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Just for your knowledge, all of the former Class 3-A are present with Negi, Fate and Kotarou, except Setsuna and Fate now, who have vanished.

A quick layout of the ranking system within the new power, henceforth called 'Iustitia Libris'.

Grand Marshall (Leader)



Mortimer ? ?



There is a base idea for the highest ranking members of the organization / military outfit. What are they're goals, and why didn't Negi perceive them or recognise they existed in his peace abiding world?


Mahou Sensei Negima : Heaven's Lost Property

Chapter 2: New Allies, New Enemies and New Problems


"Are those... angels?" The strange man asked rather sceptically, a small chortle escaping as his eyes followed them as they fell. The others did the same, their mouths falling into a wide, comical 'O'.

Leering at the falling group of both normal humans and their three winged subordinates, Negi flowed with the moment from the place he lay, defeated on the tenderized ground.

The three winged one immediately took heed of the situation, spreading their feathered and luminescent wings wide as the clutched at their four friends and dropped them safely upon the dust ridden soil a few metres away from the crowd with their gaping looks, Natsumi and Kotarou the only exceptions even further away, the former caring for the bleeding latter as he also lay defeated.

Scanning the group, they spotted the shortest of the lot being looked at with the most reverence by his silence stricken friends. He had shiny, jet black hair that ruffled above his rather handsome young face. He wore a bright blue, striped shirt that bagged over his brown cargo shorts. As if he could sense something the others couldn't, the bandana sporting menace leered at his more than any other from his naturally high vantage point.

Another was a slightly taller girl of similar age, with shiny brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She had a cutesy face with green, emerald like eyes. She had a yellow, sleeveless jumper over her crème coloured shorts and sandals. Her other redeeming feature was her dreadnaught class cleavage.

Another was a tall, white haired, bespectacled elder boy in his school uniform with a free red tie blowing in the wind. He had a strange majesty about him, but no one was in the right frame of mind to place it.

Nearby the white haired boy was a tall girl of his age group with free flowing purple hair with her bangs contained in two separated black braids. She had ample cleavage, but not as impressive as her junior. She had a cold, yet somehow motherly feeling about her.

That's when the three angels landed softly on the unperturbed soil and dust concoction, all of them girls of seemingly different ages and maturity. The most poignant was a gargantuan, well endowed blonde haired girl with an innocent, ditzy look on her face emphasised by her shining red eyes and very voluptuous attire with a large split in her blue getup, which somehow contained her large breasts. She had glistening white wings.

The other two were less eye catching, the second tallest having pink hair with black bangs and a similar yet different coloured white version of her friend's attire, with pink glossed wings flowing behind her. The final one was extremely small, almost child like, resemblant of Fuka and Fumika years ago. She had lengthy blue hair tied in two flowing ponytails. Her eyes were like a diamond blue and her face reeked of innocence. She wore slightly less revealing attire than the other two, and had two opaque blue wings.

Kotarou, regaining his balance shakily, gaped, "Who the hell are they? Negi! What the hell did you do?"

"I-I don't know..." Negi replied weakly, Asuna helping him up with her non blade bearing arm.

"You must have activated that card he talked about," she said, staring at the giant man, "you must have done it when he was about to attack me-"

"You're forgetting the part where he decimates you. You are absolutely no match for that man... I sense an unnaturally strong magic power from him."

She flushed and quivered her lips angrily, "You've got to be kidding, I can cancel magic and I can parry any physical hit from that guy... but he does have a... certain presence about him." She said, picking him up by the arm rather roughly.

This earned a snigger from the attacker, "You're damn right, little missy. Or do you prefer Ojou-sama?" he diverted his now dropped smile to the new arrivals, who were staring at him silently now, "SO YOU WERE IN THE CARD, URANUS QUEEN?"

The black haired boy sweat dropped, "How does he know about Ikaros?" he jumped defensively in front of his group, "No, screw that, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? I was sure we were at Sempei's tent house just now, and then we were in some tunnel!"

"Tomoki, calm down... this could be the New Continent!" his white haired sempei said hopefully, adjusting his glasses before the sunlight.

"Again with that, even though we're in between a giant bandana Ossan and... lots of big boobed girls!" Tomoki said ecstatically, somehow reverting into a chibi-form of himself.


He was caught on the crown by a deathly, echoing chop from the large breasted girl beside him, a deathly demon seemingly taking form behind her, "Tomo-chan, do you want to say that again?"

"S-S-Sohara! I swear, you're boobs are still unmatched-!" he instantly wished he hadn't said that, as a flaying of chops flattened his chibi skull while the others watched the flushed girl do it in silence.

