Hello everyone! This is my first cross-over and first time writing about Twilight and Vampire Diaries.
I hope you all enjoy it! Please R & R and let me know what you think!

Chapter 1 – Bella POV

Today was the first day of school in Forks. Moving to Forks was no sweat. I had to compel this man, who is called Charlie, to pretend that I was his daughter coming to live with him. It worked pretty well. But, then it was downgrading my car. I couldn't live in a town like Forks with my blue Lamborghini now could I? I instead got myself an orange convertible beetle and put my Lamborghini in my garage under a cover.

I made Charlie give in the details for school and to everyone in this town I was Bella Marie Swan, the police chiefs daughter. I wasn't Isabelle Rose Salvatore. No, I left that life far behind when my dad shot my two brothers.

They were trying to help this vampire Katherine escape because they thought they loved her but, she was just compelling them to doing what she wanted. I was distraught after their deaths and went into a state of depression. I locked myself in my room for days only coming out to eat and drink. After about 3 weeks I was fed up with the insides of my room and went for a walk in the forest. There it was where I died. I came back as a vampire but, I had no remembrance of how vampire blood could of gotten into my system.
I found Emily Bennett, a witch that gave me a lapis bracelet to protect me from the sun. I put it on and left Mystic Falls, hoping to never return.
Now in Forks my life may seem normal. Well, hopefully.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. I washed my hair with my pomegranate smelling shampoo and rinsed. I got out of the shower and dried my hair and left it down loose, so it is wavy. My hair is chestnut brown and goes halfway down my back. I have a sweeping side fringe that I pin back. It is need of a serious cut.
I applied a small amount of make-up on. I put on mascara and some light lip balm. No point going over the top. Let them wait for the real me.
I went into my room and put on a pair of skinnies and blue top on. I decided against the black jacket for today. I could live one day without wearing it.
I walked downstairs and put two pieces of bread in the toaster. I simply buttered it and ate it. I went back upstairs afterwards to brush my teeth and grab my bag before getting my keys of the side and walking out the door.

I know it's quite short but, I didn't want to dulge into too much detail in the first chapter so the part with the Cullens will start next chapter and with the Salavatores in a couple of chapters time xx