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Chapter 1

Arizona Robbins gazed truimphantly around the room, a huge smile taking hold of her face. The last box had been unpacked; it's contents put in their new place around her new living room. It had been two days; two full days of moving her life from one city to another. Pictures of her family and friends back home adorned the walls, while her books and ornaments decorated various surfaces. Her favourite place had quickly become the couch; the black leather settee that had come with the apartment was now decorated with brightly coloured flufffy cushions. Fluff and bright colours; two things which always cheered Arizona up. Breaking down the last of the empty boxes, Arizona placed it by the trash can and checked her watch. 3pm. Smiling excitedly, she grabbed her keys and headed out of her new home.

New York City. It was supposedly the place where anything was possible; where your dreams could easily come true. As the warm New York air washed over her, Arizona couldn't help but feel optimistic that this was going to be the place for her.

For the next hour she explored a couple of blocks, taking mental notes of the nearest grocery stores and more importantly...the nearest coffee shop. Her smile grew as she walked through the doors of 'Malones' and was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee. She was soon handed a tall latte and a smile from the young assistant behind the counter.

When she arrived back at her apartment, she paused in the lobby to check her mail box. She knew it would be empty, but she wanted to pretend nonetheless.

"Hi." A soft voice from behind her made Arizona jump. She turned around to find a tall blonde woman smiling brightly at her from the bottom of the stairs. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you..." The woman grimaced slightly before continuing with her smile.

"Oh it's ok. Hey!" Arizona flashed her one of her trade mark 'Robbin's' smiles.

"I'm Teddy. Altman." She stepped towards Arizona and held out her hand to the smaller woman.

Arizona accepted her hand and shook it slightly. "Arizona Robbins."

Teddy nodded as she contemplated the unusual name. "You're new to the building, right?" Teddy moved beside her to open her own mailbox, flicking quickly through the contents while she waited for the response.

"Yeah. I just moved in to 6C. It's my first time in New York actually..." Arizona's eyes glistened as she spoke.

"You'll find it hard to leave once you're here, they all do! Where did you move from?" She closed the mailbox and leant against it, studying the woman in front of her intently.

Arizona tucked a stray curl behind her ear and sighed. The change in her demeanour didn't go unnoticed by Teddy. "Seattle. A bad break up...I needed a clean break." She explained and Teddy nodded in understanding.

"Moving to the other side of the country...extreme." Teddy joked, causing Arizona to laugh lightly.

"Extreme ex..." Now it was Teddy's turn to laugh. Arizona's relationship with Joanne had had it's good points at the start, but once they had separated Joanne had turned into someone Arizona didn't recognise. Relocating had eventually become her only option.

"I'm having a party tomorrow night. Nothing huge, just a couple of friends really. You should stop by?" She smiled hopefully at Arizona. She wasn't usually the type to make friend's with strangers in vestibules but there was an endearing quality to the woman stood before her. "Unless you have something more exciting to do, which I'm sure you do..." She added quickly, her cheeks tinting slightly.

Arizona tried to supress her laughter as she watched the woman blush in front of her. She could tell they were going to become good friends. "I would love to come to your party. To be honest, you're the first person I've spoken to since I moved here. Well unless you count the cab driver who picked me up from the airport...but my Spanish isn't all that good so that conversation was pretty one sided." Now it was Arizona's chance to blush. Rambling. Nice one Robbins.

Teddy took a piece of paper out of her purse and scribbled on it. "Here's my cell. I live in 10A, come round anytime after 8. You'll fit right in." She handed her new friend the piece of paper and said her goodbyes before heading out of the front door.

Arizona danced around her bedroom, singing along as loudly as she could to her Ipod. She always found that dancing stupidly eased her nerves slightly, and as it got later her nerves had started to settle in. As the track changed, Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' filled the room and Arizona couldn't help but laugh as she began a new stupid dance. Making her way over to her wardrobe she sighed as she stared at the array of clothes. A large chunk of her wardrobe had found it's way onto the floor. She'd managed to change her outfit four times in the last fifteen minutes.

After texting Teddy earlier that morning to check that the party was still on, they had continued to text each other throughout the day. During the brief conversations, Arizona had asked about the dress code to which Teddy had simply replied 'casual.' Not really much help Teddy!

