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San – A respectful equivalent of Mr or Ms, the most common type of honorific.

Kun – A very warm and tightly knit way of referring to someone, mostly for family members, pupils and the like, but to the media, it is commonly associated as addressing a crush.

Sensei – A teacher or a respected mentor of any type.

Dono – A way of addressing a friend with the highest levels of respect.

Sama – A way to address someone of greater social standing than oneself.

Ojou – A feminine superior, most popularly a princess.

Chan – The most recognisable honorific, used as a closer way to address a person of long term or past relations.

Kozu – Literally 'shorty' or 'brat'.


Mahou Sensei Negima : Heaven's Lost Property

Chapter 1: The Years of Illusionary Peace



It has been ten years since little Negi Springfield arrived at the Mahora Academy, and he had grown greatly, both in character and in morality. His students had grown as well since that time ten years ago, many aiding him in his life work, the Space Elevator of Operation Blue Mars, in any which way they could, whether that be as advisors, moral support, nurses, assistants and other role fillers, all after a great journey nine years past in the Mundus Magicus, the Magical World concealed by a deceptive shell known as Mars.

His greatest helper had always been Asuna Kagurazawa, a fiery, spirited red head who currently resided in a palace in the Magic World as the final descendant of an ancient royal bloodline, making her the Twilight Princess, Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia. A human weapon of magical power in of herself.

In the nine years since he defeated the Mage of the Beginning, or the 'Lifemaker', he has been constant and unstoppable in his vision of the Elevator between the two worlds, for the reasons of mutual support, extraterrestrial peace and a solution to world hunger and the like. His rival Fate Averrencus has also played his part in the creation of the tower.

It has been open to public use for four years, opened in 2008 by all of his former students, comrades and even his retrieved father.

Oh how fate can be so cruel and unforgiving. Although a powerful new friendship shall sear itself into the face of history, the very thing Negi and his former students hold dear shall fall, razed by a mysterious power from the underworld itself...


Autumn seemed abrupt that year, the crispness of the air and the crunch of the golden tint leaves gave credence to the age of peace experienced, ever since the tower was completed. It was a clear obscurer of the sunlight, but was more like a thin streak of shadow that slithered to the furthest edges of the horizon, rather like an ancient clock that loomed over the Mahora Academy, which had expanded immensely, with multiple schools and universities all gathered there. Very few existed elsewhere anymore, making Japan a tourist hotspot for another reason than the Magicus Mundus transport, which took days at a time, and had lavish cabins, restaurants and more within; a key area of trade.

Strolling upward toward the rather densely packed street that led to the Tower directly was a very famous celebrity nowadays, his red hair flowing even within his braid at the back of his head, and his Magister Magi cloak and his now trademark black Chinese martial arts get up on underneath it, and a wooden staff in his hand as a common walking stick. Negi had to be at least three times the size he was initially and he look more masculine, more like his father, Nagi Springfield. His hazel eyes were his mother's, however.

As he sauntered up the straight, narrow but spacious street in the early hours of the morning, shop owners who were unlatching their steel grates waved emphatically at him, earning a great smile of strange warmth. Within an hour, school students would be around, which he would usually enjoy observing to reminisce the ten years that had gone by.

But being a great celebrity and humanitarian, he couldn't hang around in large crowds without some problems ensuing. It was aggravating, but it was the cost of his chosen path; his answer, that now encased him in its shadow, bringing an unnatural cool in the air.

"It's good... it always amazes me, no matter how many times I see it..." he muttered, still walking, "It's nostalgic... a little painful, after he passed away."

He was sadly talking about Jack Rakan's demise. An unforeseen event from the previous year. Although he was unknown to common humans, in the Magic World, it was a travesty of the greatest proportions, like their eternal protector passed. He was never found, but he was caught in an explosion during the brimming civil war in the Magic World, and was never found. His Pactio card was, making people think he was dead when the telepathy granted by the card failed.

Negi had been so lost in his memories, that he almost bumped into his assistant at the entrance of the Elevator, an artificial named Chachamaru Karakuri, who stood there with a clipboard and low worn glasses.

"Negi-sensei, you need to be more attentive, you could have troddon over someone if you let your mind wonder." She warned with a small pout on her face. She had become more human over the years.

"Y-yes... sorry, Chachamaru-san. What is today's schedule? You have organised leave for our friends in the Elevator so we can attend the reunion, I trust."

She gave a small blush, and proceeded to read out in a monotone, ambiguously commanding mechanical manner.

