Sesshy's Mistress

Summary: He could hardly recall the last time he had gazed into those familiar blue eyes. Even now as he stood watching her, he could hardly believe what his eyes were showing him. It was in that instant when their eyes met that he knew for certain it was her-the same eyes, the same smile, the same face. It was all the same…

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"Oh, Sebby!" An all too familiar voice rang through the air, sending chills of terror down the spine of Sebastian. His left eye began to twitch as he turned to catch sight of the rapidly approaching, cross dressing, red headed reaper. Right before the other man could latch onto the demon, Sebastian side stepped, giving enough room to send the reaper slamming into a light pole.

"So cruel," Grell moaned through the pain. He could taste blood in his mouth as he moved to stand straight. His hands felt of his face. His nose was definitely broken. "My beautiful face! Why Sebby? Why?!" He cried as he tried to fix the mess that was his face.

"I really must insist that you stop calling me that," Sebastian sighed. His brownish-red eyes took in their surroundings. Grell's ruckus was beginning to draw some unwanted attention. "That's enough, Grell."

Sebastian's tone of voice was enough to distract Grell from his pain. "Oh, Sebby, how I love it when you talk all serious to me!" He held himself as she shivered so as to show exactly how much Sebastian affected him. "Haven't you missed me?" Grell clamped his arms around Sebastian, squeezing tightly. "I've missed you!"

"Let go of me," Sebastian ordered while pushing the annoying red head away from his being. "I don't have time for this." Indeed, he didn't. Sebastian was on another mission by his Master to follow the blonde.

"A mission?" Grell stood back and looked around him. "Here?" He sounded doubtful. "What does that little brat of yours have you doing now?" Arms resting on his hips, Grell tilted his head in curiosity.

"It is none of your concern," Sebastian idly made a note to contact one of the reapers and report Grell. It was high time they took care of the situation. Grell was still acting the part of a rogue reaper, and he was always in Sebastian's hair.

"Does it have anything to do with a blonde bimbo?" Grell was now examining his nails. He glanced up to see that he had indeed caught Sebby's attention. "You and your Master are drawing a lot of attention, and not the best kind." Grell was being oddly serious and helpful. Sebastian became instantly weary. "All the reapers are talking about it."

"What are they saying?" Sebastian questioned.

"Now you want my attention, huh?" Grell huffed and turned with his arms crossed over his chest. "Sebby, after how cruel you have been to me, do you really think I'd tell you whatever you wanted? You're sorely mistaken. No matter how handsome you are, you aren't getting anything from me without a price."

"How about I let you live if you tell me," Sebastian's eyes were glowing demonic red as he regarded the annoying reaper.

"A date!" Grell turned around. "I'll tell you what you want to know, but you have to spend one entire day with me."

"Grell…" Sebastian was all but growling in anger.

"Spend the day with me or not know what is going on," Grell shrugged. "Take it or leave it!"

"This is NOT what I had in mind, Sebby!" Grell growled as he and Sebastian continued to follow after the blonde. "This is not a date, this is…. Well I don't know but it is NOT what I had in mind! You are such a horrible boyfriend," Grell whined. He caught sight of a metallic glint coming from Sebastian's clenched fist. Squeaking out an apology, Grell quickly shut up, but he never stopped glaring daggers at the blonde who was holding so much of Sebastian's attention. Grell blamed both the blonde and the brat that Sebastian served.

Currently the two had been following her as the blonde made her way to the park. There waiting for her was an older woman with olive skin tone. She had long, dark green hair that appeared black in certain lighting, and maroon colored eyes.

"Who's that?" Grell asked as he and Sebastian stayed out of sight within the lining of the woods within the park. He was quickly shushed by Sebastian, who refused to take his eyes off of the scene.

"Setsuna," Usagi smiled as she approached the older woman. "It is good to see you again."

"It is good to see you too, Hime; however, I wish it was under better circumstances," Setsuna spoke honestly as her eyes regarded her princess. She could detect the worry that radiated off of the blonde. There was more physical evidence too of Usagi's worry. Evidence such as the dark circles under her eyes, the worry lines on her brow and around her mouth, the pale color of her skin, and the slight weight loss evident around her face and waist.

"I received a letter from the Queen," Usagi handed over the letter. Setsuna took it and quickly read over it. "I… I think I know what it means, but I'm not sure," Usagi bit her lip nervously. "A few months ago, I was approached by two men. One claimed he knew me as his mother."

Setsuna's eyes flashed as she caught Usagi's gaze. "He was so sure of it, and … he seemed so sad when I refused him." Usagi wrapped her arms around herself. "But it's impossible. I know it is. Besides, he and his companion had a distinctly demonic aura."

"Why didn't you speak of this sooner?" Setsuna questioned as she finally pieced together everything. She had recognized some subtle changes in the flow of the time line as well. At first, it went unnoticed, but as the ripples spread, things began to change more dramatically. Setsuna had spent weeks following the ripples backwards, trying to figure out the starting point.

