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() Forestclan ()

Leader: Moonstar- Silver she-cat with black dapples and ice blue eyes

Deputy: Leafheart- light brown she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Cedarpelt- brown tabby tom with hazel eyes


Sharpfang- ash-gray tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice- Hawkpaw

Willowshade- pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice- Silverpaw

Skyfur- Grayish-blue she-cat with blue eyes

Sandtail- Orange tom with yellow tail; yellow eyes

Brightspirit- Hazel and white she-cat with light green eyes

Apprentice- Tigerpaw

Starlingwing- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice- Flamepaw

Cloudstorm- White tom with one blind eye; one green and one blue


Jayflight- Gray tabby tom with green eyes

Blueclaw- Blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes


Hawkpaw- Brown tabby tom with green eyes

Silverpaw- silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes;and white chest to underbelly

Tigerpaw-Tabby tom with amber eyes

Flamepaw-Orange tabby tom with green eyes

Stormpaw-Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes


Goldensong- Golden she-cat with blue eyes

Mousetail- Gray tom with dull amber eyes

Queens (She-cats who are nursing or expecting kits):

Daisypelt- Yellow she-cat with green eyes (Expecting Cloudstorm's kits)