Sesshy's Mistress

Summary: He could hardly recall the last time he had gazed into those familiar blue eyes. Even now as he stood watching her, he could hardly believe what his eyes were showing him. It was in that instant when their eyes met that he knew for certain it was her-the same eyes, the same smile, the same face. It was all the same…

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Note: Strictly a one-shot!


The suns morning rays burned down upon the busy city streets as wave after wave of people pushed and squeezed their way past one another. All of them were intent to make it to their destination before they were late for work, for school, or for some other important appointment. So was the average day of any Tokyo citizen. Two men dressed in fine suits were carefully making their way through the busy crowd during this particularly busy day. Their pale complexions and muddy red eyes were the only things that set them apart from everyone else that passed them.

"Remind me why we are here again, Sebastian?" The shorter of the two commanded. While no longer short in stature, he still stood a head shorter than his companion who was smiling down at him in a knowing way. "I assume it isn't simply another way for you to find humor in the affairs of humans?"

"Of course not," Sebastian's tone was one of mock offense as he placed a hand over his heart. "I'm surprised you would even consider that, young Master." The demons eyes flashed a bright red as the pupils dilated into slits, resembling a cat's eye. "You wished for me to anticipate the next location of the paranormal phenomenon that has been wreaking havoc for the past month. Based on the patterns of attack, it is safe to assume the next point of interest would lie here." He waved a gloved hand forward, motioning toward the city as a whole.

"You had best not be wasting my time, Sebastian," Ciel's tone was sharp as he addressed his demon subject through narrowed eyes.

"I wouldn't think of it," Sebastian smiled before turning his attention back towards the front. While much of the crowds had begun to disperse, there were still many more people on the streets, more than what Ciel or Sebastian were used to. Indeed, Tokyo was a busy and very large city. One could not help but wonder how difficult it would be to find their prey.

"Excuse me, pardon me, I'm so sorry!" A feminine voice called from over the crowd of people. Sebastian and Ciel's sharp eyes easily caught sight of a head of blonde hair, quite a contrast to the normal coloring of people whose origins were of Japanese descent. As the figure broke free of the main mass that blocked her way, Ciel was astonished to see a flash of familiar blue orbs before the blonde figure was quickly darting between he and Sebastian.

Her long hair was held in a strange style, and the long lengths that trailed behind her in the wind tickled his face. Ciel found himself stopping to stare at her retreating figure. Sebastian stopped as well to watch his master who seemed transfixed with something he could not see.

"Young Master?" Sebastian leaned towards him in concern.

"It's her…" Ciel whispered as his body began to move on its own. He started walking in the same direction as the girl, ignoring the cries of Sebastian who gave chase. The large crowd of people filling the streets had been bothersome before, but now they truly angered him. His eyes flashed red as he picked up his pace, intent on finding the one with those painfully familiar eyes. Ciel was running through the crowd, pushing people out of the way as he searched for the blonde hair; however, it was too late. The girl was fast and she had evaded him completely.

When Ciel finally came to a stop, his breathing was labored and his eyes continued to glow a bright red. His hair hung over his eyes in defeat, partially shielding his intense gaze which would otherwise draw unwanted attention to himself. Sebastian quickly caught up with him in mere moments. A hand was placed on Ciel's shoulder in concern and as a restraint.

"Young Master?" Sebastian repeated. Ciel shrugged off Sebastian's hold and then turned to the other being.

"I order you to find a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes," Ciel demanded, and the command activated the seal that was still in effect, even after his rebirth as a demon. Sebastian's body stood erect. Pupils dilated and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Yes, Master," Sebastian placed a hand over his demonic heart and gave a curt bow before phasing out of sight, leaving Ciel alone with his thoughts.

Tokyo, Japan, the largest metropolitan area of the world, was vast in both size and numbers. Ciel had expected the delay, especially given the rarity of a blonde within the city. It took Sebastian an hour to return to the room of which the two had reserved for themselves. When he had returned, Sebastian held several objects in his hands. Many of which were clippings of news articles from local papers. There were also several pictures.

"I have gathered all information on local citizens with blonde hair and blue eyes," Sebastian neatly laid all of the articles that he had gathered upon the table. They sat neatly in front of Ciel while Sebastian moved to prepare tea for his young Master.

