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Chapter 1: Inhibitions lowered

Will knew when he took the job that it wasn't going to be fun and games all of the time. He was prepared for it to be stressful and a lot of hard work. He was prepared for long days and sleepless nights, however the last couple weeks had gone above and beyond what he had expected. The event with the Naga tested the edges of his tolerance. His mind kept replaying the event... Turning around to find the creature there... Realizing he was unarmed and not able to get out of the way in time... Finally getting to a room to hide only to find the door wouldn't open... bracing himself for the fact that he was almost certainly about to die... Then having a blur of flesh and fur appear and dive out the hallway window, taking the creature with it... Then looking out that window to find his savior to be Henry... He was trying to go with the flow but it was all a little hard to process.

So while Will thought he was doing pretty well, all things considered, he was still rather on edge, even before the recent events in the Bermuda triangle. He knew he should talk to someone about what was going on in his head; it just became an issue of a lack of options. As far as he knew he was the only psychiatrist that specialized in abnormals and going to a regular psychiatrist was out of the question. How quickly would he be locked in the looney bin if he told someone on the outside what really happened? So, Doc, I need to chat because recently I had a seven foot tall snake creature jump out of my elevator at me and I would have been eaten if my coworker (who apparently can change into a wolf) hadn't jumped out a window with it. Oh, yeah, they wouldn't think he was crazy at all.

The thought briefly crossed Will's mind that he could perhaps talk to Magnus, or one of the other staff of the Sanctuary, but that idea was quickly dismissed. Will had learned long ago not to allow himself to become close to the people he worked with. It only ended badly if he did. Although the Sanctuary was starting to feel like home it did not mean he could trust them to accept him for who he was.

The dreams plagued him pretty much nightly since the attack. At first they were just his mind replaying the events, with things happening in slow motion and endlessly winding corridors that stretched on for miles. The Naga looming over him, seeming to grow larger as the seconds passed until finally Henry arrived to save him. While not necessarily nightmares they did disturb him. Usually the dreams were an exaggeration of what really happened but every now and then they took on a more... adult... nature. Will meeting up with Henry after the fact and making sure Henry was aware of his gratitude. They didn't happen very often but whenever he had one of those dreams Will woke very confused about where they came from and had a hard time looking Henry in the eye the following day. I'm straight, Will reminded himself. The dreams just come from a misplaced sense of gratitude. Because it has been a very long time since I have gotten laid. It's not because I'm attracted to Henry.

Regardless of what Will felt for Henry sexually, he enjoyed spending time with him. They had a good time together. Will found he could just relax and be himself. He came dangerously close to letting his guard down around Henry. As they spent more time together Will started to wonder if his lack of sex life wasn't the cause of his odd dreams but if the reason was Henry himself. Will started to notice subtle hints that Henry might be interested: the way he would occasionally catch Henry staring at him with an odd expression on his face when Henry thought Will wasn't looking, the way he would occasionally lick his lips or let his eyes drift quickly from Will's eyes to Will's lips while they were hanging out, how Henry would sometimes softly touch Will's arm while they talked. Will didn't know if Henry even realized what he was doing. At least that explains that, Will thought. I must just be picking up on Henry's signals. The more they hung out the more Will became aware of the subtle clues of Henry's sexuality.

Despite Will's worry over Henry's potentially misplaced affection and the slightly disturbing (although oddly erotic) dreams that were the result, Henry's friendship and his calming presence helped Will but he had not gotten back to what he felt was 'normal' when Magnus announced they would be taking a little trip to the Bermuda Triangle. He couldn't help feeling less than thrilled. Henry and Ashley didn't understand his reticence. "Dude, it's the Bermuda Triangle," Henry said, barely able to contain his excitement. "Do you know how many cool, paranormal things have reportedly happened in the Bermuda Triangle?" While he hadn't actually said anything, Will knew Henry was really disappointed he didn't get to go along.

"Being trapped in a tin can for ten hours is not my idea of a good time," he told them. "Regardless of the location." He couldn't tell them that his apprehension ran much deeper than that. Magnus was a perceptive woman and when she got on the scent of something it was difficult to get her off the topic. He was very paranoid that she would find out that he wasn't handling things as well as he should. To keep her from any suspicions he purposefully kept up a litany of questions during their trip. As long as she was answering (or trying to avoid) his stream of questions, it kept her preoccupied from thinking there may be some questions she should be ask him. The last thing he wanted was to be psychoanalyzed by his boss. He did find it quite enlightening to learn about his centennial mentor. She was a fascinating lady. He wanted to believe that he could trust her, open up to her, but couldn't help the fear that it was all a lie, that she would fire him at the wrong move and he didn't want to lose his home and family. Not again.