"Today at 8:53am, Negi Springfield shall enter his office on floor 67 of the Elevator. 9:23am, Negi Springfield shall absolve himself in boredom and consume coffee before engaging in meaningless banter with Ako Izumi and Akira Ookouchi on floor 58. At 11:45am, Negi Springfield shall absolve of his duties onto an agreeing Mr. Ken Akamatsu of the Entertainment department while he, I and several other girls head to the Magicus Mundus in the personal express way.

Possibility of Financial collapse due to Mr. Akamatsu's short sighted appointment, 87%."

Negi reeled slightly, "You don't have to be so blunt, Chachamaru-san... I trust Ken-san anyway; he's seen me through many problems these last nine years." He corrected sharply, the girl apologising as they entered the tower, being met by a grand hall with red drapes around a large spiralling staircase that twisted around a grand reception desk of gold tint, leading to a large freight elevator. At the desk, in a grey, colourless assistant attire with a dark blue cap with the old Ala Alba symbol emblazoned upon it.

"Ah, Misa-san, good morning!" he greeted warmly to the desk, Misa Kakiaki peering up drowsily.

"Hi, N-Negi-sensei..." she yawned, "What time do I get off? I've been here since 5 this morning drinking coffee and watching chick flicks on the staff T.V.!" Negi almost quailed beneath her piercing stare. She looked on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That's when he said, "Bad movie, I take it?"

She reached over and clutched at his collar suddenly, pulling him into a headlock and nearly choking the life out of him, "That's it, midget!" she said playfully before releasing him. After calming down, the three spoke about how the concierge would be let off at 11:00am, and spoke about the chosen meeting place on Mars, the old capital of Ostia, a mystic kingdom in that world that had been left in ruins after the great war.

Negi laughed off the headlock, ending the squabble on his terms by reprimanding her with the fact that he was now far taller than her. Before she could come back, he and Chachamaru had retreated into the Elevator for a 20 minute elevation, taking advantage of the lavish seats provided.

There was a heavy but respectful silence, but Chachamaru had to ask. It was the talk of both worlds, after all. Who better to ask than a Magister Magi?

"Negi-sensei -"

"Chachamaru-san," he softly began, his eyes sealed shut, "I know what you're thinking. The Pactio cards on my person allow me to peer into my contractual partners' minds, including yours. This civil war business is baseless. It is just a little racial tension and financial instability on both worlds' parts. The Elevator was bound to have some long term affects, but I have faith in both populaces to get along. Now let's leave solemn business where it lies, at least for today."

"Y-yes... I get to see mistress Evangeline today, after all."

"Not too sure if that's a good thing..."


Several Minutes Later

Space Elevator Floor 67


Finally fumbling his way out of the Elevator with numb legs, Negi staggered around with his staff as his aid, with a look of motion sickness on his face. He had been feeling sick lately, but as a Magister Magi and an idol, he couldn't appear weak, could he now?

Opening the grandiose door to his CEO's office, he was met by an unusual sight. Several of the girls that were to travel with him were gathered in their civilian clothing, a multitude of dresses, hot pants and lilac tops. The ones he could see were Madoka Kugimiya, Chizuru Naba, Sakarako Shiina, Misora Kasuga, Makie Sasaki and Chisame Hasegawa. In the far off corner remaining quiet was the current proprietor of Chinese restaurant Chao Bao Zi, Satsuki Yotsuba.

Makie, the most forthright about her feelings, greeted him first, "N-Negi-kun! How are you doing, you don't look so great..." she abated as he plunged onto the visitors couch beside the door, Chachamaru shutting it and adjusting her glasses, staring at the boy.

"Temperature: 60 degrees Fahrenheit. She's correct, Sensei, you seem unwell..."

"It's nothing, just a small cold I got a week ago." He encouraged, standing back up after reclaiming himself, and sauntering over to his chair, sitting in it, "What brings you all here so early? There are at least two hours and several entertainment areas."

"W-well... we thought we'd come talk to you about some... rumours Yuna filled us in about... about a civil uprising on Mars."

Chisame stepped forward, adjusting her bulbous glasses, "As a Magister Magi, shouldn't you and Konoka be able to quash the threat of a war for independence? Tatsumiya-san is thinking about working as a mercenary to suppress it, but left us blank on the details."

Negi remained silent as the girls all encircled his desk, his face frozen into a blank, nigh unreadable stare that was as precise as a knife's edge. They continued this line of questioning in between conversation for the next hour and a half, Negi growing a little more aggravated as they asked.