Meanwhile, Ciel shifted through everything that Sebastian had brought to him. He raised an eye at the many articles of strangely dressed women who defended the city. He noticed, however, that the pictures were never able to capture the face of these women. There did appear to be two blondes, though. Tossing the papers aside, Ciel proceeded to sort through the photographs. There were not many, only a couple of dozen, and it was easy enough to sort through them all and find the one that he wanted.

"Her," Ciel held the photo up so that Sebastian could inspect it. "I want you to find all the information you can on this girl and bring it to me. I don't care how long it takes. Get it done." Ciel tossed the photo to Sebastian who caught it effortlessly.

"Tsukino, Usagi," Sebastian read the name on the back of the photo. His eyes ran over her physical attributes. "For a human, she is quite attractive." He sent his charge an amusing look; however, Ciel's gaze was hard and focused. Sebastian's young Master was in no mood for joking. Settling the picture within his coat pocket, Sebastian quickly prepared tea for his charge before leaving to fulfill his latest orders.

Usagi adjusted the ear phones of her iPod before beginning her run. It was a perfect day for a run in the park to clear her mind, warm and sunny. She took a deep breath before beginning her run. At first, she started off with a job and then quickly picked up her pace until she felt the back of her calves burn with exertion. Since the final battle, Usagi had decided to better herself. Even though all of the enemies were gone, she wanted to be prepared. So she had started to train on her own.

Running was just one exercise that she preferred to do now. It felt amazing. It was also a wonderful distraction. Once the battle was over, everyone had decided to pursue their dreams while they still had a chance, much to Usagi's encouragement. Mamoru had returned to the United States in order to finish his studies. Amy was pursuing a degree in Germany. Makoto had, with the help from the Outers, opened her own restaurant; it was quickly the number one hot spot of Tokyo. Rei continued at the shrine, and Minako decided to begin her modeling career; however, she stayed close to home, rarely traveling outside of Japan.

A fountain was up ahead, and Usagi felt her throat begin to dry in anticipation. She decided to stop for a drink because she had forgotten her water earlier in the day. Usagi had promised Rei that she would stop by the shrine to pick up a few things, some charms and such that her mother had wanted. Of course, Usagi's traitorous body decided it wanted to sleep in today, so she was late.

What else was new?

Pulling her hair aside, Usagi bent down and greedily swallowed several mouthfuls of water. The chilled liquid raced down her throat, instantly cooling her. With a satisfied sigh, she stood and wiped her mouth with the back of her gloved hand.

"Excuse me," A masculine voice spoke, catching her attention. Usagi turned her gaze to meet with that of a rather attractive man. His had dark, reddish-brown eyes set in an angular face that was not belonging to someone of Japanese descent. His dark hair reminded her of the wings of a raven. The bangs were long on the sides, and his hair tapered off shorter in the back. Looking to his hand which was held before her, she gasped when she noticed that he held her iPod. "You dropped this as you were getting water."

"Oh my, thank you!" Usagi exclaimed. Her ear buds had fallen while she moved her hair aside. She hadn't even felt her iPod fall out of her pocket, but it had happened in the past. She reached forward to take the device, but where her fingers brushed his, she felt an electrical shock shoot through her system. Immediately her body was on alert, and the crystal pulsed with life as it noted the demonic aura surrounding the innocent looking man.

Apparently, she was not the only one to feel the effects of the unintentional touch. Sebastian's eyes had widened momentarily before narrowing ever so slightly. His gaze was searching as he looked upon her in distrust.

"Thank you," Usagi repeated as she quickly snatched her iPod and turned to leave. She was in such a hurry that she had even failed to notice that one of the charms in the pocket of her running shorts was warm with that man's presence.

Sebastian's gaze followed her as the woman quickly escaped. He had sensed the pure energy hidden within her; it was so strong that he could almost taste her. He licked his lips unconsciously as he thought about the power that filled him from such a simple touch. Was this the reason his Master was so intrigued? Sebastian had his doubts. Though a demon, Ciel had not fully developed his powers; it was shocking, honestly.

