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Chapter 3 - A Foreshadowing Mistake.

Lelouch didn't speak with either C.C. or Jeremiah while the guards led the trio to their quarters. They were high level guest rooms. Jeremiah's suite would be right across the hall from his own. His Knight would be ready to react if he came under threat while here. When they arrived at his suite all three entered. They would need to speak briefly before the conference with the Black Knights.

He shouldn't have expected even a few minutes to relax with C.C. present. When the guards had shown them to his door and given both him and Jeremiah their entrance codes she had simply walked into his quarters.

The guard was confused. "My Lord," he began, watching C.C. move deeper into the room. "We have another-"

"That won't be necessary." Lelouch interrupted him before C.C. could comment. "Lady C.C. will not require a separate suite."

"Yes, My Lord." The guard replied. He looked almost scandalized.

Lelouch kept his face indifferent. Any reaction from him would just encourage C.C. to continue her antics. Instead he just entered his quarters gesturing Jeremiah to follow. The first room was a simple foyer designed like a den. C.C. was sitting on a chair beside a low table in the middle of the room.

Once the doors closed Lelouch turned to Jeremiah. "Scan the room." He ordered. "I doubt Schneizel will have any recording devices here but it's still possible." He stepped over and sat in a seat alongside C.C.

After a few minutes of Jeremiah walking about the room 'looking' things over he returned and stood before them. "There are no listening devices present in the room but two guards have remained by the door. Anything louder than quiet conversation will be heard." He informed them.

"Good." Lelouch replied. "Things are going well. I had hoped to confront Bismarck soon but even I suspected it would take time and some effort to cause an encounter. Things are progressing better than planned."

"You're happier with his death than I expected." C.C. said. "Was his Geass truly that large a threat?"

"In a way." Lelouch answered. "Since he had Geass he likely knew far more about Geass than anyone else it Britannia. The only other one that has discovered any significant amount of information is Cornelia. Even so, most of her information is second hand. With Bismarck's death no one but us can confirm any data about Geass. The only thing anyone else has is speculation."

"How do you know he hadn't already told Schneizel everything?" C.C. asked.

"If he told Schneizel everything he would have told him about his own Geass." Lelouch answered. "The surprise he showed when Cornelia saw Bismarck's Geass was real. Even if Schneizel could have hidden his surprise Cornelia couldn't have. But it goes even further than that."

"How so?" C.C. asked.

"Schneizel and Cornelia were shocked." Lelouch explained. "Their shock wasn't just because of Bismarck's Geass. They were also surprised by how much they didn't know. And how much I did know. That combined with your piloting of the Lancelot Albion into the Avalon will give Schneizel all the more reason to direct my attention by allowing you to be the new pilot of the Lancelot. Everything has gone smoothly up to this point."

"I see." C.C. accepted. "In that case, what do we do next? How will you deal with the Black Knights."

"My Lord." Jeremiah hesitantly interrupted. "I'm sorry. Buy, you said you knew about Marianne's death..."

"Jeremiah," Lelouch began with a sign. "There are many things we must talk about. But for now I need to react to Schneizel and the Black Knights. When we are taken to Britannia and can have greater assurance of a secure location I will explain everything. Until then I ask you to wait."

"Yes, my Lord." Jeremiah replied quietly.

"As for the Black Knights," Lelouch began. "I need to show them that they made a mistake by casting me away. I cannot allow them to maintain full trust of Schneizel. At the same time I must seem to be on Schneizel's side for now."

"Let me guess." C.C. interjected with a devious smirk. "The best way to do that is to mock them."

"Actually yes." Lelouch remarked. "I need only point out how foolish and ill thought out their actions were. If I explain part of what Schneizel gained by acting as he did as well... It won't help them counter his actions but it will show Schneizel that I understood what he did."

"Does what they believe matter?" Jeremiah asked. "If your goal is to counter Schneizel politically at the inquiry why would the Black Knights need to know this?"

"For two reasons." Lelouch replied. "The first is that it would be something I would do if I believed that I wouldn't be able to confront them again. The second is that I want them to be present at the inquiry. Schneizel won't wish to antagonize the UFN into military conflict. If he makes himself a great enough enemy to the UFN they may ignore the Black Knights' actions in order to counter them. If they believe they made a mistake and that they need to learn what is revealed at the inquiry they will press to be present for it. With my involvement with the Black Knights Schneizel will have no choice but to allow it."