It would have hurt to realize he had to kill anyone but the pain was doubled by the fact that it was Helen Magnus. Having to watch her die was one of the most difficult things he'd ever had to do. The panic flooded him more and more as every moment passed that he wasn't able to revive her. C'mon, Magnus. You're going to be okay. Stay with me, Magnus! When she finally grabbed his hand and weakly spoke to him he felt quite manic with relief. He could feel the shock of it all weighing on him but he did his best to push it to the back of his mind. Magnus needs me now. Later, when we are back at the Sanctuary and I'm alone, then I can lose it. Until then, be a professional and hold it together Zimmerman.

By the time Will and Magnus returned home the staff of the Sanctuary were all aware of what had transpired in the submarine and were just as anxious for them to get home as they were to be back. As soon as they got out of the car Ashley and Biggie started dithering over Magnus, attempting to make her comfortable while reassuring themselves that she was indeed okay. It was rare than they were reminded that their aged matriarch was not death-proof. Will was pretty sure that she was just as eager to be alone with her thoughts as he was but Magnus let them carry her off. Will was more than happy to let them dote over her, trying to stay in the background until they were out of sight so they would not remember he was there and turn their well-meaning attention on him. After the return submarine trip plus the airplane ride from San Juan, Will felt his sanity was hanging by a thread and just wanted to make it back to his room before he lost it. He wanted no witnesses.

Unnoticed, Henry walked up behind Will. "How are you holding up?" Henry asked softly. Will jumped and Henry reached out a hand to steady the startled psychiatrist. Will put a hand over Henry's and took a deep breath. When his heartbeat had returned to something near normal Will let go of his hand and gave him an embarrassed look. Henry chuckled. "Guess that answers that question. Let's go," Henry said, picking up Will's bags.

Will looked up, startled "What?" Henry just started walking towards the door with Will's bag and looked back to see if Will was following him. Will stared at Henry for a moment before trotting along behind him. "Are you hungry? We could grab something from the kitchen. Biggie will be too preoccupied with Magnus to yell at us. Anyway, I think he prepared something for you guys, just in case." Will just shook his head and they continued up to Will's room.

When they arrived at the door Will turned to Henry. "I really just need to be alone now."

"I figured as much," Henry said, as he opened the door and continued inside. Will watched as Henry placed his bag off to the side and puttered around the room. "You sure you don't need anything? Another blanket? Fresh towels? Would you like help unpacking?"

Will walked over to where Henry was frantically puttering around Will's room. He gently put a hand on Henry's shoulder. "Henry, what are you doing?" he asked, not unkindly. Henry's shoulders sank and Will felt an almost in-perceivable shake before Henry finally turned around to look at him. "I was worried about you," he said simply.

"I'm fine. Really. I just really need some sleep."

Henry nodded but looked so upset that Will broke his number one rule of keeping people at arms length as he pulled Henry in and gave the poor man a hug. Henry clung to him for a long moment and Will wanted to relax into the hug, wanted to be able to truly enjoy this sweet moment. Henry had actually missed him. It was more than Will had ever expected. Finally Henry pulled away. "Okay, I'll get out of your way, let you rest. " He turned around when he got to the doorknob and gave Will a small smile. "It's really good to have you back."

Will's professional demeanor lasted for about five seconds after Henry shut the door before it dissolved completely. He walked over and locked the door behind Henry and then just leaned his back against the door before the shock he had been staving off for the past 24 hours overtook him. He slid down to the floor and shook. The events of the past day overcame him and he gave in. As he dealt with the flood of emotions he couldn't help the idle thought that crossed his mind in the middle of it all: I wish Henry was still here.

Will finally got the energy and control of his senses enough to climb off the floor and into his bed. As his head hit the pillow he realized how fatigued he was, realized that with the exception of the short nap he took on the submarine he hadn't slept since he last left the Sanctuary. He closed his eyes for what he hoped would be a long sleep.

