Title: Truth Be Told 2

Author: Rhapsody

Disclaimer: If ya don't know, now ya know!

Chapter 2


"Ha, Gumbo got shot down! That's my girl. What the hell is Gambit tryin' t' prove. Bayou boy thinks he's makin' me jealous. Nah! Never that. Damn I regret that conversation we had" That was Logan's last thought before entering his room.

Drawing the shades to block out the sun, Logan, the Wolverine, changed from his uniform to his boxers only. Who would've thought that a man who is known from his ferocious snarls and feral attitude owned a pair of boxers with those obnoxious smiley faces swirling over his ass. They made him laugh. There were various happy faces on his shorts but his favorite was the face with a bullet in it's head and a trickle of red running down it's forehead. It was funny to him.

He figured he'd take a shower when he woke in the morning. He was too tired now. Whenever he went to bed he tried to turn his senses off as if that was truly possible. He could hear the slight humming and the of water falling coming from Ororo's rooms as she fed her hanging plants. He could hear the endless games of solitaire coming form Remy's room. It was common knowledge to him that when Remy was frustrated he sought out a victim for a game of 52 pickup.

He could hear Charles thinking from his study. It was his pattern of breath that was a giveaway. Charles was big on heavy sighs and exhaling. A rampant pen was scribbling and jotting and almost taking a life of it's own in that office. If Logan ever learned to read by hearing like the deaf learned to read lips, he'd be a rich man. Although, it is entirely possible that he is already a rich man and just not know about it. It is amazing the things he could hear.

He could even hear…

"Truth or Dare? What the hell is he thinkin'? and where the hell is Jubilee going?"



It would have to be the one person who suggested going to take a nap that cannot sleep. She tried. Once she reached her room she flung herself on her bed and nothing. She closed her eyes and tried to relax but she was wired. She changed positions on the bed and still nothing. She couldn't get comfortable, even hanging off the bed wasn't any help.

Aggrevated with herself, she got up and started to pace the floor of her room and think to herself.

"This is freakin' fantastic, I can't sleep even though I wanna. How often is it that I wanna sleep?! I need sumpthin' to do and now, but what?"

She contemplated and it struck her, she'd do what she normally does thanks to the Prof!

"Now how do I get there? Wait, that's why god created roller blades!" With that, she was off!


Logan, by now was out sold, Remy no doubt drifted off to sleep, Ororo was probably immersed in a good book that was good enough at putting her out and Scott and Jean's love-making bout made them sleepier than previous. Bobby was asleep before it was even a thought! That left the Professor, Elizabeth, Rogue, Hank and Cecelia awake.

Hank had eventually given Cecelia access to his lab and equipment and that's where they were. Off in the basement area, away from others, concocting, curing, fixing, and creating amongst other, things they dwell.

Cecelia would be considered more social than Hank even though the X-men were first his family and friends, but they are both like hermits when it comes to their science. They will sit and ponder and dwell upon a situation until they come to a conclusion about it.

"Dr. Reyes?" he said while adjusting his specs as he glared at a sample of something a non-scientific person would characterize as goo.

"Yes, Dr. McCoy." He answered as she liquefied a sample of the same goo.

"We need to tell the others of the recent conclusion we have made."

"Maybe, Blue, but not yet. We need to be sure about it first. You don't want to give them false info."

"That is true Doctor, but the X-men have ways of finding things out before they are suppose to know!"

"Soon, blue, soon."


Knock, knock. 

She heard the insistent rapping at the door, but decided to ignore it.

Knock, knock.

So her plan was failing miserably. She had only wanted a moment alone.

Knock, knock.

"Come on, open the door." The British voice trying to get in chimed.

Knock, knock.

"Go away!" The voice couldn't have been anymore southern than it was.

Rogue knew Elizabeth wouldn't give in that easily when she really wanted something. Looking into the dark corner she spoke.

'What'd ya want, Betsy?"

"Let us go down to Harry's for a few drinks. I know you want to get out of here, I've checked. So throw on your shoes and let us go."

"Damn you!"

"Yeah, I know. Ready when you are."