Yes, I am stil working on Living A Double Life, but I just couldn't wait to post my new story! I'm not sure if you can guess what's wrong with James, but I have seen some amazing stories dealing with this issue and I have always wanted to try writing about it myself:) I'm gonna try to make it realistic and original as possible and I hope that you'll enjoy it! :)

A picture of James Diamond backstage at one of Big Time Rush's concerts sits on the dresser. It's from their All Over The World tour. They had just performed a concert in England. James is the guy in the jeans, red T shirt, and black blazer. He's smiling, so he was obviously in a good mood that night. You know, despite the fact that the hours before the concert had been...well, intense. If you look at the picture, then look at him staring at it, you'll see that there's a big difference. It's been months since the tour ended and his health has gone downhill. His skin is pale, he barely has energy to get up in the morning, and he seems to bruise a lot easier than normal. That's not right, but he hates hospitals so he refuses to let anyone know that he hasn't been feeling well.

"James, we've gotta get to the studio!" His best friend and bandmate, Kendall Knight, shouts from the living room. James groans, dreading the sure to be long day of recording and dance rehearsals. This is gonna suck so bad. He definitely doesn't feel like doing this today, but he has to suck it up. Fantastic.

He gives his pale reflection one last look before grabbing his grey Nike hoodie off his bed and leave the bedroom. As he follows his bandmates out the door, he pulls the hoodie over his head.

"I really hope Gustavo's in an extra good mood." Carlos complains as they enter the elevator. James leans against the wall and close his eyes. Yeah, he highly doubts that Gustavo will be in a good mood. The man is never in a good mood.

"James? You okay, man?" Logan asks, patting his shoulder.

"Yeah." James says quietly. "Just tired."

"Jay, maybe you should see a doctor." Kendall tells him. "You've been acting different for weeks."

"It's probably just the flu." He murmurs, opening his eyes halfway. It could be the flu, right? Many of his symptoms really do seem like flu symptoms. Pale skin, nausea, the only abnormal symptom is the bruising. He was playing lobby hockey with the guys a few days ago and he didn't even get knocked around that much, yet he had a bunch of bruising.

"Let's just..." He stops to cough into his hand. "Let's just get to the studio."

Once the elevator doors open, James is the first to leave. He doesn't want the guys questioning him about a sickness that probably isn't even serious. That's the thing about the four of them. Whenever one of them acts even slightly different, the other three get all paranoid about it. James isn't really a big fan of people acting overly concerned about him.

They get into the limo and fasten their seat belts. This would be a perfect time for James to take a nap. Rocque Records is about ten minutes away from the Palm Woods and ten minutes of rest sounds really good right now.

He coughs again and rests his head against the window, closing his eyes. He frowns when he feels a hand against his forehead and he whines as he opens his eyes. He rolls his eyes and gently pushes Logan's hand away. It looks like he's about go all "doctor" on James. James appreciates the concern, but he would appreciate if everyone would just back off.

"You're really warm." Logan says worriedly.

"I'm fine, Logan." James says softly, closing his eyes once again. He slowly drifts off to sleep. It seems like only a few minutes before he is finally woken up by Logan shaking him. He takes a deep breath and watches as Logan gets out of the limo, following his friend.

He find himself stumbling due to a sudden wave of dizziness, relieved when Kendall and Carlos catch him.
"Are you sure you're okay, man?" Kendall asks, helping him up the steps. He doesn't even bother responding to his question. He's too tired.

Once they are inside, Kendall reluctantly lets James go. He's incredibly worried about James, but he knows that his friend doesn't like to be pestered, so he'll let it go for now. But if James gets any worse, Kendall will drag him to the doctor if he has to.

"DOGS, YOU'RE FIVE MINUTES LATE!" Their music producer, Gustavo Rocque, shouts when they enter the recording studio. James flinches in pain, holding back a whimper. His head really hurts and Gustavo's yelling doesn't help at all.

"We're sorry." Kendall tells him. "Now, just calm down and let's get to work."

The four of them walk into the recording booth and grab a pair of headphones. James wishes he had a chair because he feels much too weak to stand up for too long. He feels so bad. He really doesn't wanna do this today.

"Revolution! From the top!" Gustavo says loudly. Gosh, does he have to talk so loud?

Kendall, Carlos, and Logan keep singing, but watch James closely. The pained look on his face is really bothering them. What could be wrong?

No...No, no, no, not now! James stop singing as his stomach churns. Ugh, seriously? He runs out of the studio as fast as he can, rushing into the nearest restroom. He walks into one of the stalls and drops to his knees in front the toilet, emptying the contents of his stomach.

"James? James, you in here?" Kendall asks frantically. James flushes the toilet and sits with his back against the wall, pulling his knees against his chest.

"Man, I knew you should have stayed home." He says as he kneels in front of James. "Let's get you home."

"Recording, remember?" James murmur.

"I don't care." Kendall says sternly, helping him to his feet. "You should have told us you were feeling so badly."

"Kendall, it's no big deal." James argues as Kendall leads him over to the couch in the sitting area outside Gustavo's office. He takes this opportunity to lie down, enjoying the feeling of nice, soft pillows.

"I'm gonna let Gustavo and Kelly know, then the boys and I are taking you home." Kendall says before returning to the studio.