"I don't know," Usagi sighed and glanced away. Her gaze drifted towards the sky. It was a beautifully sunny day. "I didn't think anything of it at first, but then I started having dreams. They were more like nightmares, though." She admitted.

"What were they about?" Setsuna's hand clenched around the letter that she still held, crumpling it.

"A small child with dark hair and bright blue eyes," Usagi admitted as she thought back to the many dreams. "Sometimes I watch him play, other times I watch him through a veil of fire, and… there are others, too. Dreams of a man. I know him but I can't name him. I feel it though. He calls out to me, but he calls me Rachel. Then, there are others, a woman with red hair, and a small blonde child. Setsuna, what does it mean?"

"I don't know," Setsuna answered honestly. Truly she didn't. During her search, she had reached as far back as the return from the Cauldron. After that, she was blocked. It was as if some point in time was blocked from her, but it was impossible. She was the guardian of time and should have been able to look to the beginning of time if she so wished. Yet, she couldn't. "How is Chibi-Usa?" Setsuna questioned, changing the subject.

Usagi's eyes flickered upward, recalling how the girl had been a little sluggish over the past few days. "I thinks she caught a bug in school. She seems really tired lately and run down, but it lasts for only a little while. Why?" Usagi turned her head over her shoulder when she thought she heard someone scream. Setsuna's eyes followed Usagi's movement, but neither could find the source. It had sounded quite girly and pathetic….

"I see," One of Setsuna's hands fisted against the material of her suit. "I hope she feels better soon. I shall pay her a visit before her return, of course," Setsuna smiled after checking her watch. "I should probably be heading back."

"Of course," Usagi smiled and gave the older woman a tight hug. "Take care, Setsuna, and I'll tell Chibi-Usa that you said hello," Usagi waved as the older woman turned and walked off. When Setsuna was out of sight, Usagi spun on her heel and stormed towards the trees. Her blue eyes glinted dangerously as she tried to find the source of the noise from earlier. She had a distinctive feeling about it.

As she looked around, she noticed a glint of red. Leaning down, she plucked a long strand of fine red hair. Lifting it, she examined it. So someone had been watching.

"Find something interesting?" A deep voice questioned with a chuckle, startling Usagi and causing her to leap to the side. Wide blue eyes turned to find a man dressed in a fine business suit. Long silver hair was pulled into a messy ponytail, the end of which swiped across the back of his thighs. Bright green eyes glinted behind nearly invisible glasses. They caught the reflection of the sun, flashing in her direction.

"I'm sorry, did I startle you?" A smile pulled at the corner of his lips. Though there was no malice in his features, Usagi felt uncertain about his presence. Something told her that this man was more dangerous than he appeared. Maybe it had something to do with the scar that ran across his handsome face.

"Y-yes," Usagi nodded. She was nervous, and it showed as she unconsciously tucked stray strands of hair behind her ear. She kept her wary gaze on the strange man who looked at her as if he knew her. "Can I help you?"

"Maybe," he drawled as he bent to retrieve the fallen strand of hair. "My companion was supposed to meet me here a few minutes ago. He hasn't shown, and I was wondering if you had seen him,"

"Um…" Usagi blinked in confusion. Who was this man?!

"Oh, how rude of me. You must be wondering who I am," The man smiled again as he moved into an over exaggerated bow. "You may call me Junichi.*"

"Nice to meet you," Usagi nodded slightly. Though it was rude, she purposefully held back her name. "You said something about trying to find your companion?"

"Oh, yes," the man named Junichi stood straight and held out the strand of red hair within his palm. "Coincidentally, he has long red hair such as this. He must have passed by here earlier. Have you seen him?"

Usagi's eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion, but shook her head. She had not seen the man, though she suspected that he had been watching her from the bushes. "I'm sorry, but I have not."

"Hmm," Junichi tilted his head to the side, examining her again. "He has this fascination with all things red and demonic, especially concerning one particular demon you may have come in contact with, Princess." This caught Usagi's attention. Her hand immediately went for her broach, but the other man was stronger. His eyes glowed green as a large smile stretched over his features. His large hand was wrapped warmly around her wrist, restricting her movements.

"W-who are you?" Usagi mentally cursed herself for sounding so scared and weak. The man had moved so fast! Idly, she subconsciously noted the burning sensation that prickled on her brow. The man's eyes flickered to her brow momentarily and his smile stretched further. He seemed pleased at what he saw.

"It's not important at the moment," he returned his gaze to hers. She couldn't control the goose bumps that covered her body when she caught the look in his eyes. Something about his essence called to her; it was familiar. She just couldn't place it. The confusion must have shown on her face, because he chuckled at her expense. "The Queen was right to warn you, but it is too late. Your future is changing as we speak, and not even the Guardian of Time can stop what has been done. You will fight against this, as will your other guardians, but the fates, regardless of how hard they have tried to prevent it, are careless. Their past mistake has caused them this loss. The only question that remains is what will come of it and who will be sacrificed because of it. Are you ready, little Queen? Or will you crumble as that which you were promised is ripped away?"