"But only Schneizel and Cornelia known you're Zero." C.C. pointed out. "To the rest of the royal family you are just a lost prince that is returning."

"Not quite." Lelouch countered. "I'm a lost prince that showed up at the death of the Emperor in the Shinkiro. A Knightmare stolen not just from the Black Knights but from Zero himself. Zero died at the same time."

"In public they will blame you for Zero's death." C.C. realized. "It would be easy to force inclusion into the inquiry with that reasoning."

"Since Schneizel doesn't want the UFN to have too much influence over the inquiry he will easily allow them to attend the inquiry." Lelouch confirmed. While Lelouch hadn't liked giving Schneizel the time to fully prepare for their conference with the Black Knights he would need time to realize all of this. Schneizel would need even more time to start dealing with the communication between the two of them and Bismarck's death.

"Then what do we do now?" C.C. asked.

"For now we wait." Lelouch replied. "Jeremiah, to show my trust in Schneizel you will need to remain in your quarters during the conference with the Black Knights. C.C. you will need to come. I need for your piloting the Lancelot Albion to become common knowledge." He held up a hand to stop Jeremiah from protesting. "That is the way it must be."

"Yes, my Lord." Jeremiah answered. Then recognizing his dismissal went to his own quarters.

Lelouch relaxed into his seat. He had had too many shocks these last few days. He needed whatever rest he could get.

"I want pizza." C.C. declared.

Lelouch sat up and stared at her blankly for a moment. When was the last time he had eaten anyway? "I do too." He replied.

C.C. smiled brightly at him and reached for the intercom to call in their order.

Schneizel's last few hours had been stressful. While the Knightmare Galahad had remained in the bay, Bismarck's body was taken to the Avalon's infirmary. He had set a time to talk with the Black Knights. He had delayed communication with the Imperial Guard in an attempt to speak with the Black Knight before they found out about Bismarck's death.

It wasn't a question of if the Imperial Guard would learn of Bismarck's death but when. Without manipulating the video at all Bismarck's encounter with Lelouch appeared to be Bismarck attempting to kill a Britannian Prince after being told he failed to protect the Emperor. Bismarck would appear totally at fault. Even so the Imperial Guard would no doubt demand to meet with him. With the upcoming conference with the Black Knights they couldn't meet now.

Schneizel was waiting on the bridge when the Avalon's communications officer received the Black Knights' hail. He still wore the visor over his eyes. The rest of the bridge officers were similarly equipped. He had convinced Cornelia to be absent during the conference. She had never been one for diplomacy.

"Greetings, Prince Schneizel." Kaguya began once the connection was made.

"Greetings Chairwoman Sumeragi." Schneizel replied. "My brother will be with us shortly. Our discussion can begin once he arrives." Schneizel made a show of summoning Lelouch to the bridge of the Avalon.

"It was a surprise that Prince Lelouch joined up with you when he did." Kaguya opened. "It was something we never expected." Her meaning was clear.

Schneizel noticed that the bridge of the Ikaruga had almost no low level Black Knights present. It wasn't a surprise. The Avalon's bridge crew had also been replaced for this conference. "I already explained to your interception squad," Schneizel began. "Even in a stolen Knightmare I couldn't just leave my brother to be captured."

His meaning was clear as well. It hadn't taken Kaguya long to understand what was going on once Tohdoh had explained Schneizel's message. Japan had been freed on Schneizel's word and authority. If he handed Lelouch over to them for no apparent reason Schneizel's authority would be broken. Japan's liberty would disappear.

They didn't have to wait long for Lelouch's arrival. At the sound of the bridge door opening Schneizel turned and found the young green-haired girl that had been with his brother stalking up to him. His guards had already begun to move to intercept her when she came to a halt a few feet from him.

"Why doesn't the Avalon have any pizza onboard?" C.C. growled menacingly.

Schneizel was shocked. Pizza? Who was this and what was she talking about? "What?" He managed to utter as a shocked exclamation came from Black Knights.

