"Melody to Nurse, Melody to Nurse, come in Nurse."

Melody Amelia Pond spoke into the comm clipped to the inside of her shirt collar, sidling up against a grey wall and fishing the sonic out of her pocket with some difficulty.

"Nurse to Melody. What's up? Have you gotten into trouble again?"

Melody rolled her eyes.

She was talking to Nurse. He wasn't truly a nurse, but his name was a play on The Doctor, because Nurse was a sort of embodiment of The Doctor. When he had first met The Doctor, he had called himself the dream lord. The Doctor and Nurse had not got on well, but Nurse rather liked her, and she liked him. He was a good companion.

"No, I'm not in trouble 'again.' I changed my mind. Demon's run is boring. Can you and Tilly come pick my up?"

"Uh-hu. Sure. Where are you?"

Melody hit a few buttons on the vortex manipulator strapped to her wrist.

"I'm sending you my coordinates now."

"Alright. See you in a bit. Over."

"Over." She whispered.

Cyril saw the girl before she saw him. His eyes darted from side to side, hidden by the brown hood as he marched in formation with his fellow monks.

He couldn't help but stare

Melody's heart rate quickened as she saw the legion (could you call them a legion?) of monks. Headless monks. That was alright. She knew all about them. But she really didn't want to be seen at the moment. She pressed closer to the wall, holding her breath. The monks didn't have eyes. If they couldn't hear her, they wouldn't notice her. Her throat tightened as she saw the empty blackness of their hoods. She knew that the monks were headless but still, it was demented.

And then, she saw the eyes. Big, staring black eyes, peering out of a supposedly empty hood.

Cyril almost screamed as the girl's arm shot out, pulling him out of line and onto the floor.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like a headless monk?" She hissed in his face. "Oh, never mind. There's Tilly. They've heard me. We need to run, now!"

She dragged him up and toward a plum colored police box.

"What- what is that?" He spluttered.

"It's a police box. And a time machine. Her name is Tilly."

The girl pushed open the door of the police box - Tilly? - and pushed him inside.

"Tilly, out of here now!" She called.

"Are you talking to the police box?" Cyril said shrilly.

"Of course I'm talking to her. She's my sister."

"Your sister is a police box named Tilly?" He said weakly.

"Yup. Well, half sister. Sort of." She looked at him curiously. "You know you can open your eyes."

Cyril pulled down his hood and opened his eyes.

The interior of the purple police box was huge. Impossibly huge. And beautiful. In the center of the room was a sort of... Well, he'd say it was a console, but he wasn't sure.

He squeezed his eyes shut.

"Nope. Can't deal with it."

"Right then." Said the girl. "Tilly, I'm going outside. Find Nurse, will you?"

The girl dragged him outside again.

Melody stood at Tilly's door, watching the boy. He staggered around, tripping over the hem of his robes, spluttering.

"But we've moved!" he said, amazed. He turned to face her. "Are you human?"

"A bit."

"A bit human? How can you be a bit human?"

She blew some of her dark curls out of her face, stretching.

"I mean, I'm a bit human. Mostly time lord. But a bit human too. Now, let's not talk about me. I'm terribly boring. Let's talk about you."

"I'm boring too." He said quickly.

"First, what's your name. And who are you? You seem young, maybe what, nine, ten years old? Where are your parents? Why are you hiding with the monks? You can trust me. Cross my hearts."

"I'm Cyril, and I'm eight. My parents are dead."

"Well, that's fine. I don't have parents either. I'm Melody. Melody Pond, 13 years old. I'm a time traveller. You could be too, if you like."


"Do you want to come with me? On Tilly? We can go anywhere in time and space."

Cyril took a deep breath.

"Yeah. I'd like that."

"Would you?" The girl, Melody, grinned. She opened the door for him. He went in without hesitation.

Inside, Cyril was greeted by the oddest little man he had ever seen. He was short and pudgy, with a balding head and a big red bow tie.

"Cyril, this is nurse. Nurse, this is Cyril. He's coming with us."

"Is he now?"

"Well," said Melody, "I'm the boss, yeah."

"Course." he said.

"Then yes, he's coming. Tilly, he needs a room. Get on that."

Then, she sent Cyril to bed. It was late. Very late.

But she didn't sleep. She didn't need to.

"Tilly, I want to see an image. One of both of them."

The holographic image appeared on the screen of her scanner.

"Thank Tilly."

She sat forward, staring at the image and holding back tears.

"Who are they?" Asked a voice.

Melody sat bolt upright, trying to block Cyril's view of the screen.

"No one. It's no one."

Cyril elbowed her out of the way and stared at the image.

It showed two people, a pretty woman with curly blond hair laughing as a man with floppy dark hair and a blue bow tie pointed a screwdriver at something off camera, his arm around her shoulder. Cyril pointed a finger at the woman.

"Is that your mum?"

"Of course not! She's not! Why would she be my-" She looked at Cyril. "Yeah. It's my mum."

Cyril looked at Melody's face and could see the resemblance between the two young women, as well as how much she looked like the man as well. She had her mothers curly hair, but it was dark brown like the man's- he must be her father - and she had the same eyes as him. The same weird screwdriver too.

"Are they dead?" He asked quietly.

"No. But I can't ever see them again."


"It's- it's complicated."

"You must miss them very much."

"Yes." She said, turning to him, her face distorted by pain. "I do. More than anything."

"What's her name?"


"The woman. Your mum, what's her name?"

"River. River Song. My father is The Doctor. I'm Melody Pond. You're Cyril. My time machine is Tilly, my companion is Nurse. Names don't matter."

"But yes, I miss them. Now go to bed."

He did.

Light years away, River Song leaned against the TARDIS console, stubborn tears in her eyes. She tried to blink them away, but couldn't.

"We're never going to find her Doctor."

"We can't ever see her again."

"I wonder, Doctor, if she misses us."