The man laughed himself into near submission, "Ossan? You really think I'm that old? I'm only 38 for heaven's sake." He said, barely containing himself, "Anyway, my mission is a startling success. The card was opened and the Uranus Queen came out, as my boss theorised..."

Tomoki quickly snapped back into the whole 'new world and strange, all knowing enemy' mantra, "Again, how the hell do you know about that? Nymph, Astraea... Ikaros... is their any way he could know about that?"

Nymph, the cutesy dwarf of the angels, shook her head, and Astraea spun her blond bangs quickly in dismissal. Ikaros, however, kept her stony, half set frowned face, although her drooped eyes were alight with a strange thought. He wondered what she was phasing out about.

The white haired elder, Eishun and the purple haired, cold vibe radiating girl, Mikako remained stone faced as well, pursing their lips as they watched the unfolding awkwardness of the situation. None of the new arrivals seemed perturbed by the sudden summoning, however Negi and Kotarou (now beside their group and being tended too) stared at them strangely, with an unmistakable vibe of nostalgia...

Misa was the first in the group to say anything since the angels had arrived, "U-um... what is an a-angel doing here? Who is that old bandana wearing guy? Why is he trying to kill us... I thought this was an age of everlasting peace?" nobody responded, petrified both by the man and the now bracing angels.

All three stepped forward with frowns, bracing themselves quickly and sparking with an unnatural bio-electricity while the giant walked forward, hands in pockets, like you would down a street. This struck Negi as strange, and made him consider whether he had struck his head.

Ventus Novacula.

And just like that, he had crouched and jumped faster than the average, untrained eye could see, flitting from sight, with several air pockets forming and being distorted, almost they were being kicked off of...

They began to enclose the three angels instantly, the man finally coming back into sight behind Nymph, clutching at the back of her head and whispering a speedy incantation softly, her eyes falling into a lighter blue as he finished the hex.

"N-Nymph!" Tomoki barked before anyone else could blink and realize he was even there. Ikaros seemed slightly disturbed through her eternal frown, and reacted by aiming a deft punch toward him over Nymph's dropping shoulder, however he was already gone again.

"N-Nymph-san!" Sohara cried, her eyes brimming and her mouth covered as the limp girl fell to the ground and was braced up in Tomoki's catching arms. The other two angels looked enticed with rage in their own way, scanning for any sign of the assaulter.

Negi's and Kaede's, a tall girl with free hair, squinting eyes and a traditional kimono, eyes seemed capable of tracing his steps in the air,

-He must be a wind user, like Negi-bozu... that is a problem, not to mention...

-He can utilize some kind of wind techniques like me... and he can forcibly transport people... That's the highest grade of magic that not even Asuna-san can cancel...

Speaking of Asuna, the Twilight Princess had vanished from the closely knit group. They all began wittering about whether the suit toting man had transported her, one of their strongest fighters. Nodoka took action, quickly flicking through the 'Diarium Ejus' and scanning for Asuna's location, everyone looking on expectantly at her.

"She's over there!" she said, "She's with that other group!"

All of the former Ala Alba and co. traced her accusing finger to the other group, Asuna bearing her black blade defensively before them. They looked just as surprised as her friends, who carefully stampeded over to her and the others, bearing their Pactio cards in preparation, Nodoka's face silent and sharp like a thorn with concentration on her book Artifact.

Negi, although reeling from the blow he had received from the mystery man, stepped up to the elegant kimono wearing Konoka, and whispered in her ears. She chirped in compliance and raised her card.


Konoka, a powerful Magister Magi now, had her elegant kimono replaced by another. It was pure, angelic white with red running around the outlining rims of it. The dress portion of it was all crimson with black outlines. She also now held two paper fans.

Crouching down to the now sitting Negi, she flashed the paper fans out and began chanting in a seemingly foreign, inaudible language to herself as the boy jerked and twitched his muscles beneath the almost holy light. He was now being healed.

Konoka, her eyes still closed, managed to add before finishing, "Hmm... the damage from one blow is extensive... that man is extraordinary in terms of raw physical power. This is like the damage you got from Rakan-sama all those years ago."

"Indeed, thank you, Konoka-san... after we settle this, we will find Setsuna-san, so please do not worry. Everyone that can fight with me, activate your Pactios. I have no idea why such a strong man is attacking us or how we can beat him, but we will protect our new friends at any cost."

Eishun's eyes narrowed from behind the group with his allies and friends while the angels fought and Nymph was in Tomoki's arms, Friends, he says... The enemy of my enemy is my friend, is it? Not that we have a choice right now in this place...


All of the girls became engulfed by mystic light, revealing them all in different attires when it faded. A few of them drew a small bit of enthused staring from Tomoki as he walked past them to the back, an unconscious, motionless Nymph in his cradling arms as Sohara, Eishun and Mikako quickly jetted over to check on her.

