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Chapter 12-The first herald of Megenso

Several hours have passed since Gohan and the other demigods were rescued from the ship that Megenso, Kuriza, and Luke's group were using. The cloaked figure who rescued them along with Future Trunks have been keeping an eye on them most of the night.

"You know," Trunks began as he faced the figure. "I am a little curious about you."

"How do you mean?" the figure asked.

"For one, you died when your planet was destroyed." Trunks said.

"Indeed. I should've, but I somehow survived by going through time."

"Of course!" Trunks gasped. "The impact of Freeza's attack briefly opened a time gate! That's how you're alive!"

"Partially." The figure began as the mystery girl and Annabeth stirred. "Good. You're awake."

"Yeah." The daughter of Athena began as she looked at Trunks. "I remember you. What's your name, again?"

"Trunks, though I occasionally go by Future Trunks or Mirai to distinguish me from the me in this timeline." Future Trunks responded.

"Who's your friend?" Annabeth asked as she looked at the cloaked figure.

"I guess I can reveal myself to you, cousin." The figure said as he took off the hood of his cloak, revealing a face with a scar on one side wearing a red bandana around his forehead who sported a hair style very similar to Goku's.

"You're Bardock, son of Ares!" Annabeth began. "At least that's my guess given your resemblance to Gohan's father."

"Indeed. Son of Ares, slayer of Chilled…and the father of Radtiz and Kakarot." Bardock said.

"How interesting for you." Annabeth began as she motioned to the still unconscious Gohan. "Your relation to him must be unique."

"Indeed." Trunks chuckled as Gohan, Tyson, and Percy woke up. "Glad to see you awake."

"It's nice to see you again, Trunks." Gohan beamed as he looked at the mystery girl and Bardock, who he almost mistook for his father until he saw the bandana. "Huh? Who are you guys?"

"Since you're all awake and involved in this, I think we can introduce ourselves." The mystery girl began. "I'm Son Pan, a time traveler who accompanies Trunks."

"Son Pan?" Gohan asked. "Are you related to me or my family?"

"Yep." She grinned as she tried to flash the Son grin. "I got it from you, or at least I will."

"From me?" Gohan blushed. "Then you are my…"

"I can't reveal too much or Trunks will yell at me." Pan giggled.

"PAN!" Trunks shouted. "Don't listen to the rules just when they you feel like it!"

"Fine! I think he's figured it out anyway, though." Pan grinned.

"And…" Gohan began as he looked at Bardock. "Who are you?"

"Bardock." The saiyan began. "Son of Ares and the slayer of Chilled."

"Who's Chilled?" Gohan asked.

"I think I heard that name before." Annabeth began. "Wasn't Chilled a space pirate who lived thousands of years ago?"

"Indeed. I believe he was one of Freeza's ancestors." Bardock answered.

"A son of Ares?" Percy asked. "I'm already in enough trouble with him."

"Don't worry. I don't carry his grudges. I fact, he was the one who told me to help you."

What?!" Percy shouted. "Why would he do that?"

"He actually told me to save the boy known as Gohan. He didn't tell me all of the details, but he did tell me that he made a promise to one of his grandsons to look after his son, even though the son is a son of Athena." Bardock began as he looked at Gohan. "So you are Kakarot's son?"

"Yep." Gohan grinned. "He went by Goku here. I think I remember Hermes telling me that you are his father."

"Yes, cousin." Bardock began. "Then again, you're also my grandson." He chuckled.

"Yeah. That'll take a while to get used to. Speaking of which, how are you alive?" Gohan asked.

"I have the same question, Bardock." Trunks began. "Chilled lived thousands of years ago, yet you're still alive today as you look the same as when you faced off against Freeza's army."

"To make a long story short, I was sent back in time and achieved a strange form that allowed me to kill the space pirate known as Chilled. Afterwards, I was placed in suspended animation on a planet very far away from Vegeta. I sent a message to my father to find me that he received shortly after planet Vegeta was destroyed. He did and here I am."

"Interesting." Trunks began. "What was this strange form you used?"

"I'm not sure, but I did have goldish hair during the transformation." The saiyan explained.

"You mean like this?" Gohan asked as he assumed his super saiyan form.

"Yes!" Bardock gasped as Gohan returned to normal. "That's it!"

"That's super saiyan." The boy began as he looked at the still unconscious Radtiz. "Say, did you save him because he's your son?"

"Of course, Gohan. After all, he's currently the only one alive." Bardock began as he placed a hand on Gohan's shoulder. "At least your father left behind a son, even if you are also the son of my father's sister."

"Two sons, actually."

"Interesting. Tell me more." Bardock said to his grandson/cousin as they chatted.

At that same time deep within the solar system, a large ship with demon-like wings and a very dark shade of black was orbiting around Saturn. This was the ship Megenso was using as a base. Kuriza was on the ship an approached what seemed to be a large throne room. Spike pits could be seen near the entrance of the room and many fire pits could be seen at many points in it, or at least they looked like fire pits. The sarcophagus containing Kronos sat in the corner. A long set of stairs resided towards the center of the room and at the top was the throne of Megenso. Luke was standing in front of it, staring at Megenso in anger.

