should leave, now." He warned, his voice was the sound of serene calm yet the order and warning in the words were obvious. Eric had heard the voice before, many times. He had been on the receiving end of such warnings.

The largest werewolf, it's coat pitch black, barked sharply before running off into the undergrowth. The others quickly followed, some of the smaller ones whimpering in fear as they retreated. Once they were gone a predatory gleam shone in the creature's eyes as he stared at the distressed doe. She tried to run, escape inevitable fate but the creature just smiled, revealing his sharp fangs.

He chased the deer, catching her before she could reach the cover of the thick forest. He gracefully pounced, pinning down the terrified animal before easily snapping it's neck and sinking his fangs into the hot flesh.

The vampire was so fixated on the bleeding animal that he didn't notice as Eric carefully walked up behind him, closely inspecting the tattoos that circled his neck and arms. They were identical yet it couldn't be him. This was another dream, an apparition and a very realistic one at that.

Eric reached down, wanting to touch him, to know that this wasn't just an illusion. Eric gasped as his hand lightly pressed against the cool flesh of his sire's back, tracing the tattoo that ran down his spine. The creature finally became aware of the vampire behind him, whirling around to snarl at his intruder, baring his fangs as a warning as he protected his meal.

Eric watched in wonder at the feral vampire. Blood was smeared across his face from where he had ripped open the deer's neck and it dripped from his brown locks, soaking his bare chest. The blond took another step forwards, stunned at the sight of such a dominating display.

The vampire, intent on protecting his meal, threw himself at his opponent when he didn't back down, easily knocking them both to the ground. He pinned the larger vampire down, using his superior age and strength to his advantage.

Eric fought hard as he fell into the dirt, attempting to grab or bite but it didn't make any difference. Seconds later he was pinned to the ground, unable to move. All he could hear and feel was the constant growling that emitted from the vampire that held him. Eric knew it would be impossible to get away, the wild vampire was holding his arms as he pinned the larger man's legs with his own, effectively incapacitating him. The creature snarled at him, his fangs on display and ready to harm his intruder.

Eric didn't make a sound, refusing to snarl back and challenge the powerful vampire. It would surely end in his death, the vampire that held him was too far gone to see reason. He forced his fangs to retract, going against every instinct he had to not make himself vulnerable. He was playing a dangerous game, if the creature didn't accept his gesture of submission there would be nothing the blond could do.

The vampire growled softly as the other surrendered, hands squeezing around the limbs they held in a silent demand for him to obey. Eric whimpered lightly, his skin on fire from the intense pressure inflicted upon it. The sheriff shook his head stiffly as his eyes screwed shut, prepared for the blow he would receive for his disobedience but it never came.

The smaller vampire growled once again, a little more softly this time as if to comfort him. Eric complied reluctantly, he knew what his maker wanted and was scared. He hadn't given someone such control over him in so long. He forced his head to fall back, he couldn't see his attacker but that wasn't what had every nerve of his on edge. His neck was exposed, it would be so easy for the powerful creature to rip out his throat, feed from him.

Eric's breathing was coming in desperate gasps as his maker lowered his head. He felt a tongue run across the sensitive flesh and jerked away from the wet muscle, earning a warning nip that immediately stilled him. Eric refused to relax, every part of his body was tense in anticipation for the humiliating bite he knew was coming. Instead the tongue continued to trace patterns over the expanse of flesh, teeth and lips regularly teasing the surface, relaxing Eric no matter how much he fought it.

The creature suppressed a dark grin as his prey finally relaxed under his ministrations, stretching his neck and inviting his hunter to continue as he was lured into the trap. He pulled back, wanting to hurt his victim, tear him open as he fed.

"Godric, gör det. Vänligen." Eric whispered as he pushed against his maker, urging him on as he felt the body pull away from him.

Godric was pulled from his hunger induced trance the moment he heard his voice spoken in the familiar tongue, his eyes focusing on the face in front of him for the first time. Blue eyes stared back, full of fear and lust. His dishevelled hair was streaked with mud, making it seem more brown that blond in the light of the full moon.

"Eric?" He asked, willing it to be someone else, anyone else. He didn't want Eric, him of all people, to know about his dark secret.

"Vänligen." Eric whispered again, bucking up as hard as he could against the stronger vampire, the iron grip that held him never wavering in it's strength.

"I can understand you." Godric whispered in awe, a smile gracing his lips.