His eyes opened to find himself tied to a chair, Magnus standing over him, yelling at him. The feeling of helplessness as he desperately tried to reason with her or tell her what she wanted to hear: anything that would get her to untie him so he could stop her, help her. The scene shifted to them, outside the airlock, soaked to the bone and freezing cold, him pointing the gun at her, trying to talk some sense into her but being helpless: unable to change her actions and unable to pull the trigger. Her attacking him, taking the gun from him. She would have killed him if he hadn't managed to get the bullets out of the gun in time. And then having to relive killing her, watching her through the porthole window as she suffocated, panicking, begging him to not kill her, watching as she slowly died. Helen lying dead on the floor of the submarine, or her with a gun pointed at him. It was a endless loop of him killing her and her trying to kill him.

Will awoke with a start, sweaty and shaking. A look at the clock showed him that he had only been asleep for about an hour. His body screamed for sleep but he couldn't bring himself to try to sleep more at the moment. He had just had to live that scene. He didn't have any desire to relive it at the moment. His desire for sleep wasn't enough to make him want to see if the nightmare would come back if he returned to sleep. Despite the early hour he decided to get up and go to his office to get caught up on his patients.

The next night he tried to sleep and was rewarded by more nightmares, reliving those horrible hours in the submarine over and over again every time he closed his eyes. After an hour or two of attempted sleep he gave up to pursue other measures. He tried exercise, he tried warm milk, he even tried some of Biggie's herbal tea that everyone at the Sanctuary raved about. All he got was more tired, an upset stomach, and a continuation of the nightmares for his troubles.

He was at his wits end. While no stranger to insomnia, this was testing his boundaries. He was used to not being able to sleep because his brain wouldn't quit working on a problem, not because of a fear of what waited in the sleep he so desperately craved. He hadn't dealt with this since he was a little boy, since he watched his mother die. Three hours of sleep in the past three days was testing even his limits.

For the third night in a row he gave up on sleep, dressed and walked to his office. Several hours later Helen found him at his desk, surrounded by papers, refiling his old patients. "Was there a localized earthquake of which I was not made aware?" she asked, amusedly surveying the disarray of his office.

"Um... no. Just thought I should get caught up on some of my filing. You are always encouraging me to complete them and I figured... now's as good as any time, right?" He said with a shrug.

"At three am?" she said. Her expression was amused, but he could tell from her body language that she was anything but. Crap! he thought. Time for damage control.

"Yeah, well. Sleep is overrated, right? What are you doing up so late?" he asked in an attempt to deflect.

"Henry mentioned that you were up late two nights ago. Ashley said something similar about last night." She said, ignoring his question and studying his reaction.

For his part he tried to remain calm even though his insides were screaming. He didn't know what was worse: the worry that she might fire him, drug him into sleep, or make him talk to her. "They must have caught me at just the right time. I just wanted to get caught up from things that happened while we were gone."

"Will, please go get some sleep. I will forgive your late or disorganized paperwork. You look like you haven't slept in a week." When she saw his hesitancy she frowned. "If you're having trouble sleeping I can give you something to help with that."

"No!" he said quickly. She jumped slightly at the forcefulness of his response. "I mean... that's not necessary. I'll go get some rest." He made a point of not promising sleep.

"You do that. And please take the next two days off. I need you at your best and you obviously need some down time."

He nodded in response, biting back the reply that more undistracted time with his thoughts was the LAST thing he needed and watched her leave.

He returned to his room in case she sent someone to check on him, smuggling a few case files he had been wanting to study with him. The night passed very slowly for him, trapped in his room when he was supposed to be sleeping, without even the distraction of upcoming work to look forward to. By morning he wasn't sure how he was even going to pass the day. The exhaustion was overwhelming. He walked down to breakfast more as something to pass the time than out of a desire for food.

"Will... you look like hell," were the first things out of Henry's mouth as Will walked into the kitchen. He couldn't help noticing Ashley nod of agreement. "Thanks guys," he said as he reached for coffee. As he sat with them to drink his coffee they chatted aimlessly. When Ashley finally excused herself to head to an appointment with someone who supposedly was going to give them an "amazing deal" on some weapons, Henry turned to Will with a concerned eye. Will stared intently at his coffee and wondered how he could escape before the grilling began. He was too tired to keep his walls up and deflect Henry's attempt at kindness.

"Dude, are you okay?" Henry said finally.