No, there was something else about her, and Sebastian would find out…

"It was so weird," Usagi spoke to Rei over the phone. "He felt so …wrong." She shivered at the memory. Upon returning home, Usagi had immediately called Rei. The Senshi of Mars was more knowing in this area; however, even she had troubles comprehending what could have happened.

"I'll do a reading," Rei spoke in assurance. "Why don't you call Minako and see what she thinks. Maybe you both can go out and find something to distract yourselves." Rei would have come, but she was curious as to this being. Would it be a new enemy? What could cause the crystal to react so fiercely in Usagi's defense?

"Maybe you're right," Usagi sighed into the phone as she moved to the kitchen area of her apartment. "I'll give her a call right now."

"Hey, wait," Rei spoke up. "Have you told Mamoru about this?"

"No, I don't want to worry him," Usagi answered honestly. "He has exams coming up and I don't want to distract him. It's bad enough that the last battle set him back so far." She reached into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Twisting the cap off, she took a long swig while listening to Rei.

"I agree with you. I'll do a reading and if anything shows up I will let you know. I doubt it is anything to worry about, honestly. The Outers have kept an eyes out since the last attacks, and Mercury does daily scans. If anything were to happen, they would know about it." Rei was quickly moving to the sacred room which held the Sacred Fire. Before she could make it to the door, she noted a strange black cat at the entrance to the shrine. It's dark brown eyes watched her intently, and it sent a chill down her spine.

"What was that?" Rei questioned when she heard Usagi hollering at her.

"I said I will call you later," Usagi repeated herself.

"Okay then, bye," Rei quickly hung up and turned her attention back to the entrance of the shrine; however, the cat was gone. "Weird…" Rei mumbled before entering the room and shutting the doors behind her. It would not do good to have a distracted mind while she tried to do the readings.

Minako had suggested the two of them take a run through the city that night. By run, she meant running the rooftops. The two agreed to meet at Tokyo tower at sun down. Usagi had spent the three hours waiting for that time by cleaning the apartment. She had decided to move into Mamoru's place. She had received his approval before hand. Actually, he had been pleased with the idea and had even helped her move her stuff in before he left again.

Being here in his –their- apartment made it easier to be without him; however, when it was quiet like now, she grew uneasy. She really did miss him, but she wanted him to finish his degree; it was something he had wanted for a long time. All of her friends and family deserved to live out their dreams before the whole world would be changed.

When the time came to meet up, Usagi arrived first. She had been on edge since that chance meeting with the stranger. As soon as Minako got there, the two transformed. The familiar rush of their energies was welcoming. Once the transformations were through, they took to the skies until their feet touched down on the roofs of buildings. With graceful jumps, they flew through the air with ease. Their hearts beat rapidly as they enjoyed the freedom that their transformations gave to them. For hours they traversed through the city. Only when midnight approached did Venus slow her pace.

"I have an audition in the morning," she supplied with a frown.

"Go ahead," Moon smiled softly in understanding. "I think I'll stay out here a little longer before heading home." She looked to the sky and noticed the moon was full. "It feels to good out to return so soon."

"I know," Venus smiled in understanding. With a quick hug, she took off towards her own apartment, leaving Moon gazing into the sky. The night air had turned cool, but it felt great against their skin, especially after such a work out. Moon basked in the feeling of the night; it felt so right to her. The full moon shone upon her, light her form and making her hair glow softly. Her tiara vanished only to be replaced with the crescent moon on her brow.

She stood there for two hours, simply gazing at the moon before calling it a night herself. She turned towards her apartment and quickly jumped in its direction. The elevator was under repairs, and she did not feel like taking the stairs, so, still transformed, she jumped down upon her balcony. No one would be awake at this hour.

Her heels clacked loudly as she landed. She dismissed her transformation as her tired form entered through the screen doors and into the dark living room. It wasn't until she had shut the glass door behind her that she sensed the other people within her room. Panic filled her as she automatically reached for her broach. It was doubtful that they had not witnessed her on the balcony. What difference would it make if she were to transform?

The lights suddenly flickered on and she was surprised to find the man from the park and someone else at his side. The man's companion looked strikingly familiar to the other. Maybe they were brothers? She didn't know and she didn't really care. All she knew was that one of them was not normal and they both were trespassing.