Always being a firm believer in Dutch courage, Arizona downed the remainder of her wine before removing the blue top she was wearing and adding it to the current pile on the floor. Reaching into the wardrobe, she retrieved a dark brown lacy top accompanying it with a pair of black trousers and her finest black heels. Glancing at the clock, she realised she was half an hour late. Turning off the music, she checked her make up one last time and made sure her hair was ok; the curls fell softly around her face. She quickly sprayed herself with perfume before grabbing the wine she'd bought and heading out.

The party was already in full swing by the time the two best friends arrived. Callie Torres and Addison Montgomery walked arm in arm into Teddy's apartment. The tanned red head was deep in conversation with the dark haired Latina as she retold events from her day at work. Callie listened intently, nodding along at the right parts and laughing where appropriate.

"Girls!" Teddy's voice cut above the music as she made her way through the crowd of people to greet them. More people had turned up than she expected, but if she was stressed about it she managed to hide it well. "I'm so glad you could both make it." She embraced each of her friends before guiding them onto the kitchen.

"As if we'd miss a party!" Addison replied with a smirk as Teddy handed her a glass of wine and opened a beer for Callie. "We'd have been here a little sooner if somebody hadn't taken 3 hours to get ready..." She rolled her eyes at Teddy as she nodded in Callie's direction.

Callie playfully punched her arm. "I did not take 3 hours. I just couldn't find anything to wear." She shrugged sheepishly, glancing down at her choosen outfit. Dark jeans, vest top and black leather jacket. Addison had dragged her out of the apartment before she had chance to change once again. They had been living together for the past six months following Addison's divorce with Derek and Callie's own drama with Erica. Callie had been hesitant at first but after the first week she knew they had made the right decision.

"Well you both look fabulous!" Teddy poured herself another drink.

"Great turn out!" Callie commented as she stared out into the living room which was packed. As Teddy led them into the living room, Callie spotted a few people from work and exchanged smiles.


They spun around as Mark Sloan shouted them from the other side of the room. He excused himself from the blonde he had been talking to as he weaved his way around the room to them.

He grabbed Callie and scooped her up in a hug. She couldn't help but laugh at him. Along with Addison, he was her best friend and despite his womanising ways she loved him. After placing Callie back down on the floor he focused his attention on the red head.

"Addison. You're looking beautiful this evening." He smirked at her as he leant forward and kissed her cheek. Teddy and Callie rolled their eyes at each other. Addison smiled at his comment. She had grown used to him openly flirting with her but so far, much to Mark's dismay, his flirting had yet to pay off.

While Mark and Addison whispered amongst themselves, Callie watched as Teddy's eyes moved past her towards the front door. Her eyes grew wide as she smiled.

She quickly excused herself as she made her way past Callie. Callie spun around and watched the nervous, yet beautiful blonde, who had just arrived. She watched as Teddy hugged the woman, the worry on the woman's face quickly being replaced with a bright dimpled smile. Callie was captivated. She pretended to listen to the conversation which Mark and Addison had included her in, while secretly she was watching Teddy and her friend. She had overheard Teddy introducing her to someone as Arizona, a name which Callie now couldn't stop saying to herself in her head.

"Are you even listening to us?" Addision nudged her friend, a skeptical look on her face.

Callie forced a smile on her face as she tried to recall anything she may have heard over the past couple of minutes. No such luck.

"Sure, and I totally agree!" If in doubt, just agree!

"You do?" Addison couldn't hide the shock off her face while Mark couldn't contain his grin.

"She agrees." He beamed back at Addison.

"I do?" Callie questioned. She was beginning to worry about what it was she had agreed to, but at least it had temporarily kept her mind off other things.

"I'll leave you two ladies to discuss..." Mark winked at Addison before disappearing into the crowd.

"I can't believe you, Cal. I know we joke about his flirting and stuff, but you seriously think I should go out with him?"

Callie's beer caught in her throat. "That's what I agreed to?" Addison nodded. Callie wasn't too sure if she was annoyed or secretly enjoying the attention. After all, Mark Sloan was hot; if that was your kinda thing.

"Let's get another drink!" Addison quickly downed her wine and urged for Callie to do the same with her beer. Another reason they were great friends; their shared love for alcohol.

"Are you having a good night?" Teddy asked, as she topped up Arizona's wine glass.

Arizona nodded as she accepted the glass and took a sip. "Yeah it's great. Thank you for the invite. Your friends are all lovely." Teddy had done a quick round with Arizona. So far she had been introduced to Merideth, Alex, Christina, Owen and a few other people who's names had escaped her memory. The alcohol definitely hadn't helped the memory game.