"Why wouldn't you?" Eric gasped, choking back a moan as he tried to control himself.

"No reason." His maker muttered, shifting slightly and brushing his knee over Eric's hardness.

The vampire gasped, pressing harder against his maker. Eric didn't hear the snap of his own fangs falling back into place as he moaned deeply.

"You like that?" Godric whispered, moving his leg away and earning a broken whimper. He couldn't control himself any longer. It didn't matter that it was Eric, if anything it made the victory even sweeter. "Retract your fangs," he commanded with a fearsome growl.

Eric instantly obeyed, watching as his maker's moment of clarity left him and the hunger took over completely. He couldn't repress the shiver of excitement that shot down his spine, fear just adding to the arousing thrill.

Godric purred as Eric offered himself, his whole body submitting as he leaned forward, inhaling the rich scent of his child. He continued to kiss his neck roughly, sucking and leaving marks, all the time keeping him in an iron grip. He shifted his grip slightly, making it so that he was able to hold both arms down with one hand.

His now free hand travelled down to the large bulge in Eric's jeans, running a thumb over the outline of his length and making the vampire gasp as he tried to buck into the stimulation. Godric pushed his hand under the other's shirt, tearing it open to admire his toned chest. The vampire slowly trailed his way down, teasing and tormenting his child as he licked and nipped down his body, drawing undignified cries from the man as he ran his tongue over hard nubs or lavished attention at sensitive areas on his chest.

Godric abandoned his grip on Eric's arms, growling in warning to make sure he wouldn't move them before pushing down to the band of his jeans, promptly tearing them away, too. Eric was gasping and moaning incoherently as his swollen member was finally released from the cloth prison, fingers digging into the dirt to resist touching his aching cock.

The vampire's tongue darked out, brushing over Eric's sensitive tip to taste the pre-come and causing him to moan and whimper, arching his back and pushing hard against him in the hopes of feeling his hot mouth around him. To Eric's dismay, Godric moved on, mouth massaging his inner thigh as his hand came up to stroke him.

Eric fought hard not to move as the hands on him sent shocks of pleasure through his body, Godric's mouth was inches away from his needy member but didn't move. Instead his tongue massaged the inside of his thigh, leaving Eric silently begging for him to do something, realising too late what he intended to do.

The vampire screamed as his flesh was torn brutally, the pain from the bite was overwhelming and as Godric's hand moved faster and faster over his cock, he lost himself in the incredible feelings. A harsh tug on his swollen member and deep suck as his maker fed from him was too much. Eric came, his entire body tensing as come spurted from his tip, coating his stomach and chest. The vampire moaned deeply as all the tension left his body in waves of euphoria. His whole being felt like it was on fire as he was milked of come and blood until he couldn't give any more.

Godric licked at the closing wound, cleaning away any blood before pulling back, watching his child as he shuddered gently, eyes closed as he basked in the fading waves of orgasm. He moved up, licking the come off Eric's soft flesh, savouring the salty taste. Finally, he reached a pair of lips, eagerly capturing them with his.

Eric moaned into the heated kiss, tasting a mixture of his blood and come on Godric's lips and tongue as it invaded his mouth, reconnecting with every part of him like he had never left.

"I need you." Godric purred against his lips, rolling his hips to make his intent clear.

Eric took it as an invitation to touch his maker, hands travelling down his lithe chest as they continued their heated kiss. Eric quickly tore away the jeans that covered the lower half of his maker's body, silencing his protests with his lips as he flipped them over.

His large hand quickly found Godric's swollen member, playing with the sensitive head as the other hand continued on it's exploration of the vampire's familiar body. Godric moaned and pushed against the rough hand that held his dick, biting down on Eric's lip to prevent himself from crying out as his cock twitched and tensed, balls tightening as his orgasm got dangerously close.

Eric suddenly stopped, keeping a firm grip on the base of his maker's cock, not wanting him to come until he was inside the smaller vampire. He pressed two fingers against his lips and Godric instantly sucked them into his mouth, moaning as Eric turned his attention to his nipples.

Once he thought they were wet enough, Eric pulled his fingers from his sire's mouth. Godric spread his legs willingly as fingers pressed at his hole, not quite pushing hard enough to enter. He tried to impale himself on the fingers, rolling his hips and groaning as they just pulled further away.

