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When Sunako and Kyohei walked in the candy store, what they saw would change their fates forever. (Cue dramatic music)

The size of the store was nothing excessive, but it was the perfect size for finding whatever candy you're craving. No customers were currently in the store, only the cashier, but it was the cashier that had stopped both of them in their tracks. It was the guy that they both saw outside. It was the guy that made Sunako feel like a school girl in love again. It was the guy that brought back hurtful memories. It was the guy Sunako used to love. (AN: This so did NOT go the way I wanted but whatever.)

"Hello welcome to Candy Heaven. What can I help you with today?" He asked with a small, bored smile on his face. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a light tan colored shirt and was wearing green khaki shorts. He looked utterly, boring, according to Kyohei. Who, compared to his black graphic t-shirt (with a white skull and bleeding roses on the shirt) and light gray skinny jeans with dark grey awesome converse shoes, actually was boring.

Yes, Yuki dressed him today so that he wouldn't seem so 'bright' standing next to Sunako, which Kyohei thanked him for when they were alone in his room. Kyohei slowly leaned down to Sunako's ear and whispered, "Hey Sunako. Is this seriously the guy that you used to like?"

She spoke quietly and whispered, "Yes it is. Now stop asking me personal questions or I will have to KILL you later! Painfully, gruesomely, tortuously MURDER YOU! I will slit your throat and feed it to flying pigs!"

Kyohei was about to yell at her to start making sense, when they were both interrupted by the 'normal' guy. "Are you going to get something or not? It's our policy that if you aren't buying anything then you will have to leave the premises." He really was pissing off Kyohei. A lot. Just the way that he was acting made someone like Kyohei get pissed at. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was wondering if Sunako's emotional changes were rubbing off on him.

Kyohei started to yell, "Listen you basta-", but (sadly) Sunako interrupted him.

"Yes. I would like some chocolate. Can you suggest something really delicious?" She tried acting normal, well, her kind of normal. She really did. She wasn't in the mood for one of Kyohei's temper tantrums or was she in the mood to remember what the average guy did to her poor heart years ago back in school.

"Yes thank you. We have blah, blah, blah, blah, and blah also blah with blah and wrappers." Kyohei was, by now, getting bored. He would punch this guy out when Sunako wasn't around. I mean 'CONVERSE' with him out back for an hour or two when Sunako wasn't around, to get to 'know' him better. (AN: I'm weird, I know.) Kyohei noticed that the guy was standing really close to Sunako. He was almost standing creeper status close. He decided that if they were just getting some candy then the guy didn't need to be standing so goddamn close to Sunako.

"Oh and by the way we have a sale going on this Friday at noon, and if you want to come by again then it would be most appreciated," said the normal guy casually with a smile to Sunako. Now that Kyohei thought about it, the guy didn't even talk to him, not once! Not once did he say 'Oh and we have a nice selection for you sir.' No! Kyohei then edged closer to this guy's conversation with Sunako.

"This one is just as sweet as your pretty face and this one's wrapper is just as shiny as your wonderful raven black hair. Blah, blah, blah." My GOD was this guy trying to FLIRT with Sunako? If he was it was really cheesy. He failed miserably at it. No joke. Did you even hear this guy? Was he secretly trying to become a host or something? No! He will not practice hosting on Sunako! Sunako was supposed to be HIS friend HIS eventually girlfriend and EVENTUALLY, HIS wife! Oh yeah, Kyohei had it all planned out already (A/N: Kyohei seems to be the creeper here huh?).

"Dude are you trying to flirt with my girlfriend?" Asked Kyohei in a menacing voice while glaring at the 'normal' guy.

"Huh? What? No I am not trying to flirt with your girl. I already have one." The 'normal' guy turned to Sunako. "By the way what's your name?"

"Huh? My name is Nakahara." An angry blonde stood besides her trying to summon the darkest, most demented, demons of burning hell to haunt the guy for all eternity. "Kyohei, you creature of Light, stop shining so freaking much! You're making my brain bleed venom!" She screamed.

The totally normal dude stood by wonder where he heard that name from, "Hey I used to go to school with a girl with the last name Nakahara. Sunako was her name. Are you two related somehow?"

All fighting between Sunako and Kyohei came to an end, "Uh no. I actually am Sunako."

The guy smiled a pretty normal boring smile, "Wow. Sunako! I haven't seen you since middle school! How are you? Wow, you really have changed a lot. You're so much prettier than I remember. You stopped talking to me, why?"

Sunako deadpanned, "Because I confessed my love for you. And you rejected me. Badly."

"Oh I'm so sorry Sunako. You know we can always still be friends." The normal looking guy went back to talking to Sunako about all the times they had fun in class and talking about what their other friends were doing. And Kyohei could not be any more pissed than he already was.

"Now wait just a minute! You go and ruin her life and now all of a sudden and just because she's beautiful now you want to be her friend? You're an ass and you need to leave."

"This is where I work. If you want to leave though, then that's all on you. I'm working."

"Not that kind of leave. I mean leave out of her life! You brought nothing but trouble to her and it would be better for all of us if you never saw her again!"

While both of the boys were fighting, Sunako was silently fuming. She was learning how to control her anger, but right now she just couldn't hold it in any longer, "WOULD BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP!"

Both boys looked over to her, surprise eminent in their eyes. "KYOHEI!" she took a deep breath, "we should really leave now. I don't want you to embarrass yourself any more. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, so you can stop PROTECTING ME! You stupid creature of the Light!"

Sunako started dragging a surprised Kyohei out of the store by the ear when the guy behind the counter yelled out, "So I'll call you later!"

Sunako didn't hear him and left.

'I swear Kyohei when we get back to the house I will curse you with 13 years of bad luck!'

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