Title: As the World Falls Down
Chapter: Prologue/? + Prologue and Epilogue
Author: erisgregory
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kurt/Sebastian, blink and you miss them multipairings.
Spoilers: The Labyrinth, sort of.
Warnings: Violence, language, substance abuse, disturbing themes, sexual content (might not be actual smut). More specific warnings on a chapter by chapter basis.
Genre: Romance, drama, fantasy
Wordcount: 454
Summary: One fateful night, after a particularly bad fight with his best friend, Kurt jokingly calls on the Goblin King to take her away. When she actually disappears, Kurt learns he has thirteen hours to defeat the Goblin King's labyrinth in order to save his friend from becoming a part of the goblin court, forever.
A/N: I debated about writing this in but just to avoid confusion, when Kurt meets a character that we recognize, but he does not, it's simply because that person never existed in his world.

"Hey bud, when's your other half getting here?" Burt pulled open the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water.

"I'm expecting her in about twenty minutes. And please don't call her that, you realize you're only encouraging her belief that gay men make the best boyfriends for their straight female friends, right?" Kurt shot his dad a look and Burt held up his hands in defeat.

"She just has good taste." Burt said with a laugh.

"Not helping Dad." Kurt told him, but he wasn't mad. His father had always been supportive of him and he knew the jokes about Rachel were only that. Just jokes. He wanted all the same things for Kurt that Kurt wanted for himself, but Lima was running short on out gay teens so Kurt had yet to experience the joys of dating. Maybe in college had become something of a mantra for him.

"Seriously though, are you two doing okay these days? I haven't seen Rachel around much." Burt leaned against the counter, casually drinking his water as though he weren't suddenly crossing into a delicate subject.

"Yeah Dad, we're fine. Things are better, that's why I invited her over. We're going to watch Streisand movies, eat vegan cookies, and talk about boys all night." Kurt was tossing the vegetables carefully in the wok, but his mind wasn't on stir-fry or sleepovers. It was far away to New York where he would not be attending NYADA.

Kurt didn't blame Rachel for getting in when he didn't. He'd been as happy for her as he was sad for himself. That's not why they'd had trouble. They'd had trouble because Rachel made his loss all about herself and how she wasn't going to have him there. Eventually Rachel apologized and they'd not spoken of it since.

Burt was satisfied with Kurt's answer and he left the kitchen to go wash up and change before dinner. Rachel arrived in time to set the table and they fell into easy conversation about which movie to watch first and whether or not the basement would provide enough soundproofing for midnight karaoke. Rachel even agreed to try out Kurt's new clay facial mask and he agreed to let her brush his hair, though not style it.

The three of them sat down to eat together and it was nice. Burt behaved and did not call Rachel Kurt's other half, thankfully, and no one brought up the fact that this was the first time she'd been to the Hummel household in almost a month. They laughed and talked and everything was wonderfully normal. It was an image that Kurt would later cling to when everything he knew about everything was falling down around him.