A one-shot I thought up as I was watching My immortal blue eyes white dragon, by kisarakaiba18 on YouTube! I don't own yu-gi-oh because if I did I would have redone it with reincarnated kisara in it!

The fact that hurt me most

Priest Seto P.O.V

How can you be gone?

A simple question, with a simple but painful answer. You did not deserve to die but you did.

Protecting me.

I still do not know why you did it. You threw your life away for me, me of all people.

Why did the people of Egypt treat you the way they did?

You may have a strange appearance, but that's because of you ka, the white dragon. You were always beautiful in my eyes.

Remember when we met? All you wanted was water, and they stoned you as if yu were a demon, but to me you were an angel. You were weak on the outside but strong on the inside.

We protected each other, you kept me fighting. Then my father, I still cannot believe aknodin was my father, wanted me to over throw the pharaoh, we needed him n this time of need.

I should have suspected he'd stop at nothing to get your dragon ka.

Your dragon ka. Even more powerful than the gods. Many would think the root of your problems. If you had a choice would you have chosen a life without it? It brought us together, I'm sure I would have died long ago without you.

If you were here if sure you'd say I think too much.

But your death still haunts me. I loved you, I still do, and I will always.

The only thing left that reminds me of you is your dragon. It will always be yours I am only holding it for now.

After you died in my arms I cried. I have not cried in years.

It hurt. I loved you and the fact that hurts me most is I never told you. I wish I did. There is not a day that goes by I wish I told you I loved you.

I knew you loved me. You never directly said it but you died for me.

Kisara, I love you. I always have and I always will. Someday I wish we can meet again, my heart will always be yours.

I know what you would say right now, I love you too.