"C.C.!" Kallen cried. "What are you doing there?" She paused. "Pizza! Are you back again?"

"Yes, Kallen." Came Lelouch's calm reply from the entrance. "C.C. has recovered from her injury."

"Prince Lelouch." Kaguya greeted loud enough to stop the other Black Knights from speaking. Her face held an unusually intense impassive look.

"Hello Kaguya." Lelouch replied. "It is good to see you again."

"Shall we begin." Kaguya diverted as she turned to a recovered Schneizel.

"I still need my pizza." C.C. stated testily. It earned her stares from nearly everyone present.

"The cooks have the ingredients." Lelouch assured her. "It will just take them time to prepare them properly. You will get your pizza after the meeting is over."

"I never had to wait this long before." C.C. complained.

"You've waited a long time for pizza and you know it." Lelouch replied. "The only reason it was ready so quickly on the Ikaruga was because I had the foresight to have the cooks have prepared ingredients."

"Brother." Schneizel interrupted. "Is this really the time to be discussing food?" What was going on? Did the betrayal of the Black Knights and the death of Bismarck leave him with so little purpose that he couldn't go on? Could he have lost his mind? Or did this girl really have such an obsession with pizza?

"I didn't expect to see you there C.C." Kaguya interjected. "If this is how you normally act I can see why Lelouch always had a supply of pizza on hand. How did you arrive at the Avalon C.C.?"

"She flew the Lancelot Albion." Lelouch answered for her. He also walked forward to place himself beside Schneizel. C.C. moved to his side. "She is loyal to me and followed soon after my departure."

Kaguya understood his action immediately. He had chosen a side and was showing it. Schneizel would understand his action too.

"C.C. can pilot that Knightmare?" Kallen asked surprised. After piloting the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements she knew how difficult a ninth generation Knightmare was to pilot. It required a completely different level of skill than any other Knightmare.

"Just because she didn't always deploy as a front line fighter doesn't mean she wasn't a skilled pilot." Lelouch answered her question. "She never had need of a customized Knightmare before."

Schneizel looked over at his brother. So this C.C. hadn't needed a Knightmare before, But she needed one now? Was he implying something? Planning something?

"Prince Lelouch," Kaguya began. "Do you really believe that we can just allow you to leave Japan?" She had to find out what his intentions were. They may not be able to follow him anymore but they couldn't allow someone as valuable as Lelouch to become loyal to a Britannian.

"Of course you can." Lelouch replied. "In fact, you must. Everyone here knows it. Or do you really want to be the one to inform the newly born UFN that the Japanese Black Knights sold Zero for Japan's freedom? Or rather, that they agreed to assassinate Zero for Britannia, with payment being Japan?"

"We did no such thing!" Ohgi insisted.

"Ohgi!" Kaguya called. After he fell silent she continued. "Prince Lelouch. Zero was one of the founders of the UFN. He was also the CEO of the Black Knights. The Black Knights would never agree to such a thing."

"I couldn't believe they would have." Lelouch allowed. "Doing so would cripple the Black Knights. It may well cause the fall of the UFN itself. After all no country would be willing to join a Federation protected by the Black Knights if that is how they operate. Many may even secede from the UFN."

Schneizel watched the Black Knights fall silent. He was content to allow his brother to speak to them for now. Without Lelouch leading them it was simple to twist their intentions against themselves. For them 'Zero' had truly been a man of miracles.

The uneasy silence on the Ikaruga was palatable. The Black Knights were all shocked. All except Kaguya and Li Xingke. Neither of the two had the emotional friction with Zero that the others had. They hadn't been involved in the sudden breakdown between Lelouch and the others. They had been able to look at the situation far more dispassionately. It hadn't taken them long to realize just how the situation would look from the outside.

"Enough." Kaguya declared. "Why would the UFN believe such an outlandish story? Especially one told to them by a Britannian Prince?"

"By my brother you mean." Lelouch offered. He turned toward Schneizel. "Why indeed. Schneizel doesn't favor military action. He often lets his opponents defeat themselves. Can't you see it? You called to talk with Schneizel. Why am I the one who is negotiating for Britannia?"

