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Alright, as much as you people want to believe that Kyohei was Sunako's first love, you all forget that she liked someone else before him. I didn't see any stories like this so I decided to write one. Yes I really shouldn't upload a story when my others aren't done but oh well. Soooo, here you people go. Enjoy. Keep your arms and legs in side your seat at all times. ^-^

"Sunako! Where's our breakfast? You're the only one here that can cook so it's your responsibility to cook for us! Hey Sunako, are you listening!" Kyohei was on a rampage again, and what was happening was that he was screaming at nothing but a white door with a very scary room hiding behind it. Yeah, this is completely normal here.

Unfortunately, for Kyohei, Sunako was once again in her room dusting and polishing off Hiroshi in a dark corner of her room laughing creepily. Meaning, that he would have to go into her scary room and drag her out of her room forcing her either to explode with a nosebleed or to yell at him at the top of her lungs for quite a long while. Before, when she first came here to the mansion, she would have exploded with a nosebleed, but nowadays she just blushes hard and yells a lot, like a lot a lot. He decided to go into her room and drag her out. That seemed saner than starving for half a day. He saw her trying to run away but now with no nosebleed. Ha, so she's finally getting used to me. I'm actually kind of glad. And with that he smiled a little bit, but just a little. He ran after her, grabbed her under her arms and lifted her up like a doll, while spacing off again.

"Radiant creature of light! Were you listening to me! I didn't even get groceries yesterday for breakfast today. So you're all just going to have cereal for breakfast right now. And PUT ME DOWN!" She was squirming and fumbling around so much that Kyohei almost dropped her, luckily he caught her before she could fall flat on her face.

"What? You mean to tell me that even though you spent four hours shopping for food, you couldn't even get breakfast! I swear!" He practically yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Hey it's not my fault that the people who usually sell me the food were closed yesterday because they were at their son's birthday party!" She was in an even less friendly mood than usual, because she was talking to Hiroshi again and this time it was about something very important. It was about her situation with the boys. That was a very serious matter that she even had a hard time talking to Hiroshi about it.

"Whatever. Just go get us some lunch. I'll come with you if that'll help," he said while blushing slightly. "Just remember that this is a once in lifetime deal here, okay?" What's wrong with me? I never blush.

Once Kyohei said that she had inwardly smiled, she will admit that she does prefer the orange haired food fanatic to the other boys. It's not that she likes him! It's only because Yuki was a crybaby and couldn't keep up with her, the raven haired boy was too lovey-dovey with her friend, and the red haired boy was too much of a pervert to help her out, he was always checking out other older ladies that look down upon her. Kyohei was the only one - with enough motivation mind you - who could really help her out around the house and such.

"Right, right, thanks Kyohei," she said once she was reverted in her chibi mode. Kyohei just snorted and went to the kitchen to find the other boys sitting at the dining table talking amongst them.

"Hey guys," Kyohei called, once he got their attention he continued, "the dork here forgot to get us breakfast, so now we have to eat cereal. After that, she and I are going to go get the rest of the groceries for the week, alright?" The boys all nodded their heads in unison and went right back to talking about some movie or something.

"Alright Kyohei lets go now," said the chibi Sunako.

"Right. After I eat some cereal," he said while making his way to the fridge where the cold milk was, passing right by her without giving her another look. He got out everything and made a mixture of corn flakes, milk, and banana slices. He ate it all up within a couple of minutes, literally a couple of minutes, and it was a HUGE bowl, no it was a mixing bowl.

"One of these days you're going to choke on your food and die, what a wonderful day that will be. Can I arrange your funeral? Please?" Said Sunako creepily calm but pleading on her way out the door.

"What! No, you cannot! I will not let someone as creepy as you arrange my funeral. I don't plan on dying yet." Truth be told, he felt creeped out talking about his death and funerals and all that.

She started laughing her creepy laugh, meaning she really thought that was funny. They both made it to the market place without being tackled by any fan girls yet, after all most of those people were away for vacation. Kyohei and Sunako were looking over some lettuce when HE passed by. Sunako dropped all of what she was carrying with her and stood frozen.

"What the hell Sunako," he yelled but stopped when he noticed her eyes following someone, some guy with short brown hair. "Are you alright? Who is that guy?"

She started blushing furiously as she came out of her trance. She didn't answer him back but started apologizing to the old couple at the stand and picking up the food. Kyohei was getting mad again but kept it in check.

"Sunako answer me please," he said. He surprised himself by saying 'please', he never said anything like that so easily. But he was pulled from his thoughts when she started mumbling something. "What was that?"

"I said that was my first crush," she replied surprisingly calmly.

"You mean the bastard that called you ugly? That was him? And how can you be so freaking calm about it all?" He was yelling again. He really didn't know what was wrong with Sunako, once she saw him she almost looked like a girl, that and he really didn't know what the ugly feeling in his stomach was from. It was almost angry, yet sad, mixture in him. He didn't really know what it was from.

"If you hadn't noticed, he just has that effect on me. Though I did think that it went away after all this time," she replied just as calm as she did before, even though that was getting on Kyohei's nerves. He started growling but continued with helping out his friend.

They bought the lettuce and went to go look for some shrimp for dinner that night. They were walking along talking again, going back into a pattern that both of them didn't think was possible. Once, they passed a candy store and Sunako just had to get some chocolate.

"I don't want you going crazy over some chocolate so I guess it's alright if you get some. But not a lot! I don't want to put you in another straight jacket. By the way we need to find another one of those, since you broke the last one." She somewhat smiled at that and just nodded her head.

Once they went inside though, that's when everything in both of their lives changed forever.

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