"Don't mention. I told you that you'd fit in. You're our newest member." She joked, playfully nuding Arizona as Mark made their way over to them.

"Teddy...You haven't introduced me to your friend yet." He told Teddy sternly before turning his attention to Arizona who returned his smile.

"Oh I'm sorry. Mark Sloan, Arizona Robbins. Arizona just moved in downstairs."

"Oh really...nice to meet you Arizona." He held out his hand which she politely accepted.

"Yeah, you too."

Teddy was quickly called away, leaving Arizona to talk to Mark. She leant within seconds that conversation was definitely one of his strong points.

"So you're new to the Big Apple?" He asked, his lips curling up in a smirk. There was something about the way he was looking at her, as though he was taking in every detail of her face. He was checking her out and she knew it.

Great. She tried hard to hide the sarcasm from her voice. "Yeah, only been here a couple of days."

"If you ever need someone to show you around, you know, show you all the sights...I'm free."

Arizona took in a sharp breath as she reached for her wine glass.

"I mean dating Mark Sloan. Really?" Addison groaned as she turned to Callie. They were both sat together on the couch and even though Addison's gaze was focused on Callie, Callie's was elsewhere.

"He's not over Lexie. Don't even go there with him, Addy. Besides, it looks as though he has found his next conquest." She nodded towards Mark, who was currently leaning on the wall. Leaning into the blonde that had held Callie's thoughts for most of the evening. Despite sitting at the other end of the room, she knew what was going on. She could recognise the trademark Sloan move from a mile off. First, he would lean into the girl, one hand resting on the wall beside her, his body slowly closing the gap between them. Then he would eventually use his free hand to move her body to his own, making his final move. The kiss. Only in this case, Arizona looked far from amused. She looked like she needed saving.

"I'll be right back." Callie flashed Addison a quick smile as she got up from the couch and headed towards the kitchen. She had spotted Arizona with what looked like the remains of white wine, so she quickly filled a new glass and grabbed a beer for herself before heading back into the living room. She had surprised herself with her boldness, but now that she had started she felt like she couldn't stop.

She hadn't really thought it through, she just hoped the words would come to her when she got there. She weaved her way through the living room, chosing the side of Arizona that wasn't currently blocked off by Mark's arm on the wall.

Walking up to them, she handed out the wine to Arizona and smiled brightly at her. "Sorry, I got caught up in the kitchen." Both Arizona and Mark's eyes were on here now. No backing down now. Arizona was slightly taken aback, but couldn't hide the genuine smile that had formed on her lips. "Here's your wine, Arizona." She stared at the stranger and noticed the flicker in her eye. She had come to save her. Her smile grew.

"Thank you." She accepted the glass, her fingers slightly brushing Callie's as she took hold of it. They smiled at each other.

"Torres, what are you doing?" Mark moved his arm off the wall, turning to face Callie. She could tell that he was annoyed for disturbing them.

She moved slightly closer to Arizona, careful not to invade too much of her personal space but close enough for Mark to get some sort of hint. Arizona realised what she was doing and played along. She casually leant into Callie, her right arm now pressed up against the other woman's body. Her mind suddenly felt fuzzy.

Mark looked between the two women and sighed as the realisation hit him. He had been unlucky. Again.

"Oh. I'll leave you girls to it." He gave Callie a small glare as he turned and walked away from them. Waiting until he was a sufficient distance away, Callie took a step away from Arizona and laughed.

"I'm sorry about Mark. He can be a bit of an ass until you get to know him. I hope he wasn't coming on too strong to you; sometimes he doesn't really know when to stop." She grimaced but the other woman smiled at her.

"Thanks for that. How did you know to come over?"

Callie blushed. She didn't want to reveal that she had secretly been stealing glances at the woman all night. "Er...I spotted him doing his Mark Sloan moves. I'm guessing you were about two minutes away from him trying to kiss you..."

Arizona laughed as she shook his head. "He wouldn't have gotten far with that plan, don't worry." Callie was sure that Arizona winked at her but as quickly as it had happened it was gone.

"I'm Callie by the way. Callie Torres." She held out her hand and Arizona quickly accepted.

"Arizona Robbins. It's a pleasure to meet you, Callie."

"Yeah, you too."

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