Lelouch wasn't watching the Black Knights even while he was talking to them. He knew them well enough to predict their reactions. It was better to observe the reactions of his new opponent. His reactions were revealing.

Schneizel had watched the Black Knights and their reactions during his conversation with Kaguya. But when he began talking about Schneizel's tactics he had begun watching him. The wariness he saw in Schneizel made him wonder what he hadn't yet learned. What had his brother done that would make him so wary?

"Don't think we will turn against each other so easily." Kaguya retorted. "If nothing else we learn from our past mistakes. Never again will deceit poison the Black Knights."

Lelouch turned back to her. His 'wife' was very diplomatic. She both admitted that they had made a mistake when they betrayed him and shifted the blame to him and his lies. "What makes you think that your past mistakes have run their course? What if your deceit about Zero were to be revealed?" He asked. "I know Schneizel. I know him better than you."

Lelouch was now splitting his attention between Schneizel and the Black Knights. Schneizel could hide his reactions. The Black Knights wouldn't be able too. He needed to know as much about their negotiations as he could.

"You probably do." Kaguya offered. "He is your brother after all. But what does that matter right now?" She was cautious. What did Lelouch know that they didn't?

"Schneizel lets his enemies destroy themselves." Lelouch replied. "Knowing what I know I can only assume he played a recording for the Black Knights benefit." The Black Knights' reactions were telling. The recording had doubtlessly come from when he was being deceived Suzaku. His conversation then was perfect to break the Black Knights' trust in him.

Lelouch paused. Since when had Suzaku been able to lie to him? He peered over at Schneizel. If Suzaku hadn't been lying then he would have to reconsider everything that happened after it. The second battle for Tokyo had been the first time he had directly confronted Schneizel. Was he wary about something from the battle being revealed?

"So what if he did?" Ohgi interrupted. "Such a recording would just show what you have done." Kaguya once again cut him off. They couldn't afford to let Lelouch be known as Zero.

"Do you have such a recording?" Lelouch mockingly asked. Schneizel would have never given up the recording. "Did you even record the meeting? Did you record the part of the recording that was played for you? I have no doubt that Schneizel did."

Lelouch's attention turned fully to the Black Knights. There it was. The Black Knights were just realizing what had happened. Schneizel had convinced them to turn against Zero by playing a recording. Now he had a recording of them to play before the UFN. Did they all realize what else he had implied? If Schneizel had only played part of the recording, what did the other part say?

"Why would the UFN believe a recording?" Kaguya asked. "I have no doubt that Schneizel could create a recording saying whatever he wanted it to say." It was mostly futile. She was in no position to negotiate and she knew it. The Black Knights she was negotiating for had believed a recording. Why wouldn't the UFN? The only thing she could do right now was save face.

"They wouldn't have to believe it." Lelouch answered. "Not all of them. But what if just one did? Could you disprove anything that the recording revealed? How much could Schneizel prove? What else could he use from the recording he played part of for you?"

"All you have done is prove that you are a threat to the UFN." Li Xingke interrupted. "The Black Knights are responsible for combatting such threats." It was perhaps the only way to have a chance at 'victory.' If the Black Knights could defeat Schneizel and the Imperial guard before the recording was shown to the UFN it would cease to be an issue.

"You could not win that battle Li Xingke." Lelouch stated. "Your forces are outnumbered by the combined might of Schneizel and the Imperial Guard. Nearly the full force of the Knights of the Round are present. C.C. can pilot the Lancelot Albion well enough to prevent the Guren from engaging the Knights directly. Attempting to use force in this fight is asking for defeat."

"We could resolve the whole issue." Ohgi corrected. "If Zero weren't the hero that the UFN believed him to be then the UFN wouldn't fall apart if he were gone."

"Interesting approach." Lelouch allowed. "If you were to reveal the existence of this so-called 'Geass' your problem could be solved. After all, what could Schneizel say to the UFN about that?" He turned to Schneizel, silently asking for a response.

"The Black Knights are lying." Schneizel said blandly. "If this 'Geass' really existed then how could the Black Knights have possibly betrayed Zero?"

"Then you deny the existence of Geass?" Kaguya asked Schneizel. The forethought involved in the plan was frightening. Not only had Schneizel crafted such a plan but Lelouch had seen through it so quickly. If this war went on they would be facing two opponents at the level of Zero. "Do you really think that you can hide all evidence of Geass?"

