Title: Truth Be Told

Author: Rhapsody

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Ororo, Remy, Logan, Charles, Scott, Jean, Psylocke, Bobby, Rogue

Red alert was finally over and unexpectedly so. When Scott was in COMMANDER mode, he became the epitome of anal-retentive. So to have him call a meeting and cancel red alert left the other x-men slack jawed and speechless.

There they sat in the war room around a table and not one of them could get it through their mind that Scott pulled the stick out of his ass for once and told them to go and have some fun.

Because the news was so spontaneous, neither x-person knew what to do. Sure, Ororo would probably attend to the fauna surrounding the estate, Logan would most likely go do his usual slash 'em up thing in the danger room, Scott and Jean would probably slip into their room and partake of each other, but what to do after 10 minutes was up? There was nothing planned. Jubilee was the first to speak up.

"Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm beat! Nap time!"

Suddenly a round of yawning went through the room. It started with Jubilee and then caught on like wildfire.

"It's unanimous then, naptime for all."

There was no argument there. They filed out of the room as a group, each to their respective room, except for a few people.


"Yes you impudent male."

"Can Remy sleep wit' you, chere?" He knew another pair of ears heard him loud and clear, that was the point.

To Ororo he looked like a little boy, how could she refuse? She reached for an errand strand of his hair and tucked it behind his ear. The gesture was gentle, almost motherly… almost. From where she left the strand of hair, she drew a line from behind his ear, down his defined jaw and to his chin.

"Of course not, my friend."

"T'anks, 'Roro… wait a minute, you jus' turned Remy down."

"Oui monsieur, I did. My bed is reserved for me tonight. I have no been in it for some time and I would like to enjoy the evening beginning with a bath. Good night, Remy."

"Night, Stormy."

Remy wasn't hurt that he was let down, he almost expected her to let him down. In fact, he knew that the extra pair of ears was still in tune to the direction of the conversation. Just what as wanted.


Scott and Jean's Room

Even though they lived in a house that was filled with childhood friends, Scott was never more himself as to when he was alone with Jean. When he was with the group, he put on the air of leader, for the most part. It wasn't often that they all seen him totally uninhibited, that was a rare pleasure. But Jean, she knew the real Scott. She knew Scott when he was in that shy, awkward phase. She knew Scott used to cry himself to sleep when the perils of leadership got to him. Although his mutation left him blind, he was capable of tears. So when he just announced that red alert was cancelled, she knew something was up.

Scott was the first to the bedroom. He glanced at the bed and he instantly knew what he wanted. He was dying for a full nights sleep although it was 2 in the afternoon on a Spring day in N.Y. He peeled the upper half of his uniform and left it resting on his hips and he collapsed backwards on the bed. The back of his knees was molded to the end of the mattress and his feet reached the floor. His were stretched out to the point where his fingertips reached the end of either side of the bed. His exhaled breath caused his back to concave into the mattress and his inhaled breath arched his form. His body was starting to relax but his mind wasn't at rest.

"Maybe I should go re-check security? No Logan did tat and usually does a pretty thorough job. Cameras? No, they're fine. Codes? No, already done. Damn there has to be something that I haven't done."

"Damn, Scott, even when you're off red-alert you're on it. You were sending again." Jean was his other half straight don to the mind link they shared. It was almost like sharing half a brain.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to broadcast"

Jean moved herself to the center of his thighs and made herself comfortable on his body as if he were just another part of the mattress.

"So, why the abrupt end to red-alert?"

"I just figured we all needed a break. Everyone looked like caffeine burnout, like they came off a sugar high and now are depressed. What good is a half dead team?"


"What's that suppose to mean?"

"I think you had something else in mind." His silence and non- denial only confirmed her suspicions.

"Out with it, Scott."

"Well, I got to thinking about how little we all may really know about each other. Maybe if we learned more about each other, that will help us function as a group."

"So, what did you have in mind?"

"A game."

"A game?" Now her interest was peaked. She rested on a dingle elbow on his chest and stared into his face.

"Yes, like truth or dare. I know it sounds childish, but I think it's time the X-men let down their guard and alternate egos. I think tomorrow we all learn something about the real people that live here."