Will sighed. "That apparently is the question of the day."

"We're just concerned. You look like you haven't slept in days." Which would be accurate, Will thought but did not want to admit that to the well-meaning lycan.

"It's just stress," Will said, hoping that Henry would buy it. "Nothing that a day off won't cure. Which..." he continued before Henry could interject. "...I have today."

"Cool," Henry seemed content to let it drop at that, although Will noted the concerned look did not completely leave his eyes. "Well, if you get bored and want to hang out, just let me know."

Will knew he had to deal with the crazy that was starting to form in his head from a lack of sleep and the stress from recent events. So despite the mini-psychiatrist in his head telling him the unhealthy nature of his actions, he found himself attempting the one sleep remedy that he hadn't tried (with the exception of drugs, which he saw as a LAST resort). That evening he found himself in the media room, the game on the big screen, attempting to relax by putting himself into an alcohol-induced coma with the help of his good friend Jack Daniels. The psychiatrist in him did not approve but Will rationalized with that part of himself. "It's just a drink. Maybe two. I don't need to drink. I just want a drink to help me sleep, maybe stop the nightmares."

Walking down the hall that evening, Henry and Ashley were drawn to the media room by the rather large amount of noise coming from the cracked door. They were very surprised to find their resident psychiatrist, legs propped up on the coffee table and a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the table at his feet. The liquid in the glass clutched in his hand sloshed precariously as Will leaned forward towards the television to yell at the ref for what he apparently deemed a bad call.

"Hey there Will," Henry said, exchanging concerned glances with Ashley as they walked into the room. "Whatcha up to?"

"Henry! Ashley! My friends! Come join me!" He exclaimed, gesturing precariously to the bottle at his feet and the glass in his hands.

"Drunk Will is a friendly Will," Ashley observed to Henry. Henry noticed that her accurate assessment of Will's inebriated state did not stop her from grabbing a glass and going to join Will on the couch.

Henry glanced from Will to the half empty bottle and back. "How long have ya been drinking, buddy?"

Will shrugged and leaned forward to yell again at the apparently incompetent ref. When done he turned back to him. "Want some?" Henry thought for a moment. On one hand it kind of looked like perhaps Will was teetering on the threshold between 'pleasantly drunk' and 'drank too much', and considering Will's appearance this morning combined with the fact that Henry couldn't remember a time when he'd seen Will have more than a single beer in one sitting, Henry wasn't sure if Will drinking was the best idea in the world. On the other hand Henry rationalized that Will was an adult and did not need Henry's approval to enjoy an alcoholic beverage if he wished. Plus if Henry stayed he could make sure that no harm came to him. The fact that Will and Ashley were sitting closer than Henry felt was strictly necessary had no bearing on his decision, Henry's jealous heart tried to convince his head. Reluctantly Henry acquiesced and joined Will and Ashley for a drink.

The game on the television got relegated to the background as the young people of the Sanctuary played a drinking game of Ashley and Will's devising. Not surprisingly Will found Ashley could match him shot for shot. Henry, on the other hand, did not show the same proclivity or desire, seeming content to sip his drink at a more leisurely pace and watch them play a game that seemed to be a cross between Never Have I Ever, Twenty Questions, and I Spy, choosing to act as more of an observer on their joviality. Despite Henry's seeming lack of interest, Will did not give up on his attempt to get him to participate. "Truth or dare, Henry?"

Ashley scowled at Will. "Truth or dare isn't part of the game, William," she said, sounding dangerously similar to her mother, although neither of the boys would ever have admitted that to her.

"It is now," Will shot back. "Truth or dare," he repeated, his piercing glance not at all dulled by the alcohol as he stared at Henry.

Henry stared back at Will. What are you up to? Henry thought. He could feel the alcohol working the edges of his senses, daring him to answer Will and see where it went. It could get interesting, Jack Daniels tried to convince him. Fortunately Jack's hold on him was small enough that he wasn't able to convince Henry that it was a good idea to play truth or dare with a man that you had a secret crush on. Henry shook his head but couldn't stop himself from winking at Will as he said 'Nice try though."

Will pouted but let it go and the game continued until Will and Ashley were well and truly sauced. Not nearly as intoxicated, Henry sat back and enjoyed the gentle banter of his foster sister and the newest arrival to the Sanctuary.

