Iceman and Slider, possible slash undertone. First serious attempt in this fandom, so tell me what you think.

Iceman was more than capable of handling himself. He didn't like being held down by anyone. He was self-assured and confident. He didn't need or want anyone looking out for him. He knew how to get what he wanted. He aimed for perfection at every task he set out to complete. Iceman was fiercely independent and wouldn't compromise on this.

Slider was well aware of this little fact. But it didn't stop him from backing up his pilot in every confrontation. It didn't stop him from placing an arm around the back of his chair. It didn't stop him from praising the blond every once in a while. It didn't stop him from checking up on him. It didn't stop him from giving in to whatever he wanted. It didn't stop him from getting the other to relax when they weren't around jets. Slider couldn't help but be possessive of his pilot.

Despite how Iceman comes off, Slider knows him better. He knows when he's second guessing himself. He knows when he's self-conscious about something. He knows when things are hard for him. He knows when emotions interfere with his normally ice cold approach. He knows when he's feeling vulnerable. He knows when he doesn't want to be alone. He knows when he's hurting. He knows when he needs to be reassured. He knows when he needs to be held. Slider knows how to give Iceman all the space he needs, and he also knows how to be there when he doesn't.