Hola minna-san.

This is the first chap of Pretty Cure all stars randomness.

i don't know how many chaps i'm gonna make but i am gonna try to fit all the Cures and mascots into the chapters.

enjoy. ^w^

Erika jumped out of the car and began walking to the resturant across the street.

"Aw man, how did it end up like this?" She yelled in a frenzy panic.


Erika is sitting in her room, putting ice cream in a Playstation3 game slot. Her mom randomley bursts in and yells " GET A JOB!"


"Oh yeah, but still is this the only place I could work at?" Erika asked to herself as she arrived. At McDonalds.

She opened the doors and walked in.

"Erika, It's good to see you!" a voice called from behind the counter, It was Setsuna Higashii.

"Hey Sets, thanks for getting me the job." Erika walked over to her. "No prob, I understand what your going through."


Setsuna is in her room shoving a Playstation3 into a bowl of ice cream. Love's mom comes in randomley and yells "GET A JOB!"


Erika had just gotten into her new uniform and Setsuna had told her to work the ice cream machine.

She started making soft serves, but got tempted and put her face under to eat the stuff.

"ERIKA NO!" Setsuna yelled as she ran over and pulled her out of the machine.

"Sorry...I love ice cream." "Me too Erika, me too."


Erika is working the drive through, she's whistling to herself when the headphone rings in.

" Is this McDonalds?" "No this is Erika." She says as she hangs up.

it rings again and another lady asks "Is this McDonalds?" "No this is Erika." she repeated, slightly annoyed.

she stated whistling again and another voice asked " Is this McDonalds?" " NO THIS IS ERIKA!" she yelled as she hung up.

"I'm not a McDonalds." She pouted then Setsuna walked over to her and said.

"Erika, that's the name of the resturant."

"Ok Erika, you ate the ice cream, thought people were calling you a mcdonalds and flushed all the straws down a toilet." Setsuna sighed "This time just try to mop the floor. Kay?"

She handed the blue haired girl a mop and a bucket of water and she went off to mop.

"Mopping is easy, how could she possibly fail?" Setsuna asked to herself.


Setsuna whipped her head around and found that Erika had poured only the water all over the floor and all the customers were falling down.

"I did it wrong didnt I?"


"Am I gonna get fired?"


And so Erika got fired (But Setsuna didnt) and she went looking for a new job.


"Thanks Akane for letting me work at your familys okinomiya shop!" Erika said happily "No problem." Akane said as Erika went off to serve tables.

"She may be a little weird, but how bad could she be?" Akane asked

And so ends the first chap.