Usagi had begun to fight his hold on her arm. She needed to get away from this man, get far away. What he was saying and what he knew…. The heat from her brow grew to the point she cried out in pain. Again, the man's eyes flickered to the sigil that burned there, noting the subtle outline hidden behind the crescent.

"You are experiencing those changes already," he looked upon her in both pity and excitement. "I suggest you prepare." He tilted her head back and brushed his cold lips over the sigil, soothing the burning sensation and causing Usagi's body to go limp in his hold. He allowed his grip to loosen so that she crumpled to the ground at his feet. With one last look at her prone form, he disappeared.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Ciel demanded of his demon butler. The sight of Grell Sutcliff angered the other demon. Ciel's teeth began to grind as he all but snarled in Grell's direction.

"All grown up, are you?" Grell criticized as he walked around Ciel. "Handsome, but you still don't match my Sebby's gorgeous looks." With a dismissive wave of his gloved hand, Grell lunged for Sebastian again; however, the older demon stepped to the side, escaping the reapers grasp.

"Get. Rid. Of. Him!" Ciel ordered with a low growl. His eyes were glowing bright red.

"I'm sorry, Master," Sebastian bowed low. "I have tried, yet he is rather persistent. He claims that he has been assigned to this region."

"What?!" Ciel demanded as he strode to the prone form of Grell, who had yet to peel himself off of the wall which he had slammed into instead of Sebastian. Ciel grabbed a large handful of red hair and jerked Grell off of the wall. He shook the red reaper until Grell reclaimed consciousness.

"Is this how you treat a lady?!" Grell demanded as he fought to get out of Ciel's grasp.

"This is how I treat a pest," Ciel dropped the reaper to the floor. "Now tell me why you are here."

"I don't have to answer to you!" Grell humphed while crossing his arms over his chest. "Why should I help you anyway? You're nothing but a spoiled brat who continues to torture my dear Sebby-chan. If it weren't for you, then Sebby and I would be living our happily ever after!" Grell argued with fire in his eyes.

"I wish you would quit spouting such nonsense…" Sebastian sighed from exhaustion. He had been dealing with this talk for years, and it was becoming tiresome.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," Undertaker spoke as he appeared within the room. It startled everyone but Sebastian. "Another lover spat?" Undertaker directed his question to Grell.

"That's not funny," Sebastian's eyes were now red.

"Who's laughing?" The Undertaker questioned with a grin. "I dare say that you and Grell came close to being caught today."

"What is he talking about, Sebastian?" Ciel questioned his servant.

"We were not seen," Sebastian reassured his Master after sparing Grell a glare that would cause anyone else to shrink away.

"No, but heard," the Undertaker chuckled and held up a strand of Grell's hair that Usagi had been examining. "And you left this behind. She is very intuitive."

"My hair!" Grell ran a finger through his hair, checking to see how much loose hair came from his actions.

"As for you," the Undertaker became serious as he turned his attention to Grell. "I believe you were assigned a specific mission. I do not recall it including direct confrontation with either of them or the Princess."

"Why is he here? Why are you both here?" Ciel questioned.

"It would seem that your meddling has interfered more than previously anticipated. Things have been set into motion. Most of the reapers for this district have been assigned on site. For now, we're waiting."

"Waiting for what?" Sebastian questioned.

"That's the million dollar question," Grell grinned as he stood. "I'm hoping for a bloody good show. I haven't been allowed to use my scythe in soooooooo long." A pout formed on his face. "But that will change soon enough!" He jumped into the air. The excitement that he was feeling was almost palpable.

"It still doesn't answer why you have become so involved," Ciel commented suspiciously. The Undertaker that he had always known was lazy. He preferred to procrastinate more than anything unless it concerned the dead. No one was dead ….yet. The Undertaker merely smiled before motioning for Grell to join him as the two left.

"Amy!" Mamoru called out over the phone. The blue haired genius knew instantly that something was seriously wrong. "Have you seen Usagi?" His tone was shaky. Something was definitely not right. In all the years of knowing him, Mamoru had always been the strong and thoughtful type. He had the mind to think through problems and solve them, helping him to keep his calm.

"No," Ami looked around the room to the other girls. "I haven't seen Usagi all day." All of the girl's shared a worried look. It was apparent that Minako, Rei, and Makoto had not seen her either. "None of us have."

"Hey!" Mamoru heard Minako's voice echo in the background. "I think she was meeting Setsuna today!"

"Mamoru," Ami's voice was worried. "What's wrong?" Silence greeted her for several seconds. She was worried she had lost the connection when suddenly he spoke up. His voice sounded broken. He sounded broken.

"Chibi-Usa is disappearing…."



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Sesshy's Mistress

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