Finally Ashley emptied the last of her glass. "Okay," she said, swaying to her feet, "I think that's my cue to leave." She patted Will on the shoulder as she passed him. From behind his back she mouthed to Henry, "Take care of him." Henry noded subtly and she stumbled out of the room. Nice to know she's still coherent enough to realize how far gone Will is.

Will sat on the couch, enjoying the company and the warm numbing that the alcohol was providing. He was hoping that the blissful oblivion that he sensed wasn't too far off would be enough to ward off the nightmares that he knew would otherwise be waiting for him. He watched Ashley stumble out of the room and turned to look at Henry. "Think she'll be okay getting back to her room?"

"Knowing Ashley, she'll be fine." Henry said. Henry looked uncertain for a moment and then moved from his position on the arm chair to sit next to Will on the couch. Will found himself pleased at Henry's relocation. Where did that thought come from? Will thought, then quickly dismissed it as the effects of the alcohol. Will patted Henry on the leg as Henry sat down. His arm felt so heavy and he couldn't really bring himself to think of why he should move his hand from Henry's thigh. Together they sat on the couch and watched the end of the game, slowly sipping the remnants of their beverages. Will was enjoying the game and the company but his head and eyes began to feel rather heavy. He shook his head and blinked furiously, trying to keep away the sleep that was trying to catch him. Despite his better judgement he let his head slid over to rest on Henry's shoulder. Better, Will thought.

Henry was surprised by the weight of Will's head gently landing on his shoulder. He couldn't help smiling. His hand drifted down to gently rub against Will hand, which still resided on his thigh, and listened as Will's breathing evened out. Good, Henry couldn't help thinking. The poor man obviously is in need of sleep. He noticed Will's glass, seemingly forgotten in his hand. Not wanting to face the wrath of Magnus if alcohol spilt on her couch, Henry gently pried the tumbler from Will's iron grip.

"You're such a good friend, Henry," Will quietly slurred.

"Geez man," a startled Henry proclaimed. "I thought you were asleep."

"Can't sleep," the inebriated man said softly.

"What do you mean?" Henry asked, as casually as possible, hoping that drunk Will might be able to tell him what sober Will never would.

"Ghosts will get me."


"Yeah, from the submarine. Magnus tries to kill me when I sleep. I don't want to have to kill her again."

Is that the reason you've looked like hell for the past couple days? Poor Will! No wonder you look like you haven't gotten any sleep! Henry lifted his arm to place it around Will's shoulder. He couldn't help feeling pleased when Will snuggled into him. It's just because he's sleep-deprived and drunk, Henry tried to rationalize. Despite that thought Henry found his hand running up and down Will's arm, tracing invisible patterns on Will's skin. Part of his brain knew he wouldn't have been doing this if he hadn't been drinking and yet couldn't quite bring himself to stop or care.

They sat in silence for a while longer as the television shifted from the game to the after-game recap shows to finally the evening news. Henry's hands became slowly bolder as the evening wore on, rubbing against Will's clothed skin, enjoying the rare moment with Will. Will was normally so standoffish, not initiating any sort of physical contact and looking incredibly uncomfortable at anyone else's initiation of physical contact. Henry knew he shouldn't read too much into it but his smitten heart couldn't help wondering if it meant something. Probably just another example of drunk Will, he rationalized.

"I killed her Henry," Will whispered, so softly Henry almost wondered if he imagined it.

"It doesn't sound like you had much of a choice. It sounds like by killing her you saved both of your lives."

Henry felt Will's body tense at the memory and he rubbed his shoulder in an attempt to calm him. "I'm glad you came back okay." He paused, realizing what he said then tried to correct himself. "I am glad both of you came back okay."

"Me too," Will said, snuggling slightly further into Henry's neck. Henry sighed, trying not to get lost in the moment. He knew this was just the alcohol talking now, that the straight doctor didn't know what he was doing, didn't know the reaction he was creating in Henry.

Will's current state of inebriation was finally causing his brain to shut off. No brain means no nightmares, right? Will hoped. And even though a part of Will's brain was still rational enough to realize that he wouldn't have been snuggling with Henry under normal circumstances, Will was so comfortable that he couldn't bring himself to care. When Henry finally turned off the television and stood up Will couldn't resist the pout that formed on his face. "Okay, I think it's time to get you to bed," Henry said, turning to face Will. Will couldn't help the excited leap in the pit of his stomach at Henry's words, and waggled his eyebrows suggestively as Henry took his hands and hauled him to his feet. He could hear Henry's breath catch slightly before continuing to put an arm around Will's waist to help guide him down the halls to the room to which Will had no desire to go.

