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Chapter 7

River was quite enjoying being pardoned. She had gotten used to the Stormcage lifestyle, but being in prison for killing The Doctor even, and prehaps especially, if he wasn't actually dead, did wear a person down.

She was pregnant, out of prison, and getting to spend more time with The Doctor and her parents. It was almost enough to make her happy.

If only Melody was there too.

River missed her, and above that, she was worried about her. In many ways, Melody took more after her, but she had also inherited The Doctor's combination of inflated ego and selflessness. She was willing to, literally and figuratively, take a bullet for anybody and at the same time, she had really no sense of how inexperienced she really was. And God, she was reckless, though prehaps that wasn't something she could blame on The Doctor.

More than anything though, she was exceptionally confused. Melody had seemed happy and satisfied by life. She hadn't ever expressed any desire to leave. So while The Doctor had been trying to locate Melody, River had been trying to figure out why Melody might have left in the first place. She must have had a reason. Prehaps not a particularly good one, but at least a reason.

However, this evening she and The Doctor were alone together. The TARDIS had consented to choosing a new location for the two to visit. And, her crazy life aside, River was happy.

"So, Doctor, where are we going?"

Hyperactive as ever, The Doctor glided over to the readout.

"Apparently The Singing Towers of... Wait, no." he stopped suddenly, looking suddenly and inexplicably sad.

River walked up the steps and into the console room.

"Oh, Darillium! Finally! I've always wanted to go, Sweetie." River turned to look at the Doctor. "What's wrong, Doctor?"

The Doctor looked miserably at her for a moment, but then shook his head.

"Nothing. Why don't you get dressed, River. There's just something I have to get."

"Sure." she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before leaving the control room.


"I got you something, River. Well, two things, technically."

The Doctor handed her a wrapped package, his other arm around her shoulder.

River carefully undid the bow and tore the wrapping paper from the box. Inside was the sonic screwdriver the Doctor had seen her with at the Library, and a silver bracelet.

"You got me my own! Thank you!" said River, testing the sonic screwdriver. "And what's this?" she asked taking out the bracelet.

"It's a...perception filter." said the Doctor. "So people won't know that you're...pregnant."

River was shocked to see that he was crying. She wiped a tear from his cheek with her thumb and looked at him in concern.

"What's wrong, my love?" she asked quietly.

"I tried River, I tried everything. I did. But it doesn't work, it's a fixed point, and it has to happen. And I can't save you - either of you. I'm so sorry. River, I'm so sorry."

"What are you going on about? I'm fine, Doctor."

The Doctor didn't say anything, just looked at her, sobbing silently.

"Back to the TARDIS?" River asked.

"Yeah." said the Doctor. "TARDIS."

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