"Welcome home," The man from the park spoke. His tone was filled with humor as he regarded her. His companion, however, was stoic. His form was tense and his gaze drilled holes in her. Usagi locked gazes with him, and she watched intrigued as the other seemed to falter when she met his gaze.

The only difference between the two was height. The man from the park was taller and his hair darker but only slightly. The other was a few inches shorter and his locks were more familiar to that of Mamoru's, a black that appeared deep and dark blue in the right light. As the shorter of the two took a step forward, Usagi summoned her transformation. It came to her in a flash, and she stood ready in her ultimate transformation, shocking the two greatly.

"Who are you and what do you want," She pointed her staff at the two. The tip of it glowed in warning as she felt their curious gazes intense upon her form.

"I am Sebastian Michaelis, and this is my young Master, Ciel Phantomhive," Sebastian supplied when his young Master faltered. Had he just now sensed the energy? Though the first taste of power that Sebastian had sensed was a grain of salt compared to now, it seemed like his Master had felt it. This was a pure soul, devoid of darkness, deceit, and all other forms of darkness that often lie hidden within the hearts of humans.

"What are you?" Ciel questioned as his eyes glowed in confusion and hunger. Never before had he felt the desires of the demon in him until now. It wanted to devour this creature until there was nothing left but an empty but beautiful shell left.

"I could ask you the same question," she replied. "Your aura is demonic, but your appearance is that of a human. What is it that you want and why are you here? Speak now, or I will destroy you!"

"She's almost as impatient as you," Sebastian chuckled softly as he regarded his young Master.

Ciel ignored his companion and instead focused his gaze on the woman before him. Her eyes were the same and so was her face. The only difference was the length of the hair and the coloring. It was brighter than what he remembered. As he gazed upon her, Ciel's mind supplied the image of his mother; it appeared as a ghost beside the girl before overlapping her.

It was her, but how?

"Your eyes," Ciel spoke to himself as he stepped closer. The woman tightened her hold on her staff, refusing to back down. Those eyes were not looking at him with love and affection, but distrust and unease. Does she not remember him? Those eyes set in that familiar face. Everything about her was so familiar. Why? Why wouldn't she recognize him? "It's you…"

"I don't know who you have me confused with, but you need to leave. This is your last warning!" The woman warned as the tip of her staff glowed brighter. Ciel wanted to rush her, but Sebastian grabbed him from behind and jumped to the side. The woman had released an attack which left a scar upon the carpet where Ciel had once stood.

"I think it's time we leave," Sebastian suggested to his charge, but Ciel fought him tooth and nail.

"You don't understand, it's her, my mother!" Ciel cried out in anguish as his hands reached for her. Sebastian's eyes widened in surprise. He looked between Ciel and the woman. It was obvious that his Master would not cease, so he had no other choice. Sebastian slammed his hand upon the back of Ciel's neck, knocking him unconscious. Picking up the other man, Sebastian quickly fled.

Sailor Moon was left alone, breathing roughly as she tried to regain her bearings. What had just happened?

"How dare you!" Ciel spat as he slammed a fist into the side of Sebastian's face. The force was enough to send Sebastian's head snapping to the side, but he did not move or make a sound. His Master was venting his frustrations. Hurt and betrayal were fresh on his mind as tears ran down his cheeks. Ciel was all but breaking down emotionally. All of the pain and suffering from the past were suddenly on the surface. That woman had brought back memories that he had tried to burry away, but he had failed.

"It could not have been her," Sebastian finally spoke. "Your parents died long ago. She merely reminds you of –" Another fist to the face.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that!" Ciel ordered. "I am not a child!" His chest heaved as he struggled to gain his breath back. "I know what I saw. I know my own mother. That was her!" He pointed in the direction of which the woman had last been. "Do you honestly think that I could forget my own mother?"

"Then why did she look upon you as such?" Sebastian questioned as his nerves began to grow lax. There was only so much he would take from his charge, especially now that there was nothing for him but eternal servitude. "She did not recognize you, and she was prepared to attack. If it was her, she does not remember."