Around Two Hours Later

Negi's Personal Transport (Express Way)


They were now stood before another lavish freight elevator in the upper echelons of the staff area's of the Space Elevator, a special, quick way to travel between floors for the staff and especially Negi, who almost always had to be in different sections within minutes. The girls and he were now also joined by Misa, Ako Izumi, Akira Ookouchi, Natsumi Marakami and her dog eared and tailed boyfriend Kotarou Inugami, one of his close triad of friends. The others awaited their arrival in the Magicus Mundus. Although Negi put off his health concern with the girls, he did seem a little tipsy as he sat down in the chairs and prepared for the jet speed elevation that always rumbled his stomach. After a moment of a violent soaring feeling, they felt it slow down, and the elevator twirl on appointed jostles at the final floor of the Pangaea route to Mars.

Negi's face was a pale, snow white and his eyes fireless compared to how they usually were. For a Magister Magi, he would have seemed doubtful if seen at that moment.

The door opened, letting the Sun's crimson mist and warm breath enter and warm Negi and the others' bones in an instant, and it only seemed more gorgeous as they descended the identical entranceway staircase, the exit emblazoned by the gallant and historic crest of arms for New Ostia, the main capital of the Magic World. Old Ostia was many miles away. That was where another of Negi's allies came in, with her ship the Paru-Sama.

"Oh, Negi-sama!" one of the concierges called out from behind the desk, "I have a package addresses to you!"

"To me?" he asked, kneeling on the desk, "Who sent it? Was it from Tosaka-san?" he asked, extending his hand.

"No. It was a strange boy with white hair and gauntlets. Said it was for your hands and yours only." She said, extending a small card to the confused boy, "It some kind of card... but it isn't any type of Pactio card I've seen in the reference guide."

Negi was a little perturbed as he clutched the strange card with his thumb and index finger, scanning its appearance intently. It was a slight shade of pink around the rim, with the colour band fading into white. On the image of the card, there was a pair of conjoined wings that resembled very much the old Ala Alba insignia. Contained within the wings was a glorious silver slick.

Realising the time, Negi abruptly shoved it into his pants pocket, acting like a Sherpa all of a sudden and mushing the girls along, brushing away their curiosity for the card. He would investigate it later.


Magicus Mundus

Space Elevator Umbra Pathway Entrance


The dying morning was a gorgeous sight to behold on Mars, with the Sun shining even finer when further away, providing perfect heat conditions, making most of the planet a tropical paradise in terms of climate. This was part of the reason Earth's world hunger problem was drastically lessened as trade began to take hold.

Chisame said above all the ogling, "Still fantastic. Then again, what did I expect?"

Over to their right towered a cylindrical tower with the New Ostia crest on it. To the left, a fleet of flying whales, the common name for their ships, soared overhead, a rapturous cheer following them with a hero's welcome. One of these ships broke formation and landed mere metres in precision beside the group. This was the great Paru-Sama, arriving to collect them, with several familiar faces waving on deck to Negi and co.

One, a red head with a tight clip in the back of her hair and a camera that dangled around her neck called out, "Negi-kun! Welcome back to the Magic World!"

A small, enclosed girl gave a blush concealed by her purple bangs, and her dress swishing with the breeze, "N-Negi-s-sensei! H-how are you?"

He waved back, "Asakura-san, Nodoka-san! It's been a long time!"

After several minutes of greetings between all the former members of Ala Alba and of Mahora Academy Class 3-A nine years ago, they finally began they're lengthy journey to Old Ostia, a trip of approximately 2 hours in the air ship. Negi didn't look it on the outside, but his full focus was on the card he had just received, fumbling with it in his pocket.


Unknown location, atop a building

At the same time...


"He's taken the package. The mission is about to commence." A cold, snide voice said over a radio frequency, a shrouded figure crouched over the radio on top of a distant accommodation block of buildings, the sun bleeding onto his back and blacking out his face.

Pressing down on the receiver, he released a small, lax but also very rapt voice, "I shall pursue the target. Men, take that tower by force and await my instruction."

A very snappy reply came, "Yes, General Mortimer!" he heard from many male voices at one, as he stood and engaged in a quick warm up stretch before leaping across several buildings effortlessly, pursuing the distant but visible Paru-Sama.



Over the ruins of Old Ostia...


Finally having arrived, Negi and his group began they're descent to one of the sparse, lofty areas clear of rubble, still landing with an authority driven 'BUMP' as they firmly placed the landing pads on the long since dead and infertile soil.

