Hyacinth, Daisy, Violet, and Rose are all sitting in Violet's front room having tea while Richard, Onslow, Bruce, and Daddy are in the kitchen. Hyacinth is very relaxed for once in her life. She likes spending time with her sisters. Daisy and Hyacinth start talking about their kids. Hyacinth tucks her feet under her.

"Sarah is doing well, but I still worry about her. She is too much like me. I wanted her to do better than I did in life." Daisy says with a heavy sigh.

"At least you and Hyacinth both had children! My husband was so busy cross-dressing that he didn't have time to give me children! Bruce is a useless excuse for a man, except that he's so hard working!" Violet says angrily.

"Richard isn't useless as a man, at all, actually, but I was useless as his wife. After Sheridan was born Richard and I talked about having more children. Richard wanted to have more children, but I was so enthralled with Sheridan that I wouldn't even consider having more children at that point. I should have. I was a devoted mother, but by doing that I practically destroyed my relationship with Richard. Maybe if we'd had more children Richard wouldn't have been so jealous of the relationship Sheridan and I had and he would have had a better bond with the child we decided to have." Hyacinth says sadly. Richard is standing in the doorway and hears most of Hyacinth's conversation with her sisters. He gasps behind her and the four sisters turn around sharply. "Richard, Hyacinth says standing up.

"Hyacinth," Richard says setting his beer down and walking slowly towards her. "I didn't know you felt that way. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, we weren't exactly having any serious conversations at that point. I couldn't even find the right time to tell you the truth." Hyacinth says honestly.

Richard opens his arms and Hyacinth rushes into them. Richard holds her tightly for the first time in many years. She turns her face towards Richard's neck and breathes in. She slips her arms around Richard's waist. Her sisters are aghast at her behaviour. Normally she's so reserved that even her own sisters can't read her emotions. Richard's hands run down Hyacinth's back and come to rest just above her bum. "Come and sit with me." Richard says leading Hyacinth over to the sofa. Violet and Rose shift down on the sofa to make room. Richard puts his arm around Hyacinth's shoulders and Hyacinth sinks her head onto Richard's chest.