"What was that nonsense all about?!" the son of Hermes shouted. "Kuriza destroyed our ship and that maniac betrayed us!"

"You needn't worry about your ship. It will be a simple matter to replace it with a new one." Megenso said.

"Cell nearly destroyed our chances of restoring Kronos!"

"Listen here, human. I only agreed to help if you help me, and Kronos's abilities will be well suited to restoring my own!" Megenso sneered as Kuriza walked up the stairs and kneeled before the throne.

"You wanted to see me, Megenso?" Kuriza asked.

"Yes, Kuriza." Megenso began. "I hear that you destroyed the Andromeda in an attempt to kill the saiyan and his friends."

"It was merely to kill his friends. The type of explosion that I set up would not have killed him." Kuriza countered. "He almost did, though thanks to Cell's treachery."

"Yes." Megenso began. "While Cell has proven to be a powerful ally, I've had reason for you to question his loyalty. After all, he's just a monster bent on destruction an increasing his power. The display down there was proof that he never should've been trusted."

"What choice did I have? My henchmen aren't in this timeline at the moment!" Kuriza shouted.

"True, but I still want the saiyan in my grasp. If you can't send your own men, I will send in one of mine." Megenso smirked as he pressed a button on his throne. "Come in, Agrelious."

"Agrelious?!" Kuriza asked with a tone that conveyed both shock and fear. "Lord Megenso, are you seriously summoning…them just to get a single saiyan boy?!"

"Wait. Who's Agrelious?" Luke asked.

"One of Megenso's heralds. They are beings only second to him in power and their goal is to serve under him forever, and even to revive him if needed." Kuriza explained.

"Um…isn't that overkill?" Luke asked.

"Maybe, but one of my heralds should be more than enough for anyone." Megenso said as a holographic image of a blue-skinned man with saiyan-like armor and an "M" tattooed on his arm appeared in front of the ancient alien.

"Lord Megenso." The figure in the hologram said with awe as he bowed before him. "It is wonderful to see you free again, master. It's been too long!"

"Indeed it has, Agrelious. Though this body pales in comparison to the one I had." The demon sighed.

"That's true, master. Your power in this mortal body is nothing compared to the power you once wielded." Agrelious said in response. "What do you wish of me?"

"There is a boy on the planet Earth who has caught my interest. His body will prove to be a suitable one, perhaps even a good replacement for my own."

"Let me get this straight." Agrelious began. "You're summoning me to bring you a human boy?!"

"Not human. He's half saiyan and half god." Megenso explained.

"Interesting. In all the twelve universes, he's your pick?"


"Yikes!" Agrelious shouted as he cowered in fear from his master. "The boy's as good as yours." He said as the hologram disappeared.

"This is a waste of time." Kuriza sighed. "Why can't we just use the dragon balls to give you a new body?"

"Dragon balls?" Megenso asked as he looked at Kuriza. "Those Namekian relics still exist in this time?"

"Indeed, o demon of time. They always will."

"Hmmm…." Megenso began as he stroked his chin. "Perhaps. Their powers were great even at the height of my power. Not that Agrelious has ever failed, but if he does, we will use the dragon balls instead."

Back on Earth, Agrelious arrived on an uninhabited island and looked around. "So this is Earth? Not bad considering. Now where is this saiyan boy?" he said as he raised his hand into the air and hovered around. "Ah. I sense two with the unique signature of those monkeys combined with gods. One in the air and the other…got ya!" the herald smirked as he flew in one direction to another island where he spotted Gohan, Annabeth, Percy, Tyson, Trunks, Pan, and Bardock.

"Huh?" Gohan asked as he looked up and spotted the herald. "Uh oh."

"What is it, Gohan?" Trunks asked as he looked up and spotted Agrelious. "NO! What are you doing here?!" the time traveler shouted as Agrelious landed in front of the group.

"Ah. So you're here too, time walker." Agrelious began. "Then you know that your best course of action is to hand over the saiyan boy." He said as he pointed to Gohan.

"Huh? Why me?" the hybrid asked.

"My master has ordered me to bring you to him. I don't know why, but I must obey him."

"His master?" Gohan asked as he turned to Trunks.

"He is one of Megenso's most powerful henchmen." Trunks explained as he assumed his super saiyan form.

"Good idea." Gohan grinned as he assumed his super saiyan 2 form. "Bard-er…grandfather, can you control this form?"

"Yes. All I need to do is think of Freeza." Bardock said angrily as his hair turned gold.

"How hilarious! This will be a good source of entertainment…or a comedy act!" Agrelious laughed as he flew at the group and starting fighting them.

In the wilderness near West City, a black-haired young man looked up as the fight far away from him began. "Oh no!" he gasped as he ran to a small house that he considered his home. "So Megenso has seen fit to summon Agrelious, has he? This is not good." He said as he opened a chest in the back which contained a sword with a strange hilt and a lightly colored blade. "This should give him a ki boost." With that, he left his home and headed in Gohan's direction.