"Such evidence would be pervasive." Lelouch cut in. "But let me ask you this; Assuming Geass exists, who do you think that the UFN would believe had Geass? Zero? Who was a hero to much of the world and seen as a defender of justice. Or Schneizel? The enemy commander who met face to face with the leaders of the Japanese Black Knights. The same Black Knights who decided to betray and assassinate their leader just afterwards."

"Schneizel doesn't have Geass!" Ohgi cried, aghast. "Zero had Geass!"

"Schneizel having Geass makes as much sense as Zero having Geass." Lelouch replied calmly. "And if Schneizel has Geass, the Black Knights are completely compromised. Once again, they would be crippled."

"The UFN would never believe that Schneizel has Geass!" Ohgi insisted. "Every piece of evidence points towards Zero having Geass!" Kaguya allowed Ohgi to continue his questions. They had been backed into a corner. They had no way to save face if Schneizel or Lelouch wished to slander them. The more answers Ohgi got the better their chances of escaping this political trap.

"Of course it doesn't." Lelouch sighed. He turned to watch Kaguya. "Schneizel could just as easily be the one with Geass. You have no recourse to disprove it either." If Kaguya wanted to know just how well built the trap was she would have to ask herself.

"How could Schneizel be the one with Geass?" Kaguya asked sadly. How could Lelouch have trapped them so completely just by being betrayed?

"What incidences required Geass to exist?" Lelouch asked. "Very few. Most if not all could be explained away without Geass. The two greatest examples of people who acted completely uncharacteristically were Euphemia and Suzaku. Who did Euphemia talk to about the SAZ? Who gave her the support she needed to enact it and helped to organize it? Schneizel."

Even Schneizel couldn't help but appear repulsed at the idea of using Euphemia in that way. But he managed to hold his silence.

"Suzaku was a member of the Camelot project." Lelouch continued. "The Camelot project was administered and funded by Schneizel. Jeremiah and Villetta were the ones who attempted to remove Suzaku from the project. But all of a sudden he was miraculously rescued. Moreover Schneizel is the one who financed the development of F.L.E.I.J.A. Suzaku, who was one of the most pacifistic soldiers in Britannia was the one to use F.L.E.I.J.A. Who used F.L.E.I.J.A. in the middle of Tokyo."

"Lastly, let's talk about Zero." Lelouch persisted. "Zero always wore a mask that covered his eyes. Furthermore, the original uniform of the Black Knights included a visor that covered the eyes for all members not piloting Knightmares. The only reason the visor disappeared was because of the quickly diminishing number of foot soldiers and the loss of visibility they suffered. Wouldn't it be more likely that Zero knew of the existence of Geass and kept information secret to keep his knowledge from being revealed by someone under the influence of Geass?"

Watching Kaguya, Lelouch didn't have to try to look pained at the Black Knights' betrayal. He may not have always acted in the way that they would have thought best, but he never stopped trying to free Japan. He had acted as he thought was necessary. Even when he had committed atrocities. Freeing Japan had always been one of his goals, just not his final goal like it had been with so many of them.

"Your manipulations and speculations don't change the truth." Ohgi spoke defiantly. He was standing straight-backed now. Even if they had made a mistake they had already chosen their course and couldn't change it now. And he still didn't think that they had made a mistake.

"You want to speak of the truth, Ohgi?" Lelouch asked softly. "The truth is that you chose to believe that Zero had a supernatural ability that allowed him to enslave anyone. You chose to believe this of your leader because it's what your enemy told you."

"Do you truly believe that we had no other evidence of what was going on?" Tohdoh asked with controlled anger.

Lelouch ignored him. "You didn't even try to find another explanation." Lelouch continued. "At the time you had no idea of who I was or even that something called Geass could exist."

"Diethard knew of your identity." Tohdoh interrupted. He would not be ignored. "So did Ohgi. Ohgi also knew of Geass, even if he didn't know of the extent of its use."

"Alright." Lelouch allowed. He raised his hands in mock surrender. "Of course you're right. It wasn't just a Britannian Prince's word you took. You also took the word of several other Britannian officers who you took to the field of battle against."