Henry thought his heart was going to leap out of his chest at Will's reaction to Henry's words about bed, however as quickly as the expression appeared it passed so Henry was uncertain he actually saw what he thought he did. Holding out a hand for Will, he pulled the drunken doctor to his feet.

"Thank you for saving me," Will quietly slurred as they walked down the hall to the elevator that led to the residential level.

"What?" Henry asked.

"For saving me from the Naga. Thank you. I know you didn't want me to know about your change."

"I'm just glad you're okay. I could have hurt you instead." It wasn't the first time that Henry had worried about what could have happened to Will if his wolf had decided to attack Will instead of the Naga. Or if he hadn't gotten there in time. His arm tightened instinctively around Will for a moment before he realized and forced himself to relax.

"You wouldn't have hurt me," Will said confidently. Henry had wrapped one arm under the armpits and around the back of his friend to give him some extra support as they walked down the halls and Will leaning closer to Henry.

Dude, you are killing me, was all Henry could think. Out loud he said "I could have. You don't know that."

"You wouldn't have. I know."

As they stood and waited for the elevator Will rested his head back on Henry's shoulder, tucking his face in Henry's neck. Henry couldn't resist wrapping his other arm around Will and holding him a little tighter than he should while waiting for the lift to appear. Henry knew he should feel bad about taking advantage of the situation but the fact that Will leaned into the hug made it hard for Henry to feel like he was doing something wrong.

The door to the elevator opened and Henry led them inside. Despite their change in location Will failed to change their body positions as they moved into the elevator. If anything Will moved a little closer to Henry, snuggling up against him, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Henry's neck.

"Will," Henry was embarrassed at how breathy his voice sounded, but Will's closeness was affecting him.

"Hmmm?" Will asked, his lips brushing against the skin of Henry's neck and chin as he lifted his drunken head to look up at Henry. Henry took a slight step back to give them some distance but Will took a step with him, wanting to keep the closeness they'd established. "Do you not want to be close to me?" Will asked, nuzzling his lips along Henry's jaw-line towards his ear. "I've seen the way you look at me sometimes, Henry," Will breathed in his ear.

The pit of Henry's stomach ran cold. Will knew. Of course he knows, Henry thought grimly. He's so damn perceptive. Of course he saw something that Henry thought he was hiding. The chilling feeling in Henry's stomach at the knowledge that his secret was known was warmed by the way Will ran his lips across Henry's chin, over his cheek towards his lips. "Will," Henry gasped before Will covered Henry's mouth with his.

You wouldn't be this close to him if you weren't drunk, Will's rational brain reminded him, from the back corners of his drunken stupor. Will realized this, but as they stepped into the elevator and Henry attempted to put some space between them, all Will could think was that he didn't want that, that he wanted - just this once - to know what it felt like to kiss Henry Foss. Even if he knew he would kick himself in the morning for his actions.

Tongues battling for dominance and hands rubbing up and down backs were interrupted by the ding of the elevator opening on the residential level. Henry took that distraction to pulled himself from Will's lips. I just need a moment to breath, to think, Henry thought. He tried for a modicum of distance as he walked them down the hall to Will's door but Will's hands tormenting him the entire way down the hall. At Will's door Henry turned to look at his companion to have Will pin him to the door, lips hovering mere centimeters from Henry's. "Truth or dare," Will said, looking into Henry's eyes. It took Henry a moment for his brain to register what was happening. "Truth," Henry finally whispered.

"Do you want to come inside?" Will asked huskily, his lips so close to Henry's that they brushed against his as he spoke.

"I do. Very much so." More than you can possibly imagine, Henry thought. Will's lips seared against his in response and it took all of Henry's willpower to not let his body give in to the the desires that Will created in him. Henry started to kiss him back but finally realized that if this continued he wouldn't be able to resist any more. Will started to reach for the door handle but Henry stopped him. "However not tonight. We will continue this when you are sober,' Henry promises, kissing Will one last time chastely on the lips. "You know where to find me," he said, leaving Will alone in his bedroom to sleep it off.