The vampire gasp as the first finger finally pushed into him, Eric gently pumping it in and out of his maker's tight hole. Godric tangled his fingers in his child's hair, pulling him into a passionate kiss and dominating his willing mouth as they got lost in the feeling of each other's body's.

Soon, Godric was impaling himself as much as he could on the teasing fingers, two not enough to satisfy him. Eric pushed another one in, scissoring them as he tried to stretch him as thoroughly as possible. Godric hated to be entered painfully and with Eric's size he had always had to control himself when all he wanted was to force himself inside the vampire's tight ass.

Godric was getting impatient, pushing hard against the fingers as Eric refused to hurry up. With an aggravated and frustrated growl he flipped them over, almost regretting it as the move forced the fingers out of him. He loomed over Eric, their eyes meeting in the darkness before he leaned down, pulling him into a ferocious kiss.

"Fuck me." He growled when he finally pulled away. The order was lost by Eric, too dazed and desperately hard to listen but he leaped into action immediately when his maker pulled away from him to rest on all fours on the ground, spreading his legs and offering himself to his child.

Eric moved behind him, pushing into the tight opening and breathing deeply as he attempted to sink in slowly. Finally, after what felt like forever, Eric's balls rested against Godric's cool skin as he pushed as far in as he could. Godric's lithe body was shaking beneath him as he cried and moaned into the ground, the pure, undiluted pleasure of being stretched and filled impossibly, leaving him overwhelmed and unable to move.

Eric began to move, slowly for only a few strokes before he began to fuck him in earnest. Fingers gripping his maker's hips tightly and drawing blood as he rammed into him with powerful thrusts, so hard Godric was thrown forwards, only to be pulled back to meet the next bone shattering slap of skin. His legs could no longer hold him up, his whole body a trembling mass as he was pounded. Eric was the only thing that held him up, the touch grounding him, stopping the pleasure from taking him away too soon.

Eric suddenly pulled out, Godric almost howling as was emptied so suddenly. He stood and picked up his maker, encouraging the man to wrap his legs around his hips as he quickly pushed back in, balancing the small body against a tree as he continued to take him roughly.

Both preferred this position, they were largely limited by Eric's size and Godric's lack thereof but this way Godric was able to twine his fingers through Eric's hair, tugging it the way both of them loved as they kissed passionately.

Godric desperately tried to fuck himself on Eric's dick as he was pinned against the huge tree. He was so close, needed more. A feral growl rose from his chest as he sunk his fangs into his child's neck, drinking down the sweet blood. He heard Eric's moan as he penetrated him harder and faster, both of them so close.

Godric bit down again, deeper and harder this time, as he came all over his stomach. His whole body tensed as the orgasm hit him, hard and strong, filling his body with inexplicable pleasure.

"Fuck, Eric. Bite me." He whimpered, needing that connection. Needing to know Eric was still his.

He screamed as fangs tore his neck and Eric's cock pushed deeper into his tight hole, spilling come deep inside him. With one final thrust, the tree trunk snapped, sending them both onto the ground, moaning as they fed from each other and not even noticing the crash as the fallen tree hit the ground.

Both vampires were panting needlessly as they held each other close, consumed by the scorching fire of the other's blood. Godric was sprawled across the other's chest, cock still deep inside his stretched hole. He licked his lips slowly, the heavenly taste of his child filling his senses. He kissed Eric deeply, tasting himself on the talented lips before hold himself closer to his solid body.

"Mine." He sighed against his neck, licking at the closed wound.

"Yours." Eric agreed, gently pulling his softening member out of his maker, rolling away to give themselves space as they came down from the high.

Eric raised his head to watch his maker as he gazed at the stars. "Is this real?" He asked, the sudden appearance of his dead sire understandably leaving him confused.

"I think so." Godric replied uncertainly, turning to face Eric as they lay next to each other on the grassy floor. "I want it to be." He admitted, cupping his child's face with a small hand. Both were very aware that this was a goodbye, Godric felt the suffocating need to go to ground before the sun rose, barely half an hour away.

"If this is real, will I see you again?"

Godric thought about it for a long moment, never taking his eyes away from his child. "Yes," he finally decided. "Here, on the next full moon."

This is just a little something that popped into my head, I hope you enjoyed. This is a two part fic and the next one will be up in the next few days!

Any ideas of who it is? No clues. I know someone will get it, it's not someone completely ridiculous (I think?).