Things were not going at all well with the one sided fight. Astraea looked ragged with small cuts and grazes, while Ikaros looked exhausted, which drew attention from the blonde angel, who always considered her unbeatable and therefore inexhaustible in terms of vitality.

"Damn it... if he would just show himself..." the blonde said heavily, her eyes pointed and narrowed to the glistening sky above her. Her eyes dilated when, with a flicker, a small army of empowered students stood in front of them, ready and waiting with a re-vitalized Negi and Kotarou ready as well, using their ears to follow the rampant air pockets above, "What are you people doing-?"

"It's fine, Nee-san." Kotarou said reassuringly, his girlfriend feeling an awkward twitch beside him, "We're here to help. This bastard made our friends vanish, and he seems to want you people... I say we can help each other now, and talk later?"

Astraea wanted to refuse as she flushed, but Ikaros gave a nod, glancing over to Nymph with a small hiss escaping.

Magia Erebea, Dual Complexio!

Negi now retained his former lightning infused glory, literally surging with sparking energy as his senses enhanced, and he punched the air in a seemingly randomised direction, the air he repelled destroying a small portion of the already ruined industrial building beside them.

"DAMN~." came a low voice from before the group, now having a source as the man re-emerged from his speed run, "You could follow me in that form? And to think I'm one of the top powers... I feel a little ashamed..."

"BEFORE WE DO THIS, AND MY COMRADES NEEDLESSLY RISK THEIR HEALTH," Negi proclaimed powerfully, echoing through the air like a king would, "TELL US WHO YOU ARE! WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?"

The man had a lazy look on his face, a glazed look in his eyes and yet something seemed different in the giant, suggesting surprise.

"My, my... the little rookie wants information, does he? Well... since my orders don't say to kill you since the card activating, I guess a little risk is needed to whip the laziness out of my men."

"My name is Travis Mortimer, a former member of the Megalo senate at the time of your father, Nagi Springfield-kun. I work for the Iustitia Libris, the true backbone of this world's military might. I myself am a General, one of three of the most powerful mages in this world and the old one. My men have taken your tower to illustrate our existence in the shadows and... Put our boss's plans in motion."

Mortimer was more than forthcoming with information, surprising even the accumulated fighters before him. His voice was so cool and precise; they might as well be children that had been rocked to sleep by fairy tails. Silently, they felt powerful pangs of humiliation as he spoke like this and blushed angrily at him. This served to entertain him.

Negi furrowed his brows at a constant pace, "And... you seem more than forthcoming with information for me, your target."

"Well, I have my own personal stake in telling you this information... and it will make things extremely interesting if Ala Alba came to challenge us. It would cement our legacy when we crush you."

Just as Mortimer finished this cryptic sentiment, a ringing sounded from his pocket. Extracting the source, a small, black orb, a projection only he could see from his point of view. He seemed to be conversing in gibberish, but Negi and Konoka recognised it as Language Scrambling magic, used in volatile conversations.

After another moment or two of a standstill, he placed it back into his purse sized pockets and leered over to the group, who had a subdued look about them. Did he plan to attack or not?

"A change in plans, Negi Springfield... it seems my boss and my fellow Generals have conferred on a deal. Give me the Uranus Queen there, and your friends shall be spared... this time around."

"NO!" not only Tomoki, but everybody gave this snide, shrewd reaction, earning a brief nostril flare from their patience worn opponent, who gave a heavy sigh.

"It seems you leave me with no alternative... I don't really feel like getting the blood of helpless rookies on my suit, so I'll let you off easy." He said coldly, extending his palm toward the group, "I shall collect the Uranus Queen when you are apart."

Magnifium Conpulsus Lorem.

There was a fabulous flash of all consuming blue light as all the members of Ala Alba, the angels and co. found themselves with a stringently strange feeling, like a powerful breeze was blowing from behind them and making their backs near glacial with its touch.

They could no longer see anything but the blue light around them. Not Mortimer, not their friends. But before they felt the breeze, they had heard a shriek of some sort. It sounded like 'IKAROS' and then a heavy silence that followed.


Around an hour later...

Somewhere in the Magicus Mundus


Asuna felt absolutely famished and very tired as she lay back on her sword, firmly planted into the ground as a hard pillow like support. She gave a dirty look as she recalled Mortimer's face just before this had happened. She knew instantly what had happened, as Fate had done the exact same almost a decade ago.

Forced transportation magic.