Old Ostia was formerly the capital of trade, slavery, money distribution and other such royal afflictions, but it was heavily bombarded during the Blitzkrieg like attack upon it during the Grand Magical War twenty nine years prior. It was simply ditched and abandoned for the newer Ostia just south of it. All it was now was a mass grave marker and a ghost ridden ruin of the past.

All 30 plus allies planted they're feet onto the historical land with vapid chatter in the air about multiple subjects including their current whereabouts and doings ever since graduating. Of all of them, it seemed that only Fuka and Fumika were not only married, but were now mothers of a pair of gorgeous little girls, who remained at their home in Hellas with their fathers.

Across from where they all stood, at the location of a decimated building, atop some rubble at the base slept white haired Fate Averrencus. Just as quickly as he was spotted his eyes flew open in their narrow way, the boy rising and approaching the group with a mid grin.

"Been a long time, hasn't it, Negi-kun, Kotarou Inugami... girls." He said taxingly, "The very two Magister Magi's I've wanted to see. Negi-kun, Konoka Ojou-sama, as all other Magister Magi's advocated their positions of power, after all."

"What?" Negi blithered.

"We have a problem, a rousing, swelling one, Negi-kun. Within the underworld of both Mars and Earth, there are rumours of a military grade force in action. I say that you, I and Konoka Ojou-sama head off to kill the viper. It threatens something you hold very dear."

"W-what are you talking about, Fate? Conflict and hatred are a decadent, expunged notion, so stop trying to rile our reunion-"

"Negi-kun, according to my sources, they plan to render that mighty obelisk of yours into dust."

Konoka's and many others faces turned pale, "B-but who would dare challenge Negi-kun? He defeated Jack Rakan, a legend in this world-"

"A legend that they think 'Nagi' drew with, while I defeated him soundly. That is the second hitch in the Operation Blue Mars. I believe they have infiltrated all manner of business and financial services, giving them the capability of gutting the worlds and descending them into conflict. They also possess very powerful mage leaders in their ranks-"


Eyes reverted into serpentine slits of shock as dust erupted where Fate had stood, and when it had dissipated, the age old enemy turned friend was no more before them. Ferocious squeals and bantering ensued amongst the group as dust rose into their faces.


"Now, now, Fate-kozu. You really should restrain that tongue of yours..." a cold voice said mockingly.

From behind one of the overshadowed pillars of rubble came a loud tromping, growing louder and louder as they came closer, like war drums.

Entering the light and forcing the group to brace and clutch at their Pactio cards was a massive, near 7 foot tall man with unkempt, jet black locks beneath a light blue bandana, contrasting his getup of a pristine white suit with a blue shirt showing through the large, unsealed v-line collar.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Setsuna barked angrily, leaping in front of Konoka in the face of the approaching giant, his face drooped, lazy and unreadable.

"It seems our reports of a leak were correct... you have no idea how dangerous that boy was with such... sensitive secrets." He said passivily, seemingly growing in size as he came closer, "Now, Negi Springfield, I speak to you and to you directly. My given orders are to see to it that you and your partners are neutralized as threats. We have already captured the Elevator, meaning your part to play is over."




Setsuna was now no longer in her kimono style dress, but rather, it had been replaced by a light green maid costume with several frills, and she held instead of her card a green, double sided three pronged blade.

The man ceased in his tracks and grunted, "Setsuna Sakurazaki, do you not realize your weakness?" the look in her eyes showed offence, "I'll take that as a no... alright, come on... rookie."

If expressions could kill, this man would be in a dancing flicker of flames, as Setsuna had a vein pop on her forehead, followed by a blind charge at the man with blinding speed.


With a quick flicker, she faded from the group's sight in the direct path of the man, sword extended intently, and then just a quickly flitted back into existence behind him, sheathing the unusual blade slowly.

Fluttering Dance of the Cherry Blossoms!

A loud snapping and splurging was heard, the girl turning on her heel to admire her work, shocked when the man had seemingly vanished, heavily shanked stone where he had stood showing affects of the attack. She glanced over to the group, frozen with their eyes fixated above her.

"Unfortunately you of Ala Alba are not ready for this stage yet... a true shame."

Sakurazaki peered over her shoulder to find a giant silhouette.

Divinatio Conpulsus Lorem...


And the maid-samurai dressed and mannered girl was vanquished, out of sight from the rest of the group, just as Fate had done a moment prior. The man landed smoothly, brushed his suit with a sigh and resumed his march toward a now very agitated looking Negi.

"You son of a-!"

