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Five years ago

Nico's POV

I walked down the streets with my sword strapped on my side in case I ran into any monsters. Chiron let us out of camp today but we had to bring our weapons with us. At the corner of my eye I see a girl about 12 like I was and she was fighting the Minotaur with a celestial bronze knife. The Minotaur hits her side with his axe and wasted no time trying to slice her in half with it. I run across the street, into the ally and as soon as he brings his axe down I take out my sword and deflect the blow. I then slice his chest and he turns into a foul smelling dust. When I walk over to the girl I see that she had bright violet eyes with specks of sea green and jet black hair like Percy.

" You okay? And whats your name?" I asked her while helping her up.

" Pandora, and yes I'm fine. " She said.

We looked into each others eyes and leaned in for a kiss.


Nico's POV

Its been 5 years since I met Pandora and to tell you this I don't think I feel that spark anymore. I'm still amazed how her parents are Hecate and Poseidon but that doesn't change how I feel about her now. I think I'm starting to like Cassandra from the Apollo cabin now. I need to go tell Cassandra. Now.

" Hey Cassandra,"

" Yeah?'

"I need to tell you tha-" I looked into her eyes. Her beautiful sky blue eyes, and kissed her.

Cassandra's POV

I can't believe it! Nico, the guy I've had a crush on since forever is kissing me! I wrap my arms around his neck and start kissing back. When we pulled away he said " Wanna go out sometime?" my heart flutters. " Yes!" he grinned and pulled me in for another kiss.

Nico's POV

I can't believe it! She said yes! I hear a rustle of leaves and someone starting to cry. Then I know who exactly who that was.


Those who are wondering why Pandora has 2 gods for parents its just that it'll go along

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