"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Devonne asks James, intertwining their has been a little over a month since James went into remission and they are celebrating his nineteenth birthday at the Palm Woods. The party will include a comeback performance by Big Time Rush. Since James still hasn't gotten all of his strength, so they chose a slow song to perform. That way, he can just sit on a barstool, instead of dancing around. He has also started growing his hair back. He's still a bit insecure about it, though. That's why he's wearing a back backwards baseball cap.

"I'm fine." James replies, giving her a kiss. He takes a deep breath as he looks around the apartment, grinning as Devonne kisses his cheek. Life has been so perfect lately. He's starting to put on a little weight, his appetite is returning, Big Time Rush is gonna make a comeback, and he has his girlfriend. He is grateful for everything he has. He's truly blessed with a great life.

"If you're too tired-"

"I'm not." He insists, resting his forehead against hers. She fixes the collar of his black leather jacket and he smiles, leaning in for another kiss. He pulls his girlfriend into a hug, holding her close. He may be a little nervous about performing tonight, but he's more excited than anything else. He's performing with his best friends, which makes it a lot less nervewracking.

"You look very cute." Devonne tells him, rubbing his shoulder.

"Hey, let's go." James smiles, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He kisses her temple as they walk toward the door, exiting the apartment. Devonne wraps her arm around his waist. He can tell that she's still very protective of him. Everyone is! People are constantly asking him how he's feeling and if he's okay. It doesn't bother him, though. He's grateful that people are showing so much concern for him.

"You boys are gonna be amazing." Devonne tells him as they enter the elevator.

"I'm a little nervous." James admits. He hasn't performed in a while, so he's just a little anxious. He's worried that he might mess up. However, they've been practicing, so the performance will hopefully go well. Kelly knows that James is nervous, so she made Gustavo promise that he wouldn't pressure them. Gustavo has only made them come to the studio for a few hours each day, since he knows that James is still recovering.

"Just relax." Devonne says, squeezing his hand. As soon as they step out of the elevator, a pretty little girl jumps into James's arms. He recognizes her as Kayla, the girl that he use to see at the hospital when he first started treatment.

"Hey, princess!" He says, giving her a hug. "I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Mommy said we could come and watch you sing." Kayla tells him.

"Well, I'm really happy you're here." James says, ruffling her hair. "Enjoy the show."

Kayla gives him another hug, then she follows her mom out to the pool. James sighs softly, smiling as he kisses the top of Devonne's head. Then he takes her hand and they walk out to the pool, greeting their friends. He gets a big hug from the Jennifers, which is actually kind of cool because they use to ignore him. He doesn't want girls flirting with him too much. After all, he does have a girlfriend.

"Hey, I'm finally gonna pour grape juice in the pool!" Carlos says excitedly, running over to them. They look at the bottle of grape juice that he's currently holding, worried about what he's about to do. Bitters is gonna kill him.

"No, you're not!" Kendall and Logan say in unison, grabbing the shorter boy. Devonne takes the grape juice from him, sitting it on a nearby table.

"There's the birthday boy!" Brooke says cheerfully, walking over to her son. She pulls James into a hug, placing a loving kiss on his cheek.

"Hi." James says, returning the hug. Even though he's in remission, his parents have come to really enjoy Los Angeles, so they've decided to stay. Even Samuel, who hasn't always been the perfect father, wants to stay here and be there for James. It's great to know that he's gonna have them here. He really missed his parents before they moved here.

"DOGS!" Gustavo shouts. "GET OVER HERE!"

"We'll talk later." James says, hugging his parents and giving Devonne a kiss. He follows his friends over to the area where four microphones have been set up.

"Remember, you're performing Invisible." Kelly tells them.

"Don't screw it up." Gustavo warns before following Kelly to a nearby table.

"Ready for this?" Kendall asks them.

"Yeah!" Carlos and Logan say together. But James just nods, feeling too nervous to speak. He hopes he can do this. He hopes he can do this without screwing up. It can't be that hard, right? All he has to do is sit on a barstool and sing. Yeah, that's not difficult at alll. Oh, he's freaking out.

"Hey, you're gonna be great." Kendall tells him, patting his shoulder. He nods reluctantly as the music begins. Kendall starts singing and James glances over at Devonne, who gives him a reassuring smile. He responds with a smile before returning his attention to the song. He keeps listening until the chorus starts and it's time for him to start singing. As soon as he sings, the guests burst into applause and he smiles. Slowly, the nerves start fading away until they're gone completely.

"WE LOVE YOU, JAMES!" A small group of fangirls shout.

"I LOVE HIM MORE!" Devonne says excitedly. A smile stays on James's face through the whole song until it finally comes to an end. Every guest cheers for them and the four guys do a group hug, enjoying the sound of cheering from their friends, family, and a few excited fans. As they turn around to face the crowd, James finds himself thinking back to the past year. It was full of struggles, pain, and suffering, but they all got through it. Logan overcame his addictions, James beat cancer, and now they can all focus on the future. James knows that it's sure to be full of happiness.

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