"He's right, you know," A new voice entered into the conversation. It was the Undertaker. Of course, the duo had learned long ago that the Undertaker had once been a Reaper, forever collecting the souls of the dead. In his hands, the Undertaker held a book. It was large and of a pristine white coloring with silver trim.

"Who invited you?" Ciel demanded in his anger. He refused to listen to anyone, but his curiosity did get the better of him. His gaze focused on the book. "What have you brought?"

"This is the book of the one known as Serenity," the Undertaker spoke as he opened the pages to Ciel and Sebastian. Unlike his past attire, the Undertaker had returned the dress of a true Reaper, having his hair pulled back once more as well which caused his green eyes to show freely. His glasses flashed as the two demons leaned closer to the book so as to examine the pages which flipped on their own, presenting the two with the sight of a familiar woman. Memories of her life filled the pages like a movie, flashing forward and making it hard for the two to distinguish what it was that they saw.

The pages finally rested on a very familiar face for Ciel.

"Mother…" he whispered.

"Serenity was reborn into this world too early," the Undertaker spoke. "She was reborn without her protectors. She was born and became Lady Rachel Phantomhive only to die early in life after bearing a child. It was then that her soul rested until it was reborn nineteen years ago as Tsukino, Usagi." He closed the book, and it disappeared in a flurry of sparkles.

"Reincarnation?" Sebastian thought to himself with interest. "Many cultures believe in such a thing, but never have I witnessed an act of it." He tapped his chin as he thought back to the many years of his existence.

"She is eternal," the Undertaker spoke. "Her destiny was written, but the path to it became blurred, causing her rebirth to come early. It is for this reason that she perished as well. She remembers nothing of her life as your mother. The high powers ensured it."

"Why inform us of this?" Sebastian question curiously.

"Should you continue your pursuit with her," the Undertaker spoke as he examined Ciel through hard eyes. "You will forfeit your existence. The path she travels now has already been under threat one too many times. The powers that be will not allow any more interference. The future as they have planned will proceed, regardless to the casualties that may arise should people decide to …interfere."

"Is that a threat?" Sebastian questioned since Ciel seemed lost to them for the moment.

"It is a warning," the Undertaker spoke. "Tread carefully, or there will be consequences, none of which you will be able to escape." With that said, the Undertaker left the two alone with their troubled thoughts. Sebastian watched his Master as the shadows from the fireplace flickered across his features. In the low light of the room, the eyes of the young demon seemed to glow with rage. Truly, it was cruel to be so close yet so far away.

Idly, Sebastian could not help but wonder exactly who that being was that had his Master so upset and found a place of such importance with the higher powers of the Universe…

That night Usagi dreamed of huge mansion on fire and the screams of a young child with bright blue eyes. She could not escape the nightmare until the next morning when she awoke drenched in sweat. The covers, the pillow, and the bed saturated. She stumbled to the bathroom where she attempted to wash away the horrible visions that had plagued her sleep. When she lifted her eyes, she screamed in fright when the image she saw was herself, but not. That face quickly disappeared to reflect her true face, covered in sweat and water, and bright red as if she had been next to an intense heat.

"Rei," She later stuttered as she called her friend. "Did you find anything?"

"I saw a child," Rei spoke through a yawn. "A young child in strange clothes and another man which stood behind him. I couldn't make out their faces, but the fire showed me the child."

"What color were his eyes?" Usagi questioned breathlessly.

"They shone bright blue," Rei answered in confusion. Why was this of importance? "Why?"

"No reason," Usagi stumbled over her words. "Thanks and sorry for calling you so early." Before Rei could answer, Usagi hung up and quickly stumbled back to the bed. She ignored the dampness of it as she fell upon it. Bright, shining blue eyes…the same from her dream…


Done! This is my one-shot about my interpretation of how the future of Ciel and Sebastian after Season 2 of Black Butler would be, especially if they crossed paths with Usagi. I hope you enjoyed it, and, no, I will not make this a chapter story. This was a one shot meant to intrique you and I hope that it worked. I hope you enjoy it. This is a gift for my Black Butler story fans. My birthday is Sunday and I decided to treat ya'll instead of myself. Ain't I a sweetie?


Sesshy's Mistress