Negi's slit like eyes gained a stunned complexion, as Kotarou began charging wildly at the man, claw raised high. This was easily thwarted by a firm and almost unflawed back hand slap, sending the boy into a nearby rubble pile with authority. His girlfriend Natsumi quickly approached his burial place.

"People, people please... this is pathetic. Do you really find satisfaction in being utterly annihilated by a force you know nothing about?" he gave a sigh with his hands raised, "People with little forethought are so tiresome. You're not even a challenge to people of my level."

Konoka was in no mood for negotiation, "Where is Set-chan!"

"Transported, just like Fate Averrencus moments before her. Let me assert you that it was simply in self defence, and if you don't try the stupid way, I won't have to put you down."

Konoka and Asuna were clearly summoning barks in their throats before Negi gave a calming gesture with fixated eyes, his chest rising and falling hastily, "Who are you, some kind of mercenary?"

He remained silent for a moment, "If you survive this encounter, than perhaps I'll inform you. After all, my job is to either kill you, or push you to the brink. My superiors have these assumptions about that card I afforded you."

Negi and the others twitched, the boy rifling through his pocket hastily and glaring scandalously at the man, "You forcibly transported two of my comrades... for a card to be activated. You have got to be kidding."

"Those were partially my words earlier today before the sting. But you see Negi-bozu, there is a powerful, almost ungodly magical power emanating from that card, and we decided that you would make the perfect tool in awakening it."

"...why me?"

"That is where my freedom of speech ends. Now, you shall either awaken the contents of that card, or I shall kill you where you stand. You and you're... dare say, 'dance troupe, battle thirsty' allies have 30 seconds to ready yourselves."


Magia Erebea, Dual Complexio!

No need to tell them twice. Having been suddenly attacked by a stranger who forcibly separated them from Fate and Setsuna, it was fair to say that they were displeased. A bright flash from the several cards erupted around the girls group, several unique and various types of clothing and weapons bleeding in to existence through the light.

Negi had two iridescent globules of lightning magic in his two interspersed hands, crushing them and absorbing their energy, burning his cloak and forcing his staff into recession as his body engulfed into that of pure, sparking and golden lightning that outlined the basis of his clothing and gave his hair an unnatural spiky glow and unbelievable length that trailed behind him.

They all stared from various angles at the suited and bandana brandished man who cocked a taxed smirk, twitching his finger and provoking a nervous attack.

Negi shot one of his fists into the air, gathering lightning at it.

Tonitrua et Fulgura Lancea!

The lightning quickly gained shape and forged into an intricate and very large lance that hovered just above his beckoning fist, thrusting it forward at the man with the speed of sound imbued in it.

Rather than a large explosion, a great electrical discharge ran all across the area he stood, Negi controlling it to not affect Kotarou and Natsumi. Nodoka had her prized and very handy Diarium Ejus with her, focusing into the mind of the man. She read:

What foolish children... they'll never see me coming from the right with a large sweeping wind magic.

"Everyone, he's coming from the right with a wind magic!" she cried out.

"Diarium Ejus... the most menacing Artifact of Ala Alba according to our schematics." A cold voice said behind her, "But all too easy to deceive with Merlinia class thought perception magic."

She barely got sight of his face when she responded, Negi pulling her away and grabbing the oncoming fist that would have seriously dealt her harm. His feet dug into the ground slightly as he pushed back, putting him off guard for a moment.

"Oh dear me..."

Fulgur Pugno!

Negi drove his lightning enforced fist into the ribcage of the mystery man, and was stunned to find no reaction, a ditzy look on the stranger's face, as if something had happened he couldn't fathom.

"Dear me, your fame clearly is exaggerated, boy." He said, slamming an elbow into Negi's nape, rendering his entire body numb as he fell to the floor, his ultimate form parting from his body with a fluid like spark.

Asuna was the only one to react quickly, clutching her black buster sword intently, "Get away from the midget!" she bellowed, slashing down vertically at the man, who dodged sideways with grace.

"... So you're the royal descendant... the one who can cancel magic. That's bad, you can actually hit my physical body..."

Divinatio Conpulsus Lorem...

Negi's eyelids peeled back and his teeth gnashed on the ground, "NO!"


Something changed. The card in his pocket began reacting rather strangely, and a silver torrent flowed out, the wings printed into the card coming to life and unsealing, causing a rift to appear above the losing battle.

Screams of echoed falling resounded through the rift, and came closer and closer while everyone stared in mesmerisation as several silhouettes fell through; seven to be exact. A few seemed to have wings...


To be continued...


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