Clare's POV

Situaaatioooonns! Are irrelevant now! She loves the way that I tease. I love the way that she breathes.


Oww! Of course, I hit the ground, bum first!

What the…?

I looked up beneath my bangs and was hypnotized by piercing green eyes. I didn't even realized how intensely I was starring into them until I heard an uncomfortable cough falling from his plump, pink lips.

"Here let me give you a hand." He stretched out his hand towards me, lifting me up as if I am as light as a feather. Wow! He sure is strong. Oh, and his voice! It is so deep and …husky! It brings goose bumps up and down my arms. Ok, calm down, Clare. No need to make a complete fool of yourself.

He handed me my IPod while saying, "I believe this belongs to you."

I took it and stuttered, "Umm, y-yeah, thanks."

Nice going, Clare. Way to keep your cool. Stuttering sure doesn't make you look more stupid! *mental slap*

"You probably shouldn't be listening to music in the halls. Apparently you get distracted very quickly. Avoids you from bumping into any more strangers."

"Yeah, you're probably right." I said with a nervous laugh.

"I always am." He replied while smirking.

That smirk that left me hypnotized.

"Wow, well you sure are smug, aren't you?"

"I am offended", He said while placing his hand over his chest for dramatic effect. What a drama queen! "I just have a high ego." He said while smirking once again.

Oh, that smirk of his!

"Well, I got to go. Hopefully, I'll see you around again." With that he turned and left me in the hallway, amazed!

"I hope so too." I said more to myself, in that empty hallway.

After that little embarrassing encounter, I headed towards English, taught by no other than Mrs. Dawes. She was a strange, unique, teacher, but, nonetheless she was one of the best.

I sat at my usual seat, listening to Mrs. Dawes introducing herself to the rest of the class when the sound of a door opening came from my left. I turned around, just as any other curious student would and saw him! Wow, this day couldn't get any better, can it? Really, Clare! What are you saying? Ok, relax, calm down. He's just a guy, no big deal. Just a very sexy guy! Control yourself, Clare. You're losing it!

While I was mentally screaming at myself, I felt a shift of weight on the desk in front of me. Oh, god! Please no! Don't let it be him! I didn't even bother to look; I had a good feeling who was sitting in front of me. There weren't exactly any more empty sits available. I also didn't want my palms to be sweating more than they already were. No thanks!

All throughout class, I kept my head bowed, paying no attention what so ever to Mrs. Dawes until I heard my name coming out of Mrs. Dawes's lips.

"Clare Edwards and Eli Goldsworthy."

"Huh?" I said out loud by mistake. I could already hear the snickering behind me. Great! More embarrassment in the making!

"Clare, you and Mr. Goldsworthy will be English partners for the rest of the year. Please pay attention!" She said aggravated.

Wow! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

"Ok, class, for the last couple minutes left in class, get with your partner and get acquainted. Your first assignment for class is writing an essay about what your partner is like. Get to it now! It's due next Monday!"

I watched as everyone was moving around their seats, joining desks together, getting to know their partner. One problem with this situation though. I don't know who this Eli kid is?

I stretched out my neck, searching throughout the class for this Eli kid, when I heard someone say my name behind me.

"I'm taking it, you're Clare Edwards?"

Oh, no! Pleases let it be anyone but him!

I turn around nonetheless and just my luck, it's him! I try to regain my voice and try to muster out my words, "Oh, so you're Eli Goldsworthy!"

"The one and only!" He replies while raising his arms above his head for emphasis of his 'one of a kind.'

Wow! This kid is so full of himself!

"Glad to know your ego hasn't lowered since our last encounter, hmmm, like 20 minutes ago?"

"Ouch, Edwards! You hurt me!" He remarked in mock hurt.

I giggled at his façade and asked, "So, I'm guessing you're new to town?"

"You are correct, Sherlock!"

"OK, sarcastic! Mind if I ask why the sudden change of move?"

"Oh, you know, I'm just running away from the cops because I committed murder! The reason for my black attire." He said smirking as well as gesturing to his outfit.

He did look hot in black though.

"Hahaha, no, really, the real reason is…?" I laughed humorlessly.

"Fine, fine, fine. The real reason is because my dad got a job transferred. You know same reason as any other. Why, the question? Does, Clare not like me moving here? You don't want me to stay? I am hurt once again, Edwards!" He said, gently chuckling.

"Oh, no! I didn't mean it like that. I was just curious."

"So… you're glad I moved here?" he questioned with a smirk that made me melt.

"Actually, I-I am." I stuttered nervously, blushing like crazy!

After what felt like an agonizing hour of silence, he said with a smirk, "I am too, Edwards."

My blushing went haywire, realizing the proximity we had between each other. Our chests almost touching. Our faces mere inches apart.

Rrrrring! The bell rang destroying the sweet illusion I was accustomed to, but, I was grateful for it because if not, I would have made a humiliating mistake!

I watched him back away and felt a pang of sadness overwhelm me, not having him so close to me anymore.

Get a grip, Clare! You cannot like him!

He grabbed his belongings and headed for the door, But not before throwing me a wink and a genuine smirk.


Oh, no! I'm starting to have that butterfly feeling in my stomach. This can't be happening!

Eli's POV

Ha! What a great English class! But even better, my new English partner. She's…gorgeous, unlike any other. I have this overwhelming urge to know everything about her. Caress her in my arms and move my lips in sync with hers. I don't know what's so different about her that makes me attracted to her but I know for sure I want to be more than just English partners.

She's so adorable when that little cute blush of hers creeps up her rosy red cheeks. Oh, and that giggle of hers is so angelic. Her curly auburn hair fits her complexion perfectly. Just, everything about her is beautiful.

Wow, I just had one conversation with the girl and she's turning me into such a sap! She must be special to have this effect on me. C'mon I'm the Eli Goldsworthy, the bad boy.

When I came into this town, I knew I would hate it here. Moving away from your comfort zone isn't exactly my thing. Neither is meeting new people I will eventually get to hate.

Also, me wearing black head to toe and driving a hearse doesn't really give you the impression of 'Hey, I'm friendly. Come meet me!"

Anyways, it's not as if I'd want to give that impression off. Ugh, no thanks!

As I reach Morty, my hearse, yeah he's just that awesome! I realized now that I've met Clare, that this town might not be so bad after all.