James rolls onto his side, waiting for Kendall, Carlos, and Logan to return. His bandmates are his best friends, his brothers. They've been through a lot together. The constant neglect from his dad (His parents are still married! His dad just doesn't give him a whole lot of attention), the divorce of Kendall's parents, the constant bullying that Logan endured throughout elementary school, Carlos's constant trips to the hospital because of stupid stunts he attempted, and more. They're about like family. When one of them is sick or hurt, the others are there.

"Jay, come on." Carlos says, helping him off the couch. They escort him out the front door and into the limo.

"What about Gustavo and Kelly?" He asks tiredly.

"Kelly told us to make sure you get as much rest as you need." Logan says, patting his shoulder. "You've gotta let us know when you don't feel good."

"I know." James whispers. "I'm sorry."

"Where's your mom?" James asks Kendall, tightly hugging a bright orange pillow. Mama Knight is their legal guardian. While Carlos, Logan, and James's parents all stayed in Minnesota, she agreed with come here with them. She feeds them, washes their clothes, takes care of them when they're sick...Basically, she has taken on the role of mom for all three of them as well as Kendall, her biological son. She also has a twelve year old daughter, Katie.

"She went to the store." Kendall tells him. "I think."

James nods weakly, carefully laying down. He hates being sick. He has never handled sickness very well at all. He'll be honest. When it comes to illness, hospitals, needles, and all that medical stuff, he's a wimp.

He whimpers as he sits up straight, clutching his stomach painfully. Yeah, the nausea is back.

"It's okay." Kendall says, rubbing his back. James shakes his head and jumps off the couch, stumbling to the restroom. He throws up once again, barely noticing when a gentle hand starts rubbing his back and shoulder.

"I'm here, buddy." Carlos says quietly. James keeps throwing up until he can't do it anymore. He collapses into Carlos's arms, squeezing his eyes shut as his shorter friend hugs him. He can feel sweat falling down his cheeks and forehead, but Carlos doesn't seem to mind at all. A little bit of sweat never bothered Carlos. He's happy comfort James when he isn't feeling well.

"I don't feel good." James whimpers.
"Hey, we know." Logan says as he and Carlos help their sick friend off the floor. "We're sorry about that."

"You need to go ahead and lay down." Kendall says while Carlos and Logan practically drag James to his shared bedroom with Kendall. Since there are only three bedrooms, they all have a roommate. It's James and Kendall, Carlos and Logan, Mama Knight and Katie. It would be cool to have their own rooms, but James don't mind sharing a room with Kendall. He's been pretty much a big brother to James and they're closer than the other guys because they've known each other since pre school. Carlos came along in Kindergarten, while Logan joined the group in third grade.

"Just get changed into these." Logan says, handing him some black track pants and a plain red T shirt.

"Thanks, guys." He says gratefully, giving them a smile for reassurance.

"No problem." Carlos says, squeezing his shoulder before following Kendall and Logan out of the room. Then James proceeds to get changed into the comfy new clothes.

James is asleep for most of the day, except for meals and trips to the restroom. Now it's nine thirty at night and he thinks he's starting to feel worse. He doesn't understand what's happening to his body. This has been going on for weeks! He knows it's not normal, but he's just afraid of being dragged to the hospital.

He presses hand against his forehead, frowning at the heavy amount of sweat. Ugh, what is this? He never sweats this much. He's fairly sweaty after workouts and performances, but he never sweats this much. Something isn't right here.

He angrily kicks the sheets off himself, hoping to cool himself off. Sadly, nothing changes.

He sits up and runs his fingers through his hair, frowning at how damp it is. He holds back a sob as he stands up, quietly leaving the room. He doesn't wanna wake Kendall up. He's not too friendly if he's woken up from his sleep.

He starts to grab a Coke from the fridge, then he gets that all too familiar feeling in his stomach. He runs to the restroom and kneels in front of the toilet, throwing up. Finally, he sits up against the bathtub and shivers weakly. When he look down, there's a red substance on his shirt. What the...

"James? Where are you, buddy?" Carlos calls out.

"In here." James says weakly, breathing deeply.

"Oh my...Jay, your nose is bleeding!" Carlos says frantically, grabbing a Kleenex and handing it to James. James presses the Kleenex to his nose and when he pulls it away, he learns that what Carlos said is true. His nose is bleeding. "We've gotta get to the hospital!"

He shakes his head as his eyes fill with tears. No, not the hospital! He'll be fine without it. This is just some weird virus that will go away in a few days. He does not need to go to the hospital.

"You have to." Carlos says gently before running to get Kendall and Logan.

James lays down and curls into a ball, closing his eyes. Sleep...he needs sleep. That's all he needs, right?

He rolls onto his back, his eyes still closed. Next thing he knows, he's being lifted off the ground. He opens his eyes and finds Kendall and Carlos carrying him out the door. Logan helps him hold the Kleenex to his nose.

"What about Mama Knight and...and Katie?" He whispers.

"We'll call them after we get to the hospital." Kendall responds quietly. "You'll be okay, James. You're gonna be okay."

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Anyway, I've seen this before in other stories, where the character goes to the hospital because he got sick and his nose was bleeding (I couldn't think of any other reason for him to go to the hospital, except for passing out, but that seems common too!), but that seems like a good way to kick off the drama:O Once again, I want to keep this original and angsty:) Because this girl loves angst

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