At least Fate and Setsuna were safe, that was her first immediate thought before her current situation dawned on her. She was now kicking back in the middle of a field of Delphiniums, the bright purple making her and her black dress very distinctive to those who sought her. But she was not alone in this field, as on the other side of her sword-pillow, fast asleep with such purity upon her face was the strange blue haired angel from an hour previously, Nymph. Asuna had toiled in dragging her unconscious compatriot through the field, before keeling over in hunger. Once Nymph awoke, she could expect a full interrogation, that was the promise Asuna made herself just before a low grumble was heard from the angel, Asuna crawling back to face her as she opened her eyes, her back to the sword, almost like a wall.

She stirred and roused from her limp posture, "Who... are you?"

Asuna was startled. An invader to her planet, questioning first? Although she had been forcibly summoned, and was clearly disturbed an hour ago.

"You're in the Magicus Mundus, the Magic World contained beneath the veil of Mars." By Nymph's dazed look, it was clear a full explanation was needed.

After nearly another half hour of wittering later, Asuna had managed to confer all he information on the Magic World, how she was a princess, what a Magister Magi was and how a strange card that came from nowhere had summoned the angel. In return, she was at first grudgingly told of Nymph's status as an 'Angeloid', an emotion filled doll, what Ikaros was known as the Uranus Queen for and brief explanations on all of her allies' lives and personalities. By the end she had mellowed a little, but still maintained a stern stance.

Nymph continued, "So, this strange guy called Mortimer wants Alpha... but if he's from this, a different world, there is no way he could know about her... capabilities, shall we say. Only Tomoki and our friends know about it in our world; and my creator..."

"Well, apparently he does want her for his seedy little group. He also said he took the Elevator I told you about," she looked over to the very far away and very thin looking tower, noticing that seemingly nothing had changed but the feel of it, "Which means he'll probably be in there if we need to find him later. But first, we need to find everyone and protect this Ikaros girl from Mortimer."

"But she doesn't need help. She can hold her own, not to mention that she can find us anywhere in the world. She can travel at Mach 23, for goodness sake!"

"Can she find us in this world? Satellites can't find this place except for the shroud, so if she works like a satellite in terms of sensory, she'll have to travel like we will. And since you were out, you didn't see it but, she kind of lost to that Mortimer guy without moving."

Nymph refused the goading urge to throttle Asuna for her low, sceptic tone, but somehow restrained herself, "Well, if she can't, than we can't locate each other simply... without our scanners and masters, we Angeloids are like birds in the sky; not knowing of where to go."

"This isn't the first time this has happened to us, so we should all be thinking the same thing as last time," she mumbled, ruffling in her dress's pocket and pulling out a small black orb, muttering a low incantation as it flared to life as a small screen.

It was a news channel in Ostian tongue; however it was being translated by the reporter using the Ethnic Language translator charm that let her speak all languages at once, depending on the listener. The headline of the report was bold, and read 'Terrorist Attacks Bring Megalo to Its Knees!'

"A-as many of my viewers may have n-noticed... a surprise terrorist attack on several key points of Ostia have left it completely devoid of military might, soldiers and most importantly, the Elevator and the Megalo senate council... in short this group, hereby known as Iustitia Libris is now in command of Ostia and its territories, as a way to deter any further casualties..."

"The first declaration of our new leaders is... I can't say... the placement of a 300 million Drachma bouty on the head of the Magister Magi, Negi Springfield and his allies. Further bounties shall be distributed as of t-tomorrow..."

The lady reporting sounded to be within a second of biting her own tongue with her chattering teeth. For some reason, Asuna perceived that her normal crew of magical broadcasting wasn't with her, but probably some soldiers of Mortimer and his aforementioned boss. She couldn't stop thinking about how this boss could envision perfectly how everything had happened. A time traveller like Chao Lingshen, perhaps?

Although that was of little consequence at the moment. The entirety of both groups had been forcibly relocated to many different corners of the world, and they were now being hunted by not only bounty hunters, but also strong Generals like Mortimer, who made them all seem as brittle as children. Ostia had fallen in a single hour, an unprecedented event that not even the mighty thinker, the Governor General Kurt Gobel could have foreseen. That rose another question, what had happened to Kurt, because his death would have been most inconveinient to all members involved in this incident, especially his wife Hakase, who was also somewhere, being chased as well.

There was only one choice left for them now; Hellas. That empire had been untouched by the Elevator programme and its problems, as the demons and Demonfolk chased off any intruders in their territory. Fortunately, Negi had a history with the now Imperial Queen ever since the Magic Games all those years ago. Zazie Rainyday, the only 'member' of Ala Alba exempt from the reunion, due to her disconnection and duties in Hellas. After quickly outlining a plan to Nymph, Asuna quickly laid out a direction to head in to arrive at the demon country, the last place of gathering left to them. They could only hope that Negi and the others could convince the new arrivals of the importance in heading there as the two girls began wading through the vast field of Geraniums and Delphiniums toward the now high sun.


To be continued...

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