Lelouch watched them bristle in anger. But this time he wouldn't let them interrupt. "Diethard suspected my identity because he was told by the Britannian military's Purist Faction." He accused. "Ohgi only got his information from an undercover Baroness. A Britannian Military Intelligence operative who he was sleeping with."

Lelouch watched the shock on the faces of the Black Knights. They had all turned towards a suddenly pale Ohgi. That was fine. Let Ohgi see how it felt to be distrusted by all those around him. But really, had none of the Black Knights questioned Villetta's identity? He kept her involvement from everyone but C.C., Sayoko, and Rolo. But not knowing her wasn't a reason to trust her.

"That doesn't change what we heard!" Ohgi snapped. "We heard you admit to ordering Euphemia to massacre the Japanese!"

"No you didn't." Lelouch calmly replied. "You heard a random Britannian's voice admitting it to a Knight of the Round. You chose to believe it was Zero when Schneizel told you it was Zero."

"So you're telling us that the recording was a fake?" Kaguya asked strained. She tried to remain neutral but a fake recording would solve a great number of issues. If the recording was real then it only made Ohgi's lack of denial all the more damming for the Black Knights.

"No," Lelouch began. "I'm asking you a question. If it was really Zero on that recording, why would he be admitting to making such an order to a Knight of the Round? The only time he would be is if he had been captured. Specifically if he had been captured and was being interrogated. And that leads us to; 'What drugs had they given him during the interrogation to make him admit to such a thing?'"

"The evidence the Black Knights used to turn against you had no verifiable merit." Kaguya allowed to the shock of both sides. She had already been informed of Schneizel's propensity to record these meetings and she was plainly admitting fault. "Except the intuitions of those who heard it. But the actions and revelations since then have shown those intuitions to have merit."

"Have they?" Lelouch asked. "Are you so certain? The only revelation you can know for certain is that the Black Knights are willing to betray you if they choose."

Ohgi's response was unheard. Lelouch turned and looked to his elder brother. His attention had drifted away from Schneizel as the conversation with the Black Knights had become more personal. But Schneizel was looking towards the entrance to the bridge. Lelouch turned to look as well. Then he turned away.

"Well, well, what's going on here?" Gino asked lightly. He had just stepped in following Anya. Neither were wearing visors.

"I didn't expect to see you so soon." Schneizel replied. He watched as Anya moved forward towards the communications console.

"Anya knew I was here." Gino answered the implied question. "She docked the Mordred alongside my Tristan. After that she stopped by the infirmary and learned something disturbing. Once she told the Imperial Guard she came to find me."

Schneizel turned away from the Knight of Three. He restored the communications with the Black Knights. "It seems I have duties to attend to elsewhere." Schneizel explained. "If you would like to know the truth of the past, I invite you to attend the inquiry into the Emperor's death. Any evidence you wish to present at that point would be appreciated. I will inform you of its time and location once it has been set."

It seemed Kaguya had managed to silence the rest of the Black Knights before the communication resumed because she was the only one to respond. "There is still much to discuss." Kaguya countered. "But perhaps you are right. Now is not the time. I will see you at the inquiry."

The communications screen had barely went dark before it activated again. This time the message was encrypted and coming from the Great Britannia. "Prince Schneizel." Monica Kruszewski, the Knight of Twelve declared as she appeared on the screen. "We have just been informed of the Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein's death. When did this occur and how did it happen?"

Lelouch turned to Schneizel. How would he handle this. The communication with the Ikaruga had been on an open channel to prevent the Imperial Guard from believing that Schneizel had sided with the Black Knights. But that didn't explain everything that had happened. This time Schneizel could deal with the explanation. He didn't care about the Imperial Guard.

C.C. came up behind Lelouch and softly jabbed him in the side. "The meeting with the Black Knights is over." She whispered. "Does that mean we can get pizza now?"

"Actually," Lelouch began. "It has probably been long enough. Let's go eat." With that he turned and followed C.C. back towards their quarters.

"Brother." Came Schneizel's call. "Where are you going?"

"You can handle this." Lelouch said. He ignored the attention from the Knights. "It's time for pizza." He strode out of the bridge before any other comments could be made.

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